True Power of Shaolin Kung Fu

Shaolin Kung Fu shows us what it's capable of.
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Author Mystery 101 ( ago)
But suck's against bullets. XD

Author Peter S. ( ago)
I focused more than an hour on my chi Energy and a Paper Foil. I moved the
foil with my mind. All windows and flows of wind were closed.

This Kind of stuff is real.

Author yankee77 ( ago)
1k dislike from bjj fanboys. Hahaha. Your bjj sucks. I dont want balls in
my face! bjj fanboys = egotistic autistic alpha downer male . I want to
spend my childhood training this shit. I will join mma and break the necks
of bjj fanboys. i truly dislike ufc because its like they are giving free
hugs everywhere the money floyd ought to join mma because they give free
hugs And kisses. Seriously i think anybody who watches ufc is retarded. Why
will i watch 2 dudes on the ground hugging the shit out of each other and
gain some sort of entertainment from it balls in your face makes you want
to lose. Ufc sucks. 

Author Kuldeep Sharma (Sw. Chatanyasugata) ( ago)

Author Masamune Kenshin ( ago)
Lol Made in China Bricks, Sticks, and Irons.:P

Author asdf ( ago)
"I cant understand it so i call it bullshit" lol these fagets

Author andrea piro ( ago)
i think some of the things they do are amazing while others, are just
things everyone could do using a bit of brain and a couple of tricks

Author Andrew Stuckey ( ago)
wtf strengthen your head by headbutting shit for 2 hours everyday. How many
brain cells you killing? I'd just wear a bloody helmet.

Author Peter Parker ( ago)
Its years of practice. not a magical thing called chi.

Author onev1ew ( ago)
Nothing mystical it's all about training and dedication. earlier age people
were free so they continue mastering the skill. Same like Yoga. no work so
keep thinking of new yoga steps and enhancing the existing one. In our
daily life or exercise we cover so many moves which are in Yoga without
knowing anything of yoga. What do you say ?

Author Stuart Gibbons (1935 years ago)
All well and good but think how much brain damage they probably have.

Author Tommy Tucker ( ago)
"All you have to do is hit you're skull with your palm for 2 hours every day
then bang your head for 2 hours against a sandbag to harden it."

Nah I'm good lol

Author Carlos Gonzalez (357 years ago)
I do this with my penis everyday.

Author spencer Jones ( ago)
This is bullshit, no real fighting training whatsoever no aliveness....
look up matt thornton

Author Lyndon Poyah ( ago)
its real chi or whatever you call it its real al be learning it soon i
gotta learn these techniques

Author Sagan Worshipper ( ago)
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu > Shaolin Kung Fu

Author Samuel Khoun ( ago)
Can they use their chi to stop a bullet? Answer is No.

Author Ricardo Dodd ( ago)

Author Dylan Ellis (Orkzar) ( ago)
And can break sticks!

Author sy2see ( ago)
It's intriguing and yet scary. 

Author jooodsdssdd ( ago)
How do they reproduce? Are there female shaolins?

Author B Beasty ( ago)
So your dick could be as hard as steel then? So you can run around and use
your dick as a weapon? If you don't know what I'm talking about, scroll up
and watch the video.

Author Tim Barnes ( ago)
So basically you're training your body to take a beating... My only
question is what aren't they telling us? There's always a downside. I just
recently learned that rock climbing can cause brain damage due to lack of

What are these monks giving up in favor of these superhuman feats?

Author UltimateAnime ( ago)
Were is lou kangkang

Author 3367Ryno ( ago)
Chi-gong or stu-pidity?

Author Jean - Paul De Witte ( ago)

Author Jean - Paul De Witte ( ago)

Author fish “battle mode” bord ( ago)
there is a real chance that if you shot one of these guys it may bounce off
given there ready for it.

Author Butterbeer333 Rocks ( ago)
Aint nobody got time fo dat!

Author Matthew McG ( ago)
dis some dbz naruto shit right here, zombie apocalypse hits ima hangin with
this lot

Author Trevor S ( ago)
my drunken fist would dominate

Author I'm Batman ( ago)
Lol @ the shaolin monks in the comments who know it all. 

Author Finn The Human ( ago)
Where is the entire documentary?

Author Lacking Vitamin D ( ago)
I would train this without hesitation, that is if I actually would need it.
Today all you need is a gun and you're a god who can take out lives at the
blink of an eye. Wars are no longer fought in close range either, mostly
air strikes and when it gets real messy they bring in the nukes. I hate
what the world has become. People think that science is the awenser to
everything, but just look at the weapons and gadgets science has created.
Phones, games, computers, nuclear weapons, guns, cars. It's all poison to
this world. Altough, science is probably going to save mankind from threats
that come from space, such as meteors or from our ever expanding sun. Gah,
it's a complicated world. Lets just say that science is being used for both
good and bad, and with the freedom people have today in inventing new
weapons and everyday items we are only getting more bad stuff. Eventually,
even if science saves us from time to time, in the end it's going to be our
demise. The world is fucked up, and our world leaders are busy building
armies and lowering taxes. Sigh.

Author shrirang patil ( ago)
i highly doubt the quality of that chinees glass

Author Hu mane ( ago)
Cute, but this is useless in the modern world.

Author Simon M ( ago)
this video when it was released.. :')

Author ησαн The Ark ( ago)
Fake or not, you guys have zero respect for culture.

Author lealand1000 ( ago)
Really impressive I could never dream of doing any of these things but
just to be clear there is no such thing as "chi" and doing these exercises
most likely only prevents or treats constipation. These guys train their
heads for years by doing arduous exercises everyday but were suppose to
believe "chi" is what causes them to be able to break bricks on their head,
no they trained to do that, not taking anything away from them just saying.

Author maddog ( ago)
They surely can be a very good demolition man.

Author Owen Ou Yang ( ago)
All the kung fu in shaolin are come from Bodhidharma,and his boss are

Author Saswat S Nayak ( ago)
Bob Munden would blow this guy's head off before he even realises that he's
gonna get shot 

Author RidingOregon ( ago)
asians man lol

Author Sated Islam ( ago)
this could be haki ???

Author cheeseusrice1981 ( ago)
Getting hit with shit doesn't prove anything

Author cheeseusrice1981 ( ago)
I'll knock his ass out with my tongue fu

Author cheeseusrice1981 ( ago)
These guys can't fight. It's just a show. 

Author 17teacmrocks ( ago)
Lot of real training mixed with Hollywood bs. My kf instructor taught
chinese secret service and fighting arts to shaolin monasteries for 29 yrs.
I've never seen or heard him mention repelling spears with any body part.
Brick breaking and conditioning bone to be hard, yes, but dont believe you
can withstand sharpened steel. Those were likely blunt practice spears with
rounded steel alloy. I have one. Young bamboo wood is flexible with a
certain amt of impulse. Real fighting was more like boxing mixed with
grappling and circular tai chi/judo mixed in. I will say the guy could jump
twice his height with humongous forearms and quads, and is the fastest ive
ever seen in person, professional or not. Hardcore training...

Author Dan Brake ( ago)
And break more sticks.... and some more sticks....

Author dari_ m ( ago)
soooo..,,,,,,..hadoken is possible than?

Author Mikoto Urabe ( ago)
these men have just desensitized themselves from getting hit in the head
too much smh

Author Ted LeMoine ( ago)
Brock Lesnar rips their heads off when he takes it to the ground. Stronger
and skilled in multiple disciplines. Size discrepancy is huge too

Author Skeptic Spartan ( ago)
Today we know all these exhibitions are nothing more than parlor tricks.
Heating an iron rod till its red hot and cooling it in ice water makes it
brittle enough for virtually anyone to snap it in half over there head.
Former monks have come out on YouTube and describe and demonstrate these
tricks. These monks go on to describe the bad treatment they receive in
what is said to be an almost cult like atmosphere inside these temples. And
kung-fu is by all accounts in today's world, an impressive display but
lacks any real world practical use in defence when put up against modern
fighting styles. 

Author Mercer “The DBZ MASTER” Collins (848 years ago)
Hey goku call he pooped his pants

Author GenoSkill ( ago)
1:06 LOOL a neckbeard lol i tip my hat to you sir lol

Author Almonds andraisins ( ago)

Author larry scarr ( ago)
Just magic tricks, and a complicated dance routine.. no "meditation" or
"spiritual" woo woo required. For example, a spear with a flexible shaft,
is useless. Its fun to watch but lets not pretend this is anything but some
fantastic performers putting on a show.

Author tj hall (454 years ago)
This is what us real people like to call bull shit if you guys can use chi
to make yourself with stand blows let me put a 12 gauge shotgun to your
head and see if you can take it

Author MagnificentXXBastard ( ago)
There is no mysterious energy that somehow defies the laws of physics.
Those are simply very disciplined, controlled people with full control over
their muscles and minds.

Author Alwwar r ( ago)
On the weird side of youtube again...

Author Tre Steward ( ago)
This is true religion

Author VivaGamer1 ( ago)
Could banging your head like that give you brain injuries? 

Author yesterda ( ago)
What is Kung Fu? let me tell you!!!

chinese people often poor, so often hungry, when they are hungry , they
will dance, when they dance, they will put a lot of strange position, and
then they call this kung fu!!!哈哈哈哈哈哈

Author sd86it ( ago)
remember kids, bullets are faster

Author Katy Chan ( ago)
Greatest Martial art style ever.

Author reg profant ( ago)
Z3phlar Ufc has rules banning anything a good martial artist could do. Thus
limiting or handicapping them . UFC is a sport and as such has rules.
Basically what they do is ground and pound. They are good at what they do
but limited and as such not necessarily the toughest or best. Like all
sports athletes are great at what they train for. Your ignorance shows your

Author GingerBred MANN ( ago)
Soooooo... When's Raiden show up?

Author Mason Wiegand ( ago)
I was really only impressed by the spear to the neck thing and the hanging
by the neck, but i have seen drunks break more impressive things than those
rocks and sticks.

Author Vikas Kumar ( ago)
I'm inspired! I will hit my head with pillows for 2hrs daily! I'm so

Author Bo Staff ( ago)

Author Yolo McSwagginz ( ago)
Dude this shit is literally Taii Jutsu from Naruto but they're all sages
using nature energy instead of chakra

Author AzZ KiCkeR ( ago)
Pshh... Bricks were made in china

Author Neih Kazama ( ago)
I wonder why Shoulin master or Kung fu master aren't in UFC or MMA when
they can kick ass?!? :\

Author OMAR D penguin ( ago)
And here Iam controlling my goosebumps.

Author Ozt ille ( ago)
world of warcraft? monk? chi? anyone?

Author Mk- Master ( ago)
Yea we Americans just know about drugs smh. Just take some acid and you'll
be doing all those things in one day and become a monk.

Author millenium2003 ( ago)
They are not even buff.. but very strong

Author Kaynos ( ago)
But none of them can spend a night in minecraft without dying.

Author bryan legato ( ago)
I dont believe in this shit

Author jacob mussie (215 years ago)
The subtitles is swedish! xD

Author johnski cadornigara ( ago)
now this is a true human strength...

Author Raymond Acance ( ago)
Which one of them is Goku?

Author captfalconXX ( ago)
Iranian criminals must find the iron neck is useful in Iran when they get

Author DownWithThePlague (160 years ago)
Chi kung does work. The difference between someone who only does external
training and a person who combines both external and internal is like night
and day. Does chi as presented by traditional chinese medicine exists?
Honestly, I think the question is pointless if your goal is to excel in
martial arts. What is chi? Chi is chi, end of discussion. Trying to make
the concept palatable to the western mind will only get in the way of

Author Punjabi Lion (1515 years ago)
can not believe India neglected there martial arts, good the Chinese took
it seriously

Author Dot Branning ( ago)
This looks a lot like the dares a group of friends might give one another
after a night of drinking

Author sleepwalker10101 ( ago)
The subtitle is godlike xD

Author Karren Kuddlesberg ( ago)
Once upon time, some teenage girl was inspired by this video back in the
year 2007. She starting hardening her body, especially her hands by long
training. She filled a huge bucket of water and started slapping it for 2-3
hours a day until in was empty. Two years latter, her hands starting
slapping trees. Two more years later she started slapping boulders with
enough force to shatter them. Two years after shattering boulders, she
begun slapping titanium metal. Now she can bitch slap with such force that
it was like being hit by an invisible whip from a distance.... She bcame
the most brutal dominatrix ever and no pimp or mistress can slap as hard as
her. I'm just a story teller, I would never do that.

Author Monster From Within ( ago)
It's that legendary energy called QI that inspired lots of Anime with
Chakra, Reiatsu, Nen.

Author Mrskajmen ( ago)
Its called physics. News Flash

Author Joel Payamps ( ago)
Just an observational hypothesis, all of the "breaking" we see is possible
to accomplish by anyone who does it exactly as shown due to the fact that
they are all done using the centrifugal force to help break the objects. In
all cases the center is the weakest point of all objects, when breaking
sticks they strike the center whilst the edges or outer sides are held. In
the case of the bricks, they strike the outer sides while using another
object act as a fulcrum to a lever to initiate the resistance in the

Author IruksiTakuma ( ago)
Real, first of all this is National Geographic, which has a pretty good
reputation for showing real stuff. Secondly, I've actually practiced, to an
extent, I do not have that iron neck, chest, or head, I narrowed it down to
legs and arms only, to save time, but I still have arms that can withstand
a sword, and legs which can smash through a staff or armor.

What you see here is the result of ridiculous training, these warriors
practice 70% of their day, if not 100%

Author Callum Brown ( ago)

Author Meggy Chan ( ago)
the spear part was really scary

Author Brandon Lindsay ( ago)
Be cool to see "chi" stop gun fire...

Author Anhe Gaming ( ago)
that looks like firebending

Author Melza ( ago)
WoW ohhhh Double WOWWWW 

Author Christiam Velez ( ago)
Master... Take me as your pupil.

Author Valentino Qwerty ( ago)
My Sharigan it's over for this poor shaolin 

Author Nima Nas ( ago)
so what then?stupid psychopaths all they do is meditation and hitting
rocks,no woman dares to get nail by them i bet their lil penis is like
piece of sharp metal.

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