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Added: 7 years
Runtime: 3:13
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Author Kerry Verish (5 years)
call me 610 329 1928

Author NERDCDN (2 years)
Just visit Denver to join the "Mile High Club"

Author shizerm8 (4 years)
The girl is having to deal with two homos who just want to sleep
together...@ 2:22... fags these days...

Author alexandadriana27567 (6 years)
if u hate em then dont watch it

Author anii123451 (4 years)
@PatMr1603 warum sollen wir dich anrufen

Author PatMr1603 (5 years)
Hi Ruft mich an unter: 015121841170

Author PilotRyanProductions (3 years)
@MyNameIsMommy912 second of all, we should not encourage people to get laid
on aircraft. I know I sound like I'm trollin' here but honestly....I'm a
MAJOR PERVERT who is known for being the class "Quagmire" but I'm a pilot
and if I were the captain in command of that AIRBUS (not boeing) A380 I
would be appualed that that happened on my flight.

Author applesweeter (3 years)
not worth for US$8000 without sex. For me, I prefer US$10000 for sleeping
with the flight attendant.

Author Ina Dörr (3 years)

Author wayneensall (6 years)

Author Ina Dörr (3 years)
Keep cool

Author MyNameIsMommy912 (4 years)
@PilotRyanProductions and second of all?

Author Maxhamacha (2 years)

Author Gaurav Bhasin (3 years)
shut up baldy

Author tommyxmaserati (6 years)
"i'm getting sick and tired of this muthafuckin' sex on this muthafuckin'
plane!!! forget you, bitch, i got the stewardess now..." lmao

Author cufc4l (6 years)
Sorry i Just farted

Author ihofaerefa (3 years)
@iloveindiantakeaways lol i wish they were normal

Author Seto Kaiba (3 years)

Author brisk868767 (7 years)
Have you noticed all the nuts girls are thick cunts

Author supermorshu (4 years)
girls are far from like this they don't talk about places to have sex in

Author applesweeter (2 years)
I did this before. The high-mile-club was exciting. The Singapore's A380
has written on the ticket, and it wrote "Enjoy your honeymoon suite, but
please do not do something OFFENSIVE to the crews". This is real.

Author rinkydink17 (6 years)
anyone wanna fuck me on a plane?

Author PilotRyanProductions (4 years)
First of all, the A380 is Airbus not Boeing. Jumbo jet means the Boeing 747.

Author Nathan Dance (5 years)
mmmm, 12 sweets...

Author gussewhoiam (7 years)
no offenese but this is........STUPID!<:

Author spyrolova (3 years)
I agree with msmoh2012

Author zimzameef (3 years)
No bang bang

Author QYD1000 (3 years)
Crude beyond belief :/

Author MsMoh2012 (3 years)

Author Shoot1ngStar (5 years)
Ive always wanted to bang a chick in a airplane bathroom...

Author jonesismyname (7 years)
Yeah it is! I liked them better on big cook little cook. Keep on cookin!!

Author jjjeeezzziiieee4565 (6 years)
i will

Author jjjeeezzziiieee4565 (6 years)
no somewhere secret

Author jonesismyname (7 years)
haha! Its big cook little cook!

Author A Mail (1 year)

Author martin04409 (6 years)
same here

Author stagelightingkid (5 years)
@Shoot1ngStar I banged one last week on vacation to HAwaii I am 21 male. It
was awesome and hot also try jacking off in the air too.

Author stephenouve (7 years)
o my god is it?

Author yijingsheng (6 years)
who can possiblely blow him self..... :D

Author Inlistd (5 years)
lol this reminds me of snakes on a plane

Author Ashley Perry (7 years)

Author Northern Virginia Refuse (6 years)
the plane is an airbus a380 made by airbus not boeing

Author dylanlp1999 (4 years)
megan fox, megan fox, megan fox, megan fox, Megan Fox, Megan Fox, Megan
Fox, Megan Fox.

Author headgalskit401 (6 years)
i hate both men on the show , they are fucken limes both of them, fuck you
for being gay. id kill u both if i see you. ugly gay fucken limes. at least
the female had some sort of originality in her feminine picture. she
definitely wasnt brainwashed and was embarrassed to hear the gay questions
from the two homos who were with her. FUCK them again.

Author magarboi (5 years)
Brainless.. A380 is Airbus not being true.. and its not jumbo.. its super

Author whoiszidane (7 years)
shit stuff

Author skuxxYbabe (5 years)
sex is not for kids

Author LOD Gk (7 years)
u people are really fuckin nuts

Author ItalyPaul - Art In Fruit & Vegetable Carving Lessons (7 years)
Very dark Very elegant Very beautiful Very good love it.

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