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    In this segment of On Location, Coyote turns into a ZOMBIE who’s thirsty for one thing and one thing only...desert sock punch of course!

    Well ok, maybe he’s not actually a zombie but he sure does end up looking like one!

    Prickly Pear Cacti grow all over the Southwestern United States and their bulb-like fruit are a prized delicacy among many desert dwellers because they can be used to make things like juice, syrup, candy and all sorts of other tasty delights!

    So while filming Breaking Trail in Arizona, Coyote got the crazy idea to try to do something a little different in regards to preparing his mid-morning meal. He actually uses his own sweaty sock right off his foot to squeeze and drink some freshly picked prickly pear fruit for breakfast! YUCK!

    Now the only question that remains is will the rest of crew also induldge in some of his messy desert concoction?

    Get ready to find out and see some REAL Zombie Juice!

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  • Samet Kaplan
    Samet Kaplan 15 minutes ago


  • We Skitz
    We Skitz 21 minute ago

    "Rahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Zombies" 😂

  • DeSpoofySkeleton
    DeSpoofySkeleton 30 minutes ago

    you know whats sad... i can never eat or touch prickly pair, let me tell the story
    so i was camping at Easter with family and friends this was like 2014 and my dad, my brother and some friends were on a big mountain and we saw cactus with prickly pairs so we thought
    "How about we pick them up and throw them around!" so we did and when we got back i couldn't see out of my left eye so we went to the hospital (which was 1 hour away) and i had an allergic reaction to it! soooo..... yea!

  • Grace Plays Roblox
    Grace Plays Roblox 1 hour ago


  • Some Random guy
    Some Random guy 1 hour ago

    I cringed at the intro

  • muffin wonders101
    muffin wonders101 2 hours ago

    ...........are you high...? Also he sounds like Mario or junior bowser from sml super Mario Logan

  • R33D W4RRIOR
    R33D W4RRIOR 3 hours ago

    I know there's seeds but I found it funny how he said mmmm that's good and supposedly spits it out

  • Keyshawn J. Perry
    Keyshawn J. Perry 4 hours ago




  • Madelyn Webster
    Madelyn Webster 4 hours ago

    my fav is prickly pear lemonade

  • anonymous mystery
    anonymous mystery 5 hours ago

    Me and my friend were camping on an island and we collected these and they looked thornless but when we grabbed them yeah you know

  • Fûrrÿ Vīçtørîå

    Im scared of going to Arizona now ;-;

  • Astari Vakarian
    Astari Vakarian 6 hours ago


  • Waboa
    Waboa 6 hours ago

    Coyote Peterson puts his pet guinea pig in a sock and sees what its blood tastes like.

  • Jabari Mason
    Jabari Mason 6 hours ago

    I thought he was killing an animal in the intro

  • NarwalMe33
    NarwalMe33 7 hours ago

    Is it me or does it look like he's murdering someone in a sock?

  • MintyFresh 530
    MintyFresh 530 8 hours ago

    cringe cringe

  • The Owl and the Wolf

    # Vampire juice

  • CannibalisticCheese
    CannibalisticCheese 9 hours ago


  • Casey Bianca
    Casey Bianca 9 hours ago

    Coyote just drank prickly pear juice but with foot sweat from Coyote's foot. #footjuice

  • Thesonderchild 13
    Thesonderchild 13 9 hours ago

    i thought he said it looks like beef..

  • ItsKenia
    ItsKenia 9 hours ago


  • Kaylen Mendez
    Kaylen Mendez 9 hours ago

    wait but if he didnt fuckinf

  • Aeva Cayanan
    Aeva Cayanan 11 hours ago

    At first I thought he was drinking blood and he killed an Animal

  • Ambera Dillistone
    Ambera Dillistone 11 hours ago

    OMG THE SOCK IS BLEEDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • karriespuppets
    karriespuppets 11 hours ago

    Pretend the sock is not there. It looks like coyote got punched in the nose

  • Jesus Herrera
    Jesus Herrera 11 hours ago


  • Zayda Hayes
    Zayda Hayes 12 hours ago

    his sock ewwwww

  • Grace Means
    Grace Means 12 hours ago

    I live on Dawson Street the second house my acres is 816

  • Alveta Edwards
    Alveta Edwards 12 hours ago

    You don't know if your sick stink

  • Grace Means
    Grace Means 12 hours ago

    please give me some I never tried them before

  • John Cena 02
    John Cena 02 12 hours ago

    Scariest man on the planet

  • Guest hello17
    Guest hello17 13 hours ago

    not zombies VAMPIRES

  • Emilija Petr
    Emilija Petr 14 hours ago

    can i tell you some thing

    this is teddy,teddy says hi,teddy says clap your hands,oops teddy died.

    teddy is just like you lol😂

  • Emilija Petr
    Emilija Petr 14 hours ago


  • Helen Jose
    Helen Jose 14 hours ago

    he looks like a zombie like if he chopped off a person's foot and drink the juice of blood

  • hector de la fuente
    hector de la fuente 15 hours ago

    you are brave😃😄😊

  • Glimmergirl1 AJ
    Glimmergirl1 AJ 15 hours ago

    I can't believe I actually thought he was drunk on blood.....

  • trans4mers434
    trans4mers434 15 hours ago

    rock looks like a murder scene

  • Applemunch Studios
    Applemunch Studios 16 hours ago

    I am Coyote Peterson and I will drink some Cacti fruit

  • james hayes
    james hayes 16 hours ago

    werid but cool

  • Mildred Owens
    Mildred Owens 16 hours ago

    look at 0:15 sec. pause it

  • Khalil Mann
    Khalil Mann 16 hours ago

    This dood looks like and acts like he has gone cray cray

  • tt c
    tt c 16 hours ago


  • Little Miss Puppy
    Little Miss Puppy 17 hours ago

    *Dog Has No Food ...... One Like On This Comment = One food

  • will-wyatt-gaming awesome-game-play

    I just tried one and they taste like a strawberry combined with a coconut and pinapple

  • Melva Balendez
    Melva Balendez 19 hours ago

    But your also eating your Stink of your foot😖😖😖😂😂😂

    LOGAN HATCH 20 hours ago

    Does anyone hear goku (dragon ball z franchise) 6:09

  • Random Stuff
    Random Stuff 20 hours ago

    So you drank juice from a sock that was on your foot


  • Ava Griffiths
    Ava Griffiths 20 hours ago


  • Artheiden dureza
    Artheiden dureza 21 hour ago

    Watch our kids don't eat brains or you will die

  • Gamer Boy Guide Sango Kunz

    i think it a blood

  • Flying Penguins Gaming

    Breakfast in the desert and frome a knife pro skilles there

  • Jean Donaghy
    Jean Donaghy 22 hours ago

    Blaaaaaaaaaa ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew!!!!!

  • Jason
    Jason 22 hours ago

    I can make that too by putting an animal in that sock instead of the fruit

  • pumpkin pro50
    pumpkin pro50 22 hours ago

    This is a show were a grown man captures wild animals; sounds like Pokémon IRL

  • Nancy Negron
    Nancy Negron 22 hours ago

    At first I thought it was actually blood

  • Arshiya Haroon
    Arshiya Haroon 1 day ago

    i like it but not a lot 🤔🤔 i don't like it

  • Seema Halim
    Seema Halim 1 day ago

    Dishlike this vid! Oh sorry put this vid in a dish
    GET IT?
    Bad joke ???? 🙄

  • Seema Halim
    Seema Halim 1 day ago


  • YellowG Gaming
    YellowG Gaming 1 day ago

    ewie hahahahahahahahaha i laugh at my self
    beacuse i sed ewie and im like a baby wen i sed that

  • The Redstone Rocker

    Ew sock juice

  • Cuong Trieu
    Cuong Trieu 1 day ago

    realy great facts homie

  • Teivanui Tararo
    Teivanui Tararo 1 day ago

    zombie we have a zombie here army can we need help come kill him

  • Henry Unbehaun
    Henry Unbehaun 1 day ago


  • Amanda Vasquez
    Amanda Vasquez 1 day ago

    starbucks clearly saw this video

  • Brooke Baltodano
    Brooke Baltodano 1 day ago

    wow bruh

  • SniperBro365
    SniperBro365 1 day ago

    varey helpful

  • gabbybrock
    gabbybrock 1 day ago

    Oh and that look like blud

  • gabbybrock
    gabbybrock 1 day ago

    R you a zombie hehe

  • Crispy Donutzzz
    Crispy Donutzzz 1 day ago

    does it filter out the sweat?

  • NDB 2705
    NDB 2705 1 day ago


  • Steven Universe
    Steven Universe 1 day ago

    Looks like blood

  • Markos Prieto
    Markos Prieto 1 day ago

    hey my name in mark

  • Crazykiller527
    Crazykiller527 1 day ago

    there like a very sweet pomagranit

  • kate
    kate 1 day ago

    What the hell am I watching?

  • Jovita Vincentia
    Jovita Vincentia 1 day ago

    you will have a mad tummy tho
    to much bacteria in your sock

  • Erza Scarlet
    Erza Scarlet 1 day ago

    Who likes there own comments to keep is going

  • Freya Scott-Lancashire

    you are sooooooooooooooooooooooooo coool

  • Killer Boy gaming


  • Leroy Miller
    Leroy Miller 1 day ago

    you should star in the walking dead

  • That Guy
    That Guy 1 day ago

    Shoot I'm making orange juice when school starts back up

  • Phillip Foster
    Phillip Foster 1 day ago

    It's like a horar movei for pricaly paers

  • TheWolfKing9675
    TheWolfKing9675 1 day ago

    What about the glokids in the sock won't they still be there

  • Kawaii kitty gaming/vlogs

    ummmmmm it looks like he just murdered someone with that rock lol and he is drinking the blood

  • Celeste Hernandez

    I mean I would do that but not when I have a house next to be

  • Anonymous Unknown

    bro why drink from your socks gross

  • Diamond boy 11305

    that Indian jone

  • Jennifer Rose
    Jennifer Rose 1 day ago

    you are the best from third grader

  • nicole sisler
    nicole sisler 1 day ago

    you should have a fidget spinner challeng

  • Andrew Lin
    Andrew Lin 1 day ago

    looks good though

  • Andrew Lin
    Andrew Lin 1 day ago

    The beginning of the video is like rated R.

  • Joel Cano
    Joel Cano 1 day ago

    ayayay las tunas

    KAPTAINMAN 1 day ago


  • Jose Medina
    Jose Medina 1 day ago

    i love that stuff

  • Rema Mokhlis
    Rema Mokhlis 1 day ago

    I have that kind of fruit I love it but the spines go in my skin

  • Gaming Omar
    Gaming Omar 1 day ago


  • # king of the Illuminati

    that lookes yum

  • walleskav
    walleskav 1 day ago

    Lol the beginning is sooooo funy

  • walleskav
    walleskav 1 day ago


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