Kinley Rice from Toddlers & Tiaras

This little girl is adorable and I just had to make her a video!! :) Clips belong to Kinley's family and TLC's Toddlers & Tiaras. Song: Pokerface by Lady Gaga

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Author Jake Peterson ( ago)
i know kinley she is in plays with me in ocala we r bffs

Author Sarah Fitzpatrick ( ago)
she is lyk the cutest child ever :D x

Author ilovekinleyrice ( ago)
She is a sweet girl- not a brat! I love Kinley and dedicated my channel to

Author Tat2828 ( ago)
She is a gorgeous child. It's so refreshing to see a child who really loves
the pageants. Her scooby doo routine was really original and she looked
great! Go Kinley, the world is your oyster!

Author justice15kids ( ago)
she has a lot of personality for such a tiny person. *too cute*

Author lilshiani ( ago)
on 1:37, she so cute

Author RandomGurly376 ( ago)
good job! :)) she is soooo ooooo cutee! :))

Author lilshiani ( ago)
she so adorable!!!

Author Peachtreekcnc702 ( ago)
Ummm because I put music to all my videos besides, the clips are at random
so if it just had them talking it wouldn't make any sense at all what they
were talking about.....If you want just watch the full episode!!

Author lilshiani ( ago)
why'd u put the music on their. i wanna hear her talk

Author MommyFrazzled ( ago)
I saw this episode and she was just the cutest thing! I loved it that it
was apparent SHE wanted to pageants and was not her mothers dream. She
definitely has that born with it aura and I can see her doing modeling,
acting or something. Very Well Done to her parents!

Author lilshiani ( ago)
so cute!!1

Author lilshiani ( ago)
So cute!

Author lilshiani ( ago)
She so ADORABLE!!!!!

Author Moriah48 ( ago)
very cute.

Author MelodiaSeira ( ago)
Parents spend more money getting ready for the pageant than the money they

Author Peachtreekcnc702 ( ago)
Thanks so much!!! I'm sooo glad you guys like it!!! :)

Author Peachtreekcnc702 ( ago)
Thanks!!!! :) Kinley is truly a little angel, I'm glad that TLC didn't try
to make her seem bad... Even if they tried they probably couldn't because
she is so sweet!!! I wish her good luck at all her upcoming pageants :)

Author alexnichole024 ( ago)
She is the first little girl from T&T or Little Miss Perfect that genuinely
seems to do it not for the money or because their parents want them too.
This is why she doesn't whine and cry like the others. Love her!

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