Wing Chun Basic Techniques part 1

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Author takeitindballs ( ago)
This is torture. I can't stand it. It's so mediocre, the whole fantasy
land creation. No wonder you don't see it work in any real fights. For
starters, quit the crooked and awkward stance. Stand up straight. Stop
fantasizing that your short arms are going to hit anything, especially when
they're bent into a center line. This style is clearly for girls trying to
repel a rapist or something. It might help, and more so if you also
scream. Practice it every day and soon you'll defeat the wooden dummy you
used to practice it with.

Author SACTICAL BAG ( ago)
Fuck it , wing chun doesn't allow wide, drunken punches , so what good does
it do #.

Author sercan ince ( ago)
ALLAH nezdinde hak dini islamdır !!!:..

Author Véro Dion ( ago)
J'adore ‼️❤️

Author nimbylive ( ago)
Based upon the music this was filmed in the late 70's. 77 or 7sexy.

Author TheDiamondCrafterz Gameplayz ( ago)
OI.Wing Chun is great then do Jeet Kung Do next then u will be like Bruce
Lee muay thai is noob ip man even defeated a boxer also
muay thai is useless try searching Wong Leung Shun and u will see beimo
losses even in Ip Man 3

Author TheDiamondCrafterz Gameplayz ( ago)
OI.Wing Chun is great then do Jeet Kung Do next then u will be like Bruce
Lee muay thai is noob ip man even defeated a boxer also
muay thai is useless try searching Wong Leung Shun and u will see beimo
losses even in Ip Man 3

Author TheDiamondCrafterz Gameplayz ( ago)
5 legends of Wing Chun Ip Man,Wong Shun Leung,Ip Chun,Ip Ching and then
Bruce Lee i am 9999999 steps closer to them i must keep learning also IP

Author Henry Young ( ago)
The demonstrater here is Wong Shun Leung who is the director Wing Chun
teacher of Bruce Lee.

Author Caleb Hu ( ago)
If you've watched Ip Man, the instructor is actually Ip Man's first student
from Ip Man 2, Wong Leung.
Wong Leung and Ip Man were also both teachers of Bruce Lee.

Author Ritchie Xu ( ago)
I have to get a jacket like that. It makes cool sounds when you punch!

Author ธรรพ์ณธร ปิตาทะสา ( ago)
07:27 one inch punch!

Author Zahra Liang (1182 years ago)
Who can teach me Wing Chun for free! I am so wanna learn it! XD

Author Dj jom2x ( ago)
ip man brought me here

Author mark lester ( ago)
of all the wingchun tutorials in youtube...this is the best in my opinion

Author aierce ( ago)
the strikes seems fast but weak, i think this martial art syle is perfect
if paired with daggers or knives

Author Ryan Whittaker ( ago)
This set of videos is the best I have found on wing chun principles so far.

Author Febrinaldi - ( ago)
my left ear can't learn wing chun

Author GamerDanyel ( ago)
fuck the center line. get hit to the right(liver + broken ribs) = done

Author sengkean85 ( ago)
I came here because of SIFU WONG SHUN LEONG

Author John Menyhard ( ago)
Love this thank you sir

Author Jack Goff ( ago)
Wing chun IS effcpective in real life or death self defense, but not in
combat sports, because it is for defense, not offense

Author bojun breaks ( ago)
ip man inspired me, great

Author Sam Chapelle ( ago)
What a joke

Author nik hakimi ( ago)
My right ear enjoy this technique

Author Rafael Dasigni ( ago)
I came here because of Dragon Ball Z The Revival Of Freiza cause I saw Whis
training Goku and Vegita eheheheh so I'd Like to learn how does Whis do.

Author Shaun Pinto ( ago)
i am 8 years and i love kung fu until a very long time this video is a very
nice learning thing for me

Author Jeovane Leite Paredes ( ago)
wing chun tem ótimas técnicas de contra-ataque, misturem kung fu com wing
chun e fica top igual o Bruce Lee fez

Author Jeovane Leite Paredes ( ago)
wong chun tem ótimas técnicas de defesa

Author thesledgepro64 ( ago)
7:47 That looks like Kip from Napoleon Dynamite on the left

Author Tuan Tran ( ago)
Great video. As old as it is, it still delivers the information better
than most of the modern videos of today. Thanks for sharing.

Author Richard Brighton ( ago)
this a very good video ...

Author SquaredbyX ( ago)
I came here because of the music

Author Joshua Renzo ( ago)
real HERO real LEGEND real MAN

he is IP MAN

Author Junior Rodrigues ( ago)
Olá. Meu nome é Sebastião, eu gostaria muito de aprender e aperfeiçoar
técnicas de wing chun podem me ajudar?

Author Anthony Porter ( ago)

Author Austin Goh Wing Chun - Philosophy & Training ( ago)
It ok 

Author Mustafa Yıldız ( ago)
hi guys, someone make english subtitles because i dont understand english

Author Tmathh ( ago)

Author 65drummer1 ( ago)
Is this the same Master Wong who teaches on Master Wong TV?

Author iwannamynickagain ( ago)
1:05 - 1:25 You don't have to know any fighting technique to beat this
white t-shirt guy. Just brutal force and he will broke like a stick. lol

Author Mahmoud Noumane ( ago)
Check out this video on YouTube:

Author Jax Wilson ( ago)
thumbs up if you came here cause of ip man

Author SWAFFIZULU ( ago)
I have always been interested in Wing Chun, I took up boxing recently and
noticed how a lot of the core ideas in both Boxing and Wing Chun are
similar. Im going to study Wing Chun to incorporate it in my boxing style
to help with speed, deflection, coordination, accuracy and also for its
economical use of energy and body mechanics as well as its ability to
generate a lot of power in close quarters. I think in certain circumstances
in the sport of boxing it can be a very useful tool to have especially when
you get your opponent on the ropes or in the corner and creating very quick
counters. I think a good mix of both can be very effective in scoring,
creating opportunities and punishing an opponent with quick shots that will
be hard to see coming. 

Author Aqw TPT ( ago)
other mma disrespect this style, its too over powered

Author Caleb Lewis ( ago)
This is awesome. How old is this?

Author mylovelyman2 ( ago)
I have studied choy li fut and some wing chun. Although it is dated the
content is accurate and useful in it's detail. It more than outlines
fundamental concepts.

Author Marvin Belk ( ago)
its not here to teach mastery.. its here to show basic moves... i bet, with
confidence, these basic moves will help you in an everyday brawl with basic
hoodlums, as long as u remain confident and focused... like a transformer
fresh off of the assembly line... if u can relate..

Author Isaac Wallace ( ago)
Wing Chun Basic Techniques part 1:

Author muktar sayeed ( ago)
This is all well and good but why have we not seen any successful Wing Chun
fighters in any MMA tournaments?

Author CaptainHappy21 ( ago)
What's the name of this DVD? Where can I buy it? I MUST have a copy !!!

Author Michael Togbah (1701 year ago)
Thank You So Much... needed help putting this all Together.

Author Ranga Nanayakkara ( ago)

Author Fila vonDrak ( ago)
Wing Chun Basic Techniques part 1:

Author Smash Gamez ( ago)
Cool stuff!

Author Daveis E. R. Bey ( ago)
THANK YOU for uploading these videos.

Author Anderson da Silva ( ago)
7:26 Is this a punch or a push???

Author jcneverquits ( ago)
88 visitors were ninjas 

Author JmariolinkJ ( ago)
Why is it that every martial art video I see the comments section becomes a

People have their reasons for practicing martial arts, it is bad enough
that TCMA took a blow from consecutive wars and a cultural revolution it
does not need to be turned into a religion too

Author FootBall Chanel ( ago)

Author Carson Smith ( ago)
Yes! Finally a channel that shows wing chun as a step by step rather then
the expectation that we all know. I loved the video. I subbed. Thank you
for posting this.

Author Charlie Schbozsxky ( ago)
Ok, just because Bruce Lee studied Wing Chun ou'll be as good as him as I
know Bruce Lee also studied taekwondo, judo, and I believe other martial
arts. When all of these are combined you'll really be solid in a street
fight. In addition, Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do is a mixture of all the
martial arts he studied.

Author Justaname ( ago)
한국사람이예요? Do you practice some kind of martial art? Muay thai or boxing? 

Author Gabriel Espringtime ( ago)
Sifu Wong Shun Lueng, we miss you. Thank you for leaving a part of yourself
to brighten my existence.

Author 쪼가리 ( ago)
Facing your opponent in a horse stance with both hands at your hips is a
surefire way to get your ass beat!

Author Rifki Setyanto ( ago)
I'll Try It :) 

Author killersushi99 ( ago)
The center line...not going to work against a rear naked choke. Theory

Author Frozenspirt Frozenspirit ( ago)
korisna stvarcica...

Author Jose Luis Perez Mendez ( ago)
Is learning wung chung better than takuando???

Author abccaldwell1 ( ago)
More useless shit ....

Author spartan 79 ( ago)
IP man would bitch smack this guy's face off his face!

Author Bryson Taylor ( ago)
Any way I can download this video?

Author Luke inv ( ago)
is master wong the same as prof wong who specializes in Qi gung in

Author Wolfreign Valenford ( ago)
im awed by the music.

Author ptong226 ( ago)
the great sifu wong shun leung. thanks

Author HOTRODRICO ( ago)
i use many wing chun blocks for mma and fighting off my back and it works
in real life situations.. maybe not all of it but some of the defensive
movements do work..

Author Marcus Perez ( ago)
Lol when was the original video made :O)

Author Igor Otero ( ago)
AWESOME! Simple and nice video! I've learned a lot and now I figure more
what are the principles of Wing Chun! Thanks!

Author shaolinfingajab ( ago)
Going to look up loads of martial arts. see whats best for my ability and
put it all together. I learned how to knock someone the fuck out just by
pulling their lapels or tee shirt tight around the sides of their neck on a
judo vid. it works as well, i tried it lol

Author shadowdance4666 ( ago)
Sounds like 70's porno music

Author Fisher Sam Fisher ( ago)
That's almost like a quote from the movie Ip Man :D

Author ziggy pop ( ago)
it ran the full video for me sir .

Author SoccerChannelAE ( ago)

Author Dushyant Chhetri ( ago)

Author Chris P ( ago)
that's exactly what Ip Man was trying to say(as its portrayed in the movie
Ip Man)

Author Who am I? ( ago)
The music on this is so bad ass, lol.

Author Dedy Azaly ( ago)
good technique.....

Author Standing Wolf ( ago)
"I believe no single style is superior. It's just that the people who
practice them have different skill levels. Competitions can help uncover
our weakness and lead us to a path of self-discovery... for our true
enemies are but ourselves." Huo Yuanjia to Tanaka in "Fearless". Catches it

Author 11Kralle ( ago)
I am not very fond of WSL, but this video is very well explaining the basic
functionality of WingChun.

Author James McDowell ( ago)
Are you brain damaged?

Author James McDowell ( ago)
Part 2 should be somewhere in the sidebar

Author serkan acar ( ago)
turk sokak dövüşünde bu kadar düzenli hareket yok wing chun u
refleksleştiremeyen bir dövüşcü sokakta iyi benzetilir

Author Krug Stillo ( ago)
Use Keepvid to download it man,then watch on your computer

Author demoskunk ( ago)
Most of the attacker's strikes shown here are ineffective anyway.

Author Uros Vamovic ( ago)
it says part 1

Author boxingfit ( ago)
Thank you brother.

Author boxingfit ( ago)
thank you!

Author DavorBa ( ago)
In case you didn't find it, there is part 2, same video name.

Author ChillForest ( ago)
Forget karate, this is where it's at :D

Author boxingfit ( ago)
says a lot about you as a person and what your all about.

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