True Power of Shaolin Kung Fu

Shaolin Kung Fu shows us what it's capable of.
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Author Bogdan Kasyanchuk (2 months)
This is real. But you must also understand, that these people have been
training and medetating for years. That is the reason why their body
resists damage from certain objects. The Chi Energy is very powerful, but
it is not that easy to get. Takes years,

Author Hypersonic Chainsaw (5 months)
A childhood friend once visited the Shaolin Temple with his Gung Fu class,
they were guests for a few weeks. Many of the Chinese Shaolin students
ordered fast-food sometimes and played Tekken in their free time. They keep
a traditional strict diciplined face in public but in private they are
human and modern, even the elders cracked jokes and many even smoked. It's
not like the movies believe it or not.

Author 84updown (12 days)
All my life, I thought that humans were limited in terms of physical
strength. These guys prove that even the strongest fighters known like
Muhammad Ali or Bruce Lee would get their asses killed even in their prime.

Author Sean Ó Briain (1 month)
All of those breaks at the start are easily explain by basic physics. They
all attack the centre of the object where it's easier to break. Anyone
could replicate them. 

Author Sky Edge (3 months)
Like to see how long one of these monks would last in the MMA ring

Author Elliot Vickers (2 months)
Putting extreme weight on the neck, hitting your head and smashing your
knuckles into a wall does not strengthen them, it just causes wear and long
term damage.

Author dlwatib (3 months)
I'm actually more impressed by using Qi Gong for healing. Make a cancer
disappear and you've got my full attention.

Author Zarion106 (9 days)
Guys this isn't chi this is just physical training. People who aren't
Shaolin Monks break bricks and shit all the time. They go through intense
training, and deserve respect for that, but Chi is non existent. Nothing in
this video proves otherwise.

Author LiveForPanda (5 days)
seriously, how do you make your skull harder? It's just a skeletal shell

Author Killua Zoldyck (29 days)
i can prove that chi dont exist... its just a strength.look at their
muscles its enough to break a blocks..and also they always in training...
if chi exist then... just give me a sword and im going to cut their
fingers..lets try how strong their chi is...& lets see if their fingers are
stronger than a "steel" ..

Author tye ramsey (2 days)
if that stone at 1:33 was really that hard and thick then it would take WAY
WAY more stones at the bottom to hold it... The fact that their are just 4
lil stones holdin' it at the bottom when he breaks it, proves its not that
hard,, anybody who knows physics will agree that if that stone was really
that hard then it would have thrown those lil stones at the bottom, but it
didn't, so that proves that the stone he kicked wasen't all that hard.. BUT
don't get me wrong, I DO believe in this and i believe in monks with this
kinda power.. but that one scene at 1:33, well that's just physics.. look
at how many stones that are holding that one stone...i mean c'mon..

Author Christopher Melendez (1 day)
Jesus Christ that looks like tougher than.nails.

Author Senam Lawson (1 day)
LMAO: 3:59.
I'm speechless, y'all. (And I almost can't stop laughing :D )

Author Milktank ™ (5 days)
"the brain is the most important organ in the human body" had to leave
after that lol 90% of people have no clue that emotion ,actions & thoughts
are processed through the heart first...this has been proven by
scientist...there has & still is people that have lived without a brain but
no cases where people have survived without a heart (half a heart yeah) but
not one completely missing...& you wonder why...

Author Loai Hassoun (11 days)
soundtrack please

Author Zohan Zohan (12 days)
i feel llike this is exagurated in a way

Author webmaster657 (2 months)
Chi is bullshit, if you train for years and years you can reinforce the
bone because impacts shatter a few fibers in the bone, and when it regrows
it regrows much thicker and stronger, but skin? I'd call that bullshit
because there's no real way to reinforce skin to not tear, but there is
bones and muscle.

Author Philip Chung (2 days)
Yes it is very hard to get and it is very powerful,it can take years or
even decades to get,meditation and hard work,I have tried meditation is is
very difficult

Author andreas makropoulos (1 month)
they are awsome

Author Loai Hassoun (11 days)
soundtrack please

Author Adolf Galland (11 days)
my ass....can that all take a bullet?

Author fms alle (20 days)
Can someone tell me the music

Author Vee Chang (1 month)
if you took away the tradition, religion and all that stuff away from this,
its a bunch of dudes breaking shit on each other. 

Author Fastmagnum004 (2 months)
I always love those shaolin DBZ looking orange pants with the feet wrap
things, they look badass as hell when they do a spinning kick or something.
They also look rave ready. ... Come to think of it I wonder where they get
those things. Do they make them, or...? And why orange... Google time...

Author James Soundwave (1 month)
There is a trick to braking bricks / blocks / and bamboo sticks and it
don't involve chi, I'm not saying these guys are not tuff but any one can
brake a brick over the edge of a wall if they lift it slightly just before
the hand hits it, the wall brakes it not the hand, also have you ever seen
anyone brake ten brick stacked on top of each other without placing small
blocks in between the bricks??? NO of corse you haven't, they place them
blocks in between the bricks because it allows the centre of the bricks
that becomes the point of impact to become weak, again I'm not saying these
guys are not tuff but it has nothing to do with chi, 

Author Brad Sprague (10 days)
Teaching kids to hang by nooses on their necks THAT'S SMART

Author K NICK (12 days)
Well a tradition olympic athlete can prostitution. Why cant a shaolin smoke
and play tekken that fucking racist.

Author Fiddy Middy (20 days)

Author Broderick Maisey (13 days)
all the objects they set up are being broken at their weakest points. its
more a trick of knowing how to hit it then using mystical energy.

Author bleushift (1 month)
Meh i once trew a screwdriver in a wall in drunken rage.
i also deflected a flying bear bottle with my elbow.
and took multiple punches to th face without going down.
i call this great power.
seriously tho.
this was very impressive.

Author Nyrufa (1 month)
Shaolin are friggin crazy, but this makes some anime look more believable!

Author Vincent Jiang (21 day)
true power of shaolin is being vegetarian while still kills 

Author NozzaC (29 days)
Just load of parlour tricks. When he breaks the bricks he's lifting them up
several inches and bashing them against the step. They break like that even
if you don't hit them with the other hand. Try it.

Author Pawptart Gamer (2 months)
"By now, it is clear that.." you gon get fucked.

Author Dreez76 (2 months)
Want to see the true power of Kung fu ?. Put them in the octagon with an
MMA-fighter and see who comes out standing... My money is on the
Kung fu is nothing but a bunch of bull-circus dancing-shit "martial arts.

Author Burly Badger (19 days)
Give me a spear I bet I can pierce his neck.

Author mayh3m (2 months)
this shit made me laugh specially the head training part.

Author TacDyne (2 months)
Gotta love these cheap circus gimmicks. Barnum wasn't wrong.

Author Dan0101010101010 (2 months)
man if you fall for this you are totally retarded!

Author MilesTraveler (1 month)
Love all the 'experts' on here with their armchair martial arts degrees.
For those saying Shaolin doesn't work, it has been used in real combat,
against animals, bandits and even in war. It was developed in much worse
times, if it didn't work it would be thrown out. It also does include
weapon training, which makes it far more viable for real combat than modern
sport martial arts.

"...Calling out the Monks

Desperate to regain control of the lawless coast, Nanjing official Wan Biao
mobilized the monks of Shaolin, Funiu and Wutaishan. The monks fought the
pirates in at least four battles.

The first took place in the spring of 1553 on Mount Zhe, which overlooks
the entrance to Hangzhou City via the Qiantang River. Although details are
scarce, Zheng Ruoceng notes that this was a victory for the monastic forces.

The second battle was the monks' greatest victory: the Battle of
Wengjiagang, fought in the Huangpu River delta in July of 1553. On July 21,
120 monks met an approximately equal number of pirates in battle. The monks
were victorious, and chased the remnants of the pirate band south for ten
days, killing every last pirate. Monastic forces suffered only four
casualties in the fighting.

During the battle and mop-up operation, the Shaolin monks were noted for
their ruthlessness. One monk used an iron staff to kill the wife of one of
the pirates as she tried to escape the slaughter.

Several dozen monks took part in two more battles in the Huangpu delta that
year. The fourth battle was a grievous defeat, due to incompetent strategic
planning by the army general in charge. After that fiasco, the monks of
Shaolin Temple and the other monasteries seem to have lost interest in
serving as paramilitary forces for the Emperor.

Warrior-Monks: An Oxymoron?

Although it seems quite odd that Buddhist monks from Shaolin and other
temples would not only practice martial arts, but actually march into
battle and kill people, perhaps they felt the need to maintain their fierce

After all, Shaolin was a very wealthy place. In the lawless atmosphere of
late Ming China, it must have been very useful for the monks to be renowned
as a deadly fighting force."

"The Shaolin Monks were Buddhists who lived in the Shaolin Monastery in
China. In the Shaolin Monastery, where the Shaolin Monks lived, there were
many expensive antiques. As a result, it attracted thieves, and sometimes
armies. The Shaolin Monks began training in Kung Fu to defend themselves.
Their Buddhist beliefs prevented the Shaolin Monks from ever being the
aggressor in battle, however. The Shaolin faced discrimination in Maoist
China when religion and relics were targeted by the government and Red
Guard terrorists, but today the Shaolin are well respected. They still
train in Kung Fu, but they do it for public entertainment."

Not they now only use ti for public entertainment as the need to fight no
longer exists. That is why it is so flashy and fun now days. But even then,
I wouldn't knock it because it doesn't win in a regulated octagon ring.
Sport fighting says absolutely nothing about real fighting. MMA guys have
gotten their asses handed to them by marines, a chimpanzee, and street
thugs. Where as the time Jackie Chan was attacked on the street he beat the
crap out of 2 of 4, then they ran away. Bruce Lee grew up fighting on the
street under the teachings of Wing Chung.

Just because we have McDojos and dumb Kung Fu movies doesn't say anything
about the real arts, nor the person learning them. Because in the end it
comes down to the person, not the art.

Why does Muay Thai/BJJ Succeed so much in the ring? Because it's a
regulated, 1v1 beat down between two big muscle guys. So secret techniques,
throat clawing, weak point striking, multi target fighting and many other
things become pointless in the ring. And because it's so hard to find legit
training in Japanese, Korean and Chinese martial arts.

But know this. Police self defense is modeled off Karate. And the Navy
Seal's "SCARS" is an altered form of kung fu movements. So there is plenty
of merit for those arts.

Author Tuurke01 (1 day)

Author Андрей Андреевич (1 month)
Аанг, ты ли это?

Author Tyler S Siemon (16 days)
qi is mental thoughness

Author hasnain raza (1 month)
this is just imagine like league of justice by watching this i can say
that in these fighters are so strong and their are things which we do not

Author GermanGameAdviser (1 month)
HM.... SEEMS LIKE THEY KNOW SMTH ABOUT PHYSICS. dumbass average watchers :D

Author Michael Steven (1 month)
Is this some kind of a sick joke? No true Shaolin would ever show their
secrets let alone this garbage ... this vid is pathetic

Author omgamuslim (7 days)

Author Macho Luke (1 month)
We all know the power comes from the noises they make. No wonder Goku is
always yelling

Author nex scene (1 month)
There's no magical force. Just train your parts of the body and it will
become superman. Like male porn stars got the biggest longest cock bc they
aim for that part of the body.

Author evilro3345 (21 day)
So... bs martial arts?

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