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  • Jessica Brown
    Jessica Brown 1 hour ago

    Tay C. Me too!!!!😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ayana Mascarenhas
    Ayana Mascarenhas 13 hours ago

    Ros like a mother

  • Ender-Chick 553
    Ender-Chick 553 17 hours ago

    I died when Jake started hacking on the Snickers and Rosina had to help

  • ProWolfyGamer
    ProWolfyGamer 1 day ago

    "Hey now, you're a pop star, get you lolly on, go get diabetes." ~Jake 2017

  • Nimoul Tep
    Nimoul Tep 1 day ago

    my name is Luna and I am a kid and I am 6

  • Cami & Nhoa
    Cami & Nhoa 1 day ago

    Jake is really really good at this game

  • Cami & Nhoa
    Cami & Nhoa 1 day ago

    NO DRUGS IN THIS HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ro said hehehe

  • Cami & Nhoa
    Cami & Nhoa 1 day ago

    I mean same Tay c

  • Cami & Nhoa
    Cami & Nhoa 1 day ago

    Same yay C

  • Cami & Nhoa
    Cami & Nhoa 1 day ago

    Cool 😎

  • Lara Fisher
    Lara Fisher 1 day ago

    I ship it so hard ❤❤❤❤

  • Perfect Wedding BD

    please make a choclate lava cake.

  • Nathan Ransom
    Nathan Ransom 1 day ago

    Can I steal that dog it's so cute

  • Nicole White
    Nicole White 2 days ago

    do a gummy vs real challenge with mo!

  • Charmaine Hector
    Charmaine Hector 2 days ago

    my favorite is the giant gummy bear

  • smartypants 0901
    smartypants 0901 2 days ago


  • Cute Kitty Saver
    Cute Kitty Saver 2 days ago

    Jake is like Ro's kid and Ro is Jake's mom😂🤣

  • Felicity Diamond
    Felicity Diamond 2 days ago


  • Shea Taylor
    Shea Taylor 3 days ago

    I wish i could have thoes big candy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ps plezz do the candy challenge with Mo!?

  • Katherine Edgerton
    Katherine Edgerton 3 days ago

    please do the sparkling ice chanllge

  • Onejeje Iekejej
    Onejeje Iekejej 3 days ago

    I laughed so much when jake kept eating the pocky

  • Nahasia Scott
    Nahasia Scott 3 days ago


  • Cookie Crumbler14
    Cookie Crumbler14 3 days ago

    I can barely fit a blow pop in my mouth! No way I can fit a strawberry lollipop in my mouth!

  • Delilah Gervais
    Delilah Gervais 3 days ago

    This is my fox🦊
    He has NOTHING no food, no friends,no home and no family.😭
    1 like- equals one friend, one piece of food, one piece of wood to make a home
    and one member of a family.

    PLEASE HELP MY FOX😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Marzieh Ghodsi
    Marzieh Ghodsi 3 days ago

    In this episode Ro was like Jake's mom 😂😂

  • Darija Ratković
    Darija Ratković 3 days ago

    if you think that that gummy bear is big you have to see the party bear that has 26 kg

  • sundas mustafa
    sundas mustafa 3 days ago

    gummies are.tastie

  • Chloe Buse
    Chloe Buse 3 days ago

    I just love how Ro talks about the candy before she takes small bites while Jake on the other hand just goes right ahead and stuffs his face.

  • Miranda Garcia
    Miranda Garcia 3 days ago

    cook a big heashy bar plz

  • Tonya C. Hampton
    Tonya C. Hampton 3 days ago

    Do the soda challenge with markiplier

  • Hilario govea
    Hilario govea 4 days ago

    "Hey now you're a pop star get your loli on go and get diabetes"
    I'm dead xD

  • Hilario govea
    Hilario govea 4 days ago

    Ro: I think I did challenge like this with my friend TJ
    Jake: Who's TJ huh?
    I died xD

  • naerial
    naerial 4 days ago

    He's such a dude bro

  • Lena Mirzai
    Lena Mirzai 4 days ago

    Tay C. me toooo!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

  • Madeleine Tally
    Madeleine Tally 4 days ago

    Do another challenge with no!!!! Real or gummy would be awesome!!!!

  • Annette Blanco
    Annette Blanco 4 days ago

    i love your videos 🤡💙❤️💚😃💖🔥💍✨💗💕💞🔱⚜️

  • Annette Blanco
    Annette Blanco 4 days ago

    you are so pretty

    • Annette Blanco
      Annette Blanco 4 days ago


  • L Vazquez
    L Vazquez 4 days ago

    D'awww, Jake and Ro are so ADORABLE ^·^

  • IIJokerII 12345
    IIJokerII 12345 4 days ago

    do a gammy v.s real food

  • olivia hoyo
    olivia hoyo 5 days ago

    It was funny when his crown fell off

  • daniel corona
    daniel corona 5 days ago

    plz do lyrics text prank

  • Reham Alharon
    Reham Alharon 5 days ago

    you must make fruit challenge with Jake

  • Jess Jenkins
    Jess Jenkins 5 days ago

    this is a dollar sign $
    how many likes is how
    much money you will have

  • Shi Edwards
    Shi Edwards 5 days ago

    so funny wen the dog scared him

  • Sidra Shahid
    Sidra Shahid 5 days ago

    OMG that giant jumbo bite of Snickers just made me laugh so badly

  • Jenna Mikaelson
    Jenna Mikaelson 5 days ago

    Can you do something with lele pons

  • hermione granger of ravenclaw

    ro looks like Hermione!!!😂😂😂

  • Madison Lopez
    Madison Lopez 6 days ago

    gaint candy

  • Madison Lopez
    Madison Lopez 6 days ago

    gaint candy

  • Jasha May
    Jasha May 7 days ago

    do a rainbow cake challenge

  • Kit Kat Panda
    Kit Kat Panda 7 days ago

    ok I know this video was uploaded a LONG time ago but I just wanted to say I LOVE this video I watch it all the time my family is sick of it but I can never get sick of this hilarious video I love you guys and I hope you keep making videos with Jake

  • Phil Ampil
    Phil Ampil 7 days ago

    Hello Rosanna and Jake! I love this video and the candies were so big! My favorite candy store to go to is It's Sugar! Also Ro could you try making a Moana themed desserts? A challenge I think you should try is what's inside this box challenge! It's super fun! Thank you for making me smile once again with your awesome videos and have a fantastic day! Bye!

  • Unknown Song bird
    Unknown Song bird 7 days ago

    7:09 look at lunas eyes at the rice crispy

  • Lyle Veronica Rabara

    'I hope the next one's a toothbrush' 😂😂😭😂😂😂💕😍💕😂😭

  • California123Vlogz
    California123Vlogz 7 days ago

    I saw a man in the back round

  • California123Vlogz
    California123Vlogz 7 days ago

    Hi rosanna

  • MORROW Ghost
    MORROW Ghost 7 days ago

    Lyrics to the song "Hey your a pop star gonna get diabetes

  • Kari Roberson
    Kari Roberson 8 days ago

    I have watched this video 14 times

  • rumana rayhan
    rumana rayhan 8 days ago

    Tay C.

  • rumana rayhan
    rumana rayhan 8 days ago


  • SnowingOwlz
    SnowingOwlz 8 days ago

    7:13-7:40 like if u cri everytiem

  • LuckySillyPotato
    LuckySillyPotato 8 days ago

    you will know it's Herseys if it tastes like chocolate

  • LuckySillyPotato
    LuckySillyPotato 8 days ago

    Jake: *tries to suck Twizzler up nose*
    Like if you died from laughter 😂😂😂

  • Jimmy Baez
    Jimmy Baez 8 days ago

    I. Love Hershey's. 😍😍😍😍😋😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Ayana Woods
    Ayana Woods 10 days ago

    you are funny in all of your challenges

  • 43v3rh1d3n
    43v3rh1d3n 10 days ago

    at least rows hair is on theme. i LOVE it!! all it needs is a fascinator and she could slay the runway!!

  • Arianna Alonso
    Arianna Alonso 10 days ago

    did anyone else just die laughing at the snicker's part?

  • Hugo Islas
    Hugo Islas 10 days ago

    I love you guys!

  • Saileach
    Saileach 10 days ago

    Highly entertaining video. However I was saddened by not enough Jake burps.

  • Kim Pignone
    Kim Pignone 10 days ago

    Addison Kingpeak same

  • Reese Grammer
    Reese Grammer 11 days ago

    my name is a candy in the game. Who can guess it?

  • Torabally Reeaz
    Torabally Reeaz 11 days ago

    Ro please do the real vs gummy food challenge please

  • Official Everything
    Official Everything 11 days ago

    I... I... I NEEDZ DA CANDY!!!

  • Oreoz & chill
    Oreoz & chill 11 days ago

    Jake is insane

  • Leenus Baylon
    Leenus Baylon 11 days ago

    its like jake knows everything

  • Mlp Lover
    Mlp Lover 12 days ago

    Can you do anothet challange with mark. Like if you agree

  • Zahra Mulsi
    Zahra Mulsi 12 days ago


  • BÏĀ -logical
    BÏĀ -logical 12 days ago

    2:05 - 2:11 that moment when you get drunk just eating a piece of gummy bear😂😂❤️❤️

  • Nino Mazmishvili
    Nino Mazmishvili 12 days ago

    plase spin the figit spiner AT 3:00AM

  • Aiyah Jackson
    Aiyah Jackson 12 days ago

    I died when jake started shoving the snickers down his throat and then the music started playing I was deseced 😂😂

  • Brandi H.
    Brandi H. 12 days ago

    I love York Peppermint Patties

  • Camilamanuel Garcia
    Camilamanuel Garcia 12 days ago

    real food vs gummy food

  • Lauren Grant
    Lauren Grant 12 days ago

    well done Jake love your name ☺😎😃

  • Lauren Grant
    Lauren Grant 12 days ago

    do a sour challenge

  • Gabrielle Todd
    Gabrielle Todd 13 days ago

    Like half of my gees are from Vat19

  • NiftySuperTeddy606
    NiftySuperTeddy606 13 days ago

    Your 32

  • poonam tripathi
    poonam tripathi 13 days ago

    See at 3:29 near the window above Rosanna

  • Taylor Roebuck
    Taylor Roebuck 13 days ago

    6:29, George Mcfly

  • Charlotte McNamara
    Charlotte McNamara 13 days ago

    omg i deid when jake tryed to snort thd twizzler and ro said NO DRUGS IN THIS HOUSE

  • Josephine Park
    Josephine Park 13 days ago

    Can you do more w/Jake?

  • Rida Saboor
    Rida Saboor 13 days ago

    anybody notice man at the back 3:30

  • Kitty Bee
    Kitty Bee 13 days ago

    omfg that would have been so funny to edit XD

  • Nesha Diyali
    Nesha Diyali 13 days ago

    You are so pretty

  • Rose_ Last name
    Rose_ Last name 14 days ago

    Her bites compared to his😂

  • Jonathan Ransdell
    Jonathan Ransdell 14 days ago

    in the video I saw a men

  • Kobayashi San
    Kobayashi San 14 days ago


  • daria vladimirescu
    daria vladimirescu 14 days ago

    i am at 9:45 and now i want a snikers !

  • Ruby Loverr144
    Ruby Loverr144 14 days ago

    5:28 I died

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