Odhiambo Tusker: Jopuonj Jomabeyo

Odhiambo Tusker from Osito's stable, one of the best "dengorating" voices in benga

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just the voice itself is enough...was part of Aboy Landlord's group


Author naidamu (9 months)
Mr. Sachdeva (Geog.) & Mrs. Otiato (Math) & Mrs. Kimani (History) all
Pumwani High...much blessings.

Author CRISPUS OTIENO (2 months)
Getting refreshed with zilizopendwa.

Author Christopher Ochieng (1 month)
Nice song with agood msg,but we want video for deaf .

Author Protus Wesonga (2 months)
mwalimu Natsushi Namulungu sec school in his days. God Bless you,. we thank
U for the Good work. & to ALL who Deserve to Called Mwalimu.

Author CRISPUS OTIENO (2 months)
Getting refreshed with zilizopendwa.

Author Akuno Jakamago (6 months)
Imiyo Aparo Buturi Sec School, (1996-1999) kawan gi classmates Juma
William, Nyamiga Stima, (Odira Abange RIP), Marema Maswe, Fidel Ndiege,
Samwel Orwa, Julai James, mary Ong`ila, Seba Ernest gi jo mamoko, sikul ne
mit aduwa, nyuka mathore, Discussion chuadore ma akia pimo.

Author Joseph Ogayo (6 months)
I dedicate this song to my former teachers Mr. Ongoro Peter (Got-Rabuor),
The Late. Dalmas Linus Okatch (Orero Boys)....Dr. Chepkwony
(Chepkoilel)...Prof. Puhrkaryal (UoN)

Author FRANCIS OCHINO (6 months)
this goes to my mum,mrs ochino wayaga school who was ateacher and is amumy
and a half.weldone tusker.

Author george odero (7 months)
Imiyo aparo UNYOLO SCHOOL`S Ogolla Rajula, Mbewa, Rajwayi, Odede
BORO SCHOOL`S Ongoro Ogetta, Adeno, Agik, I
salute you. 

Author Josi Oti (9 months)
I will never forget Mr Colonel BA ONDATTA! Wherever he is for the English
he taught me at Malomba, has always shaped my life in all levels, good work
the national marker!

Author Joseph Oseno (10 months)
This song reminds me of Ben mugaka, Hamisi Odido,John Okinyi Okal all
taught me maths at Tonga sec. school in the period 1982 -1985. Finally
Odira Akumu geography,history teacher in the same school.

appreciate all the teachers who shaped me to better fit into the society
today. . The effort you made to mould my life is indeed priceless. May God
bless you wherever you are.

Author Joseph Olang'o (1 year)
i rem my teachers Mr. Okoth Adipo (Physics), Ooko (Kiswahili), Mrs. Otieno
(Chem), and all others who taught me at Maranda high class of 2005. I miss
u all n fondly remember all of u. Jopuonj jomabeyo moloyo

Author Oketch Aokoh (5 years)
Tusker's beats are too simillar to Osito..he needs to creatively spice up
the beats and get an music identity manyien...... lest he become drab too

Author nanbansure (5 years)
The beats do not matter, what matters most is the message.

Author naidamu (2 years)
Today I remember Mr. Maina (English) and especially my all time fav.
teacher, Mr. Ojiambo (geography) at Jericho primary school. You deserve
much better pay than the selfish MPs.

Author Edward Sila (4 years)
Thanks Odhiambo, whoever did this posting I give credit that was the best
sound to post the music,Jopuonj to joma beyo ndii

Author JOHNLIST Okumu (1 year)
i love this song...oparona jopuonjena mabeyo mawiya ok nyal wilgodo....Mrs
Anastasia Ulawe apate nursery(1996).The late Mr. Benson Ngada(ulawe apate
primary school,,Alego)...Mr. Samuel Otieno(Duha Primary school,,Alego),,,Mr
Olik(Duha primary school),,,,Mr Eli Laban Oluoch(Duha),,,My beloved Dad Mr.
Linnus Okumu Ogutu(ulawe>>currentli at Nyambare Primary School)...Mr
Oluoch,Nicholas,,,,St. Mary's Yala(209)....and all the great teachers out
there,,,i love u all....

Author Nancy Achieng Odhiambo (2 years)
I miss ma teachers Mrs Oracha, Mr Owino, Odongo malenya, Mr Ojuok, Madem
Betty,Mr Nyori, Mr.Oguttu,Mrs Akunja, Mr Otiende and Mr Ongola jopuonj
jomabeyo adiera

Author achieng100 (4 years)
@sackyisac oh ok. I get it coz i know of your said
nyakuaro Kogara

Author peter k'odiell (1 year)
jopuonj jomabeyo.......Mr.Obunga Mark,Mr.Mito,Mr.Ogolla Maurice.Mr. Ambrose
Kawere,Mr.George Ouma On'gon'go, and without forgeting Mr.Paul Mathews
Omondi,Mr.Ogolla Jared and Ms.Perez Omollo-Apuoyo Mixed.

Author Jalambwe (4 years)
G'imisomo em'itimo wuod luo. Tich be tek tee.

Author James Omolo. (2 years)
Amoso bwana GWENO

Author fmumah (4 years)
mae ngolo ma lor mos naidamu inega gi nduma

Author rabet03 (5 years)
Perfect song. Winjie kwaya gi iti! Leeeeer.

Author achieng100 (4 years)
@sackyisac jo masewla gin kaneya as well.....jambo cousin

Author hillary tarus (2 years)
its very good(Agwambo)

Author nanbansure (5 years)
@Aokoh, you are right ,its both beats and message that make a song,but that
matters most to me is the message , I know i,m not a gud dancer lol.

Author okoth odhiambo (1 year)
Maranya my maths teacher Ramba high miss u big time

Author fredrick okoth (1 year)
dedicated to all mwer high school teachers 2003 and students

Author Collince Obullo (1 year)
I rem my chem teacher Mr Rangila,,,,,,,surely jopuonj jomabeyo mokuongo

Author Kisumu_Liberation_Front (4 years)
Mano doko thum yawa! Where have I been?

Author Collince Obullo (1 year)
amorgo i rem mah maths teacher omato.......KENYA POLY.

Author naidamu (5 years)
Odhis comes from Osito's stable invarably he is influenced, lakini si tu
ji-enjoy tu, ama? Truce... p/s Right now he is ruling the radio benga
airwaves with "Cynthia"

Author achieng100 (4 years)
@sackyisac oh ok. An nyakuaro Kogara

Author nanbansure (5 years)
Naidamu erokamano wuod luo, thumni parona japuonj na moro mar kwano
,japuonj Onyango Obondo school mabinju kanyo omiyo tinde antie kama atieni
.thoo jopuonj ujoma beyo owinjo wero.

Author Tom Bwana (3 years)
@naidamu, I agree tht voice is too dengrecious 2 b true. Kama sauti
haijaingia wewe, sauri yako. how many pple on earth look back 2 thank thea
teachers 2day? we only utter insults. Kodos Odhis Taska. n thanx Naidamu 4

Author achieng100 (4 years)
@sackyisac Oh ok. An nyakuaro Kogara kanyo.......and kwa mama Crestina coud
be my stopping point on my way while visiting

Author Consigliare (5 years)
Millie nyar gi Aluso ere? Same Osito Kale Odhiambo Tusker colabo.

Author naidamu (1 year)
Go in peace David Okuta ...thanx for fighting for teachers...

Author Peter Oyoko (1 year)
Mr. Koballah, Mark Otae, Omondi Okado, Madam Benter, Alando, Keziah.....
All my teachers.. I owe you gratitude for the strong foundation you gave me
at Nyamuga School Mbita. Hahaaa, jopuonj jomabeya sana. God bless you all.

Author Odidi Owiti (2 years)
Jopuonj kaka Olando Zedekiah, Okumai. Andiki Juma, Apolo Ayalo , Aradho
K'aWERE e.t.c. True omera jopuonj joma beyo

Author naidamu (3 years)
Kawuono aparo Mr. Ojode & Mr. Buliva [both Maseno]

Author naidamu (5 years)
Ayiego ndi osiepa, jopuonj jomabeyo - parona Mr. Mwaura mane opuonja
kisungu, e primary, achiel gi Mr. Ojiambo manesiemo-na map e geography.

Author VICTOR ONYANGO Omondi (10 months)
I like voice work in praise of walimu, it help appreciate the roles of
teachers in the society. Good work.

Author Achieng' Nyar Dick (1 year)
my father was one of the best teachers I have ever met. Thanks for praising
Teachers coz am also one of them. Teachers are the brightest and the most
intellectual on earth. Thanks Odhis

Author audrey20001 (4 years)
dedicated to my parents lol. ohangla no mituuu kendo owacho adieri kabisa.

Author Oketch Aokoh (5 years)
nanbansure do yu really know what makes a song a song? when you say "beats
dont matter"...akia but then go listen to a sermon(yalo) e kanisa=== it has
no beats message kende...a good thum/wer is one ma has beats and message
creatively mixed and fused togethermy brother== its never one aspect only

Author bezment (5 years)
to kare Cynthiano ipando kure? ket kae before they "beat it up" :) Jopuonj
mang'eny beyo yes but we also have many useless ones. Mr. Ng'ang'a ja
kwano, okuyu ma jaluo, wherever you are, this is for you.

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