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Author Eljhay Version ( ago)

Author Norberto Casilla ( ago)
nagmayat ti view nga agpayso t banbantay d ubbingak pay .kasanu met ngamin
nga hnmakalbo uso Mettin t um uma .kin ag Pukan da ti kayo dida met sukatan
ah Mulaan ...

Author mary Bagano ( ago)
I really miss my hometown 

Author mark gwapo ( ago)
i love this song its all about nature! alagaan natin ang ating likas na
yaman at wag sirain gaya ng kantang ito, ano pamagat nitong kantang to?

Author maey dalilis ( ago)

Author arlee ancheta ( ago)
nice song nag mayat nga dinggin makapailim met diay provincia me....

Author bloodryne pelayo ( ago)
nice song

Author p-yan ferrer ( ago)

Author ian ignacio ( ago)

Author andrew valle ( ago)
oh sandy nalaing ka garado ah

Author janice ladia hufano ( ago)
ilocano song is the best 4meeeeeee ,i loving itttttttt <3

Author elebrit ( ago)
ay talaga met ah nalaing ka unay palakpakan ti imbagam hehehe

Author sidekicklock09 ( ago)
the word of God is good and its true,, you just misunderstand it... :-j it
is clear that makaoway kayo abe sin amin ay parsua sinay daga,, simply
means we have to use them and of course to take care of them... its a very
very long explanation but that the way how it reminds us.. thanks

Author sidekicklock09 ( ago)
ed mankayan na ed colalo ya ed kasin tay edwani et pinanbalin das payew
iman ay naunug..

Author harlynyt ( ago)
you got point.. not all written in bible is good... but it depends upon the
belief of every person in the wold..

Author summerlove4one ( ago)
i was about to ask if where is this place when i read nga ijay kapangan
gayam...sus, han ku pay ammu ket taga ijayak...amburayan ba?

Author m5r91m ( ago)
charlie mayat mo daytoy kantam,,,,, he he he it makes me laugh....

Author igorot27 ( ago)

Author faraway14325 ( ago)
keya nga nauubos na ang nature...

Author eduardquinit ( ago)
nagmayat datoy vdio malagip ko ti naggapuak

Author 28INCOMPLETE ( ago)
ayan na daytoy nga place? if anybaody knows...

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