true power of shaolin kung fu

shaolin kung fu ppl do their thing
hey guys please watch this and like it:
i'll put up more shaolin

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Author Sky Edge (1 month)
Like to see how long one of these monks would last in the MMA ring

Author Dan0101010101010 (3 days)
man if you fall for this you are totally retarded!

Author Rage995 (27 days)
I would love to train here.

Author Hypersonic Chainsaw (2 months)
A childhood friend once visited the Shaolin Temple with his Gung Fu class,
they were guests for a few weeks. Many of the Chinese Shaolin students
ordered fast-food sometimes and played Tekken in their free time. They keep
a traditional strict diciplined face in public but in private they are
human and modern, even the elders cracked jokes and many even smoked. It's
not like the movies believe it or not.

Author this is the last cookie (1 month)
...or can break sticks.

Author dlwatib (28 days)
I'm actually more impressed by using Qi Gong for healing. Make a cancer
disappear and you've got my full attention.

Author Kayla Uzumaki Chung (1 month)
That's some Naruto shit right there.

Author Callum Yu (1 month)
So they know how to use tenkai? Awesome lol.

Author Hingle McCringleberry (4 months)
holy shit he can produce chi. do a fucking kamehameha!

Author Entro P (12 days)
1:46. "the body can become immune to scimitar or spear attack"

um...the spear is not moving. Anybody who weighs 120lbs and have slight
definition to their abs can replicate that pose but people just keep eating
this shit up. Namely fat ass americans and anime freaks.

Author SatansSpatula (13 days)
At 1:17 in the video, when "smashing bricks", note that he tilts each brick
up before smashing it *against* the sharp edge of the step. He's not
breaking the brick off with his hand, he's snapping the brick using the
well-defined edge of the concrete or stone step.

Author webmaster657 (12 hours)
Chi is bullshit, if you train for years and years you can reinforce the
bone because impacts shatter a few fibers in the bone, and when it regrows
it regrows much thicker and stronger, but skin? I'd call that bullshit
because there's no real way to reinforce skin to not tear, but there is
bones and muscle.

Author Bogdan Kasyanchuk (1 day)
This is real. But you must also understand, that these people have been
training and medetating for years. That is the reason why their body
resists damage from certain objects. The Chi Energy is very powerful, but
it is not that easy to get. Takes years,

Author Samuel Munoz (26 days)
I wonder if they do similar things to their dicks lol. Free Viagra right

Author TacDyne (2 days)
Gotta love these cheap circus gimmicks. Barnum wasn't wrong.

Author Pawptart Gamer (3 days)
"By now, it is clear that.." you gon get fucked.

Author Fastmagnum004 (3 days)
I always love those shaolin DBZ looking orange pants with the feet wrap
things, they look badass as hell when they do a spinning kick or something.
They also look rave ready. ... Come to think of it I wonder where they get
those things. Do they make them, or...? And why orange... Google time...

Author mayh3m (7 days)
this shit made me laugh specially the head training part.

Author Fred-Richard Saueauk (10 days)
Took my very first kung fu lesson today, i started with 2-3 year advanced
people, most painest is flexing and most hard thing is to learn techniques,
its very hard to expose to remember evry trick contains atleast like 10
different moves+positions :P :P alot of work in front of me :P:P

Author Nupetiet (10 days)
no wonder tien beat goku

Author Jesse xander (17 days)

Author Dan0101010101010 (3 days)
stupid westerners falling for their magic tricks!

Author PaneMaxPain (4 months)
Maybe Bricks were Made in China.

Author Dheevesh M (1 month)
And when you thought that Bruce Lee or Chuck Norris were badass...

Author Senn K (1 month)
And after 20 years of rigorous training to harness your chi and strengthen
your body, you will be ready for Mortal Kombat.

Author Riley Conway (1 month)
Or break sticks, or break stick, or break...sticks

Author TheBrotherhoodLegacy (7 months)
Just imagine how long they can masturbate for!

Author Neokiller333 (6 months)
in all fairness i could kick a stone tablet that tall and that thin and
make it break -.-

Author tsohgallik (1 month)
So weird they need physics books and not head stands

Author Pompón Melendez (7 months)
Japan could kick China's ass any day of the week!

Author emiditinem Z (5 months)
what if you break your neck or any bone from these exercises

Author preacster (2 months)
that shows that our world as we see it is just an illusion. we can
manipulated when we lost our imagination.

Author Mathias Fröhling (2 months)
This is so bad ass, chi can do it!

Author Zteve W (2 months)
I'm not going to fuck with you but then again, i've usually been on the
receiving end of bullies...

Author BUGBOSS (2 months)
bearded kungfu master is baddass

Author Popa Mircea (5 months)
replace that wood with real OAK ! :)

Author MrAndrew7453 (2 months)
Buy a gun and save time.

Author Venom (5 months)
and fangirls think mma fighters can beat these guys. hilarious

Author VengefulSage (7 months)
I would totally give up my life here in the United States to go in the
mountains of China or Mongolia and learn Kung Fu for the rest of my life if
that opportunity arose. Seriously.

Author Dan River (5 months)
why to do all this? just avoid Problems and go to church, you will be fine
and healthy. 

Author Sabona Yusuf (6 days)
i tried those tricks once, you know where i ended up? in the hospital.
paralized. for weeks. you should try it some times

Author Jesus Lovewood (12 days)
yea, take it from a Shaolin, bashing your head with bricks, sticks and
other building materials makes you smarter.
Anyone who depends on their hands knows the best way to care for them is by
putting a piece of paper on a concrete wall and punching it for two hours. 

Author Troy Ino (13 days)
Just get a fling gun and shot that shaolin ther power is useless too gun

Author yoga sidsel (11 days)
This video shows some crazy moves!! Calligraphy Yoga can also teach you to
harness and move your Chi - without neck hanging or pounding your fist into
a wall for two hours. This weekend I'm heading to a Calligraphy Yoga
workshop with the amazing Master Yang. He has also studied Shaolin Kung Fu
and brings this knowledge to his teachings. Calligraphy Yoga is a
beautiful, peaceful practice that builds up your Chi and internal power. I
incorporate it into my vinyasa classes so you can feel more powerful too. 

Author Yabbamita DBH (16 days)
Shaolin monks in China these days aren't like in the films and most
definitely aren't like in the ancient times.

If you want to see real Shaolin lifestyle, good luck finding it in this day
and age.
If you're looking for real Shaoling kung-fu, yes it's still commonly
If you're looking for something as close and real as possible to the those
monks, then try Tibet and perhaps other Asian countries (not China).

Point is, the Shaolin lifestyle is hard to live by these days. Most Shaolin
temples eat meat, just not on camera. (Trust me, I'm Chinese and I know the
smell of pork all too well.)

Most kids go to these temples in the hopes of learning Kung fu for the
movies or some other career unlike the original Shaolin monks of a simple
peaceful life.

Look, the Shaolin king fu association even has a CEO in China, who smokes.
like wtf.

Cut the BS and face reality.

P.S. Yes, qi can be harnessed to produce great power when practised and
done correctly. 

Author mburokas87 (6 days)

Author lookhowlongmyusernam (13 days)
Chi won't stop a bullet.

Author Baljeet Dhillon (8 days)
balls of steal lol

Author Quite Right (8 days)
I just imaginge a fat amrican fuck fucking a oiece of paper all day^^

Author David Treanor (15 days)
How to toughen your head : hurt it. How to toughen your fists: hurt it.

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