How to cook Biko the panlasangpinoy way. Visit us at for more recipes.

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Author Maryjane po (26 days)
Hi i tried ur recipe..its my first time makibg biko and my friends say i
nailed it wish i can share a picture.. Thank u.. For posting this..i always
make something new using ur recipe and now i finally learn how to make biko
thank u.. I thought it was very complicated but it

Author Joni-Rose Sacramento (4 months)
U can alternate with condensed milk and lessen the sugar.. You can add
vanilla :) 

Author Jen Alonzo (4 months)
i cook this today .my friends love it ...thank you

Author Elvie Codeniera (1 month)

Author kjingzjavz javz (2 months)
Tnx po! 

Author Delia Virtanen (7 months)
Looks yummy! My boy loves it who's half Filipino & half Finnish. 

Author Loida Arias (7 months)
Thank u chef ang galing mo malinaw ang instruction.

Author Mia Knutsson (5 months)
Gustong gusto ko talaga ang PANLASANG PINOY...

Author selfabuser1 (9 months)
I add some ginger on it

Author Irin Barratt (1 year)
This is how i cook so yummy!!!and i put lemonsito yong balat pra mas

Author yayeeneanamari (5 years)
pno puto bngbng po tnx.. :)

Author 82marnel (3 years)
kuya pwede ka gawa ng steam rice yung katulad sa dimsum kung pwede pls...
salamat po.

Author lynnemallorca (3 years)
@a1c2a3a4a5a6 kasi nasa ibang bansa din si panlasang pinoy...thats y.

Author nozijnael (3 years)
ok din pero may mas masarap na luto ng biko....

Author chrox27 (3 years)
i try this menu hehe ok naman..

Author Emanuel Gabriel villanueva (3 years)
nag uumpisa palang po ako magluto,. i admit wala ako alam sa pagluluto pero
thanks to you now i know... pa request din ng gravy sause please...thank
you! keep a good work!

Author jetame75 (3 years)
I'll make this next time. I'm making the Cassava cake at the moment. I hope
it turns out the way yours did.

Author ann cute (1 year)
ittry ko po ito may question lng po ako kasi sabi po dun sa website is 4
cups of coconut milk for cups po ba lahat ung nilagay nyo para sa two cups
na cooked sticky rice? hindi po ba 1:1 cya? one cup rice-one cup coconut
milk?????? really need your help po thank you and please make more easy to
follow recipes:) #proudtobepinoy :)

Author yuewalee (2 years)
@irisayala sticky and glutinous rice are thesame.

Author TheMsmay2 (4 years)
sa nag tatanung ng measurement sabi Nya nga diba na punta kau sa site Nila
for the exact measurement.. Pa Ulit ulit..wheeew

Author Maria Corazon Martinez (2 years)

Author Gerayln Burke (2 years)
thanks you sa video i know how to cook biko now. God bless you.

Author imezzzup17 (4 years)
d' best ka talaga! di kame magsasawang tangkilikin ang Panlasang Pinoy! u
really help us a lot in cooking ! more power and God Bless .

Author preciousXoXo123 (4 years)
How much sugar do you use?

Author Orangekissin (5 years)
nakakagutom...nakakamiss ang biko...

Author Panlasang Pinoy (5 years)
yup its your choice to place some toppings. I intended to present the
simple version first then next time gawa naman ng ibang variation with
toppings blueroxypinay :)

Author FriedRicepeople (4 years)
omggg. thanks so much for showing me how to make all my fav filo desserts

Author Dommcallister (3 years)
I love your recipe. Thank you very much, now i know how to make it.

Author vincent san nicolas (1 year)
I go it. 2 cups of rice

Author mtwalton914 (3 years)
I like his voice. tender and clear, easy to understand.

Author joshsalao24 (4 years)
Thanks 4 the gift of Excellent Filipino Recipes.. kuya and all people
behind Panlasang Pinoy, youre one good example of a great Pinoy! Keep it

Author Khai Morger (2 years)
1 1/2 cups water 2 cups brown sugar 4 cups coconut milk 1/2 tsp salt

Author 6digit (2 years)
actually mas madali ang mga step na ibinibigay ni Kuya dito kesa kay Nanay
Nikay, medyo magulo sa kanya !!

Author mega tron (1 year)

Author jesscute1419 (5 years)
ang dli lng pl ng biko...mag try aq pg mkbili ng coconut gata!

Author always4u60625 (4 years)
anggaling naman. ang pinaka importante ang nakalimutan. Quantity ng rice

Author Jess Angeles (4 years)
ang biko ay may latik ang tawag sa tawag sa luto bo ang bibingka, ang
pagkakaiba lang ay dapat ang sugar topping sa itaas at broil sa oven

Author Jiana Raimer (2 years)
thanks for sharing you video. I am a big fan. I love FILIPINO FOODS <3

Author moised1 (3 years)
parang super basa ng biko na

Author annq8 (4 years)
easy lang pala..kase nung bata pa ako my mom cooked biko it seems so hard
and difficult to cook... she usually mix it with a little bit of ginger and
anis seed pang kontra daw sa mahilab na lasa nito :)

Author Alovelygemini (4 years)
I'm making this right now, smells so good, your web site is a lot of help
thank you so much, I am also making chicken adobo and pancit, :)

Author 2986youyou (2 years)

Author river sy (3 years)
biko kalami

Author josielynable (5 years)
ang galing u tlga magluto,keep it up!!!marami nko nailuto na napanuod ko
sayo.thnx a lot becoz it helps me a lot.tnx!!!

Author Marlene Siit (1 year)
wow galing niyo nman pu.. kumpra dun pu xa luto ng lola ku mas masarap toh..

Author baycrusher (4 years)
Dude!..... how many cups of sticky rice, water & sugar?

Author irisayala (3 years)
Is sticky rice the same thing as the glutinous rice that you use in some of
your other recipes?

Author shy244 (4 years)
this is my favourite dessert, didnt know that its so easy to make. But how
much sugar, rice and water am I suppose put in???

Author akojudnibah da (3 years)
na mis nako ang biko

Author Joy R. Reyes (2 years)
will try this thanks for posting!

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