How to Create Your Own Animator .vs. Animation

title says all

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Author ejay201 (5 years)
then how we move the icon and pivot presses start this one is little helps?

Author boooot2323 (2 years)
he's British, he is always gonna sound like that.

Author kingdombanana (2 years)
It zzzz was zzz very dumb. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Author Alex Mccullen (2 years)
it always sounds different cuz wen u listen 2 ureself it sounds different 2
wot it is really

Author krazyvideogameer (4 years)
what program you are using for paint? Our is window vista, is your MAC??

Author kierra jennings (2 years)
Respond to this video... lol

Author zimmy2cool4u (5 years)
how is it animator vs animation \ it dose nothing , and animator vs
animation haz a stickman moving by its self thuteter

Author hamza62240 (2 years)
i know how to make it in flash! The Icons And More! But Later!

Author Alex ds (2 years)

Author qwerty444ish (2 years)
how do u get pivot

Author GreenBomb07 (3 years)
wow, i sound so different in this video.

Author tiaguinhofelype (2 years)
oh very good

Author Redemption754 (2 years)

Author 600Moro (3 years)
@idosinpich Maybe He is Who Know???

Author Kindra Heskett (3 years)
he's a girl i think

Author Adji Zivkovic (2 years)

Author krazyvideogameer (4 years)
What cpu do you have? mine not have pivot

Author J03Y12599 (1 year)
by getting a pic off of google

Author pooontoast12345 (5 years)
uh how are u sposed to put the mouse it if u want the stick to hang of it
P.S are u a girl or guy

Author ashleyluvzfantage (2 years)
@GreenBomb07 Are you english?

Author Erick Benavidez (2 years)
You sound like a kid in the middle of a storm

Author ethanpaul18 (2 years)
asshole instand of using pivot use flash 8

Author jokersux1 (3 years)
@krazyvideogameer we needa download dis software

Author jameskeir12 (5 years)
Sorry but that wasnt bad but it wasnt good either 1st you said everything
that you write ?? 2nd You used pivot use something better please im not
saying its bad but ....u no

Author XXXWALKTHROUGHz (2 years)
this is called pivot not animator vs animation XD

Author jacob krebs (10 months)

Author Alex ds (2 years)

Author Ayse Morley (2 years)
@pooontoast12345 me 2

Author Robloxain123 (2 years)
I know pivot sucks and i already downlaod flash!! >:(

Author pooontoast12345 (5 years)
how old are u??? cuz im 12

Author Deklen Basco (2 years)
i cant find the key that says print screen sysrq

Author talonmario2003 (2 years)
Thank you video! Now i now how. But was that on the computer.

Author DEMMY39 (2 years)
I found a way but its deadly if you lose the battle 0_0

Author Alex Mccullen (2 years)
u download it but it is a virus

Author 143jerico (2 years)
this is an old style!! and also!! ihate ur voice!!

Author MrNicholasd6190 (1 year)

Author Hacker231100 (1 year)
Why you typed all that? You spoke.....

Author Donatas Jacinavičius (2 years)
it dosent work for me beacuse my moneitor is too big so the pciture dosent
fit in pivot stickfigure animator

Author idosinpich (4 years)
sounds like you're a 7 year old kid ^^

Author ItzUZ (2 years)
Why doesnt anyone give us a tutorial with flash. Pivot sucks!

Author LotsOfSpaghettiBoy (3 years)
Dude get pivot 3 beta

Author TheGameStrike (2 years)
How big are your balls?

Author Aleah Blain (2 years)
how do u get to pivot

Author GreenBomb07 (5 years)
boy, duh!!!!

Author Jake Landon (2 years)
@pooontoast12345 ME TOO! i thought it was for 13 and older...

Author Alicia Sylvester (6 months)
like if your watching in 2013

Author Isabella h (2 years)
WHERE THE HELL IS PIVOT?! and i hear flash is better.. .o.o

Author pooontoast12345 (2 years)
@TheBlackAcorn as my last comment said. I was 12 you idiot. i'm 16 now.

Author bandfreak457 (2 years)
wat is pivot

Author Riece Cross (2 years)
dude, control the speed of you cp man!!!

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