Andre The Giant vs Gorilla Monsoon (1977)

Andre The Giant vs Gorilla Monsoon (1977)

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Author T. Tex Edwards ( ago)
via James Marshall: happy birthday Robert James Marella aka Gorilla
Monsoon: Great star from the world of wrestling before steroids and waxed


Author ovidiu doman ( ago)
Happy Birthday , Monsoon. If he born in 1937 , and not dead , now had 78
years old. Iwill say again Rest In Peace Robert James Marella 4th June 1937
- 6th October 1999

Author Severan Vallery (2032 years ago)
I don't care what kind of audience wwe, tna has today, but this is an
entertaining match for any and every decade.

Author Spike White ( ago)
holy shit gorilla monsooon was fuckin huge

Author Helen Jones ( ago)
My dad is 6 ft 7 inches He looks like a giant

Author Gustavo Fats ( ago)
great stuff

Author sporstsfan92129 (566 years ago)
Andre the Giant looks like a big giant bear trying to box. LOL

Author jim lowe ( ago)
Awesome, simply priceless! :)

Author HighConsciousness1 ( ago)
Andre was probably the biggest Icon in 70's Wrestling - he was apparently
7" 1 inches tall. I have to say this was very hard to watch - they should
have stuck to wrestling. It is all scripted as we all now know.

Author Maurice Ryan ( ago)
Andre the Giant vs Gorilla Monsoon in a Boxing match 1977

Author steve steve ( ago)
They should have named him fat Walmart shopper.

Author Gabby Massaroni ( ago)

Author hazza3 ( ago)
Gorilla Monsoon was a very tall man himself, especially during his prime,
he was easily 6'5", and looked about 6'4" towards the end of his life. He
was much taller than 6'1" Steve Austin and 6'3" Muhammad Ali.

Author john mullens ( ago)
I don't quite understand the debate on the size of the Giant.. 7'4" isn't
that uncommon among europeans. The build of the body is "long and thin"
which isn't Andre's build (wasn't) but one of MY old friends was 7'5"..
Gorilla was about the same height as Vader I noticed on one video. Vader
was a BIG man.. but look at how Andre towers over Gorilla in this video.
I'm not saying I defo know Andre the Giant WAS 7'4" but it is certainly
believable.. I myself am 6'3' and I know Hulk Hogan for example is a man I
would literally look up to.. yeah, I'd say HE is or was 6'8" in his prime..
BTW, Wonderful video! very enjoyable!

Author bill smith ( ago)
This vid is hilarious. As fake as it is and even with the debate over
Andre's weight and height, can you imagine what Andre could have done to
people if he actually lost his temper? I do not believe Andre had it in him
though. Lets face it, "professional wrestling" is a joke. Pure
entertainment. Scripted, formulated twaddle really. Don't get me wrong,
what they do is incredibly physical and very hard on the body. They suffer
many injuries. They get hurt. But if Andre REALLY wanted to hurt you you
would be fucked...But he never did. He truly was a gentle giant. I have
read many things about Mr Roussimoff, but never a bad one. By all accounts
a lovely man who brought joy to many, despite the pain and isolation that
his condition afflicted upon him. Rest in peace big fella :)

Author Jon Rice ( ago)
Lord Alfred Hayes commentary is classic. 

Author Max Davis ( ago)
two huge bulls workin gut and heads… big assed MEN takin & givin punishment…
Monsoon was best technical fighter & boxer but softened up good by the
bigger man…sorry to see the better man lose here...

Author Eyes11 ( ago)
"Bow!", "OOOH!, "My Word!" "AOWWO!", "Woah HO!"

Lord Alfred Hayes doing his best "Adam West Batman 60s TV Show"
impression. His reactions to the hard blows and laughing really make this
video. What an announcer.

Author Danny Messner ( ago)
ahah awesome !

Author zaebok adin ( ago)

Author Buckeyecat2002 ( ago)
Pure, unadulterated sports entertainment.

Author at1212b ( ago)
Monsoon knew how to draw Heat. 10000x better than anybody today.

Cena draws heat, but the wrong kind. 

Author lightningsmokerXx ( ago)
ridiculously Fake

Author Roger Wilson ( ago)
Lord Alfred certainly exaggerated the hell out of the tale of the tape,
Monsoon was 6'5 Alfred has him at of 7'0. I know it's all scripted and over
the top but that mam he's stretching it, literally. 

Author ovidiu doman ( ago)
Rest In Peace Andre Rene Roussiomf 19th May 1946-27th January 1993
Rest In Peace Robert James Marella 4th June 1937-6th October 1999

Author DboKakarot ( ago)
WOW awesome, great video

Author TheGerryhmaster ( ago)
Wow Gorilla Monsoon must have put extra time in at the gym...what a
washboard stomach!

Author yidy1 ( ago)
Don't know if anyone here noticed this: At 5:28 Monsoon spits some liquid
into the face of Andre the Giant, and while the giant is disoriented the
Gorilla goes to town on him...

Author JeXsXsXe ( ago)
Now, THAT'S wrestling entertainment.

Super Macho-Man from the Mike Tyson games must of been modeled after Andre
the Giant. lol

Author o Asap x Fanz ( ago)
@thearmyastouch you got lots to learn kid if you would been born then and
seen it all and everything you would of Understand more those days about
wrestling and the business instead of assuming shit about different guys
like andre the giant and Gorilla Monsoon. #RIPAndreTheGiant
#RIPGorillaMonsoon #LongLiveAndreTheGiantAndGorillaMonsoon
#ThankGodForYoutube if it wasn't for youtube we would re live and watch
and enjoy the stuff we miss back then and we wouldn't re live it and re
live of what was called good and great wrestling from back then from WCW /
WWF Golden Era / WWF attitude era. #ThankYouYoutube :) :D

Author VinaySewkaransing ( ago)
Lol 6:01

Author Irishemi ( ago)
you got a lot to learn kiddo.

Author American Sim Tour Trucks ( ago)
dat laugh

Author American Sim Tour Trucks ( ago)

Author Mihira Fernando ( ago)
Effin LOL!! Now thats a match for the ages!

Author roberto acevedo ( ago)
Esta pelea fue en Puerto Rico y no fue de WWF hoy WWE esta pelea la hizo la
WWC que era una filial de de NWA del Caribe y Latinoamerica la Compañia se
llamaba Capitol Sport Promotions del Papa de Carlito Carebean Cool el Sr.
Carlos Colon y el otro dueño Victor Jovica los manejadores de los
luchadores el de Andres el Gigante Jose Miguel Perez Sr. y el de Gorlla
Monsoon fue Hugo Savinovich en ese entonces era rudo y tenia de apodo el
Muñecaso era de un personaje amanerado

Author Thaye ( ago)
That's easy enough. Thanks.

Author BengalBruin ( ago)
heel - bad guy face - good guy

Author MultiSamTaylor ( ago)
That KO should not have counted since referee Wolcott had gotten between
the two fighters--- Andre was not supposed to throw a punch during what was
essentially a break! Monsoon was cheated!

Author Thaye ( ago)
I've been enjoying lots of wrestling matches on Youtube lately and have to
admit they do put on a good show, but I haven't watched it since I was
small, I'm not a native english speaker, so I need a little help here:
What's "heel" and "face"? I'm not sure I understand those.

Author Mr. Bludclot ( ago)
and "article" or wikipedia? lol

Author Max Davis ( ago)
Andre delivers awesome gut hook to that huge Gorilla gut at 2:50...drapes
that fat ass over the ropes at 3:00... Monsoon never recovers from those
chops after that... Andre owned him...

Author roger wilson ( ago)
Lord Alfred is lying his ass off calming Monsoon was 7'0. Dude was more
like 6'5.

Author jpsholland ( ago)
I have read a article about Andre the Giant in Readers Digest about 1988,
1989 that his official medical records states that he was 2.25m or nearly
7.4ft at the heyday of his life. Andre suffered from a disease that kept
his body growing fast and endless. At the age of 12 his was equal in size
as the average 16 yo boy living in France at the time. At the end of his
life Andre his body start to collapse under his weight but still keep on
growing. This disease also toke his life.

Author kalai131 ( ago)
if there was any proof that andre the giant was a legit 7 foot 4 inches
tall, this clip is it, he has no lifts in his shoes and gorilla monsoon who
is 6'6 only comes to andre's chest

Author sausagebandit3 ( ago)
This is great stuff.

Author veom4 ( ago)
its documented he is at least 7ft

Author slofever512 ( ago)
this was legend against legend

Author Willie Bennett ( ago)
andre knock the shit out of him

Author Max Davis ( ago)
two big bulls snappin heads and thumpin guts... both good with his fists...
both gave and took it like MEN... best man won tho

Author Alexander Reinhard ( ago)

Author john bobson ( ago)
Not one single guy in the streets of New York City would fuck with Gorilla
Monsoon or Andre. Could you imagine getting hit by these guys. There power
would knock you out!

Author John Doe ( ago)
Andre was 6' 10" when he passed away and had shrunk several inches. At his
tallest, he was 7' 2"

Author Alex Batey ( ago)
Jersey Joe Wolcott. Boxer.

Author Alex Batey ( ago)
World Wrestling Council in PR. Monsoon owned a piece of the promotion.

Author NeedUpgrade ( ago)
I figure him to be 7 or 7`1", the same hight as big show/greate khali. It
show he was about about 10 cm taller than big john studd,

Author bloodpool ( ago)
No he was not. I dont think his real height was ever even 7 foot. 6'10",
6"11" tops

Author AynManRand ( ago)
Come on! Gorilla is 6' 5" and is dwarfed here!

Author EzEd ( ago)
This is one of the best boxing I've seen..lololol

Author Zareon X ( ago)
when was this recorded? wow... great!

Author newl0bstr ( ago)
Robert "Gorilla Monsoon" Marella was a contestant on the October 6, 1999
episode of the game show Celebrity Bucket Kickers. Andre the Giant was a
contestant on the January 27, 1993 episode of Celebrity Bucket Kickers.

Author ayam hitam ( ago)
wwwf ? wwf ? wwe ?

Author Karl Hungus ( ago)
He's a big head taller than Monsoon.who is about 6'5".I saw Andre up close
in the late 70s and he was over 7 ft.I remember his hands being huge,like a

Author Ernie the Attorney Algorri ( ago)
oh the humanity!!!!! lol

Author veom4 ( ago)
@aidan ruiz but he really is 7'4 Google it

Author simon marshall ( ago)
I watch Survivor Series 2001. Vince McMahon Menchanges Buddy Rogers, Dr
Jerry Graham, Gorilla Monsoon, Andre The Giant & High Cheif Peter Maiva to
Team WWE.

Author AndreasTube ( ago)
looks kinda.... fake.

Author Rip Rogers ( ago)
Check this video out-Listen to those crazy Puerto Ricans. Plus Former
boxing champ Jersey Joe Walcott .Worked in that building myself just not
quite the reaction as these two legends!!!

Author MrHmg55 ( ago)
Yeah, who needs statehood or the right to vote for president when you can
get to watch Gorilla Monsoon and Andre the Giant box!

Author lampini (2042 years ago)
ohh It's alfred Hays as the announcer!! WOW

Author Jiltedin2007 ( ago)
Gorilla Monsoon was far better On The Microphone!

Author Jiltedin2007 ( ago)
R.I.P. Andre The Giant and Gorilla Monsoon. Two Personalities of the WWF
that will never be forgotten. Outside of Jim Ross, there will NEVER be a
better wrestling Announcer than Gorilla Monsoon. And as for Andre The
Giant, words can never describe someone who was definitely "The Eighth
Wonder of the World"!

Author EasyRider321 ( ago)
Nice jab by Andre, wow! Very coordinated for a big guy! :)

Author SmokeydaBears113 ( ago)
You're a pussy i would like to see you go up against one of these guys and
see how you fare against them

Author Josh Mokip ( ago)
they fight like fat fucking pussies

Author MaggotEdits ( ago)

Author +RS (Vlogs,Top10s,Satire,Reviews) ( ago)
Was the referee legendary high flyer Antonino Rocca?

Author jimmy times ( ago)
I love watching these old wrestling video. Every thing looks so classic (to
an attitude era babby)

Author lampini ( ago)
Alfred Hays?

Author blakdust3 ( ago)
Monsoon is the man

Author Tubewings ( ago)
Hugo Savinovich

Author algol291 ( ago)
2:00 "privelaged Puerto Rican's..." Nice.

Author Sorour80s ( ago)

Author John Duffy III ( ago)
A classic match from 1977

Author rahowhero ( ago)
freaks are always a side effect of inbreeding

Author stipe9401 ( ago)
Victor Jovica was smart businessman investing in Carlos Colon and they drew
huge from late 70s to Bruiser Brodys death in 1988. Gino Marella also owned
part in WWWF then sold it to Junior. Some people think that he was
shareholder for NY italian mafia that Irish Vince had to pay.

Author stevepwn ( ago)
holy fuk

Author vangogh929 ( ago)
You guys know this is fake right? *sits back and waits for his inbox to
FILL up*

Author Joegernaut ( ago)
Good : this brought back old memories . Bad : It made me member how old I
am .

Author paul21mclovin ( ago)
gotta love alfred hayes

Author jblcn1042 ( ago)
this match was funny as fuck. Gorilla got owned hard but he still got some
good shots in. I can't believe how huge Gorilla was, though.

Author Alex Batey ( ago)
It was from a VHS. The promotion was World Wrestling Council which Monsoon
owned a piece of.

Author Jessyleppert ( ago)

Author peterp21 ( ago)
When did Gorilla start being a non-wrestling personality? I ask because I
was watching a WWWF show from the On Demand channel, and Tor Kamata
challenges Backlund to a Death Match, and during the telecast, Monsoon
appears at the announcer booth (off screen), saying that he just spoke with
WWWF management and that they told Gorilla to relay the message that the
Death Match was approved and would happen at some future event. This would
have been 1979-80, I think.

Author Jessyleppert ( ago)
Red Barry.

Author SylentEcho ( ago)
Haha Lord Alfred Hayes on commentary is having a hard time not laughing.
This match was great! Thanks uploader.

Author lastwolflord ( ago)
pretty cool.

Author Stephen Justice ( ago)
What a great match! Thanks for posting!

Author Jessyleppert ( ago)
What does that have to do with Monsoon being a Heel?

Author RayNDeere ( ago)
I believe this is from the Capitol Sports promotion in Puerto Rico, which
Gorilla had a piece of ownership in during the 1970s. Capitol later became
the World Wrestling Council (WWC) with Carlos Colon handling booking chores.

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