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Author igorot27 (6 years)

Author andrew valle (1 year)
oh sandy nalaing ka garado ah

Author eduardquinit (6 years)
nagmayat datoy vdio malagip ko ti naggapuak

Author janice ladia hufano (2 years)
ilocano song is the best 4meeeeeee ,i loving itttttttt <3

Author bacjoe1234 (1 year)
nimas ta alingo gayem he he he

Author itangawan (2 years)
@harlynyt ...familiarize yourself with the bible before making comments
that NOT ALL WRITTEN IN BIBLE IS GOOD. You are misleading people.

Author ian ignacio (1 year)

Author faraway14325 (6 years)
keya nga nauubos na ang nature...

Author bacjoe1234 (1 year)
nimas ta alingo gayem he he he

Author bloodryne pelayo (1 year)
nice song

Author m5r91m (6 years)
charlie mayat mo daytoy kantam,,,,, he he he it makes me laugh....

Author arlee ancheta (1 year)
nice song nag mayat nga dinggin makapailim met diay provincia me....

Author itangawan (2 years)
@mrmozart there's nothing wrong with the bible verse that was included in
the video. God gave us authority of all his creation, it's our
responsibility to take care of them and use them accordingly.

Author sidekicklock09 (4 years)
ed mankayan na ed colalo ya ed kasin tay edwani et pinanbalin das payew
iman ay naunug..

Author summerlove4one (5 years)
i was about to ask if where is this place when i read nga ijay kapangan
gayam...sus, han ku pay ammu ket taga ijayak...amburayan ba?

Author 28INCOMPLETE (6 years)
ayan na daytoy nga place? if anybaody knows...

Author sidekicklock09 (4 years)
the word of God is good and its true,, you just misunderstand it... :-j it
is clear that makaoway kayo abe sin amin ay parsua sinay daga,, simply
means we have to use them and of course to take care of them... its a very
very long explanation but that the way how it reminds us.. thanks

Author jaimleen (6 years)
ngeey... hehehe!.. charing! hahah! achee mayat met ah

Author p-yan ferrer (1 year)

Author elebrit (4 years)
ay talaga met ah nalaing ka unay palakpakan ti imbagam hehehe

Author harlynyt (4 years)
you got point.. not all written in bible is good... but it depends upon the
belief of every person in the wold..

Author maey dalilis (1 year)

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