MLK Blvd Slabs 2012

You Aint Shitt

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MLK Blvd Slabs 2012
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You Aint Shitt
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red line, drank blvd, green line, blue line, gold line, slab, g10s, g8s, texan wire wheels, block party, mcgregor park


Author rayzelito (2 years)
Man I miss texas, im jus gone bring this shit down to atlanta where I stay
now, these atlanta niggaz dnt knw shit bout this

Author TOLBOSS (3 years)
@Bosknote74gd Dunno fam ive heard the same thing... they say the wheel was
not made to be balanced because its to much weight on the outside pokin out not getting mine until summer but you can try talkin to sumone who
has them for more info on how they balanced they swangs....(Screwed Up
Click 4)

Author belmarkking2009 (2 years)
my nigga bud had dat hoe hollerin

Author joe chambers (2 years)
all them youngetsr going to fast the oldschool niggas just cruising

Author Leonard McFarland (3 years)
check my upload

Author James Price (1 year)
So that's what y'all do down there nd Texas, man that shit ugly azz fuck.
Never seen dumb shit like that nd my life.

Author Mandingo281 (3 years)
look all them broke nikkaz with no swangers trynna act hard in the lane
smdh !!

Author Leonard McFarland (3 years)
austin tx can balance gorillas only anything else wont fit on machine check
my page to see them being balanced leave me a message if you want them done
most are wooped out the box so good luck wont know till u get them on the
machine they dont check these wheels when they make them on tires .

Author DSNCB919 (3 years)
damn swangs go hard on cts wagons cant wait for that xts to drop

Author RICKEY PHIPPS (2 years)
you cool

Author terrel mack (3 years)
austin tx if they gorillas nothing longer ill post video soon but some come
wooped out the box thats why they cant be balanced it hard to make a wire
wheel perfect i had this problem one of my brand new out the box 17inch was
wooped cant tell till u put them on machine to balance them 80 mph no shake
all balance to 0.00

Author Keith Thomas (3 years)
what size swangas was on that grand prix?

Author barrebabyy5 (3 years)
smh rod on dem niggaz ass

Author king stalen (2 years)
you what kinda car and model was that cady red one at 1:17, a buick? what

Author TOLBOSS (3 years)
@85keith 15inch Rillas ...(Screwed Up Click 4)

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