How It's Made - Aquarium Fish

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  • MarbleNoir
    MarbleNoir 4 hours ago

    And this is why I don't like goldfish

  • R5E
    R5E 6 hours ago

    I ordered cherry barbs a week ago. Came in a yellow liquid and had insulation. Was pretty cool

  • Abigail McGuiggan
    Abigail McGuiggan 11 hours ago

    Wen they said carp all I could think about is magic carp from Pokémon XD

  • Sans Not gonna say
    Sans Not gonna say 11 hours ago


  • Daffa S
    Daffa S 23 hours ago

    i have tons of koi before and is huge koi but now i just have medium and just a few left because my father sell it because is to much

  • Nishikant Goshwal

    Thanks to all who ever has given this great ideas i am very obliged to them thanks once again

  • Vinus Angel
    Vinus Angel 1 day ago

    My heart... :(

  • That Dude
    That Dude 1 day ago

    sexually challenged colored man

  • Shane Archer
    Shane Archer 1 day ago

    What kind of Creature would forcefully squeeze a fish just to get its eggs? Oh I know Humans.
    Watching this disgust me

  • AshMaria
    AshMaria 2 days ago

    For the people that are concerned think about if goldfish where in the wild. They are an invasive species so the eco system would be utter shit plus this fish have been press to be pets for thousands of years so throwing them in the wild would be a horrible idea. Not to mention that they are being fed and taken care of. That seems like a better deal then having to compete for food with millions of other goldfish and also have worry about being eaten

  • GabDoesDaDab
    GabDoesDaDab 2 days ago

    I hope the fish don't have PTSD after this

  • redragonXD_159
    redragonXD_159 2 days ago

    cool! can i get mi new pet?

  • veganise me
    veganise me 2 days ago


  • Starmation Productions

    Rename the video: how to traumatize fish

  • MaizeRage19x
    MaizeRage19x 2 days ago

    When a mommy fish and a daddy fish love each other very much.......

  • XCM420
    XCM420 2 days ago

    A glass bowl with water in NOT magic

  • Everyday Deputy
    Everyday Deputy 2 days ago

    Now I know why my fish looks at me like that

  • DoMeStIc MaNiAc
    DoMeStIc MaNiAc 2 days ago

    This is racism

  • Sumthinsfishie Aquatics

    Poor fish. I feel horrible for them. Too rough with them. SMH.

  • real mvp meme [Wolfos]

    so,,,,, they give them fish weed???

  • Justin Peters
    Justin Peters 4 days ago

    they FUCKING toss them in and out that's why they die so dam quick

  • Zykia Williams
    Zykia Williams 5 days ago

    fish just to through so much 😢😢😢

  • Rian James Licup
    Rian James Licup 6 days ago

    I'm sorry how can you make fish? 😐

  • Newfie Bullet
    Newfie Bullet 6 days ago

    Man they just throw them around and force them to mate all just for money

  • EpicTyrant
    EpicTyrant 6 days ago

    how do you craft fish

  • gennaro gerrard
    gennaro gerrard 7 days ago

    uhm, fish can't be made

  • d.s equarium
    d.s equarium 7 days ago

    go my channel it d.s equarium

  • Jay
    Jay 7 days ago

    they're handling them like they're toys, they're fucking alive breathing creatures

  • Jay
    Jay 7 days ago

    why do they just throw the fish like that.. ugh

  • NikiHD1232 gamer
    NikiHD1232 gamer 8 days ago

    1:02 thats fucked up

  • Magen Rhyne
    Magen Rhyne 8 days ago

    1.30 does anybody noticed there's a fish with 2 tails

  • Rylee Pond
    Rylee Pond 8 days ago

    you can't just fuckin told fish like that. Or throw them like that, that's rude

  • Bobby Heap
    Bobby Heap 9 days ago

    What is that grey fish in the the tank on the right at 5:02?

  • Foxxy MewMew
    Foxxy MewMew 9 days ago

    I just hate how that young lady just throws them into the bucket like that

  • Hillariat 21
    Hillariat 21 9 days ago

    i love how they just man handle those fish

  • Noah the Slender Boa

    I only came for a fish porno

  • PeppermintThinker
    PeppermintThinker 10 days ago

    This seems mean

  • Jason Torres
    Jason Torres 10 days ago

    they have sex then make babies

  • All about me
    All about me 10 days ago

    I want to go to the police with this
    This is animal abuse

  • TheOriginDuo MegaXD
    TheOriginDuo MegaXD 11 days ago

    that seems like a very stressful start in life for a fishy....

  • TW0 B1T
    TW0 B1T 11 days ago

    this is horrible

    • TW0 B1T
      TW0 B1T 11 days ago

      its blows my mind people actually do this to animals

  • Amanda Fredette
    Amanda Fredette 11 days ago

    Aquarium Fish are made! *GASP*

  • _M A_
    _M A_ 11 days ago

    That green solution is probably cocaine or marijuana lol

  • Kinro
    Kinro 11 days ago

    personally i think the way they handle those fish is abuse and it's disgusting

  • Lone Barren
    Lone Barren 12 days ago

    Can't imagine most fish are treated like this, There are soo much tropical aquarium fish that are just too delicate for this type of handling. Which is why gold fish cost like a dollar and some tropical fish can be anywhere up to 200 or above (most around 10)

  • r d
    r d 12 days ago

    what happened to the koy at Olympia Washington's Japanese garden

  • Leah OBroin
    Leah OBroin 12 days ago

    "A batch of fish" why are they treating the fish like cookies I mean god damn that woman was pure THROWING the fish into different sections

  • Demon Knight Dean
    Demon Knight Dean 12 days ago

    The comments is flooded with people whining. Got a news flash for you SJW's out there, fish aren't sentient, so why a give a shit? Oh, and they don't have nociceptors either, so they don't feel pain. They're fucking fish.

  • Leshelou112
    Leshelou112 13 days ago

    I feel worse for the workers who are probs getting next to nothing tbh

  • mary 09
    mary 09 13 days ago

    I feel bad for the fish

  • Arcticwolflover
    Arcticwolflover 13 days ago

    Squeezing fish is wrong

  • Melanie Linan
    Melanie Linan 13 days ago


  • Anya Aponte
    Anya Aponte 13 days ago

    Everyone on this comment section is acting so triggered but I bet they have kept fish before in one of those 1 gal fishbowls without a filter or heater.

  • Lily Gao
    Lily Gao 13 days ago

    People are screaming and cursing about how fish are just fish, and that they have no feelings and other nonsense. That IS NOT TRUE. They are living things that DO have feelings, and DO feel traumatized by certain things. So please be quiet about it, trying not to be rude.

  • Yusuf Yusuf
    Yusuf Yusuf 13 days ago

    اريد سمك

  • princesscandy1998
    princesscandy1998 13 days ago

    How do those fishes even make it to the pet store alive ohmygod

  • Little Fish
    Little Fish 14 days ago

    This is horrible. I know they are just trying to show what happens but show some respect!

  • Coh Zahari
    Coh Zahari 14 days ago

    For the love of god. those poor fish

  • Pie 4 Life
    Pie 4 Life 14 days ago

    Thought I was gonna see some goldfish porno

  • 璃々てとー さん lily teto-san

    is this cruel?

  • Lila Reece
    Lila Reece 15 days ago

    my fish came from being picked up by a spoon

  • Stéph
    Stéph 15 days ago

    The way she threw the fishes in the baskets. 😳 gentle lady wtf

  • Dwayne Johnson
    Dwayne Johnson 15 days ago

    Warning: Pussies crying about fish in the comments.

  • M time
    M time 15 days ago


  • BF3 forever Greene
    BF3 forever Greene 15 days ago

    Hi fishis:)

  • Weird Punk Chick
    Weird Punk Chick 15 days ago

    and,that's why, they die within the time you get them, folks. even with medication, yep.

  • 123junerey
    123junerey 16 days ago

    They just throw them what the heck.

  • Abby Beatson
    Abby Beatson 16 days ago

    This woman just tossing fish around like she don't even care

  • Leo Rael
    Leo Rael 16 days ago

    I feel bad for them. How would you feel if when having your gender checked a giant squeezes your babies out of your vagina, "just to be sure".

    TUMEIEIGAMER 16 days ago


  • Hasan Jamil
    Hasan Jamil 17 days ago

    what a low life lady .. now i know why my oscars are so afraid of human hand :'(

  • Caiden Wichert
    Caiden Wichert 17 days ago

    how it's made gold fish not aquarium fish most fish aren't treated like this

  • 3 Kawis
    3 Kawis 17 days ago

    fucking chinese mfs

  • Aquarium Diary
    Aquarium Diary 17 days ago

    "Like all fish, Golfish start life as eggs."
    Umm - nope. Some fish birth live young (such as guppies).

  • Lucy Qiu
    Lucy Qiu 17 days ago

    This is actually a really cool job lol

  • ThePetCrazy
    ThePetCrazy 17 days ago

    Not all fish are born from eggs, take guppies for example, they develop inside the mother's belly and come out already swimming around and doing fish things, if you do a video on how aquarium fish are made, you should also do a video on how to search for information before releasing a video.

  • Hopeton Fisher
    Hopeton Fisher 18 days ago

    where im from we have a green medication that reduce stress as well its called Marijuana

  • ok lol
    ok lol 18 days ago

    i won two gold fish at my sadies dance last year. one in massive now about ten inches, the other one is about half the size but it turned black about 6 months ago but it's still alive. we've bought five other goldfish and another friend gave me his fish he won at sadies. they live in a huge tank and are fed twice daily. they live a great life now even if this is something they did go through

  • AFROJOE2323
    AFROJOE2323 19 days ago

    green anti stress liquid or not-
    It would be so stressful to be these fish.

  • Play with Junk
    Play with Junk 19 days ago

    How sensible they treat them...

  • Spud Bae
    Spud Bae 20 days ago

    The people who transfer the fish throw them. Show fish respect!

  • LilGamez21
    LilGamez21 20 days ago

    2million a year?!?! Dear God in heaven.

  • PozPoz
    PozPoz 20 days ago

    Goldfish need a minimum of 15 gallons and an extra 10 gallons for every other one you add. They grow up to be a foot long and can live to be 20. Yeah. Just because the one you had as a kid died in a week, doesn’t mean that’s how long they live. Remember they are animals just like a dog or a cat and need to be cared for in the proper way.🐟

  • Marceline Cupcakebrain

    I can't believe they just handle the fish like objects. the thought of my fish thrown around like that as babies is kinda sad.

  • trixsta54
    trixsta54 21 day ago

    Now it makes sense why there are so many dead fish in the pet shops after watching this video.

  • NieMonD
    NieMonD 21 day ago

    You could simply pick them up, put them in a Container and put them in an aquarium all within a Mile

    (That is if the aquarium is near the ocean)

  • Jenny exe
    Jenny exe 21 day ago

    I'm surprised they aren't all dead. That treatment is so traumatic and stressful

  • Deadmoose
    Deadmoose 21 day ago

    Is that animal abuse

  • Dan's Monster Tankz

    'How it's made - Aquarium fish'

    Well... when 2 fishes love each other very much... 😂

  • FluffyPuffyFox :3
    FluffyPuffyFox :3 21 day ago

    i saw fish sex

    or fish rape idk

  • Emma Carlin
    Emma Carlin 22 days ago

    This is so cruel 😭

  • Quan Harris
    Quan Harris 22 days ago

    people really complaing about goldfish lol.

  • Scarlet Gherbaz
    Scarlet Gherbaz 22 days ago

    *throws fish*
    " next, the workers gently move them from tank to tank"

  • Vindoodles
    Vindoodles 22 days ago

    For anybody who says "They'd be better off in the wild", there are no Goldfish in the wild. The way they look now is completely man-made and unless someone's dropped their tank into a lake, you can't find them anywhere like this. Moreover, when they ARE found in the wild, they're an invasive species that destroys habitats and starves out the native plant and animal life, costing millions each year in removal efforts.

  • Super Spyro7956
    Super Spyro7956 22 days ago

    at first I was like: thumbnail shows what looks like to be fish in a bowl I wonder what it is.

    not I'm like: excuse me you can make fish

  • Levente Molnár
    Levente Molnár 23 days ago

    "This facility can..."
    Talks about a fucking green plastic bucket.

  • Gaming with Silverstar

    Wow and they throw the fish??? Poor fish

  • Gaming with Silverstar

    Poor fish I feel sorry for them :(

  • Rhi Rhi Is Here
    Rhi Rhi Is Here 23 days ago

    this is crule

  • sweetheartdana2000
    sweetheartdana2000 24 days ago

    how terrible. they have no space, are constantly trapped and handled like food or objects...

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