Minecraft Server joining tutorial (Hamachi)(Updated)

How to join a minecraft hamachi server
Download minecraft for free(Updated Full 1.4.5 2012):

*****This method no longer works*****

Comments are on approval because of the 100+ comments a day of spam bots advertising fake free minecraft and spam bots advertising servers.

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Author Reddy Apple (1 year)

Author sayorecca (3 years)
keep getting "Connection Refused: Connect" any ideas?

Author Hermoor (3 years)
Nvm you can, but it's a bit buggy you first have to destroy a
flower....then you can start breaking blocks. Anyway I'm being logged in as i will have to see if I can change my name...

Author Harold Bekken (3 years)
New Server. Join LandOfHyrule Password 123 (Grievers will be banned)

Author Linemeks (2 years)
@DarowGames 5134 Like = GOD

Author DontLookOnMyPost (3 years)
when im writing in the hamachi ip its keep sayking "Failed to Connect to
the Server" "Connection Refused : Connect" wht should i do ?

Author ericarends2000 (1 year)

Author DarowGames (3 years)
@creap955 Did you even watch the video?=.= You make a hamachi
network/"room",get him to join this network in his hamachi You host the
server,making sure to edit the notepad) folder it
creates(It will create this file wherever you ran the server files from)
You will see a bunch of lines.Make sure th following lines exist:
online-mode=false verify-names=false Then follow this guide for joining
seen in the video,open minecraft,open memory editor,search and change

Author DirectJack (3 years)
Awesome. If anyone are interested to join our server the hamachi is
Name:LoLFound Password:123 If it appears to be full then try LoLFound1
LoLFound2 etc etc

Author GLaDOS (1 year)
LOL 5731 likes :D

Author WoWplayuh101 (1 year)
This comment had exactly 5900 upvotes. Now it has 5901 :3

Author TheSuperYett1 (1 year)

Author TheHolyMikeHimself (3 years)
I cant find the widestring with Player| how do i fix that

Author masterlink1995 (3 years)
LandOfHyrule pass 123 Is a great server where nearly everyone that dosent
grief gets op!!!

Author Waterzgate (3 years)
I did everything but minecraft crashes after it says Logging in..... Any

Author MARC0T00L (3 years)
Join: Mining4thewin Pass: 123

Author xblgamerz68 (1 year)
Never seen so many thumbs up :D

Author HaxBox (3 years)
New Server. join MineIsland password 123

Author sayorecca (3 years)
@GlitchWorld my server IS CRACKED, i know this for sure due to the fact i
got it from my buddy who can use it fine, so again, any ideas anyone?

Author ConnorBox (3 years)
This is probably a stupid question but.... How to find ip of hamachi server
- ie the Eumines one

Author Arnysas (3 years)
@DarowGames SMP = whats that? ( i know, im stupid.)

Author Vanillanueva (3 years) it might be join my server.

Author ephz (3 years)
It says Connection Timed out:connect?

Author 112Booger (3 years)
@Hermoor thx it works

Author Hardstylephreakzh (2 years)
League Of Legends FTW!!!

Author TwiCaCaX (2 years)
omg 5400 likes?Thats more than justin biebers!!!! XD jk

Author Iereks (3 years)
New Hamachi server : - NAME :: iereks PASS :: 123 IP ::
Have fun mining!

Author realthe2nd (3 years)
My new Server: realzzz The pass is:123

Author euripide carpio (2 years)
@DarowGames the most fuking liked comment evar

Author chamelionlt555 (2 years)
@DarowGames wow 5400 likes ? :D

Author GlitchWorld (3 years)
@TheHolyMikeHimself Search tpb for new name spoofer

Author DarowGames (3 years)
@FullMetal312 Possibly ports not opened.

Author DoinYourMom63 (3 years)
i dont no how to open ports ive serched and searched.. :(

Author Nuno Dos Santos Silva (3 years)
I dont have PlayerI

Author Kanarazu (1 year)
holy shit this is awesome

Author Hermoor (3 years)
@modtv1337 Ummm this "minecraftmodtv1337" without any password doesn't work?

Author DarowGames (3 years)
@MrHunCut I showed in another video of me playing on a cracked server.

Author TheSonicSpoofer (1 year)
that is the most liked comment I HAVE EVER SEEN 0_o

Author chemicalxlust (3 years)
Thanks! Works great :)

Author DarowGames (3 years)
@davidbella10 Make sure your editing the right javaw.exe in the memory
editor You should have 2 on your list if your running the server and the
client,if you edit the wrong one,the server might crash

Author Hermoor (3 years)
New server since the other now is full: HallsOfLuciferII 123

Author modtv1337 (3 years)
@devouredbythehorizon go into your minecraft server folder then open the
server properties folder in notepad change online mode to false and check
for user name to false

Author Roope Merikoski (3 years)
SMP Server (need hamachi) hamachi ID : MindCR Pass : 123 IP:

Author Zedtardd (3 years)
@DarowGames same thing happened to me and my ports are opened

Author Joshua Zaldivar (3 years)
My Server :D Name : LolCraft Pass : 101 Top 10 New User Will Be Op :D Happy
Lolers XD

Author xICoulson (3 years)
@Hermoor every1 has to be an op

Author Jihadinator31 (3 years)
@ DarowGames thank you man !!!! it works perfectly!!!!

Author GlitchWorld (3 years)
@sayorecca Its because the settings has onlinemode=true and that stuff Find
a CRACKED server

Author Hermoor (3 years)
MinesOfPain 258 Join now :D

Author SpartaStyle (2 years)
ethanwdp got dissed by DarowGames + 5172 people, DAMN! thats alot of likes..

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