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Author 84updown (4 months)
All my life, I thought that humans were limited in terms of physical
strength. These guys prove that even the strongest fighters known like
Muhammad Ali or Bruce Lee would get their asses killed even in their prime.

Author Raymond Acance (27 days)
Which one of them is Goku?

Author Kaynos (25 days)
But none of them can spend a night in minecraft without dying.

Author ranker4 (2 months)
I've seen some news where cops were using a ram to open a door, for 30
mins. Why using that ram when you could use a monk?

Author D Pierre (2 months)
ok now i will bang my head against my kitchen walls every morning for 2

Author Bogdan Kasyanchuk (6 months)
This is real. But you must also understand, that these people have been
training and medetating for years. That is the reason why their body
resists damage from certain objects. The Chi Energy is very powerful, but
it is not that easy to get. Takes years,

Author Andrea Roll (2 months)
How many of them snap and get a mental brakedown during training?

Author Matthew McG (6 hours)
dis some dbz naruto shit right here, zombie apocalypse hits ima hangin with
this lot

Author Steve Jellaman (1 month)
And yet, bodybuilders struggle to even break a little piece of 2x4, lmao.
Seriously, these shaolin monks know what the fuck they are doing and are
the real deal. I hate how most people, especially the U.S., assumes that
because you have big, bugling muscles, you can break a cinder-block or push
a car. Yes, I have seen some jacked guys able to do that, but probably
because they were taking drugs or they have serious willpower (which is
funny because theses monks have tons of willpower as well). Anyway, I have
seen many skinny dudes able to lift about 200-220 lbs whereas a muscular
guy can do the same as well. Muscle size is relative to weight training
depending on the amount of volume and intensity used. Just because you lift
heavy, doesn't mean you will get big. Most people who don't weight train
don't understand that concept. I weight train all the time and when I arm
wrestled my friend, he managed to beat every time and he is a skinny dude.

Author Mac Tek (2 months)
Microfractures in bone cause the bone to eventually get denser, harder, and
less likely to break. The internal structure of the bone changes. It has
nothing to do with Chi.

Author Aysar Aburrub (1 month)
Chi is BS ... these guys became the way they are through rigorous training
day in and day out for years. that's all there's to it! What doesn't kill
you makes you stronger, literally, the bones harden overtime after being
micro-fractured, nerves endings become more immune to pain through constant
exposure to it ... it's all natural and it's all been proven by science ...
Chi has nothing to do with it

Author nguyen275 (3 months)
Isn't it called Iron Body training or something?

Author Will Reischling (24 days)
A very fascinating look at Shaolin Kung Fu💖

Author justsmilehomie (21 day)
Greatest Martial art style ever.

Author James Hecto (2 months)
It's like Sasuke Naruto Sakura training With kakashi

Author GenoSkill (16 days)
1:06 LOOL a neckbeard lol i tip my hat to you sir lol

Author thawjzagxwb (2 months)
People always asking, if these monks are so good then why do they in MMA or
UFC? Well, I tell you because if these monks were in UFC or MMA then those
fighters would have died or be kill. They train to strike the weakest
point and attack as fast which where in UFC or MMA, they prohibit any
attack where you can hurt others so they put limit to the real fighters.
UFC and MMA are for sissy and for entertainment only like movies. If you
want real fight then go there and challenge one of them and ask if you die
you will not sue any of them. I'm pretty sure all the UFC or MMA or the so
call the best fighters in the world would of been kill.

Author Skeptic Spartan (13 days)
Today we know all these exhibitions are nothing more than parlor tricks.
Heating an iron rod till its red hot and cooling it in ice water makes it
brittle enough for virtually anyone to snap it in half over there head.
Former monks have come out on YouTube and describe and demonstrate these
tricks. These monks go on to describe the bad treatment they receive in
what is said to be an almost cult like atmosphere inside these temples. And
kung-fu is by all accounts in today's world, an impressive display but
lacks any real world practical use in defence when put up against modern
fighting styles. 

Author Quicksilver17 (1 month)
This is all a bunch of bull crap. I could do any of these stuff when I was
five. They make themselves look like a bunch of stupid monkeys for no
reason at all. That training is stupid and unnecessary.

Author Monster From Within (1 month)
It's that legendary energy called QI that inspired lots of Anime with
Chakra, Reiatsu, Nen.

Author OMAR D penguin (24 days)
And here Iam controlling my goosebumps.

Author millenium2003 (25 days)
They are not even buff.. but very strong

Author Ted LeMoine (13 days)
Brock Lesnar rips their heads off when he takes it to the ground. Stronger
and skilled in multiple disciplines. Size discrepancy is huge too

Author Joel Payamps (1 month)
Just an observational hypothesis, all of the "breaking" we see is possible
to accomplish by anyone who does it exactly as shown due to the fact that
they are all done using the centrifugal force to help break the objects. In
all cases the center is the weakest point of all objects, when breaking
sticks they strike the center whilst the edges or outer sides are held. In
the case of the bricks, they strike the outer sides while using another
object act as a fulcrum to a lever to initiate the resistance in the

Author Dan Brake (10 days)
And break more sticks.... and some more sticks....

Author lealand1000 (5 days)
Really impressive I could never dream of doing any of these things but
just to be clear there is no such thing as "chi" and doing these exercises
most likely only prevents or treats constipation. These guys train their
heads for years by doing arduous exercises everyday but were suppose to
believe "chi" is what causes them to be able to break bricks on their head,
no they trained to do that, not taking anything away from them just saying.

Author bryan legato (26 days)
I dont believe in this shit

Author Punjabi Lion (28 days)
can not believe India neglected there martial arts, good the Chinese took
it seriously

Author Christiam Velez (1 month)
Master... Take me as your pupil.

Author reg profant (21 day)
Z3phlar Ufc has rules banning anything a good martial artist could do. Thus
limiting or handicapping them . UFC is a sport and as such has rules.
Basically what they do is ground and pound. They are good at what they do
but limited and as such not necessarily the toughest or best. Like all
sports athletes are great at what they train for. Your ignorance shows your

Author Rony Sinh (2 months)
bring them to UFC/MMA.

Author Sean Ó Briain (5 months)
All of those breaks at the start are easily explain by basic physics. They
all attack the centre of the object where it's easier to break. Anyone
could replicate them. 

Author maddog (6 days)
They surely can be a very good demolition man.

Author Yolo McSwagginz (22 days)
Dude this shit is literally Taii Jutsu from Naruto but they're all sages
using nature energy instead of chakra

Author larry scarr (16 days)
Just magic tricks, and a complicated dance routine.. no "meditation" or
"spiritual" woo woo required. For example, a spear with a flexible shaft,
is useless. Its fun to watch but lets not pretend this is anything but some
fantastic performers putting on a show.

Author Mason Wiegand (21 day)
I was really only impressed by the spear to the neck thing and the hanging
by the neck, but i have seen drunks break more impressive things than those
rocks and sticks.

Author LiveForPanda (4 months)
seriously, how do you make your skull harder? It's just a skeletal shell

Author Alwwar r (17 days)
On the weird side of youtube again...

Author Tre Steward (18 days)
This is true religion

Author Oliver Q (3 days)
I would train this without hesitation, that is if I actually would need it.
Today all you need is a gun and you're a god who can take out lives at the
blink of an eye. Wars are no longer fought in close range either, mostly
air strikes and when it gets real messy they bring in the nukes. I hate
what the world has become. People think that science is the awenser to
everything, but just look at the weapons and gadgets science has created.
Phones, games, computers, nuclear weapons, guns, cars. It's all poison to
this world. Altough, science is probably going to save mankind from threats
that come from space, such as meteors or from our ever expanding sun. Gah,
it's a complicated world. Lets just say that science is being used for both
good and bad, and with the freedom people have today in inventing new
weapons and everyday items we are only getting more bad stuff. Eventually,
even if science saves us from time to time, in the end it's going to be our
demise. The world is fucked up, and our world leaders are busy building
armies and lowering taxes. Sigh.

Author Owen Ou Yang (7 days)
All the kung fu in shaolin are come from Bodhidharma,and his boss are

Author Melza Bradley (1 month)
WoW ohhhh Double WOWWWW 

Author cheeseusrice1981 (9 days)
I'll knock his ass out with my tongue fu

Author I'm Batman (1 day)
Lol @ the shaolin monks in the comments who know it all. 

Author Saswat S Nayak (8 days)
Bob Munden would blow this guy's head off before he even realises that he's
gonna get shot 

Author TurfGuy (1 month)
Half-wits, mostly Americans, believe that juiced up mma fighters can take
out these warriors. 

Author MagnificentXXBastard (17 days)
There is no mysterious energy that somehow defies the laws of physics.
Those are simply very disciplined, controlled people with full control over
their muscles and minds.

Author Dot Branning (29 days)
This looks a lot like the dares a group of friends might give one another
after a night of drinking

Author Callum Brown (1 month)

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