True Power of Shaolin Kung Fu

Shaolin Kung Fu shows us what it's capable of.
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Author gourglisou sopa ( ago)
Magical black belted mastery

On a Sunday at Nine thirty in the morning,
went for Tae-kwon Do Ditch, demonstration,
too early shouted the "master's" helper, warning,
there my eye caught them at my exclamation,

had broken bricks glued for a logical cause,
for this afternoon's premeditated applause.


Author Nicolas Cacace ( ago)
This video was made as a private joke by the Monks - It's the only fun they
get all year.

Author CyLloyd R ( ago)
one punch man everywhere

Author Rod Pastoral ( ago)
the bricks, stones and sticks are fake, they're made in China

Author Jaba is Love ( ago)
Sharpen those spears a little more

Author Milind Gautam ( ago)
What I, or Science doesn't know, cannot exist, is the height of human
If people like Einstein and Edison had such naive mindsets, we wouldn't
have all the scientific advancements we have today. Closed minds should not
associate themselves with Science. Only a curious person with an open heart
for new learning can truly become a revolutionary scientist/seeker of
I DO NOT KNOW and MAYBE are much better words than DOESN'T and CANNOT for
personal growth. Only an ignorant person is rigid and cocksure about

Author x GoZii ( ago)
and im here with my fat ass that bleeds from a twig...

Author Mohsin Ahmedahmed ( ago)
why not join mma dude where you gotta fight actually and not just showing
off your super human shit

Author Dark AE Tutorials and Walkthroughs ( ago)
sum juju shit

Author Micah ( ago)
but can it break sticks?

Author Protherium ( ago)
The whole *Qi* - concept is magical/mystical at best and pseudoscience at
All feats these monks (?) do have been known for a long time, performed in
circus during 19th and 20 th centuries in the West by "strongmen", who
didn't need any Qi for that.
I am kind of ashamed that the West, who brought scientifc and technological
progress to unparalleled dimensions, buys into that kind of trickery.
What's next - Santa is real???

Author Cass Jardine ( ago)
what if kids try doing this, they could kill themselves! this shouldn't be
viewed by children

Author Randy Rhoades ( ago)
in silat, you dont have to punch the wall for 2 hours. Silat inner power is
more powerfull than chi gong. Silat inner power can break a brick from a

Author Mr HooDini (1068 years ago)
swedish subtitles lol

Author Say Hoe Lee ( ago)
Alright, I'm certainly not going to hang myself or let anyone kick my
balls. So, I'm okay not to learn Kung Fu

Author twenlil ( ago)
If these are all tricks then why would the monks spent their whole life
practising this, generations after generations. These are more than parlor

Author Ced ιπςερτιοη ( ago)
The government could offer me all the money in the world and I would still
refuse starting a fight in the middle of their temple.q

Author Ced ιπςερτιοη ( ago)
The government could offer me all the money in the world and I would still
refuse starting a fight in the middle of their temple.q

Author Ced ιπςερτιοη ( ago)
The government could offer me all the money in the world and I would still
refuse starting a fight in the middle of their temple.

Author Ced ιπςερτιοη ( ago)
The government could offer me all the money in the world and I would still
refuse starting a fight in the middle of their temple.

Author Gustavo Villatoro ( ago)
Why we humans so stupid... Monkeys we're probably watching them and are
like 'they kick their own azz

Author Hùng Đỗ Thành ( ago)
as in mavel and dc term, enhanced human or peak human

Author killertana ( ago)
this is what juju is lol

Author sebastian zedig ( ago)
the translation on the bottom is swedish

Author bryce cook ( ago)
These are only parlor tricks just like breaking boards.... once taught the
trick almost anyone can do these tricks
Bricks are held just above the edge of the step .... anyone could hold the
brick up and with one hand break the brick over the edge of the step by
hitting it .... its no different.... the point in the belly is natural
the flesh surrounds it that one you must be in good physical shape. ... the
spear against the throat you hold the spear tip until you change the angle
by bending until it is the side of the shafts pushing against the chest.
... all of these are parlor tricks and I can teach anyone to do them. ...
except the diamond in the belly I'm not in good enough shape to balance
that way but I might try it. ...The chi is real but none the less are mere

Author Phvro ( ago)
this is not impressive at all, it's like elaborate performance art.

Author Velimir Rajkovic ( ago)

Author Jewlz C ( ago)
Holy shit! Metal benders exist!

Author Letsbang Okay ( ago)
3:58 "Then, bang your head against a sandbag for two hours..."

Author さかもとえぃじゃ ( ago)
But can it break a stick?

Author airkuna ( ago)

Author Ardhi Menggala ( ago)
"then bang your head against the sack sand..."....mmmmm....*feelweird..

Author Butterbur ( ago)
I like how the subtitles are in Swedish

Author Ronald Johnson ( ago)
After these practices, I bet that the average IQ of a Shaolin monk is about
50 IQ. Poor fools.

Author Anthony Andres ( ago)
The true secret is 100 push ups, 100 sit ups, 100 km run

Author frank datank ( ago)
This is The power of Santa These guys need Jesus

Author reemkhafan syed ( ago)
I have a dream to learn kung fu

Author reemkhafan syed ( ago)
ok enough

Author Daniel ( ago)
2:08. Yeah I wouldn't fuck with that dude.

Author Bakeyourface ( ago)
This is bullshit

Author David Paulsen ( ago)
haha children! ohhhhhh children! lol

Author Mohamed Nada (Mohamed-Bmx) ( ago)
At The Gym...
Boy - "So Trainer What is Today's Training?"
Trainer - "Hanging Your Self..."
Boy - "Why not putting sharp stick Up our neck?"
Trainer - "That's for tomorrow boy!"

Author Sam Sanderson ( ago)
When they weren't speaking English, and the other language text was put
over the English text, I turned on English subtitles and had a good laugh

Author PJ Montgomery ( ago)
I have heard that shaolin monks kick a tree stump to strengthen their
shins. And I have also heard they punch a metal pole to strengthen their

Author noneofyour buisness ( ago)
only one can be the God of Cookery though...

Author cherry_on_top_ 123 ( ago)

Author Baou Salim ( ago)
Its all about physics and how You use it.
These monks are after all just physicians Who understand our body

Author Kemas Ridho ( ago)
very easy

Author Non Sicuro ( ago)
That's noting, i've scratched my nose with my foot once

Author stuie46 ( ago)
But, weren't the bricks, sticks etc made in China? No wonder they were
easily broken.

Author Tim Rubin Halcomb ( ago)
That big ole stick comes flying back and hits him in the face; yet, he is
like, "DUDE! THAT AIN'T SHIT!" :-)

Author Tim Rubin Halcomb ( ago)
Be Gone? Like, be gone punk or else you will get hurt? :-)

Author Mr. McFuckHole ( ago)
I don't get offended when people joke about my race but is it the fact they
keep on using the same jokes "You have a small dick and small eyes; this
product is shit so it has to be made in china; Ching Chung chu; Asian? Has
to be Jackie chan; Only food you eat is noodles; katana wielding
Motherfucker; Ahhh! A alien; I have homework better call a asian!;
calculator motherfucker; Oh look! A Simpsons character... I can go on and
on - white people are too predictable, and I know it's only the whites that
those this because I've never met any Blacks who those this, just the

Author E Ko ( ago)
love to see them break the bricks we lay,,those bricks were very old

Author Alex Macusi ( ago)
Haki hahaha

Author WiseMan ( ago)
It's all trickery.. It's the gaps between the bricks and the lifting of
bricks and slabs just before the strike which causes the the brick to crack
.. Simple

Author Ben Conlon ( ago)
I think im going to start training now....

Author Andrew Garcia ( ago)
Nagasaki and Hiroshima radiation written all over it.

Author Maurice Williams ( ago)

Author supastevo31 ( ago)
5 min just hangin out with the boys

Author Dallin Nguyen ( ago)
give me a chill

Author ComplexComedian784 115 ( ago)
Question is, can they focus all that Chi to their dicks? Just imagine how
hard it would be. Damn..

Author James McDowell ( ago)
if these guys were hitmen

Author susie chiesa (531 year ago)
please who will teach me karate?????????

Author susie chiesa (669 years ago)
want to learn karte

Author Daniel Fong ( ago)
Those monk need to be very patient if they want to suicide by hanging,
maybe will die after two weeks

Author Mara The Saiyan Princess ( ago)
These guys could probably go toe to toe with Bruce

Author Robert Val ( ago)
this is so fucking useless. have you ever seen this guys fighting? like

Author Butt Hut ( ago)
Chi are drugs they shoot up on them each minute that's why they are so

Author Oliver Sterling ( ago)
But u can use Ki to go super saiyan on there asses

Author Aminuddin Mohamad ( ago)
yeah it takes years to get that chi energy as in working your ass off to
unleash your physical strength and techniques. Seems nothing much to do
with the waving of hands to acquire chi energy ad it is rather a meditation
to focusness.

Author Tomasz Skaba ( ago)
Nowadays we have many fighting systems and schools. I admit that there are
effective defence techniques. However they lack of spiritual background
improving body and mind. Spiritual back has the traditional Shaolin Kung

Author daigames sg ( ago)
not just one or 2 years,some might need to learn more than 10 years

Author Kareem Naboulsi ( ago)
I don't think that what he is doing in true I thought maybe it is on the

Author naim nasir ( ago)
or break sticks.

Author Zwelakhe Ndaba ( ago)
Can we train the body to resist ISIS bombs?

Author jason chen ( ago)
Wtf I cant even place my body on a soda can without hurting my abs. These
monks are scary....

Author admsitio ( ago)
Can they beat isis?

Author Sebastijan93able ( ago)
Okay, so these guys have proven enough what can they do, and who the hell
cares if chi is true or not. If they believe, and yet managed to do this
stuff, all of you down the comments are just wasting time.

Author andreas T ( ago)
everybody becomes such an expert on the "brick trick" , anybody can tell me
the secret of the spear to the neck or stomach trick ? or the steel stick
break to the head ? or even better .......... DO IT ????

Author Andy Pip ( ago)
I bum dead people

Author EPICFINALBOSS (643 years ago)
Chi is adrenaline

Author airkuna (2002 years ago)
when they broke the bricks with the edge of their palm i bet the bricks
were already prebroken a little bit..

Author Aardvark Airsoft ( ago)
I know why they yell. Cause it still hurts like hell.

Author Dr Christian ( ago)
I love the the way of the shaolin monk...A killing pacifist...I respect all
life, and will hurt no one...but, if you fuck with me I'll turn you into
worm food, in about, NOW!

I wonder where all the paralyzed Shaolin students have ended up.

Author R. V.S. (Empty Sky) ( ago)
I'm really surprised by how many credulous people there are on here.
There's no empirical evidence for anything called "chi".

Author syahrul ridzuan ( ago)
what about bullet

Author J. S. ( ago)
How could anyone dislike this video? It's amazing! ☝

Author 9CaMeRoN6 ( ago)
I dare them to suicide.

Author Hooper 91 ( ago)
Punch it for 2hours???Crazy man ive tried it and i can go until 30 mins

Author Michael Brillantes (1081 year ago)
i think they use haki ^_^

Author Amy Burrows ( ago)
Wow!! Yo no sabía eso. Eso se ve muy difícil.

Author ilias Jjju ( ago)
One bullet is enough...

Author Trenton Robinson ( ago)
ja svenska

Author FermiGBM1 ( ago)

Author lyon nguyen ( ago)
so this is where Goku was raise.

Author BehindTheTrigger ( ago)
chi, or adrenaline :)

Author danielsonn77 ( ago)
...all u have to do is hit ur skull with ur palms for two hours every day

Author Elaine Hovious ( ago)
wow.... that was amazing

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