Wing Chun Basic Techniques part 1

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Author 쪼가리 (3 months)
Facing your opponent in a horse stance with both hands at your hips is a
surefire way to get your ass beat!

Author Jose Luis Perez Mendez (5 months)
Is learning wung chung better than takuando???

Author Charlie Schbozsxky (2 months)
Ok, just because Bruce Lee studied Wing Chun ou'll be as good as him as I
know Bruce Lee also studied taekwondo, judo, and I believe other martial
arts. When all of these are combined you'll really be solid in a street
fight. In addition, Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do is a mixture of all the
martial arts he studied.

Author jcneverquits (9 days)
88 visitors were ninjas 

Author JmariolinkJ (11 days)
Why is it that every martial art video I see the comments section becomes a

People have their reasons for practicing martial arts, it is bad enough
that TCMA took a blow from consecutive wars and a cultural revolution it
does not need to be turned into a religion too

Author Reuben Olney (15 days)
Using the block with the thumb side of the forearm (the palm up block) what
point of your arm should you bock with.

Author Yapto neroe spada (21 day)

Author Carson Smith (1 month)
Yes! Finally a channel that shows wing chun as a step by step rather then
the expectation that we all know. I loved the video. I subbed. Thank you
for posting this.

Author Justaname (2 months)
한국사람이예요? Do you practice some kind of martial art? Muay thai or boxing? 

Author Gabriel Espringtime (2 months)
Sifu Wong Shun Lueng, we miss you. Thank you for leaving a part of yourself
to brighten my existence.

Author shay sander (6 months)
IP man would bitch smack this guy's face off his face!

Author Rifki Setyanto (3 months)
I'll Try It :) 

Author killersushi99 (4 months)
The center line...not going to work against a rear naked choke. Theory

Author Frozenspirt Frozenspirit (4 months)
korisna stvarcica...

Author abccaldwell1 (5 months)
More useless shit ....

Author Bryson Taylor (6 months)
Any way I can download this video?

Author Luke inv (6 months)
is master wong the same as prof wong who specializes in Qi gung in

Author Wolfreign Valenford (6 months)
im awed by the music.

Author ptong226 (6 months)
the great sifu wong shun leung. thanks

Author HOTRODRICO (7 months)
i use many wing chun blocks for mma and fighting off my back and it works
in real life situations.. maybe not all of it but some of the defensive
movements do work..

Author Marcus Perez (8 months)
Lol when was the original video made :O)

Author Igor Otero (8 months)
AWESOME! Simple and nice video! I've learned a lot and now I figure more
what are the principles of Wing Chun! Thanks!

Author shaolinfingajab (8 months)
Going to look up loads of martial arts. see whats best for my ability and
put it all together. I learned how to knock someone the fuck out just by
pulling their lapels or tee shirt tight around the sides of their neck on a
judo vid. it works as well, i tried it lol

Author shadowdance4666 . (8 months)
Sounds like 70's porno music

Author mightymeatmonsta (1 year)
You are a fucking moron! He did fight on rooftops and never lost a fight.
So it's much better than muay thai or any boxing derivative.

Author Mizore Shirayuki (1 year)
This is a great basic tutorial video. Not only it explains the principles
of Wing Chun, but efficiently demonstrates the basic movements. I learned a
lot from this. Time to test it in a fight!

Author 43trebor (1 year)
very good

Author inuyakino (1 year)
I won't say you are leveled to be a critic of an art if you haven't
mastered the art of grammar and spelling

Author lazerbro98 (1 year)
Wc is great and I'm just now starting to look into it but I'm no stranger
to Kung foo im a 3rd degree black belt I sholin do a green belt in GUI
gitsue and a black in judo

Author Akers Andrew (1 year)

Author Uros Vamovic (11 months)
it says part 1

Author Mizore Shirayuki (1 year)
Absolutely right dude.

Author mightymeatmonsta (1 year)
Right and I guess the one inch power punch that Bruce Lee did, which came
from WING CHUN was not powerful, right? He had more power than any fag muay
thai boxer at ONE INCH, then they have when they wind up, which shows you
how weak their punches really are. Same with boxers.

Author William Nielsen (1 year)
Is that Seinfeld backround music?

Author Rick Schubert (1 year)

Author Peter Ying (1 year)
Looks like he is going to squard and take a shit to me.

Author Rene Cloutier (1 year)
looooove the sound effects :D

Author Alvin Bong (1 year)
IP Man brought me here

Author Peter Ying (1 year)
Yip Man fucker never fought either only perform and demonstrate,but the
rest of idiots think wing shit works great.

Author mightymeatmonsta (1 year)
In fact, the muay thai guy was beat by the black guy. Shows you that muay
thai is a total waste of time.

Author Daniel Cabrera (1 year)
freezes at 2:30

Author crazIEgamer02 (1 year)
Boxers have proven themselves to have KO power. Muay Thai guys have proven
themselves to have KO power. Wing Chun has not. Wing Chun has never even
bruised a face... thuan vu was correct. NO POWER.

Author demoskunk (11 months)
Most of the attacker's strikes shown here are ineffective anyway.

Author Kain Kage (1 year)
very interesting :)

Author Juan Perez (1 year)
I think both styles are great and depends on who learns it. Three monts
ago, I was assaulted with a knife and beated the guy applying wing chun
techniques. It saved my life. Sincerely A guy who has learned WC for 6
years ;)

Author cody walsh (1 year)
i agree

Author mightymeatmonsta (1 year)
Same with muay thai. Show me the proof. You CAN'T because there AREN'T ANY!!

Author Nekylyk (1 year)
1) Martial Arts are not superpowers. Comments like "Someone trained (insert
MA) and got beat up in a fight" are true for every MA in the history of
time, and are not valid argument. 2) It's not one MA vs another, it's one
fighter vs the other. What MA is better is a question of your personal
preference. 3) MMA is combined of a variety of combat sports. Sayng that
"(insert MA) is crap, but MMA is awesome" is like sayng that swimming is
crap, but doing stuff in water is awesome.

Author zTheBreaker (1 year)
Each fighting style is unique and different, like Marcus said depends on

Author boxingfit (1 year)
says a lot about you as a person and what your all about.

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