Smokie - Needles and Pins 1977

Smokie - Needles and Pins 1977

(Originals by Jackie DeShannon/US and The Searchers/UK 1963)

I saw her today,
I saw her face,
It was a face I loved, and I knew,
I had to run away,
And get down on my knees and pray
That they'd go away,
And still they begin,
Needles and pins,
Because of all my pride,
The tears I gotta hide.

Oh, I thought I was smart,
I'd won a heart,
Didn't think I do,
But now you see,
She's worse to him than me,
Let her go ahead,
And take this love instead,
And one day she will see,
Just how to say "please",
And get down on her knees,
That's how they begin,
You'll feel those needles and pins,
Hurtin' her, hurtin' her,

What can't I stop and tell myself
I'm wrong, I'm wrong, so wrong,
What can't I stand up,
and tell myself I'm strong.

Because I saw her today
I saw her face,
It was a face I loved, and I knew,
I had to run away,
And get down on my knees and pray,
That they'd go away,
And still they begin,
Needles and pins,
Because of all my pride,
The tears I gotta hide

Needles and pins,
Needles and pins,
Needles and pins,
Needles and pins

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Gute alte Zeit.......


Author Dörte Wegener (1 month)
Ohne Musik geht hier garnichts !!! Meine Nachbarn freuen sich mit mir....

Author jam2music (24 days)
Smokie ... Needles and Pins 1977

Author Željka Račić (1 month)

Author silvana do rocio azambuja dos santos (2 months)
Perfeito amei bjs.

Author Weera Kiawpoungngoen (2 months)

Author сергей никончук (3 months)
Приятного отдыха!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Beata B (4 months)

Author Geli Kössler (8 hours)
schöner Oldie <3

Author Ann Gjelvik (1 day)
Great remake by the Ramones.
We lost the last Ramone this year
God Bless Rock n Roll

Author Francisco Espinoza Castro (4 days)
best cover ever is from the ramones

Author leo hupperetz (6 days)
Geweldige oude muziek

Author Begoña Garcia Romo (7 days)
muy amable gracias

Author Alicja Wozniak (8 days)
Needles and Pins..........

Author ENRIQUE ORTIZ (10 days)
Smokie - Needles and Pins 1977

Author Nela Jaworska (17 days)
Niezapomniany hit!

Author szilman kowalewski (17 days)
1975-1980 fantastic time young yrs first love, just i cant belive Im now

Author Andreas Mäd. (17 days)

Author Elżbieta Moszyńska (18 days)
Super piosenka! <3

Author Heinz Timmer (20 days)
Bonne nuit les amis * Gute Nacht Freunde :)

Author plüsch hase (20 days)
Sie waren auch sehr gut damals Smokie

Author cindy pruitt (20 days)
Fantastic version of this song. Was this band popular in the US in the
seventies? I remember stumblin in as a child but not this.

Author Ms. Nora (22 days)
Dedicated to my friend Mr. Golden Stick ! ;-) <3

Author Wolfgang B (23 days)
Best song Forever
i was Born 74 ;-) i love it 

Author Marcin Gutowski (24 days)
uwielbiam muzyke z tamtych lat a Smokie maja swoj klimat ktorego juz nik
nie powtorzy

Author Elena Mnogolet (4 months)

Author Oz Malo (3 months)

Author STEVE WEST (27 days)
Love this lot great

Author A. Gerdes (28 days)
Keller Parties! :-)

Author visatrox (28 days)
I don't understand those, who dislike this song...

Author Richard Kucharski (29 days)
Smokie :))) Znacie :)))

Smokie - Needles and Pins 1977

Author LazyGigolo (1 month)
Just think that nowadays nobody, really nobody can write classic love songs
in such a simple way...

Author ดวงตา งิ้วสุวรรณ์ (1 month)
เพิ่งจะอยู่ ม.ศ.3เอง

Author Željka Račić (4 months)

Author niculae ciuscoiu (1 month)
get down,bi...

Author 1997Pyrofreak (1 month)
das ist geile musik !! nicht so wie der nachmachkram von heute..
geschrieben von einem 17. jährigem...... oldies sind besser als die heutige

Author mmmaslo63 (1 month)

Author Alexander Dehnert (1 month)
Einer der Besten Songs überhaupt !

Author Edmond Forster (1 month)
Good memories.

Author Валерий Светорус (1 month)
Хит на все времена! Таких больше не делают...

Author Olaf Kamm (1 month)

Author Rajan Maharjan (1 month)
old is gold indeed!!

Author Roland Tóth (1 month)
Smokie - Needles and Pins 1977

Author Oana Popescu (1 month)
Love you ever, Chris Norman ! 

Author STEVE WEST (28 days)
Great band 

Author Eugenio Panduru (1 month)

Author Игорь Воргуль (1 month)
Кельты, это русская песня!!!!!Форева!!!!!

Author Jan Czarnomysy (1 month)
to był przebój 

Author Leny Busayong (2 months)
Love u chris norman...from smokie....

Author Vasil Kontev (1 year)
tne best

Author Алла Долгая (1 year)
Амаретто — тёмно-коричневый ликёр на основе миндаля и/или абрикосовых
ядрышек и пряностей. Чао ! Какао !

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