2017 Subaru WRX STi - Big Crash on Winding Road!

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  • Gladiator Bull
    Gladiator Bull 1 day ago

    total lost 😞

  • Thad
    Thad 9 days ago

    The car he just passed had to be laughing their ass off as they drove past him spun out off the road 30 seconds later.

  • John
    John 17 days ago

    Good. One less idiot potentially coming the wrong way killing a few.

  • E.A. N
    E.A. N 19 days ago

    Slightly used STI for sale, never raced 😂😂😂😂

  • K OB
    K OB 19 days ago

    2 cars that Scooby passed probably came to his rescue and they were pissing themselves laughing

  • Subie Jason
    Subie Jason 20 days ago

    Oh man, that hurts to watch. #rip that subies life was short lived. At least she went out doing what she loved XD

    • Subie Jason
      Subie Jason 6 days ago

      I mean I guess if that's how you see it.

    • Chris Kiss
      Chris Kiss 6 days ago

      Subie Jason That's awesome to watch. One less retard with a piece of shit on the roads.

  • Mustif Jabbar
    Mustif Jabbar 20 days ago

    megérdemelte a fasszopó

  • hardertom
    hardertom 20 days ago

    hit the windscreen wipers! It might help : :D :D :D

  • Josh Petit
    Josh Petit 21 day ago

    This dood doesn't know how to steer/ drive

  • Benjamin Gombos
    Benjamin Gombos 21 day ago

    Money---> Fast car
    Money-/-> Knowledge

  • Man hunt
    Man hunt 21 day ago

    Úgy kell neked te segg,picsa,majom :D Gyerek kezébe nem való

  • Attila Márkus
    Attila Márkus 21 day ago

    GG... :)

  • Marcus Andersson
    Marcus Andersson 22 days ago


  • ImRIckJames
    ImRIckJames 23 days ago

    reaction time of a potato, probably braking instead of powering out.

    • MoppyS La
      MoppyS La 15 days ago

      ImRIckJames Maybe his car first left wheel run out of road he trying fix it ,but look the kilometerhour. 100+km/h when his first left wheel run out of the road and kilometerhour get slowly. I think not to easy make good reactiontime on 120km/h ( 82mp/h ) ,but maybe u have right and his reaction time just slow.

      ( Sorry for my english i learn german this english have only from CS:GO and little bit teacher. Thank you. :D )

    • Taylor Menezes
      Taylor Menezes 23 days ago

      I think he forgot to brake, in general.

  • ImRIckJames
    ImRIckJames 24 days ago

    VTEC kicks In yo!

    • Chris Kiss
      Chris Kiss 6 days ago

      ImRIckJames Subaru drivers can't handle vtec.

    WRX SNOWBOARDER 24 days ago

    just a few scratches to buff out.

  • mat41174
    mat41174 24 days ago


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