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Author john smith ( ago)
I can't believe this channel is ending

Author caraoji ( ago)
Bring back SourceFed! And Curb Cash!!!!

Author vegeto247 ( ago)
Man, watching the earlier videos makes the whole thing being canceled that much more painful. Sorry 2012 Phil, this ship you built eventually sinks.

Author MysterySteve: The Pathetic Gamer ( ago)
Turns out it wasn't "Till the end of time." It's so sad to see you guys go.

Author TheAtomicMadness ( ago)
Who else intends to binge SF videos?

Author Mrsnafu57 ( ago)
Feel like if we still had these hosts plus Steve Trisha and Meg we wouldn't have a dead channel now....

Author Matt Roberts ( ago)
and now it's dead

Author BeBeVe ( ago)

Author Pablo Rose ( ago)
I just came from their last video

Author brandon brackett ( ago)
That last part... Apparently the rest of time was only five years rip sourcefed

Author Allizabeth ( ago)
Who came here because they found out sourcefed is ending :(

Author Swiggity Swoogity ( ago)
I can't believe the last video just went up, it's crazy how much it went through.

Author EveryCrazyDay ( ago)
I will never forget this show. ❤

Author Daddy's Home ( ago)
Who looked this up in 2017 as we say goodbye to Soursefed?

Author Deathgaming ( ago)
I remember these guys being the cast. When they left I lost interest in the channel but it's a real shame that it's ending.

Author dylan johal ( ago)
well i guess it wasnt till the end of time

Author ComputerNerd92 ( ago)
RIP SourceFed 2012-2017

Author Austin Williams ( ago)
And now its ending...

Author Marie ( ago)
I guess time is ending now... I will miss this channel.

Author soapftw96 ( ago)
Oh ya, this is why we thought the hosts were better.

Author Johanes W.A. ( ago)

Author Max Tindall ( ago)

Author Tyler Correll ( ago)
"every day after for the rest of time"


Author Bun Squish ( ago)
so sad it is ending

Author KaiTheIaniteFollower ( ago)
Gonna miss this channel.
Stay awesome guys :')

Author Thousand Sons ( ago)

Author Elizabeth Kotowski ( ago)
Watch back old source fed vids, all the memories coming sad to see it cancelled

Author Jeff Boschmann ( ago)
RIP Sourcefed...

Author 481morda ( ago)
Gonna miss this show

Author Barney Quinn ( ago)
Rest in peace.

Author Thompson Thomas ( ago)
Oh my this was a ride 😧✌

Author Seamus Campbell ( ago)
I can't believe this is all ending.

Author Cam Pagnani ( ago)
Aw rip sourcefed

Author TheRealBenSoule ( ago)
This makes my heart aches. This is were it all started. I wish sourcefed lasted forever.

Author Katy D ( ago)
Phil, you lied!!! RIP Sourcefed!!!

Author BoringMan ( ago)
"every day after for the rest of time"
or 5 years

Author MiniGeorge ( ago)

like if you are here from 2017

Author Gingeas ( ago)

Author The Hh ( ago)
SourceFed: 2012-2017

Author Doctor Infallible ( ago)
God dammit

Author Lisa Mango ( ago)
Unfortunately it wont be everyday ever for the rest of time. I will always come back to my fave sourcefed videos. I have been watching since this video

Author Gavintino ( ago)
Rip SourceFed

Author Alex Watts ( ago)
Awwww shit. Nostalgia after learning about the cut.

Author Longurimont ( ago)
he was so young!

Author JerDude ( ago)
RIP Sourcefed <3

Author po_pandabear ( ago)
just had to go back to the beginning today (I miss your beautiful faces)

Author Thatonecolorblindghost -1 ( ago)

Author AlexGrob_Playz ( ago)
R.I.P sourcefed

Author Mitch Mac ( ago)
Everyday after for the rest of time ....aaaand CANCELLED

Author Samuel Mateo, Jr. ( ago)
"Everyday after for the rest of time" Nope. SourceFed Oficially over on March 24,2017 :(

Author Fatima Villa ( ago)
Lowkey sobbing

Author Originative Gaming ( ago)

Author Richie Basu ( ago)
I'm afraid it wasn't actually the rest of time :/

Author Alex W.H. Miller ( ago)

Author Legato ( ago)
It's been a good run guys...

Author David Traina ( ago)
And now it's gone... :(

Author Refined Gentleman ( ago)
RIP SourceFed.

Author Izzy MacDonald ( ago)
"Everyday after for the rest of time" 😭😭

Author Jackson Catlett ( ago)
Damn. It's been five years and it's all over now.

Author AssassinOcelot ( ago)

Author Jesse Velasco ( ago)
Needed to go back after the finale announcement, can't believe it's ending. This channel has influenced my life so much and it's a damn shame to see it go.

Author Delilah Fox ( ago)
5 years later, the channel is ending. Sad to see it leave.

Author Gabriel Izzo ( ago)
Dear Lord, what a legacy...

Author piratecheese13 ( ago)
been a great 5 years

Author KiahRenamae ( ago)
Had to come back to the that it's ending :(

Author cathalisnotfunny ( ago)
Well shit...

Author audreyackles ( ago)
oh my god..

Author Siddharth Soman ( ago)
2nd video done!!!!!

Author AlphaTV ( ago)
sheds a tear 2012 when youtube wasnt full of lizards gnomes and reaction shit fest

Author TheMrWaffelyum ( ago)

Author Blue Shell ( ago)
Wait? There's a Joe without a beard?

Author Shanaynay ( ago)
It's been too long

Author Drudley ( ago)

Author Riuuzaki23 ( ago)
And this, kids, is the why older is always better.... Or maybe is just nostalgia goggles.

Author Jaboon :P ( ago)
i havent watched this channel in like 2 years.. what happened to the hosts??

Author MlleChaotic ( ago)
Phil looks so young!

Author namegirl12 ( ago)
This was 4 years ago. Holy fuck.

Author ESSAB0SS77 ( ago)
Wow I actually watched this video when it came out but never subscribed to this channel I feel sad

Author r2c123 ( ago)
Will X Maude

Author Jorisa ( ago)
I miss the old cast! Not that the new cast aren't amazing it's just....ew change.

Author Daniel Sackett ( ago)
Watching this in 2015 wow I miss Lee and Trisha

Author Orion Productions ( ago)
Where's the sourcefed I've come to know and love! Where are all the classic segments like 20 minutes or less and curb cash?!?!?

Author namegirl12 ( ago)

Author JD ( ago)
Feels. Bucket of fucking feels. I miss them.

Author thechugdude ( ago)
Now I'm sad....

Author AESTHETICS ( ago)
Woah I forgot what they all used to look like.
So sad :(

Author Adrian Cooper ( ago)
Re watching after a very long time :3 made me feel really happy

Author Tyler Swanson ( ago)
Bring back Curb Cash!!!

Or not it's up to you :)

Author Undertaker9711 ( ago)
I miss this SourceFed, what happened to bringing us the news in 20 minutes or less every day?

Author Virgilio Aponte ( ago)
Holy shit, Lee got fat

Author Dunlei 16 ( ago)
Please bring lee back, it's making sick 😷

Author Christine Gabutina ( ago)
watching this now because Lee is leaving...

Author MyLifeAsLouis ( ago)
Just watching this gives me #thefeels  

Author Mrsnafu57 ( ago)
*sobs uncontrollably because all the hosts in this video has left* 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Author kaylamarie033 ( ago)
I miss Lee and I only watched her last video 5 minutes ago.

Author Joy Chipidza ( ago)
whoa angelina adopted the entire population of zimbabwe? why the hell am i still here

Author FallenRiptide ( ago)
"Everyday after for the rest of time" wow he wasn't joking.

Author Carl Siemens ( ago)
I'm glad Curb Cash is gone.

Author Majche YT ( ago)
Lee is the only one left of the original trio :(

Author Lloyd Edgar ( ago)
Curb Ca$h what.

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