Chumlee Goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex

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  • Zillybeans10
    Zillybeans10 13 hours ago

    R.I.P Chum

  • Marco Veneziano
    Marco Veneziano 17 hours ago

    if that's all it takes, put me on the show I'll buy one pair more expensive!

  • No Chill University

    Your total will come out $237

    "Best I can do is $40"

  • ProXim Gaming
    ProXim Gaming 5 days ago

    3:41 employee said oh hell nah

  • Fish _
    Fish _ 5 days ago

    chum went into this legendary shoe store and copped vans... i mean i love vans but frfr?

  • Peter Blaz
    Peter Blaz 6 days ago

    Why does chum lee look like a fat post Malone?

  • Dead Legend
    Dead Legend 6 days ago

    Is chum lee white? Or Asian or what

  • ci6co
    ci6co 6 days ago


  • Smokepurpp 1hunnid
    Smokepurpp 1hunnid 7 days ago

    why this nigga chum lee went from welcome in to nah bruhh get away from me 💀

  • Nin9fy
    Nin9fy 11 days ago

    i thought he said "pawn stars and pornography"

  • George Vasquez
    George Vasquez 11 days ago

    Really I thought he was gunna buy some heat homie straight up bought vans 😂

  • The Palm Tree
    The Palm Tree 13 days ago

    I say chumlee and post malone meet

  • Thelegend27
    Thelegend27 15 days ago

    am i the only who had never wear jordans ?

  • Maiikel
    Maiikel 15 days ago

    No se rick, parece falso :v

  • Peppa Pug
    Peppa Pug 16 days ago

    I thought when he pays and the cashier and they say how much it costs he would of been like humm I'll give you $50

  • Jose serrano
    Jose serrano 16 days ago

    I have no pair of shoes 😢

  • humbug
    humbug 18 days ago

    the 13s are such a nice shoe

  • Carter Smith
    Carter Smith 18 days ago

    Lowkey he kinda looks like post Malone

  • jason
    jason 18 days ago

    "this is just a little too much for me" says chum lee in a rainbow grizzly beanie

  • Sir Smoka Lot
    Sir Smoka Lot 20 days ago

    I buy more shoes than him lol 😂

  • Christian
    Christian 21 day ago

    wtf happened to chum

  • jeongxiao
    jeongxiao 22 days ago

    i've been in that undefeated!! and the korean restaurant next door is really fucking good

  • Ryan Fritts
    Ryan Fritts 23 days ago

    lost a lot of weight!

  • Tumbld
    Tumbld 25 days ago

    i have one pairs of shoe

  • raul sanchez
    raul sanchez 29 days ago

    Chumlee is the lowest amount paid on sneakers while shopping with complex.

  • pushler
    pushler 1 month ago

    Vans sk8?si ni patina la chingadera esa con patas!!

  • messenger music
    messenger music 1 month ago

    bro chum Lee does porn?
    I mean if you have double
    d's you have double d's...good for him!

  • Spencer Tracy
    Spencer Tracy 1 month ago

    who else hates the word " sneaker" lol

  • Andy Thomas
    Andy Thomas 1 month ago

    Chumlee is a GOAT

  • Drippy Drip
    Drippy Drip 1 month ago

    Does anyone know what store I could find some cali sb dunks?

  • Elite Soulfly
    Elite Soulfly 1 month ago

    Two pairs of vans?? FOH!

  • s frozen mind
    s frozen mind 1 month ago

    Does this dude still in jail?

  • Chicken Taco
    Chicken Taco 1 month ago

    looked like the air max bubble was about to pop

  • Mr Zomb2e
    Mr Zomb2e 1 month ago

    I wear my Jordans every day and they're so dirty I can't wash the bottom😂.

  • oVeracity_
    oVeracity_ 1 month ago

    no heat in this cop

  • Nothing but Savage
    Nothing but Savage 2 months ago

    how many times did he say i grew up with these

  • Matt Bradley
    Matt Bradley 2 months ago

    Chumlee rules

    NBCCUBMX 2 months ago

    The star of pornogrophy 😂

  • Sr. Cara De Perro
    Sr. Cara De Perro 2 months ago

    l love you chumlee :3

  • kabelo551
    kabelo551 2 months ago

    qual musica é essa do inicio do video?

  • Isaiah Joshua
    Isaiah Joshua 2 months ago

    What was the 3rd pair of nikes that he grabbed at 4:25 ?

    • c0wn21
      c0wn21 2 months ago

      Air max 1s, couldn't find a colourway name but just google nike air max grey orange and its the first result

    • Isaiah Joshua
      Isaiah Joshua 2 months ago

      What are they called?

  • Eddy Castañeda
    Eddy Castañeda 2 months ago

    i dont now chum its look like fake

  • jakov bekavac
    jakov bekavac 2 months ago

    i agree on the jordans theory with chumlee

  • Carson Davis
    Carson Davis 2 months ago

    Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved!!!

  • Ethan Mccallion
    Ethan Mccallion 3 months ago

    "Pornstars and Pornography"

  • Kaden Johnson
    Kaden Johnson 3 months ago

    He said Porn I look up crumpled and it said pawn stars

  • Ap 337
    Ap 337 3 months ago

    3:42 dude turned the other way

  • Javi Habi
    Javi Habi 3 months ago


  • Kisano Ruben
    Kisano Ruben 3 months ago

    I thought he said pornography I went straight to Google to search that shit up haha

  • 33 savage brother
    33 savage brother 3 months ago

    remember when chum lee burnt the guy jordan 5's lol

  • jordan alvarez
    jordan alvarez 3 months ago

    he got robbed those vans are worth 75 each

  • Galo Arizaga
    Galo Arizaga 3 months ago

    mabye I've been sleep on Vans after all

  • Peter Parker
    Peter Parker 3 months ago

    The shoes look like they're suffocating on his feet

  • Trevor Flake
    Trevor Flake 3 months ago

    I low key thought he said pornography

  • Indivisibility G
    Indivisibility G 3 months ago

    did this nigga just pay the bill with an EBT card?

  • Lyles 356
    Lyles 356 3 months ago

    Wasn't this guy on iCarly once??🤔

  • Dreamed Axis
    Dreamed Axis 3 months ago

    cheap ass nigga

  • Nathaniel wowchuk
    Nathaniel wowchuk 3 months ago

    sounds like chum skips leg day in then slides

    RIC FLAIR 3 months ago

    He always wearing black

  • Midnight Train To Mars

    Chum knows best. Bitch.

  • Alienvolt 77
    Alienvolt 77 3 months ago

    i go to a shoe store today
    store guy:"so which you copin bruh"
    me: ... whats coppin? imma buy these

    YOUNG KING_1_BISH 3 months ago


  • My name's Brosky
    My name's Brosky 3 months ago

    I kept thinking he was saying pornographers in a weird way?

  • Freddy Pimentel
    Freddy Pimentel 3 months ago

    chumlee seems kool as fuck to Kik it with 💯

  • Mauro Anaya
    Mauro Anaya 3 months ago

    What is the brand of than jeans or pants?

    cual es la marca de sus pantalones?

  • Don Culero
    Don Culero 3 months ago

    no lo se rick parece falso :v

  • elbeatiful
    elbeatiful 4 months ago

    I'm obese and I'm lazy, but I need sneakers. Sometimes I go running erroneously after smoking methamphetamine.

  • elbeatiful
    elbeatiful 4 months ago

    En realidad viene a comprar metanfetamina. Vamos a ir a la habitación de atrás?

  • Dylan Melby
    Dylan Melby 4 months ago

    "Jordan number 5s" ???????

    • I watch That Brownie
      I watch That Brownie 2 months ago

      Dylan Melby nah you called them number 5s cos u didn't know what they were nigga

    • Dylan Melby
      Dylan Melby 2 months ago

      First name Last name damn dawg you really tossed the right to me, I questioned because no one calls them "number 5s"

    • I watch That Brownie
      I watch That Brownie 3 months ago

      Dylan Melby take this L nigga you didn't even know what they were a nigga was trynna help you out but since you wanna be a bitch and act like you know fuck you nigga

    • Dylan Melby
      Dylan Melby 3 months ago

      First name Last name well no shit dude

    • I watch That Brownie
      I watch That Brownie 4 months ago

      Dylan Melby retro 5s

  • Moises Villarreal
    Moises Villarreal 4 months ago

    this guy ain't got no style lol

  • Tony The Tiger
    Tony The Tiger 4 months ago

    He don't like high tops cause they don't fit his kankles

  • Elijah Espinosa
    Elijah Espinosa 4 months ago

    Those tan vans were fire, what are they called

  • Antonio Rincón
    Antonio Rincón 4 months ago

    Es raro no oir a chumlee hablar como retrasado mental.

  • Black TmarTn
    Black TmarTn 4 months ago

    Chumlee went from "hello, welcome to the pawnshop" to "I'll bring your bitch back by 1"

  • deez nuts nigga
    deez nuts nigga 4 months ago

    fat boy got swag

    • deez nuts nigga
      deez nuts nigga 2 months ago

      _ NoslenGaming _ put some common sense in that fat nigga head and what that nigga Kitramy said

    • deez nuts nigga
      deez nuts nigga 2 months ago

      kitramsey5150 lol 😂👏 well said

    • kitramsey5150
      kitramsey5150 2 months ago

      _ NoslenGaming _ tell your brother to hit the gym and stop eating like a pig. My best friend was the fat kid for 18 years, that was ten years ago and now he is shredded af. He got off his ass and made a change

    • _ _
      _ _ 3 months ago

      I get that the joke wasn't for all people but calm down it's the internet people say things and people everywhere cut themselves for different reasons you don't have to go and make yourself feel high and mighty by telling people you beat people up for your brother which is a good thing in your scenario but you sound so pretentious like it's a good thing your little brother get's picked on bro I mean instead of fighting someone for it just help your brother get some common sense there are tons of people that cut themselves and it's a bad thing so instead of spending your time on here defending fucking chum lee go and help your little brother.

    • _ NoslenGaming _
      _ NoslenGaming _ 3 months ago

      deez nuts nigga my brother cuts himself for being made fun of being fat and I beat the shit out of anyone who talk shit obviously I can't to you but stfu wit fat boy nigga he's a regular human being with a name if you can't read

  • La Misma
    La Misma 4 months ago

    quiero porfabor otro video

  • Lucio T.
    Lucio T. 4 months ago

    zapatos de MARICAS

  • Sobreviviendo en E.E.U.U 3msc

    I love @CHUMLEE

  • kestyr
    kestyr 4 months ago

    All these fat celebs be working out ... sure

  • Alex the awsome
    Alex the awsome 5 months ago

    I like the 13's

  • Justeen beebs
    Justeen beebs 5 months ago

    5:25 i was like he got two shows? Porn stars and pornography? so i went online to search Chumlee's pornography

  • Alex Culbreth
    Alex Culbreth 5 months ago

    can soemone link me to the agate grey vans, i can't find them anywhere

  • Tito Xen
    Tito Xen 5 months ago

    wtf 2 pairs of vans 247 dollars?

  • Patrick Glinn
    Patrick Glinn 5 months ago

    Love me some vans

  • David Bell
    David Bell 5 months ago

    fat and usless and now thinner but still a fat hopless dork

  • Tristen Zearley
    Tristen Zearley 5 months ago

    That's the kid who raped and drugged children

    JUSES CHIRST 5 months ago

    the guy is such a douche

  • robdicklong
    robdicklong 5 months ago

    $500 shoes that cost 4 american dollars to produce
    By some chinese kid who works 12 hours in a sweatshop.

  • Sanchit Dhingra
    Sanchit Dhingra 6 months ago

    I'm Rick Harrison and this is my pawn shop

    • Keiran Creevy
      Keiran Creevy 4 months ago

      Sanchit Dhingra No, I'm Rick Harrison and it's my pawn shop.

  • Cool Dog
    Cool Dog 6 months ago

    Surprised he didn't calk a buddy to see how much they were worth.

    • Deadmau5-117
      Deadmau5-117 5 months ago

      Cool Dog bruh 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Eribert Jean-Pierre
    Eribert Jean-Pierre 6 months ago

    Like interviewing yourself!

  • Michel Trap
    Michel Trap 6 months ago

    What is the name of the intro song

  • Overhead Valve
    Overhead Valve 6 months ago

    He's still white, Las Vegas is prolly like California liberal, not surprised he buying the Vans.

    He didn't buy the air max that's too bad.

  • Jefrey Meza
    Jefrey Meza 6 months ago

    Who else was dying watching chumlee fit his fat ass foot in the shoe 😂😂

  • Your Homie
    Your Homie 6 months ago

    What are those at 1:51? The ones in the center

  • Kerotech Pls
    Kerotech Pls 6 months ago


  • The Bamboo King
    The Bamboo King 6 months ago


  • hellzombie12
    hellzombie12 6 months ago

    Why does it say "The Game goes Sneaker Shopping"

  • Fst Bzzy 360
    Fst Bzzy 360 6 months ago

    this says sneaker shopping with The Game at flight club, this is chum at undefeated

  • King Savage 100 Diamond

    This is not the game

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