True Power of Shaolin Kung Fu

Shaolin Kung Fu shows us what it's capable of.
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Author Curt Morzby ( ago)
hit your head repeatedly with a hammer and take your ass to the welfare.

Author Gita kaur ( ago)

Author Gita kaur ( ago)

Author Owlbe ( ago)
These all techniques came from Indian Martial arts .. But poor India didn't
deserved (saved) their own and forgotten ...

Author SEE YAI AYE ( ago)
All it takes is to fracture your bones in thousands of micro fractures
every day and the bone regrowth ends up stronger than before, the hard part
is fracturing your bones in the first place and having the tolerance to
train the next day. Didn't know the monks use newspaper now, they used to
just punch the walls straight for hours until their knuckles were bloody

Author huang shawn ( ago)
virgins power

Author jogga singh teidy ( ago)
dham dhyan, sounds to me to mean stamina focused.

chi is demonstrable by needles, follow same lines as circulatory system,
seeing this in chinese health shop modle

Author Amir Eskaev ( ago)
they're doing nothing special I never trained like a shoalin monk but can
do almost everything they're doing bulshit

Author Arbi Darbi ( ago)
Let me bring my spear, sticks and bricks, and let me see if they can break
them. Bullshido in full effect.

Author NoLuck JustSkillz ( ago)
asia is gonna win ww3 lol

Author Andres Jaramillo ( ago)
lol these idiots waste their time sitting all day with their eyes closed
when they could use it to get SWOLE AF.

Author 芒果 ( ago)

Author Christian Dumond ( ago)
Can they withstand a bullet?

Author Timka guy ( ago)
3:03 When you get hella homework

Author Timka guy ( ago)
Hard as steel?
So there bulletproof?

Author XOGxTwillzX ( ago)
is this a troll? nigga wants me to hit my head 2 hours a day for a year to
make it 4x harder than an average humans... u gotta be trollin me

Author Mask of Shiva ( ago)
and where are the old shaolin masters? can they do 100x better than the
young men? I see zero old people, and I see zero purpose in these wasted

Author Zerio ( ago)

Author Tree Topley ( ago)
1:00 Was National Geographic making *a bit of a goof* when they repeated
"break sticks"?

Author Big Cat ( ago)
fucking shaolin monks and their parlor tricks :( its like every video
they're pulling some bullshit superhuman shtick. starting to think of them
less as fighters and more as circus performers

Author pooja alex ( ago)
bang your head against a sand bag 2 hours a day to strengthen it?? :o

Author ThatSamShow ( ago)
"All you have to do is hit your skull with your palms for two hours every
day to harden it. Then bang your head against a sand bag for two hours."

Then the men in white coats will come calling.

Author kleven707 ( ago)
it's a different level of conscience.

Author Truth Guy ( ago)
True power of Shaolin = getting weak-minded people to believe your bag of
parlor tricks, you've rehearsed over and over again like a magician, are

Author Louis Laveau ( ago)
you know, whenever I see that spear-trick, I think of what Bruce Lee said:
"Give me that spear, I will show you how you pierce a man with it"

Author Kicung Hartono ( ago)
years of extreme discipline

Author Jumbo 'Fettsack' Schreiner ( ago)
People want to learn shaolin kung fu and then go out to the street and beat
up someone.
Thats so sad.
Shaolin means fighting your ego.
You do not fight outside enemys, your enemy is your ego.
You complete power, by completing peace.
Full power, full peace.
Dont hurt anybody.

Author Manchipaz ( ago)
Trained so hard for a battle that never comes...

Author Devon Wilson ( ago)
So if they excersise body parts for resistance, then what does chi have to
do with anything?

Author Beyond Bakri ( ago)
UFC suggested card:
1- Shaolin V.S. Brock Lesnar
2- The same Shaolin V.S. Cain Velasquez
3- The same Shaolin (c) he just took the title V.S. verbal battle with Diaz
and Conor at the same time

Author Marius Kajanas ( ago)
Gotta love folks who watch self defense Kung Fu videos, then end up trying
it for 5 minutes in a single day, then say it's fake and wont work. First,
it takes your entire lifetime to do these things, meaning dedicating all
your seconds to this. Second, Kung Fu is not for you to learn how to beat
someone up, it was first used as medicine for the body, because shapeing
the body, shapes the mind, and the mind shapes the body. To remain in a
good well being, both must be tough as steel. The disbelief of such
incredible achievement, is evidence how amazing a feat to control Ki is,
and how weak minded our regular people are. Ki is the reasson for
existance, it flows in us, around us through earth, trees, air, water.. Ki
is the universal sword, which cuts through the line of war and peace,
balancing the human body and soul. Those who say other wise simply are new
souls, which have yet to learn, the millions of years of knowledge that our
superiors mustered.

Author Michael G ( ago)
I think Mike Webster and most retired NFL players would disagree with the
skull hardening technique.

Author baldieman64 ( ago)
They seem remarkably reticent about testing his bullshit in a ring, but
then what is the best way to keep the temple going? Is it to maintain an
endless stream of credulous wanabe kung fuists or is it to potentially win
millions in free competition? One might think it would be competition but
there is a certain level of risk if the bullshit doesn't work.

Author fazardx ( ago)
i challenge you to kick train railway until bend..

Author LOL DERPISON ( ago)
vänta texten e på svenska?

Author Abbas Rizvi ( ago)
"Ive spent years training to get hit with sticks and spears"
*gets shot with a 9mm in 2 seconds

Author Stan Williams ( ago)
3:49 There's NOT enough aspirins for me to do that lol!

Author Biff Tannin ( ago)
at about 4:00 shoalin battering ram :p

Author omar martinez ( ago)
All you have to do is throw yourself from a skyscraper into the ground 2
times a day and your whole body will become immune to any type of dmg, you
will never feel pain again.

Author Angela Engle ( ago)
I'm not sure I can say that this is magic as much as it is adaptation by
the body. The human body is amazing in it's ability to adapt for survival.
When human bones are subjected to constant physical stress over time, they
become thicker and the pores in the bone become smaller.

Tribes in the Amazon who don't wear shoes have their feet exposed
constantly to the environment and because of this, their feet become as
hard as stone due to the thick calico of skin that forms. A lot of people
here in America have this scraped off and consider it a nuisance and a
biological dysfunction when in truth, it's an adaptation to the environment
that they live in. I think we need to be grateful and amazed by our bodies
for being able to do these feats. It's something to be honored.

Author Joel Ablaza ( ago)
go to mma and prove it

Author ann zanna ( ago)
a Shaolin kid could wipe out all the UFC fighters alone..

Author OffensiveBlackHat ( ago)
I hope they make their body to steel while a gun triggers...

Author alex branzoi ( ago)
respect for shaolins!

Author ForgotEnglish ( ago)
the brain is the most important organ in the body... lets bash it for 2
hours a day

Author Allen Inman ( ago)
Let's be honest - knocking your noggin for two years is not going to
'strengthen your skull'. Best case scenario you could receive some nominal
muscle strength (maybe?) but gain no mobility, and certainly risk spinal
disk compression. But hey, go nuts.

Author Dreadlord Bedrock ( ago)
And break sticks

Author andrew janes ( ago)
imagine these guys in full force just totally kicking ass. full qi and

Author Brian Kreller ( ago)
bet the chiropractic offices stay full in this town

Author jack mayhoff ( ago)
don't want to get your neck caught in a arm lock.... wait, did you mean
choke hold ?

Author KronosSlots ( ago)
When i was a kid, i always believed monks and kung fu people had super
strength's compared to normal people. At least that's how they brought it
in the movie's. :) Later i realised that training and esp. hitting barriers
for such a long time, would cause the bones in the human hand to fracture,
and recover, becoming a more harder fist. This is they key to slamming
wood, concrete and all that stuff. :)

Author Dave B ( ago)
hence where Po gets his kung fu chi from

Author TFE niname ( ago)
But no a Shaolin monk can withstand the power of. this sweet little
9-year-old girl.View this video - .Jesse-Jane
McParland "JJ Golden Dragon" at WAKO World Championship Belgrade 2015

Author Kshitiz Maharjan ( ago)
Masterbate 1 hour everyday, and you will have a cock as strong as steel and
you can drill through the concrete. HEHE!

Author pinoy boyz ( ago)
I have mastered the art of eating sushi,by using chop sticks laced with
kiko man soy sauce to add to its dangerous challenge!

Author Daniel Dbone ( ago)
I used to break bricks a lot and I'm really untrained. The secret is to
pick the right bricks, like the ones in the video. Same with boards, slabs
and sticks. Ever you noticed a martial arts demonstration in which the
master breaks some harder wood? I didn't think so. The harder wood is,
well, hard, and on top of that, it's a bit elastic, so the master's hand
would probably suffer on the impact, without the wood breaking.

Author The Musterion Of Rock ( ago)
Chi is freaking bullshit. Yes, this is all very impressive, but training
for 15 hours a day may have more to do with that than a "energy" that you
"channel" somewhere. This is nothing more than good old hard work and

Author lowand Ramzan ( ago)
Now that's what I call a Natural muscular body.

Author Manuscripter “TheScripter” 180 ( ago)
Guys,let's forget...They can break sticks.

Author shiyanyu ( ago)
The learning of Shaolin Kung Fu requires patience, discipline, honour and
hard work.

Author uerit uera ( ago)
i believe everything that the skull and neck exercises can do but this chi
shit i cant believe i apologize they just flex or something nothing
happens. Medidate is a vvay to keep them calm and ready for certain
situations thats all. Im not saying they are not povverful they do crazy
neck bridges xD but this chi sh1t is too much...

Author Dr NomisTv ( ago)
i train shaolin kung fu as well

Author Valdor Craft ( ago)
The only reason I am posting this comment is to hopefully stop the war
going on in the comment section about whether chi is real or not...... chi
is energy... like light or heat, but it is also tied to the body, like the
energy we use every day, so both sides are right, chi is both a bodily
function and energy that people say is spiritual, and it is partially
spiritual because the mind, believe it or not, can (limitedly) control
energy, you can't start a fire or light a room, but you can move energy to
different places with training, and since chi is part of the body it's
easier to connect with it allowing you to move it to another part of the
body like moving a muscle...... so hopefully people will stop arguing
because your both right

Author tony wu ( ago)
its easy to defeat them, show some nudes. their virgin penis will go crazy

Author JoJo ( ago)
This guy makes it sound so simple!
"All you have to do, is burn your face for 15 hours every day for 3 years
by hanging upside down over an active volcano. This will eventually make
your face unburnable."

Author The Cow ( ago)
"Then bang your head against a sand bag for two hours"

Author per jensen ( ago)

Author Kyla Matrimony ( ago)
they were and still for me are respected...they were never feared...they
were respected

Author TFE niname ( ago)
I have a question for all the "Martial Arts experts?"
Who have won at age 10 already 220 tiltes in Martial Arts Styles
Was 12 times World Champion
Was 11 times European Champion
Was also a Film Actor/Actress in M.A. Films
Who have the highest Grandmasters title (Golden Dragon) in Shaolin Kung Fu
A) Bruce Lee
B) Chuck Norris
C) Jet Li
D) A little girl
E) A other M.A.Fighter (name)

Author Frosty- r6 content, and more ( ago)
instructions not clear got a spear stuck in my dick

Author Christo Andrew ( ago)
neck hanging! just unbelievable

Author crofessor ( ago)
Yea from all that serious training we get a good show, they get good
feelings win win !

Author fearleslegend ( ago)
what's the name of that music on 2:59?

Author captinkrunk101 ( ago)
the have mastered the art of super sayian all you have to do is hit your
skull with the palm of your hand every day then bang your head against a
sand bag and you can achieve the legendary super sayian form.......senzu

Author The other channel ( ago)
Holy shit its water bending

Author Adam Mulya ( ago)
Are they bulletproof?

Author First Name Last Name ( ago)
Sitting here slapping my head and punching a wall. This better work..

Author Kenny Xue ( ago)
I can break glass with a pin when I'm pissed off 😂

Author blingblingking ( ago)

Author mike brown ( ago)
Perfect example of why they are the best on the planet when it comes to
hand to hand combat.The warrior monk Shi Yan Min that defected to the U.S.
demonstrates chi from a punch on a crash test dummy.772 pounds of force was
generated from a man well under 200 pounds, with Chi used from foot up to
the fist.So the question is which style a defensive followed by a offensive
attack like a Yi Long, there are hundreds of styles of Kung Fu.These people
aren't here to go out and hurt people its against all there values there
goals are mastering meditation, and finding harmony with there body
movements that are in sync even more so than a gymnist.Amazing culture and
i hope to visit these monks one day, its number one on my bucket list.

Author RubiMercuri ( ago)
i want to learn wushu so bad i want to become as good as a master but im
already 21 and dont know if that will be possible. if only my mother
allowed me to take martial arts when i was little. i would have been
proficient by now..

Author zharlou30 Bacalso ( ago)
incredible but you are no MMA main event champions

Author Larry Rutger ( ago)
3:53 - Did anyone else laugh?

Author lindsey2010 ( ago)
Satanic and demonic.

Author williss11 ( ago)
I would be scared to do the skull strengthening one

Author TFE niname ( ago)
Mistaken you never in the power of small sweet looking girls, because it
can cost you your life
VIDEO - Jesse Jane McParland "JJ Golden Dragon" at WAKO World
Championship Belgrade 2015

Author Survival Tools ( ago)
What's the point of devoting your life for this?

Author milo bidoha ( ago)
what movie is this from

Author Di Dxpeo ( ago)
This is real stuff , Chinese monk use self-flagellation style of practicing
to strength 1's body , that's 1 of the ways' to achieve highest spiritual
level of Buddhism : the physical way .
Of course in war years , the monks need to protect temple property from
robbery , but Buddhism especially feature the life style of non-violence
and no kill , so the monks mostly practicing not getting hurt , but NOT how
to hurt other ppl , to fight robberies .

Author Lex Matthew the Urban avenger ( ago)
Cooool! !! ! ! ! ! !

Author Sayri Jeljel ( ago)
I will take 2 pills of whatever they're on. LMAO

Author anticeon ( ago)
You know you become master when your body lost all the hair. its basically
your testosterone no longer produce for reproduction but convert all of it
to muscle density.

Author Mr FvcKyoU ( ago)
Too bad today society everyone has gun or other weapon you dont fuking do
kung fu shit now

Author MakaveliTheDon1776 ( ago)
I hope a white kid who thinks he's hot shit walks into these bad
motherfuckers and gets fucked up.

Author MakaveliTheDon1776 ( ago)
I hope a white kid who thinks he's hot shit walks into these bad
motherfuckers and gets fucked up.

Author Ex0n ( ago)
Chi can't make parts of the Body hard as steel. ofc not xD It's probably
only a way to ignore pain or get more concentrated.

Author Stray Me ( ago)
And all of these monks are vegans.
They're really determined and devote their entire lives to kungfu training.
My utmost respect to them.

Author Carvalho Antonio ( ago)
i also can

Author lala maker ( ago)
Bang your head against the sandbag for 2 hours. lol that made my day.

Author Valentin Engels ( ago)
would be great to see one of them in a mma fight. He should show them how
to fight :D

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