True Power of Shaolin Kung Fu

Shaolin Kung Fu shows us what it's capable of.
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Author pdoggy10inch ( ago)
lmao........let me break a solid hickory axe handle over that inbreds

Author Robert Seba ( ago)
"Sticks and stones may break my bones but..." never mind, I'm a shaolin
monk so that doesn't work

Author ITS YA BOI ( ago)
shaolin respect they spar unlike what tv shows and they are trained since
childhood resistance lool these people DRILL INTO THERE HEADS

Author Pat rick ( ago)
No thank you

Author you5711 ( ago)
The best part was at the end with the guy practicing with the sword. I
loved that! Where is the rest of the video??? I want to see that guy with
the sword!!

Author Nitin Singh ( ago)
Undisputably Shaolin Monks are great fighters

Author Levi howard ( ago)
Having Qi-gong or tai chi or meditation to find a way to focus 2000% my
whole entire body to channel all my anger and use it for good

Author Justin Lacek ( ago)
So when Goku powers up, he's basically directing qi

Author Michael Bradley ( ago)
I thought I had a high pain threshold, apparently not, I must be a chi
master instead.

Author Chi Chi Blasian 泰国女孩 ( ago)
no wonder they won the war

Author apgovea1 g ( ago)
when you learn how to catch a bullet from a minigun firing 10000 rounds a
minute from an Apache with night vision and infrared then I'll be impressed
otherwise your ancient culture is garbage compared to technology

Author Chiman ( ago)
fake and shame to chinese culture.

Author FOOTBALL BASIS ( ago)

Author zaglis321 ( ago)
no wonder those are chienese stones and sticks

Author JAMIE SPEARS ( ago)
not Bruce he knew all about chi

Author gottimetimestp ( ago)
He rocked each brick back and used that impact to snap it, like a
bricklayer might with a gentle tap from a trowel or with a hard edge. The
wooden sticks are pre selected for a substantial knot to be in the centre,
they'd snap on your head too. This is impressive but not supernatural chi
focussing. Like a circus.

Author 1OO1O11O11O1O ( ago)
Anyone wanna hit my head for two years straight then hold me while I put
all my weight on my neck?

Author Naori “明 アキラ” Kokorone ( ago)

Author mike brown ( ago)
Look's like the almost 1700 dislikes watch fox news and are afraid of these

Author SEBASTIAN ODE ( ago)
oh man now i got it why their body hard as steel , the training is

Author PinkBeetles Wray ( ago)
4:53 that is not chi, that is just being fucking retarded.

Author MLG Oatmeal ( ago)
you guys are babies, i can do that shit. i could catch a bullet with my
head, but i can only do it once, and right after im going to take a long
nap, so dont pester me.

Author Andrei Banaseanu ( ago)

Author Juz33ver ( ago)
клоуны блять

Author 爱生活没道理 ( ago)
i was shocked at 5:00....

Author DryDay ( ago)
Its Called Haki

Author wagwan6248 ( ago)
Never seen a Chinese man with a beard like that

Author Wild West ( ago)
some of that bruce lee sheeat

Author Ermin_Rocky Harbas ( ago)
this is truo i come from china and they do this in the high mountian.

Author Nicholas K ( ago)
punch the wall for two hours every day and then two hours smashing your
head then the neck exercises. Not to mention knees feet shins and elbows
which need to be strengthened. oh yeah and more time to actually train in
martial arts learning technique. and lifting weights/strength training to
keep strong. I'd rather just use firearms to defend myself.

Author My Account ( ago)
I love when people who have never trained in martial arts think that these
MMA fighters are the best of the best. They put in a lot of hard work and
are good. There is no doubt. But as someone who has trained for 10 years in
times prior, when I watch these fights there is so much that these fighters
don't do. The problem with many of them is that it in some ways becomes
this choreographed encounter as though I try to achieve this grappling
stance when he commits to this, etc. Not always, clearly. But for me...if I
was in my prime, I would set out like Tyson does. That's my approach. I can
take a shot in order to give mine. I have a solid chin. Honestly, there is
no reason for one of these fights to go beyond one round. If you have the
ability to fuck someone up and take a shot, then the fight should not last

Perhaps there are some rules that would limit me. I'm sure. But if you
watch, there are so many times these guys hands do nothing when on their
back, clinched in some way, etc. Your hands should always be striking.
These people could t off on the ribs/side of their opponent, the head, etc.
They don't. Many times the other guy grabs a leg with both hands. What a
gift! Sure, you want my leg with both hands? Now you have nothing to block
with. Instead of trying to defend, they ought to land a few solid blows to
the head. Also, there are many pressure points to be worked when on the
ground. From what I looked up, these are legal. One person says that this
is useless. Ok, try letting someone work some points who has knowledge. A
cousin of that is under the nose. I've been put in wrestling holds that
were impossible to escape from, but you put your index finger under the
nose of someone and push up, they will let go, I promise you. I don't care
how strong you are.

Lastly, the head of my style could chi into a pair of handcuffs and break
them apart. People on PCP could do that. But he wasn't doped up. Pure
strength. Point is, if you get one of these people on the ground and try to
grapple, there is no way that you can ever be effective due to the shear
strength. Honestly, it's absurd to think that these guys can defeat a true
master of the art. I was a 2nd degree black belt. (which it the rank of
many of these guys) I was awesome. I was fast. I had endurance. When I
walked into a room at a tournament, or certain events, I could see people
tapping people and pointing at me. I'm not being arrogant, just making
myself a point of reference that as bad ass as I may have been, my
instructor would have crushed me, and his instructor (the man who could
break the cuffs) who was lightening fast with a hefty mans physique would
annihilate me. I wouldn't even attempt to tangle with that man. I would
have fear in my heart. There is something called the kiai of the eyes (a
death look). This guy was a true samurai who could pierce right through

Author 360YesDope ( ago)
I can only focus my "chi" on my penis, that's why it is really hard

Author IAMTHE Funny ( ago)
These spears are blunt it's mental more than physical ur body's building a
resistance to the pain this shit is garbage

Author Final Cartoon ( ago)
oh nice swedish subtitles

Author zues tanki online ( ago)
Can this chi survive a bullet, doubt it.

Author Mohamed Sawan ( ago)
What if they did UFC?

Author OddKnights ( ago)
dormammu i've come to bargain

Author Gamurai ( ago)
Hang your self today😄

Author shrone dobson ( ago)
this is super human

Author Rodger Delisa The lonely sad wolf ( ago)
I don't have chi but I can break a stone with my fist and kick it.

Author KillerMatt ( ago)
watches video trys to break a brick with hand

Author Alan Lee ( ago)
the excersice they mention is not true. they do not do that

Author Eleonor Boyett ( ago)
Meanwhile i struggle to stand on one leg

Author Arjun Batra ( ago)
the funny part is the Indians who invented whole of this yogic shit does
not even know a bit about this great power. In fact none here knows about
true concepts of hinduism only endless idol worshipping and praising dhongi
babas has become the ritual.
Lost in lust we are.

Author Juan Arciga ( ago)
Soon they'll all be Super Saiyans :v

Author young ki Hong ( ago)
ridiculous circus

Author Omoplata1916 ( ago)
Put them in the octagon.

Author Abo Hasan ( ago)
أنتم قتلاه!!!😈😈

Author For Reich ( ago)
Leftism, or Collectivism, thwarts this 'chi' energy and thus has turned the
world into total chaos and despair. Liberty is Tao; is chi -- leftism is
the suppression of Life Energy and [Statism, Socialism] is the political
economic system of slavery.

Author Lil Juice ( ago)
alright guys im going to go my bang my head for two hours brb

Author Ahmad Syahmirga ( ago)
damn this some Avatar thing right here lmao like air bending or some shit

Author Slvdr_46 ( ago)
all these skeptical faggots yapping there mouths like if they train this
art there are many other martial arts that have also cultivated ki -chi in
the training so just stfu weak ass clowns fuckboys mainly do all the
yapping and dont know shit or have studied it

Author Exaco #Lionheart Studios ( ago)
1:31 how is that part impressive ? Very little to none physics knowledge
and i bet even a 3 year old would be able to do it. Same with the sticks.
Bricks is bit harder and some of the rest things.

Author Trayan Hristov ( ago)
Where is this particular Shaolin temple? Do you guys know how you can join
some kind of this training :D

Author John G ( ago)
breaking bricks on an edge like that is super easy, wtf lol , they almost
break themselves when pressure is applied in the middle like that. This is
all BS , banging your head against sand bags for hours? Sure just give
people parkinson's , shitty and bad idea. You are not going to strengthen
the bone, you would have to break it, and that would likely kill you.

Author Brad projects ( ago)
I believe in chi somewhat but these are all sideshow tricks. By the way I
would not fight any of them (fairly)!

Author David Spin ( ago)
How much do ya'll get paid for being a Monk?

Author Lumberjack Agies ( ago)
what about groin ......

Author Monii Elka ( ago)
OOH Okay! Now i finally understand what i have to do to become crazy strong
fighter. Very simple if i may so so myself: #1 Quit ur job cuz ain nobody
got time for that ish (between all the exercises you'd have to probably
find a way to creat more hours in the day)#2 Give up love, family,
feelings, and my goal to help others / humanity.#3 Become a silent useless
being who sure can fight and take spears to the throat (isn't that what
everyone needs to learn cuz u know u gotta deal with that sh!t on the

Author Rich 1 ( ago)
Chi does not excist it is just pure horseshit and most of these guys would
not even be able to hit a 10 year old kid

Author MuggShotGaming ( ago)
Its easier to ask WHY are there no Shaolin monks in the UFC. As a belief
its as good as any, as a martial art its 50% bullshit and 50% hogwash. Its
the old bed of nails BS anyone in this thread can break those bricks stone
pillars and staves with little practice. And if someone stabs you in the
neck with a spear YOU WILL DIE no amount of training will save you. Leaning
on a spear or trident isnt the same thing.

Author I'm Batman ( ago)
3:25 I didn't know you could break paper

Author I'm Batman ( ago)
Now that's one way to use your head to solve something

Author Pasha ( ago)
All fake

Author Vajra_Asura ( ago)
Sometimes I just feel like running away and joining a Shaolin Temple....

Author silver burst ( ago)
just looks like a lot of brain cell killing to me

Author Adan Ramirez Ramirez ( ago)
I am a super sayan now..

Author Mike Woods ( ago)
so monks basically unlocked the human power to become super saiyan?

Author 5thDegreeGaming ( ago)
break sticks and break more sticks they can even break sticks

Author kirefy1 ( ago)
Hahhaha, swedish subtitle

Author Johnny B ( ago)
These "things" have more to do with correct body alignment than Chi.
As far as "iron body" type training, a single finger to the eye fro an
untrained individual can show that the time spent developing these
'techniques' would have been better spent practicing how to lessen the
chances of getting hit to begin with.

Also, understanding the Laws of Physics as applied to these things would
help when deciding on the validity and practicality of this type of

Author Leo jay ( ago)
i thought super saiyan was bullshit but jaylen and this guys prove

Author phantom ( ago)
"all you have to do is hit your head with your hands for 2 hours followed
by banging your head on a sandbag for 2 hours, every day." OH THAT'S ALL?

Author Zapper CD ( ago)
Hard way to make a living!

Author narinder sharma ( ago)
power of breathing

Author The Laughing Jack ( ago)
Their hands can break bricks, I once tried to break a ginger bread house
with a chop and It hurt alot, tore some skin, it hurt for an hour.

Author Charles Dave ( ago)
they should beat McGregor on ring

Author Eden ( ago)
Lost it at 3:56

Author Star Plantinum's The world ( ago)
Ancient indians used to call it 'Prana', chinese call it 'Qi'. 'Qigong'
means cultivating energy and in yoga 'Pranayama' means extension of life

Both concepts are similar.

Author jmboy rim ( ago)
what if shaollin monk join to mma and ufc?

Author youssef Baaziz ( ago)
are they saiyans??

Author Joseph Stewart ( ago)
all illusions

Author NeilGrandeur ( ago)
I found myself tensing up when they were doing the neck exercises.

Author Maniek Manna ( ago)
please focus more on access to magic YIN ENERGY. TAthat would be world
scale great video
the wayofblindman. com
peace.dr joint :-)

Author Bts has no jam Rina (Cutie) ( ago)
OMG!!!How did I got here?

Author Colonictomb Raiser ( ago)
Jacob Sattorious can suck my left nut and to wash it down, a nice cup of

Author ShawnShaffer ( ago)
Fuckin losers.

Author TFE niname ( ago)
She is 3'8 and 52 pounds Is honnored with the shaolin title Golden

Extreme Martial Arts
Shaolin Kung Fu
Kickboxing Points Fighting
Traditional Karate
Note: Jesse-Jane was the yougest ever with world titles in Kickboxing and
karate (at age 7) . Jesse-Jane currently holds over 240 martial
arts titles and is 14 times World Champion and 12 times European Champion.
Other titles include 9 times Double WAKO World Champion, 6 times WKC World
Champion, WKC Youngest Female World Champion, 3 times WOMMA World Champion.
She also appeared alongside Don ‘The Dragon’ Wilson, Cynthia Rothrock and
Jansen Panettiere as a specially trained Space Coast Dojo Student in ‘The
Martial Arts Kid’ released in the US earlier this year and has just taken
part in a campaign for UFC.
Jesse-Jane McParland "JJ Golden Dragon" at WAKO World Championship Belgrade

Author DesiCartoonWorld ( ago)
I bang my gf 3 hr every I to have the power of chi

Author DesiCartoonWorld ( ago)
I want to use Chi power to increase the strength of my cock so that can
impress my gf....

Author I'm Batman ( ago)
Now that's one to use your head

Author Benjamin Carmine ( ago)
Who are these guys preparing to fight, god dam

Author Peter Henriksen ( ago)
worst cult ever

Author Average roblox player -SKILLZ ( ago)
I just wanted to be a fighting and peaceful monk

Author veneme ( ago)
joke nic p za tym... tak samo z tymi cegłami na pocvzatku. dzieki trikowi
pekaja bez najmiejszego trudu...

Author RedOne ( ago)
fook that shit I'll use a gun

Author MaltLiquor45 ( ago)

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