Kausa Nabasa Ang Tubig (Cebu Pop Music Festival Winner)

Composed by Allan Jayme Rabaya. Arranged by Elvis Somosot. Sung on television by Dante Luzon.

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Author Laborte Ever ( ago)
really nice song

Author E.b upholstery ( ago)
my idol sir dante luzon

Author josefina Josefina ( ago)
bisdak songs nindot kaayo

Author Lovely Salumag ( ago)
unsa ang meaning sa kanta diay sir?

Author Jimmy Estor ( ago)
request unta kog minus-one aning kantaha.....

Author Elav Tejano ( ago)
i really love this song,,,both the melody and lyrics are superb

Author Fred Umabong ( ago)
The title of the song is very artistic. It has a deep meaning which the
composer only knew what it mean. 

Author jamjeanor ( ago)
I Hope there are karaoke uploads for these songs..those winner of Cebu pop

Author ramil bacallan ( ago)
nindota paminawon. nice kaau sir dan.100% 

Author Melvin Mutia Mendoza ( ago)
FYI: Allan Jayme Rabaya wrote two very beautiful films: "MARUPOK, MAPUSOK,
MAHAROT" starring Hilda Coronel, Pilar Pilapil and Chanda Romero directed
by Emmanuel H. Borlaza. You can search it here in Youtube. The other movie
is "KATAWANG ALABOK" starring Lorna Tolentino and Vic Silayan also directed
by Maning H. Borlaza.I love his stories as well as his songs. Before RICKY
LEE there was ALLAN JAYME RABAYA. I am calling the attention of the Cebu
Government to bring back this brilliant Cebuano to limelight.

Author Dante Luzon ( ago)
wanako ko kadungog ug mga Cebu Pop songs sa radyo..anugon..

Author Alex Gwapo ( ago)
walay sapayan Sir Dante, cge ko kanta balik2x ani sa videoke pag bakasyon
nko, Gusto sadko maminaw sa imong version na " Bisan ang Kalibutan Nag
Dumili ug Pamunpa." unsa man nga Radio Station ang mag Play ug mga Cebu Po
Music? wala na kaau ko mka dungog ani nga kanta sa Radyo krn.

Author Dante Luzon ( ago)
salamat Alex

Author Alex Gwapo ( ago)
My favorite song.. cge ko balik balik kanta ani.. mas ganahan ko ani nga
version..I`ll watch Live Cebu Pop Music Festival

Author Dante Luzon ( ago)
I'm not familiar with 'Tulo Ka Sanga.."Kausa Nabasa won third..originally
interpreted by Stewart Papas during the competition..

Author Al P ( ago)
Grabe,live sa radio ang contest nito noon talagang super naminaw ko maayo.
Talagang pinagpuyatan. Meron pang kanta ngaTULO KA SANGA SA BULAK(i think
this is the grand champion if im not mistaken)

Author Dante Luzon ( ago)
tnx Anita

Author Dante Luzon ( ago)
wa ra ba koy file sa instrumental..but i'll try to find if there's any..

Author Jade Baria ( ago)
hello si dante pwede ko mangayo sa copy ani nga instrumental??....kausa
for presentation in CANADA......BINISAYAAN MAN GUD......THEN THIS SONG

Author Roche Tanza ( ago)
Cebu isla camotes :)

Author Dante Luzon ( ago)
home where?

Author Roche Tanza ( ago)
When I'm home

Author Dante Luzon ( ago)
where and when?

Author Roche Tanza ( ago)
Can I duet with u???

Author Dante Luzon ( ago)

Author Roche Tanza ( ago)
I love it

Author swan me ( ago)
masterdan good day. gusto kaayu ni nko nga awit peru unsay buot ipasabot
ani in summary.? Hope to hear more songs from you sir salamat daan :)

Author Dante Luzon ( ago)
likewise..seize the day

Author Melvin Mendoza ( ago)
Thanks a lot for the reply. I promise to find Allan sa sunod nakong
bakasyon sa Pinas. I can't imagine jamming with you again guys..reviving
good old days. Best of everything to your family.

Author Dante Luzon ( ago)
of course i do remember you Melvin..i''m so happy to have been reconnected
with you here..i don't have Allan's number though..he keeps changing his
number. he had a mild stroke some years back and until now he limps, he's
not 100% well.

Author Melvin Mendoza ( ago)
Dante, I hope you can still remember me. Way back early 90's when I worked
with Madam Mayen Tan and Allan...I've been to places, meeting people..but
you and Allan have been part of me..deep rooted kaayo akong nakat-unan
ninyo.. I hope I can contact Allan. 

Author Melvin Mendoza ( ago)
I am one of those who benefited Allan Jayme Rabaya's brilliant talents. I
am very, very proud to say that he is my mentor. He is the ONLY person who
fills my heart (until now) with love and passion to music, film,
literature, arts and culture in general. Even my views about life is very
"Rabayatic"..I really, really love this man. How can i possibly contact

Author Dante Luzon ( ago)
kuhaa sa diaphragm ang imong tingog.,.ayaw sa tutunlan..practice
breathing..inhale, exhale..

Author Richard Alfajora ( ago)
si alan karon maoy hulagway sa maong awit diin ang gugma sa iyang
magdadayeg mao ang iyang kadaugan. palihug suroya aron masabwag ang gugma.
dili man mi higala apan lisud na nga kon tas-on ko pa ang pagsud-ong mo
mapuslan aron hisabtan mo an mensahe ug kinabuhi 

Author Dante Luzon ( ago)
@akocbombie sorry for this very late reply..i hope you're ok there now,..

Author Dante Luzon ( ago)
@junpagobo try sa Cebu Pop Music office sa University of The Visayas..

Author Dante Luzon ( ago)
@nsik888 taud2x na pud mi wa magkita ni Allan. he had a stroke.., medyo
magsaguyod molakaw..

Author nsik888 ( ago)
hello sir dan,arlene chua here...musta na ,have you seen sir allan rabaya

Author Dante Luzon ( ago)
@akocbombie well, you can check the rest pf my videos here, particularly
the cebuano songs

Author akocbombie ( ago)
@masterdan13 : sir, i really love cebuano music. most specially now that
i'm base in New Jersey were i have no one to interact with. 

Author danny serrano ( ago)
unsa kahay sekreto ning bisay nga maayo man paminawon tingog uglyrics mga
kanta?? ngutana lang hilig man ko music pero ang music mura galikay man
nako, wa juy mopakpak nako mokanta sa videokehan.

Author Dante Luzon ( ago)
@akocbombie ....palpitation? why?

Author akocbombie ( ago)
oh my god, sir dante you got my attention. Now i have palpitation

Author Dred Silagan ( ago)
hehe naminaw lang ko sa version ni dongmarit nga dahong laya,murag pareho
pero dili jud kay ingon nga parehas kaayo...peace...

Author BLUESTAR777dotCOM ( ago)
@trigger1845 Gikan pa gyud ko sa channel ni dongmarit. Akong gilimpiyuhan
ang akong dunggan sa atuli. Gipaminaw nako ug maayo. Gi-tandi. voice
quality, ang pag-phrasing sa lyrics. Sa akong ubos nga pag-paminaw ug
paghunahuna. Mora gyud ug dili parehas. Puede seguro 1st runner-up lang.
Pero, Ok lang kon parehas. Basig maka-ingon ka nga gi-bayran ko ni
masterdan13. Honest opinion lang gyud and akoa. Cheers... ^__^ 

Author Dred Silagan ( ago)
parehas mo ug tingog ni dongmarit...

Author Dante Luzon ( ago)
@dredescasinas i should hope Allan can bounce back..i feel sad watching his
talent or talents gone up in smoke..thanks for appreciating my humble
interpretations edgar.

Author Dante Luzon ( ago)
@dredescasinas's been months since my last contact with allan..he had
a mild stroke and he limps a little..he keeps on changing his mobile

Author Dante Luzon ( ago)
@renecabrera1 yes rene..the original singer is stewart papas from san
fernando cebu..he sang this song again during the Cebu Pop Music Pearl
Anniversary this year..Please go over the rest of the comments below and
you would find Stewart wife's notes there as well.

Author Rene Cabrera ( ago)
I would like to know if anyone has the original rendition of this song. If
I'm not wrong he's name was Stewart from San Fernando Cebu, Who is one of
the winners of Cebu Pop Music in the past.

Author Dante Luzon ( ago)
@alpiosaban tnx....kudos to the songwriter and the original singer stewart

Author Dante Luzon ( ago)
@dcfabillar ..ok...i'll be around..

Author Dante Luzon ( ago)
not sure if there's another replay...pls buy a blank DVD-R and give it to
me..ako nay bahala diri..ako lang ingon akong relative magpakopya..but I
cn't assure that it will be done right away kay ato ra mang ipamalihug..

Author Dante Luzon ( ago)
yes..nakakita ko sa video ni stewart sa youtube...we have the master copy
of the video at cctn since it was the only tv station that covered it
live..i wasn't able to watch the entire live telecast though...i was
suppose to anchor the live telecast but I begged off so bong gimeno and dr.
grace balankig took over..

Author Dante Luzon ( ago)
that's very good to hear..

Author Dante Luzon ( ago)
thnx..i will...this song is his...

Author Dante Luzon ( ago)
tnx for the info...i hope he still actively sings

Author pianistmark1121 ( ago)
I can't understand but i feel he sing from the heart, so emotional...

Author Dante Luzon ( ago)
@jipar18 tnx...asa naman diay karon si stewart? i heard he was based in the
US. pls try UV, sa office ni Sir Dodong Gullas. 3oth yr man karon sa cebu
pop so I hope they've come up with a compilation of all the winning entries
in one album..

Author Dante Luzon ( ago)
for the benefit of those who simply didn't understand, for the record, i
was not the interpreter of this song when it entered cebu pop music. it was
stuart papa. stuart was acknowledged in the earlier comments on this video.
it's down there if you check it..the vid posted here is a clip from cctn
ch. 47 musical salamt sa musika. composer allan rabaya asked me to sing it
for the tv special. i hoper that would set the record straight.

Author Dante Luzon ( ago)
not sure if paglaum and paradista are posted..just try searching..

Author Dante Luzon ( ago)
yes mabelle..the same person

Author Dante Luzon ( ago)
way sapayan

Author Dante Luzon ( ago)
yes sa first cebu pop music,,it only won third pero mas nailhan sa
kadaghanan..ambot lang kaha kung may minus one for sale.....ang dunay minus
niini mao si elvis somosot ug titing ceniza,.

Author eldrindgo ( ago)
mao ba ni apil sa unang batch sa cebu pop music festival? mga nindot gyud
to na mga awit dah. ambot lang kaha ug naa pa ba tay mapalit na mga minus
one or dili na CD ato..

Author Dante Luzon ( ago)
i seehim every now and then.,.sure i will extend your greetings

Author JON VISTAL ( ago)
good day sir dan, i would like to know where can we find mr. allan jayme
rabaya? he's a great composer and haven't seen him for long now... and if
you ever find him please tell him an old friend has been looking for
him.... thanks sir.

Author Dante Luzon ( ago)
ok..give me youe email ad so i can send the lyrics

Author Dante Luzon ( ago)
tnx...pls give me tkme to look for "Bisan.."

Author Dante Luzon ( ago)
sa tinuod lang ryan, ang nagtagik ning awita maoy makahatag ug hustong
lintunganay..apan sa akong yanong pagsabot, usa kini ka yango-ngo sa usa ka
binuhat kansang pagbati nagduhiraw sa kangit-ngit..

Author Dante Luzon ( ago)
ako pang idownload ang video ryan..may diprensya ang akong kopya..akong
huwamanan ang dvd sa cctn..

Author TDH 1077 ( ago)
Sir, Mahi bang imong isaysay ang lintunganay niining matahom nga saloma?
pagkalawom sa mga titik niining awita nga dili sarang mahubit sa akong
diwanag ang kahulogan niini. dako' kong yukbo sa nagtagik niining
kantaha...mabuhi ang huning sugbuanon... Daghang salamat! Ryan Madjus

Author TDH 1077 ( ago)
Sir Dan, Si Ryan ni, puede ba sir kantahon pod nimo ang "BARAHA" sir.

Author Dante Luzon ( ago)
Si Stuart Papa maoy mikanta sa Kausa Nabasa sa unang cebu pop..Ako maoy
miinterpret sa "baraha" niadtong ika siyam nga cebu pop. Composition
gihapon ni Allan Jayme Rabaya.

Author TDH 1077 ( ago)
sir Dante, Kinsay nag interprit ani nga kanta kaniadto sa cebu pop sir?
diba ikaw usa man sad sa mga interpriter kaniadto sa cebu pop?

Author Dante Luzon ( ago)
wa man...murag kang allan jayme rabaya pud na nga composition, sung by gil

Author Dante Luzon ( ago)
way man koy video anang kantaha..anugon..

Author magellanbomba ( ago)
sir dan..duna pd kay video niadtung kantan PANGANGANDOY SA
TINGUSBAWAN..komposisyun sa usa ka champion pd na nga kanta sa
metro pop kadtung sa waterfront pa gi held ang event..usa pd kos miduyug sa
metro pop kani adtu..dghan salamat sir..

Author Dante Luzon ( ago)
if you can send me ur email ad father then i can send you the lyrics..

Author Dante Luzon ( ago)
mao jud ni comment sa kadaghanan..lahi ni siya nga material..di ba common
ang dagan sa tono, ang areglo ug ang lyrics

Author magellanbomba ( ago)
maka panimbawt sa balahibo....the best...lawnm kaaug lyrcis...

Author Dante Luzon ( ago)
stuart papa sang the original version..i think stuart is now based in the

Author Dante Luzon ( ago)
way problema

Author eldrindgo ( ago)
i love this song.. tnx for posting sir dante..

Author Dante Luzon ( ago)
yes...i'm dante you're karla's office mate? can search
the youtube for the other songs from cebu pop..

Author radtechman ( ago)
hi sir, just wanna ask if your Mr. Dante L.? heheheh, actually im a very
big fan of cebuano songs especially those from cebu pop music festival,
just wanna ask where can i find these songs? my favorites are pag-laum, ako
kini higala, oh kinabuhi, panumpa and my all time favorite is the way im one your daughters co worker....

Author Dante Luzon ( ago)
akong nahinabi si kongresista eduardo gullas kinsa maoy amahan ning maong
tinuig nga kalihokan. matud niya nga dunay siyay laraw sa pagpagawas ug usa
ka album nga langkoban sa tanang mananaug sa cebu pop sukad kini natukod
baynte nuebe na ka tuig ang nakalabay. dili lang gani mga mananaug kun dili
lakip usab ang tanang mga finalists ug mga komposisyon nga wa makapasar sa
screening board.. dako kini nga tahas apan bulawanon ang katuyuan. hinaot
pa nga matuman..

Author Dante Luzon ( ago)
sa unang bahi sa cebu pop, ang kanhi vicor music corporation mihimo ug tulo
ka volume series sa tanang winning entries apan nahunong human sa ikatulong
album..alkanse kuno. tingali ang cebu arts foundation inc (cafi) kinsa maoy
haligi sa cebu pop dunay files sa tanang wiinng entres ug finalists apan
daw way nagtagad sa paghmog compilation.anugon palandungon..

Author diola andres ( ago)
masterdan hinaut na untay compilation sa mga naka daug nga songs sa cebu
metropop sukad sa una apil na ang mga runner up heard nga morag runner up
ra ni nga song sige lang classic man pud hinuon nindot pud ang sama sa usa
ka damgo, langit ug yuta, ako kini higala, kabataan ni sharon magdayao
a.k.a. vina, morales ug uban pa... i'm sure daghan dyud mopalit dili lang
sa local apil na dyud ang mga ofw nga ganahan sa binisaya ug cebuano nga
mga songs, thank you kaayo.

Author Dante Luzon ( ago)
way sapayan angus

Author Dante Luzon ( ago)
di ko sure kung may available cd ba sa market..the composer himself doesn't
keep a copy. if you have a video uploader, you can upload this video and
transcribe the lyrics and the chords..

Author Dante Luzon ( ago)
salamat kanimo angus...

Author Dante Luzon ( ago)
stewart interepreted this piece during the first cebu pop music festival
but it was allan jayme rabaya who composed it..

Author Dante Luzon ( ago)
very philosophical shoo..akong gipangutana ang composer ani pero daw
napapas na sa akong panumduman ang tubag..

Author Dante Luzon ( ago)
salamat...tinuod, lawom ang mensahe ning awita. lisod sabton ang

Author Dante Luzon ( ago)
I still get to see him every now and then. He had a mild stroke but he's
relatively okay. We're supposed to produce a teleserye titled Kausa Nabasa
Ang Tubig, directed by no less than Allan himself. He offered me the lead
role. The project wasn't able to take off though.

Author radiantview ( ago)
Allan Jayme Rabaya has evolved very nicely through the years. I still
remember when he composed the songs that we sang at the UP Cebu musical,
"Up the Down Staircase" in 1974 which featured a mixed cast of high school,
college, and Masters students. Allan, if you read this, I played Bea (and
what the heck! I was able to sing and dance at the same time). Thank you
for the memories! More power to you! Lorna

Author Dante Luzon ( ago)
usa ni sa mga first, alangin ko mokanta ani kay murag di
mobagay sa akong tingog..pero wa ko kabalibad sa composer..

Author Madison Akehno ( ago)
i really love the song... mao gyud ni ang kantahon sa friend sa akong brod,
wa gyuy sipyat kada adto niya sa amoa.

Author Dante Luzon ( ago)
thanks romark...actually there several bisayan songs posted on youtube.
just search for the titles..

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