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Author Maurice Ryan (2 months)
Andre the Giant vs Gorilla Monsoon in a Boxing match 1977

Author sporstsfan92129 (1 month)
Andre the Giant looks like a big giant bear trying to box. LOL

Author steve steve (2 months)
They should have named him fat Walmart shopper.

Author Helen Jones (1 month)
My dad is 6 ft 7 inches He looks like a giant

Author Gustavo Fats (1 month)
great stuff

Author Spike White (23 days)
holy shit gorilla monsooon was fuckin huge

Author HighConsciousness1 (2 months)
Andre was probably the biggest Icon in 70's Wrestling - he was apparently
7" 1 inches tall. I have to say this was very hard to watch - they should
have stuck to wrestling. It is all scripted as we all now know.

Author Gabby Massaroni (4 months)

Author Jon Rice (9 months)
Lord Alfred Hayes commentary is classic. 

Author jim lowe (1 month)
Awesome, simply priceless! :)

Author john mullens (8 months)
I don't quite understand the debate on the size of the Giant.. 7'4" isn't
that uncommon among europeans. The build of the body is "long and thin"
which isn't Andre's build (wasn't) but one of MY old friends was 7'5"..
Gorilla was about the same height as Vader I noticed on one video. Vader
was a BIG man.. but look at how Andre towers over Gorilla in this video.
I'm not saying I defo know Andre the Giant WAS 7'4" but it is certainly
believable.. I myself am 6'3' and I know Hulk Hogan for example is a man I
would literally look up to.. yeah, I'd say HE is or was 6'8" in his prime..
BTW, Wonderful video! very enjoyable!

Author yidy1 (1 year)
Don't know if anyone here noticed this: At 5:28 Monsoon spits some liquid
into the face of Andre the Giant, and while the giant is disoriented the
Gorilla goes to town on him...

Author Max Davis (10 months)
two huge bulls workin gut and heads… big assed MEN takin & givin punishment…
Monsoon was best technical fighter & boxer but softened up good by the
bigger man…sorry to see the better man lose here...

Author Eyes11 (10 months)
"Bow!", "OOOH!, "My Word!" "AOWWO!", "Woah HO!"

Lord Alfred Hayes doing his best "Adam West Batman 60s TV Show"
impression. His reactions to the hard blows and laughing really make this
video. What an announcer.

Author hazza3 (6 months)
Gorilla Monsoon was a very tall man himself, especially during his prime,
he was easily 6'5", and looked about 6'4" towards the end of his life. He
was much taller than 6'1" Steve Austin and 6'3" Muhammad Ali.

Author Roger Wilson (1 year)
Lord Alfred certainly exaggerated the hell out of the tale of the tape,
Monsoon was 6'5 Alfred has him at of 7'0. I know it's all scripted and over
the top but that mam he's stretching it, literally. 

Author bill smith (9 months)
This vid is hilarious. As fake as it is and even with the debate over
Andre's weight and height, can you imagine what Andre could have done to
people if he actually lost his temper? I do not believe Andre had it in him
though. Lets face it, "professional wrestling" is a joke. Pure
entertainment. Scripted, formulated twaddle really. Don't get me wrong,
what they do is incredibly physical and very hard on the body. They suffer
many injuries. They get hurt. But if Andre REALLY wanted to hurt you you
would be fucked...But he never did. He truly was a gentle giant. I have
read many things about Mr Roussimoff, but never a bad one. By all accounts
a lovely man who brought joy to many, despite the pain and isolation that
his condition afflicted upon him. Rest in peace big fella :)

Author Danny Messner (11 months)
ahah awesome !

Author ovidiu doman (1 year)
Rest In Peace Andre Rene Roussiomf 19th May 1946-27th January 1993
Rest In Peace Robert James Marella 4th June 1937-6th October 1999

Author DboKakarot (1 year)
WOW awesome, great video

Author lightningsmokerXx (1 year)
ridiculously Fake

Author JeXsXsXe (1 year)
Now, THAT'S wrestling entertainment.

Super Macho-Man from the Mike Tyson games must of been modeled after Andre
the Giant. lol

Author at1212b (1 year)
Monsoon knew how to draw Heat. 10000x better than anybody today.

Cena draws heat, but the wrong kind. 

Author VinaySewkaransing (1 year)
Lol 6:01

Author zaebok adin (11 months)

Author Buckeyecat2002 (1 year)
Pure, unadulterated sports entertainment.

Author TheGerryhmaster (1 year)
Wow Gorilla Monsoon must have put extra time in at the gym...what a
washboard stomach!

Author o Asap x Fanz (1 year)
@thearmyastouch you got lots to learn kid if you would been born then and
seen it all and everything you would of Understand more those days about
wrestling and the business instead of assuming shit about different guys
like andre the giant and Gorilla Monsoon. #RIPAndreTheGiant
#RIPGorillaMonsoon #LongLiveAndreTheGiantAndGorillaMonsoon
#ThankGodForYoutube if it wasn't for youtube we would re live and watch
and enjoy the stuff we miss back then and we wouldn't re live it and re
live of what was called good and great wrestling from back then from WCW /
WWF Golden Era / WWF attitude era. #ThankYouYoutube :) :D

Author mimortal (3 years)
Amazing Afro Andre! R.I.P

Author Thaye (1 year)
That's easy enough. Thanks.

Author dapunisher1000 (3 years)
@officialvangcreative what an idiotic statement "all entertainment is fake"
and I am the moron? Real sport(s) entertainment like boxing, MMA, football,
hockey, basketball, baseball, and etc. is fake? Concerts are "fake", only
movies where actors pretending is fake. You know what the difference is
between professional wrestling and MMA is wrestling is like being with a
fuck doll while MMA is like being with a real with woman. Stop playing with
fuck dolls MORON

Author Randy Church (3 years)
Big John Studd was 6'10 and Andre was way taller and ANY pic can be

Author Molapalola (4 years)
it's really cool that gorilla monsoon videos on here give suggestions on
the right hand side of actual gorilla fight videos

Author Jiltedin2007 (2 years)
Gorilla Monsoon was far better On The Microphone!

Author Tubewings (2 years)
Hugo Savinovich

Author ayam hitam (2 years)
wwwf ? wwf ? wwe ?

Author Jessyleppert (3 years)
This was Monsoon's Second heel turn, Then he went back to being a Face.

Author American Sim Tour Trucks (1 year)
dat laugh

Author Sorour80s (2 years)

Author Holyspiritguide (4 years)
@peedoperecords: Your screen name is the silliest name I have ever seen on
YouTube and THAT is saying something!

Author soocl0se (4 years)
This may just be the most embarassing thing i've seen in awhile....WooW

Author SerUresto (4 years)
@sampson1959 Wilt is noticeably taller than Andre in the movie they did,
Conan the Destroyer. Andre was perhaps 6'11 at his peak, he was never as
tall as billed.

Author Ike Ickman (3 years)
Try shaking Andre the giants hand, made mine look like a baby's!

Author lampini (2 years)
ohh It's alfred Hays as the announcer!! WOW

Author Randy Church (3 years)
@BlackenedForLife He was 7ft by the age of 18 retard!

Author slofever512 (1 year)
this was legend against legend

Author SylentEcho (2 years)
Haha Lord Alfred Hayes on commentary is having a hard time not laughing.
This match was great! Thanks uploader.

Author Molapalola (4 years)
@banenwn your numbers contradict themselves from one sentence to another.
you sound like you've got good knowledge but just get some help of someone
who's numerate. lovely video though. good to see these guys putting on a
show. was a bit shit but something different and was entertaining, which
was the idea

Author Max Davis (1 year)
Andre delivers awesome gut hook to that huge Gorilla gut at 2:50...drapes
that fat ass over the ropes at 3:00... Monsoon never recovers from those
chops after that... Andre owned him...

Author Jessyleppert (3 years)
He was a Heel in the 60s, He had a big feud with Bruno for the WWWF title
and then was in a Tag Team with Killer Kowalski, and then turned face for 7
years and then turned heel to feud with Andre The Giant and then turned
face again.

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