We’ve had some awesome videos submitted to People are Awesome this week! This Best of the Week video compilation features basketball trick shots, unicycle, martial arts, gymnastics, acrobatics and much more!

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Title: Trivecta - Into The Limelight (feat. Danyka Nadeau)
Listen on Spotify:
Yoga Ball Tricks at the Beach

0:00 - Golf Trick Shot at The Pool
0:05 - Unicycle Bunny Hop
0:08 - Kids Stand on Man Doing Human Flag
0:12 - 540 Spin Kick
0:18 - Amazing Dunk
0:23 - Golf Ricochet Shot
0:31 - Box Jump
0:35 - Scooter Flip Trick
0:41 - German Wheel Tricks
0:50 - Roller Skater Handstand
0:57 - Archway Yoga
1:12 - Golfer does Kitchen Trick Shot
1:20 - Wakeboarder Hijacks Wave
1:31 - Basketball Trick Shots
1:35 - Parkour Bar Tricks
1:50 - Unicycle Tricks
1:56 - Basketball Trick Shots
1:59 - Freestyle Soccer Combo
2:05 - Slackline Duo
2:16 - Parkour Flip
2:20 - Cyr Wheel Performance
2:31 - Barbell Rolls
2:36 - Girl Does Zombie Press
2:43 - Explosive Flying Push Ups
2:50 - Hula Hoop Routine
3:05 - Lacrosse Stick & Ball Juggling
3:14 - Six Step on Rolling Boards
3:20 - Girl Does Burpee Backflips
3:35 - Football Freestyler Balances Ball
3:43 - Basketball Trick Shots
3:46 - Synchronised Bike Tricks
3:50 - Parkour Monkey Gainer
3:53 - Dog Surfs With Owner
3:57 - Balance Wheel Tricks
4:05 - Insane High Dives
4:08 - Parkour Bar Jumps

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Author Snake Parkour ( ago)
song of outro?

Author Méabh McCrystal ( ago)
Love how there are a mix of genres. Boys doing gymnastic like things and girls doing really cool soccer tricks and stuff :))

Author Oliver R Fredly ( ago)
Roses are red 🌷
Violets are blue🌹
I came for the thumbnail and so did you😂

Author Lord Keaveney ( ago)
3:29 What's with all the crosses in the background?

Author josef gogstad ( ago)
:10 and :12

Author سيو سيو ( ago)

Author Wiktor Duszyński ( ago)
It is amazing

Author leglex mrgz ( ago)
The dog in the minute 1:32 hahaha😂

Author Tofik Memon ( ago)

Author V0RTEX ( ago)
3:49 the guy has a HUGE HONKN NOSE

Author Macin Saracki ( ago)

Author Gio Robaqidze ( ago)
all pls music name please

Author Gilles HEUDE ( ago)
Können wir ok

Author pork grind ( ago)
1:53 :O

Author Jázmin Szabó ( ago)

Author Nguyễn Tấn Minh ( ago)
B. ZDg gj

Author Yovani Mayer ( ago)

Author Mads Otto Jensen ( ago)

Author AquA Nenea Xx ( ago)

Author Diede Conijn ( ago)
Luffy u Sad Faggot

Author Chris Brackin ( ago)
What's the song at the end?

Author fikri akif zainordi ( ago)
yeah youre right but man more amiazing

Author يونس يونس ( ago)

Author Willy & Oscar ( ago)

Author Adriana Claudia Martins Pansini ( ago)
eu não gostei

Author Lisa Washington ( ago)
oooohhhhhhh my god

Author LoL Create ( ago)
3:54 so cute omg....:3

Author amiel gamboa ( ago)
2:56 holy i have nothing to say

Author Fynkzz ( ago)
Gayest music ever wtf

Author Manu Müller ( ago)

Author Habiba Abdulahi ( ago)

Author Jan Kmec ( ago)

Author Felix ( ago)

Author Moments Are Amazing ( ago)
Guys are really awesome How it is possible!!!!

Author Juli Flores ( ago)
Teiles video

Author Nesquick Guy ( ago)
Into the limelight brought me here

Author Don Lama ( ago)
I can Do that kick it make is oneleg

Author 同情するなら職をくれ a ( ago)

Author Νίκος Αρναούτη ( ago)

Author Justyna Bednarek ( ago)

Author Dozy Plays ( ago)
0:40 I was the one recording xD at rampworx

Author KDBodza powa ( ago)

Author ashok banoth ( ago)
really awesome

Author Andrew Cid ( ago)
Meu piru

Author Adeel Waseem ( ago)

Author Britanya Madden ( ago)
u are crazy

Author Alieva Iman ( ago)
3:54 sooo cute♥.♥

Author Mlg Marsh ( ago)
The one at 99:59 was the best

Author NoisibeuD Noisibeu ( ago)

Author Chandra Sekhar ( ago)
wow amazing videos

Author Agustin Cardozo ( ago)

Author Donte Bell ( ago)

Author Andi Rachmat ( ago)
2:51 Im in love

Author Bryan Gonzales ( ago)

Author Liviu Balas ( ago)
Frumos frate

Author Senne Martens ( ago)
3:21 definitely an atheist...

Author TheNik Show ( ago)

Author TheNik Show ( ago)

Author Виктор Гудин ( ago)

Author Paxton Hummel ( ago)
i thought that 2:50 and the 4 after were the most amazing

Author Mia Ainsworth McCartney ( ago)

Author TheNexsus ( ago)
Subscribe to my channel

Author Marga Julià Mulet ( ago)
son los putos amos

Author Sondel-Andy ( ago)
thank you for that great show.. !!!

Author NightcoreStartStop ( ago)
What is the song called?

Author The Clutch 007 ( ago)
That was Aaron Gordon at 0:31

Author matt David ( ago)
For anyone who enjoyed the clip at 2:50 her YouTube channel is Melina_bear her talent is pretty incredible

Author Cesar Huerta 1915 ( ago)
how can u dislike .

Author Марио ( ago)

Author Jurrs McFloppy ( ago)
XD I feel like nothing when I watch these people

Author Ajitpal Singh ( ago)
people r really awesome

Author L.Robert Meisner ( ago)
this is amazing. i don't understand how people do that

Author Mayank nade ( ago)
Its all photo shop and editing app, totally fake

Author People are Awesome ( ago)
Thanks for watching everyone! We just launched our first ever People are Awesome t-shirts! Check them out at:

Author Wojciech Wisniewski ( ago)
That guy lost his shoe also that was amazing video

Author Dani Armenov ( ago)
I am a bit of a bit of a bit of a

Author Ms Twomey ( ago)
Who sings this song

Author Naim Hadjizaman ( ago)
Song: Into the limelight.

Author Sᅡᄅr Kim ( ago)

Author Sᅡᄅr Kim ( ago)

Author Dana Pechova ( ago)
stupidní song

Author gislando claudino ( ago)

Author Kimbe CatSS ( ago)
musika? ❤😍

Author Mj Sameer ( ago)
may i know the song in background plzz

Author camm coning ( ago)
awesome is an understatement

Author camm coning ( ago)
awesome is an understatement

Author sonia ait chalalet ( ago)

Author FireTube ( ago)
click my

Author Awesome Army ( ago)

Author Awesome Awesom ( ago)
Before i commented, there was 666 comments

Author กีต้า เอื้อจตุรสมบูรณ์ ( ago)

Author Konstantinos Ele ( ago)
Plz do sub at my Chanel Konfal 7

Author Smile - Life Awesome ( ago)
Great, video

Author JK PRO ( ago)
hienoja temppuja

Author Dosenmilk ( ago)
Also wenn jemand mit einem Ball ein Korb wirft braucht es hier nicht rein. das kann jeder mit genügend versuche

Author Pix Draw ( ago)
Big things are awesome but I'm glad the little things are cool to enjoy

Author Bertram Nielsen ( ago)
2:45 its face it Was backwords

Author ЕЃrоř Pæpyrus R.B ( ago)
In 0:31 .... Reminds Me Of 9 11

Author Hans Marx ( ago)
awesome mmm hmm

Author Josh Kok ( ago)
Omg how much do u try to do what you do

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