Smokie - Needles and Pins 1977

Smokie - Needles and Pins 1977

(Originals by Jackie DeShannon/US and The Searchers/UK 1963)

I saw her today,
I saw her face,
It was a face I loved, and I knew,
I had to run away,
And get down on my knees and pray
That they'd go away,
And still they begin,
Needles and pins,
Because of all my pride,
The tears I gotta hide.

Oh, I thought I was smart,
I'd won a heart,
Didn't think I do,
But now you see,
She's worse to him than me,
Let her go ahead,
And take this love instead,
And one day she will see,
Just how to say "please",
And get down on her knees,
That's how they begin,
You'll feel those needles and pins,
Hurtin' her, hurtin' her,

What can't I stop and tell myself
I'm wrong, I'm wrong, so wrong,
What can't I stand up,
and tell myself I'm strong.

Because I saw her today
I saw her face,
It was a face I loved, and I knew,
I had to run away,
And get down on my knees and pray,
That they'd go away,
And still they begin,
Needles and pins,
Because of all my pride,
The tears I gotta hide

Needles and pins,
Needles and pins,
Needles and pins,
Needles and pins

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Author Angela C. M. (1 day)

Author Dörte Wegener (2 months)
Ohne Musik geht hier garnichts !!! Meine Nachbarn freuen sich mit mir....

Author jam2music (1 month)
Smokie ... Needles and Pins 1977

Author Željka Račić (2 months)

Author silvana do rocio azambuja dos santos (3 months)
Perfeito amei bjs.

Author Андрей Малинин (7 hours)
Smokie - Needles and Pins 1977:

Author Weera Kiawpoungngoen (3 months)

Author Virág Csillag (6 days)
(y) NAGYON JÓ!!!

Author сергей никончук (4 months)
Приятного отдыха!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Doug Brown (18 days)
Oh yeah - flashback Saturday!

Author Beata B (5 months)

Author Alicja Wozniak (1 month)
Needles and Pins..........

Author Nela Jaworska (1 month)
Niezapomniany hit!

Author Elena Mnogolet (5 months)

Author Oz Malo (4 months)

Author A. Gerdes (1 month)
Keller Parties! :-)

Author Željka Račić (4 months)

Author niculae ciuscoiu (2 months)
get down,bi...

Author Валерий Светорус (2 months)
Хит на все времена! Таких больше не делают...

Author danail davidov (2 days)

Author Izabella Lisowska (2 days)
Thank you

Author Svetlana Filatova-Igci Luz (14 days)
my fav song of them!!!!

Author sauquoit13456 (6 days)
On this day in 1977 {September 11th} Smokie's covered version of "Needles
and Pins" entered Billboard's Hot Top 100 chart at position #87; and on
October 2nd, 1977 it peaked at #68 {for 1 week} and spent 5 weeks on the
Top 100...
It reached #10 on the United Kingdom's Singles chart...
The British quartet had two other Top 100 records; "If You Think You Know
How To Love Me" {peaked at #96} and "Living Next Door to Alice" {reached
#25 in 1977}...
In 1979 lead singer Chris Norman, in a duet with Suzi Quatro, peaked at #4
on the Hot Top 100 with "Stumblin' In"...

Author Małgorzata Sobczak (3 months)

Author Eberhard Just (13 days)
Smokie - Needles and Pins 1977:

Author Abd Henley (10 days)

Author Omar Lencina (12 days)
Smokie - Needles and Pins 1977 

Author emil mihailov (17 days)
just muzik/

Author Frank Drebin (26 days)
Olyan Chris hangja mint hogyha Rod Stewart ikertestvére lenne. :) Ez még
mindig bitang jó.

Author German Geiker (7 months)

Author Ann Gjelvik (28 days)
Great remake by the Ramones.
We lost the last Ramone this year
God Bless Rock n Roll

Author Geli Kössler (27 days)
schöner Oldie <3

Author leo hupperetz (1 month)
Geweldige oude muziek

Author Francisco Espinoza Castro (1 month)
best cover ever is from the ramones

Author Ute Heier (8 days)
Smokie - Needles and Pins
aus dem Album '' Bright Lights & Back Alleys '' von 1977

Author Begoña Garcia Romo (1 month)
muy amable gracias

Author szilman kowalewski (1 month)
1975-1980 fantastic time young yrs first love, just i cant belive Im now

Author ENRIQUE ORTIZ (1 month)
Smokie - Needles and Pins 1977

Author Vasil Kontev (1 year)
tne best

Author Алла Долгая (1 year)
Амаретто — тёмно-коричневый ликёр на основе миндаля и/или абрикосовых
ядрышек и пряностей. Чао ! Какао !

Author Somprasong Tanasetasup (1 year)
When i was 20 years old....

Author Ewa Brzozowska (1 year)

Author putative3 (11 months)
I never heard a bad track from this band.

Author siamgodmother (1 year)

Author Baud0 (10 months)
my youth, beautiful times and great music to dance and to listen to, OMG

Author Sangeeta Dasappa (1 year)
I feel sorry for you.You look like you'v been through chemotherepy! They
had the hair and you don't ! Your comment sounds envious and sounds

Author MachineDeth (1 year)

Author rauruman (1 year)
1977....the golden time ...

Author chemykl (1 year)
I heard somebody fixed today

Author djleahna23 (1 year)
Amazing smazing! !

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