Brunswick GS-Series Pinsetter Training - Program 1 (2/2)

Brunswick GS-Series Pinsetter Training - Program 1 - Mechanical Subassemblies and Pinsetter Cycles (47-902729-000)

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Author Monica Zangara ( ago)
is called "rake"

Author HebaruSan ( ago)
Hmm, no specialized cycle for a zero score frame? You could cut out the
sweep entirely and just use the same set again if there are ten standing
after the second ball. Wouldn't that lead to more revenue?

Author Brunswick Bowler ( ago)
It is the same thing as AMF

Author Accumulator1 ( ago)
Another you tube video where the audio sucks! Volume too low.

Author ralayragaming ( ago)
Sorry gs-series not gsx-series

Author ralayragaming ( ago)
They came out with a nother one that is only a few months younger then the
gsx series witch is the brunswick gs-x

Author Nathan arreguin ( ago)

Author Accumulator1 ( ago)
Excellent video. Although is skips over some important details, one can see
and learn specifically the pinsetter table and sweep functions. Now show me
a detailed video on pin cycling and ball return.

Author colby wade ( ago)
This is a older model GSX, Alot has change.

Author colby wade ( ago)
If the Gsx is a POS maybe get your kid to help you work on it.

Author chrislambert10000 ( ago)
Right i must say half of that was pointless, why have that sollinoid to
release the sweep. And why have gears to close the fingers (sorry forgot
the brunswick term "tongues" ) also on the strike cycle why does the table
come down to "detect" any standing pins. Why not just do what amf
"pinspotters" do sweep away the dead wood and "SPOT" a new set. God
brunswick is crap.

Author janchapman1969a ( ago)
they did that because it is more reliable that a scanner or camera for
scoring purpouses

Author janchapman1969a ( ago)
sure, you can get any machine with manual scoring. when I was in Muskegon
MI. for A-2 pinsetter school, Brunswick Lanes, was the test center for the
GS-10 pinsetters (now GS-X) had paper scoring for several years until
BowlerVision scoring was released. so it can be used for manual scoring.

Author MrHunsler ( ago)
AMF-the best! Brunswick-sludge!

Author slyflight ( ago)
I'll take a classic A2 over this complicated POS any day!

Author PahangDragonbird ( ago)
that's stupid that the machine has to come down on the second cycle...

Author heavyq ( ago)
@JklStudiosAwesome lol I know. The GS-series machines work pretty identical
to how the newer AMFs do. Was just being sarcastic is all :P

Author JklStudiosAwesome ( ago)
@heavyq they didn't AMF made them.

Author BIGGREENLEAF1 ( ago)
@janchapman1969a It's the old Schmidt pinsetting machine with a bunch of
Brunswick electronics and add ons and enter the Brunswick GS
pinsetters.....Some of which are pretty stupid....

Author Bubbled86 ( ago)
where's program number 2 for this?

Author janchapman1969a ( ago)
Actually whoever designed the original GS-10 pinsetter it was built
combining several pinsetters, distributor, pit/ball door, and table of an
AMF, ball excelerator and pin distribution of a brunswick A-2, elevator of
a candlepin machine, and chain driven system of a sherman duckpin machine.
It seems he took the best parts of multiple machines and combined them to
make the GS-10, which later became the GS-X

Author janchapman1969a ( ago)
When the GS-10 pinsetter (5 models before the GS-X it was programable for
manual scoring, therefore it would not do a second-ball detect, it would
only do a sweep on second ball, this also could be used for the old-time
Brunswick AS-80 automatic scoring. then in 1988, Brunswick came out with
BowlerVision scoring which used the double detect, and now all
Brunswick/GS- series scoring uses double detect

Author Peter Shen ( ago)
9:23 please insert VHS casette now.. or... type in the youtube URL for the
next video. HA

Author Ignacio Rojas ( ago)
very interesting.

Author Tim S ( ago)
I can see a Canadian 5-Pin version of this setter. It looks so simple and
easy! The elevator looks the same as the Double-D's

Author heavyq ( ago)
Wait when did Brunswick start making the 82-90XLs? Oh wait...

Author ajawam ( ago)
auto out of range to call the pinchaser - cool, except if your a pinchaser.
auto foul is cool... still think it looks like an old rubber band duckpin
setter (Bowlmor), chains, multiple motors, etc...

Author inspirebowl ( ago)
do you have the rest? :P

Author legomax190 ( ago)

Author dp92492 ( ago)
do you have anything like this for the 2's?

Author Tim S ( ago)
So, could you get gs-x machines with manual scoring? or is everything
digital nowadays. lol

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