true power of shaolin kung fu

shaolin kung fu ppl do their thing
hey guys please watch this and like it:
i'll put up more shaolin

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Author Der Monotone (3 days)
How is the music called starting at 2:30 ?

Author FullMetalBro Maybe (5 days)
If you think about their culture and lifestyle, you don't really learn
Shaolin Kung Fu, you become it. That sounds like a cleche attempt at being

In that, the art doesn't become a part of you. Distinguishing part of you
as the Shaolin Kung Fu part necessarily means part(s) of you aren't that.
But their devotion denies that consequence. But rather, all thing observed,
you become part of the art. And you are the smaller part, of the greater
thing, the art and its legacy.

I think it's the more respectful way to view them. Because they don't
choose to take from Shaolin for themselves, they give themselves to it.
It's hard for me, and I'd imagine for the great majority of people, to
understand exactly what that means and requires.

Author VengefulSage (7 days)
I would totally give up my life here in the United States to go in the
mountains of China or Mongolia and learn Kung Fu for the rest of my life if
that opportunity arose. Seriously.

Author TheBrotherhoodLegacy (10 days)
Just imagine how long they can masturbate for!

Author aye lee (15 days)
ill be a dead monk if i hang myself...

Author Tenchu Power (2 months)
These people would not want to harm anyone and some of you talk about
kicking people's butts and stuff. They are on a completely different level
and have obtained something so precious, you would never have a clue. Keep
talking behind your computer screens.

Author The Great Gyrofluff (1 month)
"place a piece of paper on a wall. Punch it for two hours without stopping.
Replace the paper when it's broken"

Oh is that all...

Author Gabriel Baruovic (2 months)
this shaolin masters would fck the UFC fighter hahaha i want to see such a
fight UFC vs shaolin master :D 

Author DoubleM55 (1 month)
Those tricks are so lame... I've seen better and more convincing tricks
done by my lazy, fat friends lol

Author GabiGameLand (1 month)
Kung fu= strongest martial art

Author Big Boss (2 months)
So how do I bring this energy outside of me?

Author The Guitar Whisperer (2 months)
I'd be more impressed if he actually slammed the brick directly on the
guy's head

Author ruSEXtreme (1 month)
isnt that at monks sin, to show of his abiltiies

Author Octom (1 month)
And that's why you don't execute shaolin monks by hanging

Author tbone allupinthispiece (1 month)
These guys are hardcore

Author Παναγιώτης Ζούλης (1 month)
is there actually this place real?. i mean can anyone go there and train?

Author sivko23 (2 months)
why are this guy not in ufc?

Author Osmo Uusikylä (1 month)
This is METAL!

Author Michael Lukovic (2 days)
imagine if someone tried to invade them

Author Talmage House (5 days)
Thee are not human , thee are gods

Author ScaredCrows (2 days)
yes, if anyone knows the name of the song in the middle of the video,
please post info. thank you!

Author Sirius V (5 days)
I didn't know you can increase your bone by hitting it. I thought our
vitamins and nutrition is responsible for it.

Author anirishmoron (5 days)
Where can you join a shaolin monestary?

Author 温祺伟 (11 days)
I'm Chinese myself, but I'd say much of this stuff need scientific
scrutiny. It's simple: ask a Qi-gong master to direct his Qi to parts of
his body in front of an infrared camera to detect the "heat flow".
And it isn't as if the concept of "Qi" were used as a metaphor for muscle
mass, bone thickness, metabolism, or anything; Chinese martial artists talk
about "Qi" and physical abilities as separate things. It's really easy to
test then: ask a Shaolin monk to break a piece of wood or brick with his
fist, and then replace the monk with a robotic arm that strikes the wood or
brick with the same momentum, and observe if there's a consistent
difference in result. The robotic arm doesn't have any "Jing-Qi-Shen", I
think we all agree.

Until there's scientific proof that such a concept as "Qi" is meaningful,
it mustn't be used in such a liberal way as if it were hard science.

Author Ng Yong Ji (10 days)
suicidal monks... 

Author Lakhani Altaf (12 days)
very nice

Author Trigory Zealupht (10 days)
It's like Haki. IRL.

Author pascuavram (15 days)
This is only training, nothing magical

Author 1337enforcer (12 days)
1:24 - Notice how he raises the brick above the pavement before he smashes
it. Any brick can be broken easily using this trick. I've personally done
it myself and I'm not a kung fu master. This leads me to believe that the
rest of their "impressive feats of strength" are nothing but simple tricks.

Author Linus App (14 days)
What the.. Swedish text? lol

Author noel cruz (28 days)
These guys mastered their Wu Tang style. 

Author Def Jam (27 days)
you rly dont want problem with these guys :D

Author Don Vito Margera (1 month)
These guys are invincible !

Author Tristan Weber (1 month)
Its awesome, but I do think they don't have any brain cells left after
banging your head like that about 3 hours total. Then again, you don't need
too much of your brain when fighting, just a little.

Author covenent200 (1 month)
does this monk shoot air at his enemies too

Author cindy chan (1 month)
In awe of their skill and dedication

Author thorp kal (21 day)
The power of Shaolin

Author Narwhal (1 month)
Enough with this ancient Chinese art stuff, pekka ( unclesampatriot ) can
just punch a brick and a new dimension will be created.

Author brian amariri (1 month)
there goes my dream of becoming the strongest man in the world

Author namous10 (2 months)
do these guys have any chance against a heavyweight boxer?

Author Jay S (1 month)
It's a way of life, and a peace of the mind. Real monks stay inside the
monastry and practice their body, mind, and spirit from their 4th year.
Respect for them, and the way they treat people around the world. They are
known as really kind, and generous people.

Author eyboyspetpower (2 months)
lol: the punsihment is death by hanging

Author Safiye Nakamura (13 days)
Mad discipline! So much respect. 

Author nCaine (1 month)
You cant learn how to fight in theory. So if they dont ever spar, i call
bull shit on they fighting skills. But i belive they can break sticks and
stand on they heads. And yes i trainded some bull shit "martial art" befor
moving to KM with full contact spars.How can some one who trains whole life
to achive some goals , claim that he learned some thing without learning
it. They cant fight for shit. End of story.

Author Peter R (15 days)

Author Catpeople (1 month)
The best Martial Art - Kung Fu.

Author Dave H (1 month)
fists can break bricks....and sticks...and dicks... the foot can break
rocks...and a staff, and wear sox...
horrible writing

Author Fernando Salazar Olguin (1 month)
Swedish text yaay

Author Raj Deb (2 months)
not for kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Starly Alpha (2 months)
They hang themselves and they don't die, that's pro.

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