Watch the enthusiasm as SisterLocks founder, JoAnne Cornwell, consultants, and fans gather in Atlanta for workshops and conferencing...

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Author Brownlady78 (3 years)
Great video!!! I'm truly embracing my sister locks :)

Author Rockchelles (4 years)
I had tears watching this. I stop processing my hair back in the Navy
2000-2002. I struggled so much with broken ends, burnt hair etc. etc. To
see sisters who learn to use what God gave them gives me courage to not to
go to the relaxer right now. African hair is so unique - and America makes
us want to rid of it and make fun of the natural - believe me I heard it
all! God gave us this strong kinky thick hair and I will continue to take
pride in it. Thanks for the vid.

Author MZ-X (4 years)
@cmlomax56 CONGRATULATIONS lady!! I get mine in 9 days! I can't wait, how
is your journey going so far??

Author marque235 (5 years)
Beautiful women!!

Author brownieblush (5 years)
why the hell don't i have these.

Author Anita Alford (1 year)
I have been sister locked for 3 years and now I am ready to join the

Author Rockchelles (4 years)
@uuu09 people think that too when I talk about being natural and they take
offense. But to tell the truth, there is a lot of pain attached with black
hair and I feel this video is saying to love our nappy hair when no one, no
one has for 400 years.

Author Curly QueueT (4 years)
@Altovise0214 I was thinking the same thing.

Author vickersfan (6 years)
daaang i need to get me some sista locks.

Author Riah Lee (1 year)
I got mine 2 weeks ago. Still trying to embrace it 100%

Author AdoraAdora24 (4 years)
@561escobar Obviously you do since you posted.

Author stuntdevil25 (2 years)
So great to see sister hood in ATL and to see that all is welcome and it
don't matter what color you are, old you and or where you from. Keep up the
great work and God Bless all😉

Author Bellamora72001 (6 years)
Can't wait to get mine done!

Author merikara (2 years)
So many sisterlocks. I love it! :)

Author hisgentlepeace peace (6 years)
I ahve had my hair locked since January 2008. Proud to represent those who
love their hair!

Author J.D. Wicomc (5 years)
I had my Sisterlocks installed on Nov. 13 and Nov. 14 of 2009. I love them!
Sisterlocks freed me from relaxers, braids, weak hair, damaged hair, etc. I
prayed to God to let me find a hairstyle that would bless my crown of glory
and Jesus showed up and showed out as usual. Sisterlocks, along with other
natural hairstyles, is a proof that black women don't have to resort to
relaxed hair to have beautiful hair. I pray joy overwhelms Dr. Cornwell's
life because she has certainly blessed mine.

Author QP07 (7 years)
that girl Nycole from mcdonough, ga was fine!

Author J.D. Wicomc (4 years)
@Rockchelles Hello, Yeah, this video touched me deeply when I first saw it.
Back then, I had relaxed hair that was falling out and thinning. I had a
scalp that was suffering because of chemical burns from relaxers. Now, I am
less than a month away from my 1st Sisterlocks birthday. I love my nappy,
natural and beautiful hair. God didn't give me silky hair for a reason, and
I'm fine with what He did give me. Natural hair is naturally good. Can I
get an "Amen?" Amen!!! Peace and blessings to you!

Author Rockchelles (4 years)
@righteoussister I did the same, I almost went to relaxer today, but seeing
all the beatiful styles and lengths here gives me strength to stay natural!
God bless you.

Author MoniMeka P (5 years)
i would like sister looks, but i don't want them long.

Author JourniHeart23 (3 years)
Awesome Vid! It's nice to see the sister's locking and loving it!

Author MZ-X (4 years)
@cmlomax56 Hey girl, where r ur videos??

Author J.D. Wicomc (4 years)
@Rockchelles @Rockchelles Hello, Yeah, this video touched me deeply when I
first saw it. Back then, I had relaxed hair that was falling out and
thinning. I had a scalp that was suffering because of chemical burns from
relaxers. Now, I am less than a month away from my 1st Sisterlocks
birthday. I love my nappy, natural and beautiful hair. God didn't give me
silky hair for a reason, and I'm fine with what He did give me. Natural
hair is naturally good. Peace and blessings to you! Keep the faith!

Author Altovise0214 (6 years)
I couldn't stop smiling:)

Author Cheryl Williams (4 years)
I love this. The name says it all. Go ladies!

Author Kay Williams (2 years)
Sisterlocks are beautiful and I'm considering having them installed in my
hair and i'm glad to see women of color finally embracing their natural
hair in whatever form they choose. But the thing that gets me about this
"movement" (and I mean no disrespect) is that the sisterlocks founder is a
fraud. She took a traditional African hairstyle, put a fancy name on it,
packaged it up and sold it to the masses and now she's looked at as some
type of hair guru. I'm not knockin her hustle, but damn....

Author daphizzle (4 years)
getting SL was the best decision i did..3.5 yrs later i'm still lovin 'em!

Author Sandria Olivia (5 years)
i had my first re-tighting on Sat Sept 12 2009. my technican was elated as
so was i,at the length of my hair, i can't wait for the next re-tighting.
it really feels good not having to 'stress' over styling my hair. now i can
do other which need to be done. WHOOPI !

Author MosaicMaiden (4 years)
YES! Black women's hair does grow! You all are absolutely and gorgeously
divine! Bless ya! Come to Sweden please?

Author uuu09 (5 years)
i hate wen ppl say sisterlocks is a lifestyle... it seems like they just
look down on everyone else who doesnt have them. i have sisterlocks i just
think it seems like it

Author Shareece keya (2 years)
nice to see so many women loving their hair and helping others to love
their hair too.

Author bardoville (5 years)
Now I want sisterlocks toooooooooooooooo! :D

Author wishywashygirl19 (2 years)
I know that white lady feels weird

Author QP07 (7 years)
That gril Nycole was Fine!!

Author jadeywo (5 years)

Author evsand1 (4 years)
Sisterlocks are sooo beautiful. If had it to do all again I would get them.
Unfortunately, at the age of 30 my crown began to thin and now at the age
of 43 my entire crown is basically without hair. Thanks to chemicals, heat
and tension to the hair. My solution for now is wearing weaves with a net.
Hats off to ALL women with Sisterlocks!!!! What a smart decision for
healthy hair.

Author 561escobar (4 years)
@AdoraAdora Eat A Dick

Author 561escobar (4 years)
nobody gives a flying rats ass

Author 561escobar (3 years)
this shits garbage

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