ngajat dance

at sarawak cultural village!

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Author azahari abdullah jerry (2 years)
ngajat one from iban culture.the dance in gawai festival also show tourist
welcome to sarawak.

Author rugbydefensebreaker (4 years)
wilfred sekul st.joe miri suba....sama lepak enggau kami di "lorong puaka"
enti ka mansang @ pulai ari sekul laban nganti bas....hehehehhee....tapi
memang ya enda ngelala kami tu agi...wooopp...wooppp...

Author mathew mac (3 years)
jadilah Anak Sarawak.....Sarawak Bumi Kenyalang....Pelbagai kaum....Kamek
Teguh,Kamek bersatu....Bumi indah....bumi kenyalang....

Author Dolitaz (4 years)
nyau beserabut bala indu nyak ngajat.....bc cepat bc slow

Author mayaumyy (3 years)
tu dia wilfred jd hero...kmk org sama penari dlm Sanggar Budaya Miri dolok

Author Dolitaz (4 years)
@laydeejulie apuh nyau sarut bala indu nyak ngajat..bc laju bc slow..endak

Author missfreciouz (5 years)
ummm....thanks cool!

Author bonenevo88 (3 years)
the best costume in the world frm sarawak... i bought 1 for my sister, n
guest wat... she's really fallin love with it....... im from UK....

Author TheWinnie1010 (3 years)
very nice..

Author carmella5776499 (5 years)
i already went to culture village in kuching sarawak actully i`m froom miri
neak kuching

Author daishah (5 years)
padunya owh....

Author Juliana Akhir (5 years)
thats my bf wilfred performing. =) cool tat u uploaded it! x

Author missfreciouz (5 years)
hahaha..thats gud

Author missfreciouz (5 years) probs :)

Author alynn81 (5 years)
Owhhh...Wilfred paduhal...ic

Author bernishyper7813 (2 years)
Which tarian ngajat is this?

Author qitaromute (5 years)
asai ke ngelala...wilfred bf sis la..=]

Author yvonne0522 (4 years)
how to get the song???anyone help??

Author missfreciouz (2 years)
@bonenevo88 delightful ;)

Author missfreciouz (6 years)
no problem :)

Author Leric911 (3 years)
lama ndai mda org ngajat....rindu ati..

Author no1elsebutu2 (5 years)
any1 blh tlg x gne mk dwload bh?? da asgmnt tok.. plz help..

Author missfreciouz (5 years)
haha....byk juak org knl cdak dlm video ya...bleh than juak video kmk

Author fairulsabrina (5 years)
daud!ahahaa..go daud!

Author EUGJosh (3 years)
amat lawa bungai kajat ea nya...

Author Alynna Yeong (6 years)
thnx for sharing.. =)

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