Minecraft Server joining tutorial (Hamachi)(Updated)

How to join a minecraft hamachi server
Download minecraft for free(Updated Full 1.4.5 2012):

*****This method no longer works*****

Comments are on approval because of the 100+ comments a day of spam bots advertising fake free minecraft and spam bots advertising servers.

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Author TheSuperYett1 ( ago)

Author TheBakaboy2000 ( ago)
the most likes i ever seen

Author TheSonicSpoofer ( ago)
that is the most liked comment I HAVE EVER SEEN 0_o

Author Raid Varial ( ago)
fuck me 6080 likes that comment erm wtf

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6073 likes :O

Author FreakyTyeps3 ( ago)
Thank you!

Author Reddy Apple ( ago)

Author Sweetgurl4life77 ( ago)
holy jesus H. christ

Author Mara Li ( ago)
shoot you have soooooooooooooooooooooooooo many likes O.O

Author Swarfly ( ago)
0.0 a legend in youtube. The most thumbed up comment

Author xblgamerz68 ( ago)
Never seen so many thumbs up :D

Author WoWplayuh101 ( ago)
This comment had exactly 5900 upvotes. Now it has 5901 :3

Author Braden Armstrong ( ago)

Author OwnedProdoctions ( ago)
i subscribe MAN

Author ericarends2000 (254 years ago)

Author Kanarazu ( ago)
holy shit this is awesome

Author Chaos ( ago)
LOL 5731 likes :D

Author HeavyMigration ( ago)
That is most thumbs up I've ever seen. :o

Author JaaayAre ( ago)
This still works?

Author TwiCaCaX ( ago)
omg 5400 likes?Thats more than justin biebers!!!! XD jk

Author Brandon Yuan ( ago)

Author LisaGoesRawrxx ( ago)
@DarowGames omg 5000 likes

Author bobbob123ful ( ago)
HOLY POOP this was uploaded on my b day

Author IdontKnowWhatNicknam ( ago)
League Of Legends :P

Author SpartaStyle ( ago)
ethanwdp got dissed by DarowGames + 5172 people, DAMN! thats alot of likes..

Author euripide carpio ( ago)
@DarowGames the most fuking liked comment evar

Author Linemeks ( ago)
@DarowGames 5134 Like = GOD

Author BabaBart67 ( ago)
Omg guys wtf is do difficult on this awesome guide? If you dont know what
Hamachi, Memory Editor or whatever is just download it from Google and then
start it and do the same things like in the Tutorial ... -.-

Author Mr.Ω ( ago)
@DarowGames damn u got 5k thumps up im joing :D

Author InsaneDy ( ago)
so every time you play on hamaichi server you need to change it everytime?

Author DJ Pancake ( ago)

Author Tenchenhan Lim ( ago)
@DarowGames lol wtf??? 4766 thumbs up?? cool u beat the youtube best thumbs
up records

Author sorianoHD ( ago)
@DarowGames lol, 4762 likes

Author Vevoplzsuckmyballs ( ago)
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Author brotherhood297 (899 years ago)
@DarowGames thats pretty said when he maker of video has 4000 more thumbs
up than the video and HOLY FUCK THATS ALOT OF THUMBS

Author Naishell1 ( ago)
name:naishellwolfreal pass:123 ip not 24/7 but still
works flat grass making a city

Author John ( ago)
Hamachi ID: MineSurvival, MineSurvival2-5. Password: 123 IP:
Currently Not that many people are connected. So Join fast. PVP is enabled,
Monsters are enabled, Animals are Enabled. BRAND NEW nothing is on it yet.

Author andreiiori ( ago)
Ever wanted to join a nice server that will have admins to teach you how to
build complicated stuff?You don't only build,you can roleplay and have any
kind of fun but NO GRIEFING.Also the server is open almost all the day,and
surely all the week. Here's the info: Hamachi ID:BuildingCraft1-5
Password:123 Hamachi name:Alexxor In-game name:Jekinas Join and have fun
with us!

Author Jeremiah Garcia ( ago)
My server HAmachi Name.: Beast Sever Beastmode pass: 1234 i.p-

Author vinceke1234 ( ago)
My minecraft server name: Minecraft-Vince pass: 123 ip adress

Author Syte ( ago)

Author First Trailers ( ago)
Join My server now! FIRST ONE THAT JOINS GETS ADMIN!! ip:
name:ollacraft Pass=123 allmost all the guys from the Netherlands or
Belguim gets admin, also good helpers will get admin!!!(SERVER IS STILL IN
PROGRESS) so i will start the world with the first joiner... Just send me a
message to say that you want in the server and I will then start the server

Author 87KIDz ( ago)
Minecraft Beta 1.1_02 SERVER hamachi: Plastik-Welt pass: 123 server ip

Author ramaaa ( ago)
Ramacraft Password: 123 Hosted in Finland, so for europeans small lag and
if i get people to the server, it will be active. Server ip shows up at

Author DarowGames ( ago)
@ethanwdp Aw man you don't even have a "fucking idea" what "google" is?

Author Gabe Newell ( ago)
No help, i have no fucking idea what "hamachi" is.

Author Exedra_ ( ago)
Minecraft 2010 [Mclawl] pass: 123 Only for hamachi, gameversion 1.2.5 and
EUROPEANS! For no lag :D. Daily/weekly changing game modes! Right now:
"Standard Survival with PvP"

Author FonziBear ( ago)
Join Minecraft Hamachi Server! SUBSCRIBE PLEASE!OPEN 24/7! Pass is 123 to
all network ID:MC4Fun Status:Full ID:MC4Fun2 Status:Full ID:MC4Fun3
Status:Full ID:MC4Fun4 Status:Full ID:MC4Fun5 Status:Full ID:MC4Fun6
Status:Almost Full ID:MC4Fun7 Status:Almost Full ID:MC4Fun8 Status:NEW
ID:MC4Fun9 Status:NEW

Author Ruben ( ago)
Join minecraft server!! name = Minecrafting1234 pass = 123 Have fun with

Author nEveeRz ( ago)
Hamachi Id MinersofMoria Password Minecraft Join now low amount of people
new server!

Author ツ DatCombo™ ツ ( ago)
JOIN MINE!! :D ID: MineCrafting001 PASS: 123 HAVE FUN!!

Author skeligandrew ( ago)
Best hamachi Roleplay Server name:123abDILDO pass:1234 the server features
a fully rentable hotel expand your domain, a working shop, buy
property,rent a hotel room, and very friendly staff and ani grief (jail)
our currency is gold bars which you get 200 of when you start

Author Prooske ( ago)
SMP Server (need hamachi) hamachi ID : MindCR Pass : 123 IP:

Author Expertenliga ( ago)
Name : minerGA minerGA-2 minerGA-3 Pass: 123 Connect IP :
German Server

Author GameMakerDennis ( ago)
plz join! :D id: epiccraft pass: 123 ip:

Author GameMakerDennis ( ago)
plz join! :D id: epiccraft pass: 123 ip:

Author HertzStudios ( ago)
Join our server name -- MinecraftAwesomeness Pass -- 123 IP -

Author Mathy ( ago)
Hamachi : MinecraftForFree Pass = 123 Minecraft =

Author michalssok ( ago)
My server: minescrafts pass: 1 IP:

Author Iereks ( ago)
New Hamachi server : - NAME :: iereks PASS :: 123 IP ::
Have fun mining!

Author Iereks ( ago)
New Hamachi server : - NAME :: iereks PASS :: 123 IP ::
Have fun mining!

Author WiZxMoDz ( ago)
My server ID is : wizwo Password is : 123 IP : I will
make admins if you want

Author danyyy37 ( ago)
my server id: minecraftzzzz password 123 =)

Author Joshua Zaldivar ( ago)
My Server :D Name : LolCraft Pass : 101 Top 10 New User Will Be Op :D Happy
Lolers XD

Author Jihadinator31 ( ago)
@ DarowGames thank you man !!!! it works perfectly!!!!

Author DirectJack ( ago)
Awesome. If anyone are interested to join our server the hamachi is
Name:LoLFound Password:123 If it appears to be full then try LoLFound1
LoLFound2 etc etc

Author MARC0T00L ( ago)
Join: Mining4thewin Pass: 123

Author Vanillanueva ( ago) it might be join my server.

Author FreakyE0 ( ago)
Name : MineCF Pass : 123 How To Connect :

Author mythologykid ( ago)
Genius thanks man the tutorial helped me alot thanks man, and my hamachi
server is mincraftplay and the pass is: 123 also here is the ip just
incase: NO Griefs, and enjoy peeps ;)

Author masterlink1995 ( ago)
LandOfHyrule pass 123 Is a great server where nearly everyone that dosent
grief gets op!!!

Author Rewinder22 ( ago)
My New Hamachi Network! Join Fast! Filling up quick!! Name: EggNogg
Password: NoggEgg IP to join: or copy 'TheOwler's IP address.
Trusted players will get Op

Author xXTheDeadlyCookieXx ( ago)
If i want to enter the game it say no premium account. What is wrong?

Author xXTheDeadlyCookieXx ( ago)
Can someone create a new server? It do not work.

Author DarowGames ( ago)
@davidbella10 Make sure your editing the right javaw.exe in the memory
editor You should have 2 on your list if your running the server and the
client,if you edit the wrong one,the server might crash

Author Rewinder22 ( ago)
@CITSSTIC sorry, didn't know back when I posted that.

Author DarowGames ( ago)
@creap955 Did you even watch the video?=.= You make a hamachi
network/"room",get him to join this network in his hamachi You host the
server,making sure to edit the notepad) folder it
creates(It will create this file wherever you ran the server files from)
You will see a bunch of lines.Make sure th following lines exist:
online-mode=false verify-names=false Then follow this guide for joining
seen in the video,open minecraft,open memory editor,search and change

Author creap955 ( ago)
im not understanding how to do this, i want my friend to join my server. so
do i open the server and he does this? or do i? and when i put "player" do
i put my friends name in hamachi? or do i just type player and select
string? and when i do it, it asks me to choose a program so do i choose

Author Hermoor ( ago)
MinesOfPain 258 Join now :D

Author THAT GUY ( ago)
use tunngle, it's more simple and better :)

Author onbekend07 ( ago)
It says Connection Timed out:connect?

Author DarowGames ( ago)
@50flames You need cracked version Check my channel

Author 50flames ( ago)
Guys it says needs premium. can you please explain what do we need to do?

Author zenorking ( ago)
@leaderecho i joined :D

Author zenorking ( ago)
@dagilityTV Search in quick memory edit: Player, and not player.

Author Nuno Dos Santos Silva ( ago)
I dont have PlayerI

Author Harold Bekken ( ago)
LandOfHyrule is full New Server. Join LandOfHyrule2 Password 123

Author ChiptuneBreakcore ( ago)
Memory editor crashes minecraft... and "Bad login" when I use minecraft
spoofer Using Hamachi

Author Harold Bekken ( ago)
New Server. Join LandOfHyrule Password 123 (Grievers will be banned)

Author Howling Blade ( ago)
i have a prob...i got cracked minecraft and i wanna play local
multiplayer,is this possible by the way in the vid aswell?

Author Carlo Derwig ( ago)
Do you know of a way to make longer character names? I suppose you need to
edit another address as well, but I got no clue which one :p

Author 112Booger ( ago)
@Hermoor thx it works

Author Dailenth ( ago)
New Server. join MineIsland password 123

Author DontLookOnMyPost ( ago)
when im writing in the hamachi ip its keep sayking "Failed to Connect to
the Server" "Connection Refused : Connect" wht should i do ?

Author sayorecca ( ago)
@GlitchWorld my server IS CRACKED, i know this for sure due to the fact i
got it from my buddy who can use it fine, so again, any ideas anyone?

Author Hermoor ( ago)
New server since the other now is full: HallsOfLuciferII 123

Author GlitchWorld ( ago)
@Hermoor Put onlinemode (Settings.ini) to false (TIP: Read the readme?)

Author GlitchWorld ( ago)
@TheHolyMikeHimself Search tpb for new name spoofer

Author GlitchWorld ( ago)
@LegioRulez Let the hoster put Testmobs (Or something like
that(Settings.ini) to true) If u did that just get lucky a find some (Kinda
hard to find)

Author GlitchWorld ( ago)
@sayorecca Its because the settings has onlinemode=true and that stuff Find
a CRACKED server

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