True Power of Shaolin Kung Fu

Shaolin Kung Fu shows us what it's capable of.
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Author 84updown (1 month)
All my life, I thought that humans were limited in terms of physical
strength. These guys prove that even the strongest fighters known like
Muhammad Ali or Bruce Lee would get their asses killed even in their prime.

Author Hypersonic Chainsaw (6 months)
A childhood friend once visited the Shaolin Temple with his Gung Fu class,
they were guests for a few weeks. Many of the Chinese Shaolin students
ordered fast-food sometimes and played Tekken in their free time. They keep
a traditional strict diciplined face in public but in private they are
human and modern, even the elders cracked jokes and many even smoked. It's
not like the movies believe it or not.

Author Bogdan Kasyanchuk (3 months)
This is real. But you must also understand, that these people have been
training and medetating for years. That is the reason why their body
resists damage from certain objects. The Chi Energy is very powerful, but
it is not that easy to get. Takes years,

Author Nathan Chung (4 months)
That's some Naruto shit right there.

Author Sky Edge (4 months)
Like to see how long one of these monks would last in the MMA ring

Author Sean Ó Briain (3 months)
All of those breaks at the start are easily explain by basic physics. They
all attack the centre of the object where it's easier to break. Anyone
could replicate them. 

Author dlwatib (4 months)
I'm actually more impressed by using Qi Gong for healing. Make a cancer
disappear and you've got my full attention.

Author Rage995 (4 months)
I would love to train here.

Author Elliot Vickers (3 months)
Putting extreme weight on the neck, hitting your head and smashing your
knuckles into a wall does not strengthen them, it just causes wear and long
term damage.

Author Killua Zoldyck (2 months)
i can prove that chi dont exist... its just a strength.look at their
muscles its enough to break a blocks..and also they always in training...
if chi exist then... just give me a sword and im going to cut their
fingers..lets try how strong their chi is...& lets see if their fingers are
stronger than a "steel" ..

Author Pudsy440 (2 days)
You have to look at the type of wood, brick, etc. they are smashing. Just
take the locust trees that grow around my house for instance ... I'm pretty
sure it wouldn't break over their heads or with a strike or any other way
.. it is so fibrous. I think there's always a bit of theatre in marshal
arts demonstrations. That's not to take away from the power of martial
arts, not at all. Just a comment.

Author thawjzagxwb (4 hours)
People always asking, if these monks are so good then why do they in MMA or
UFC? Well, I tell you because if these monks were in UFC or MMA then those
fighters would have died or be kill. They train to strike the weakest
point and attack as fast which where in UFC or MMA, they prohibit any
attack where you can hurt others so they put limit to the real fighters.
UFC and MMA are for sissy and for entertainment only like movies. If you
want real fight then go there and challenge one of them and ask if you die
you will not sue any of them. I'm pretty sure all the UFC or MMA or the so
call the best fighters in the world would of been kill.

Author skirts365 (15 days)
China today and for some years has some top ranked weight lifters. Do they
use this "qi gong" to increase strength? They are not usually better than
lifters from Russia, Iran, Kazakhstan, and the 1980s Bulgarians sure had
the Chinese of today beat. They may not even have heard of kung fu in
Bulgaria. If you want a good kung fu scene, check out Charlton Heston in
"55 Days At Peiking" where he is offered combat with an acrobat. Instead,
Charlton picks on a non-combatant and embarrasses him. It was bullshit,
evading the challenge and taking on someone without training. I have so
often been told that strength does not matter. That's true, if you can
move fast enough to jab the eye every time. I don't know what kind of
strength Bruce Lee had, but it was more than his body weight indicated and
he used something the Russians used---an electro stimulator after exercise
sessions. It trained the nervous system to accommodate more powerful
signals from the mind to the muscles and is not a drug. In some situations
I think the claims are overblown however, do not take these rare athletes
lightly. Best fighter of all time? Toss up between Gaius Verus Julius
Maximinus Thrax and Thomas Topham. One was a giant, both were insanely
strong and would not have needed any refined technique. Maximinus wore a
bracelet as a ring and at around 550 pounds outran a racehorse on which sat
Septimus Severus. Topham at 196 pounds, head on one chair and heels on
another and no other support, repeatedly heaved a 784 pound pyramid of men
standing atop his midsection and lifted his horse over a turnpike gate.
His feats were verified by the Royal Society and by Dr. Desaguilers, a
French physician who came to investigate his claims. So Numbers One and
Two of entire world history are Maximinus Thrax or Topham, or Topham and
Thrax, whose statue is in the Vatican Museum. It took eleven soldiers with
spears hitting Thrax simultaneously to kill him. These spears were not
training spears but killing spears with the weight of a larger man behind
each spear and a sharp iron tip.

Author johannsebastienbach (5 days)
good, but honestly i do not think a single of these monks had a harder head
than holyfield. I'm sure holyfield trained similarly, banging his head
against some hard stuff. in fact, the monks training is a joke compared
to the kind of punishment holyfield absorbed (i.e. punched by tyson, lewis,
foreman) took. and they did it gradually increasing the intensity. no
offsen, but this tactic of slowing increasing the intensity is adopted in
all martial arts

Author gamername1013 (7 hours)
Looks like torture! Most of these guys won't ever need to be insanely good
in battle. Especially if they spend their lives as monks!

Author TacDyne (3 months)
Gotta love these cheap circus gimmicks. Barnum wasn't wrong.

Author TriEssence Martial Arts (8 days)
These are nothing but tricks, it would be a disgrace to call this Chinese
martial art. Although many Chinese systems do talk about Qi training, but
what is shown as Qigong power in this clip is nothing but a stunt. These
stunts do have a long history within Chinese culture, however they has
always been considered as street performance rather than martial art. The
founder of modern Shaolin Hai Deng was a skilled street performer at his
youth, so when he was tasked for the revival of Shaolin which no proper
lineage to the past, he had no choice but to use what he knows best, the
result is what known today as Shaolin Kung Fu.

Author Justin Heinzig (12 days)
Oh ma god. if you go to 4:10 and turn on captions, it says, "even the
hottest shaolin monks believe this girl can get hotter within 2 year of

Author Ly Sing (1 day)
bring them to UFC/MMA.

Author webmaster657 (3 months)
Chi is bullshit, if you train for years and years you can reinforce the
bone because impacts shatter a few fibers in the bone, and when it regrows
it regrows much thicker and stronger, but skin? I'd call that bullshit
because there's no real way to reinforce skin to not tear, but there is
bones and muscle.

Author zeNUKEify (28 days)
annoying how everyone wants shaolin monks to fight in the MMA or some crap.
That ain't possible because Shaolin Kung fu was made to kill or seriously
injure. Boxing was made to knock the opponent unconscious. A shaolin monk
would have to prevent himself from doing any seriously damaging moves,
which would handicap him in a fight.

Author Michael Garcia (1 month)
true power of shaolin kung fu:

Author maria32 (12 days)
now this is REAL training, I want to train like THIS

Author damien hansen (9 days)
Masutatsu Oyama & Isao Machii are recent freaks of nature (yes I know
they're not Chinese) but I dont think masters with skills relative to
ancient times will ever exist again. Necessity breeds excellence, martial
arts are no longer necessary for survival or protection of a populous. 

Author Dan0101010101010 (3 months)
man if you fall for this you are totally retarded!

Author Zarion106 (1 month)
Guys this isn't chi this is just physical training. People who aren't
Shaolin Monks break bricks and shit all the time. They go through intense
training, and deserve respect for that, but Chi is non existent. Nothing in
this video proves otherwise.

Author Christopher Kiely (2 days)
In want to bea monk

Author sky kohh (6 days)
How about bullet? 

Author Jackee Saumani (12 days)
Id like to c an mma fighter go through shaolin sit up trainning mma fighter
will blow his ass u mma fighters have to remember seeing our kung fu its ok
but actually doing it would make u pack your bags an put yor tail between
yor legs an want to go home thats just the sit up trainning

Author LiveForPanda (1 month)
seriously, how do you make your skull harder? It's just a skeletal shell

Author Eddie Lai (4 days)
speed n accuracy beats anything n with speed comes power. If u r super fast
an accurate u can poke out a guys eye before he even realized it

Author evilro3345 (1 month)
So... bs martial arts?

Author 76255 Ryan (1 month)
Did dragon ball z copy chi from real life?

Author Jon Krieger (26 days)
If this "chi" stuff were true, then the gentleman at 3:19 would not need to
do manual conditioning like he does. In reality, the body's skin, bones,
and muscle all get stronger when you subject them to stress over time (with
time to heal). This is conditioning, and it is amazing what results you
get, but no magic here. Just lots of dedication and time on your hands.

Author Denny Kurniawan Budiman (5 days)
Can you use "qi gong" to hold fart and resist the feeling of taking a dump?

Author Senam Lawson (1 month)
LMAO: 3:59.
I'm speechless, y'all. (And I almost can't stop laughing :D )

Author this is the last cookie (4 months)
...or can break sticks.

Author Jack O (17 days)
microfactures occur in the appendages and ribs of fighters, but u shouldn't
intentionally create them in your head, micro fractures aren't crazy
dangerous but the side effects of jamming your head and neck can be

Author nguyen275 (26 days)
Isn't it called Iron Body training or something?

Author tye ramsey (1 month)
if that stone at 1:33 was really that hard and thick then it would take WAY
WAY more stones at the bottom to hold it... The fact that their are just 4
lil stones holdin' it at the bottom when he breaks it, proves its not that
hard,, anybody who knows physics will agree that if that stone was really
that hard then it would have thrown those lil stones at the bottom, but it
didn't, so that proves that the stone he kicked wasen't all that hard.. BUT
don't get me wrong, I DO believe in this and i believe in monks with this
kinda power.. but that one scene at 1:33, well that's just physics.. look
at how many stones that are holding that one stone...i mean c'mon..

Author Christopher Melendez (1 month)
Jesus Christ that looks like tougher than.nails.

Author Myke T (8 days)
i like to see these chinks try to stop a bullet.. 

Author Charlie Nguyen (1 month)
What are we doing in America?

Author James Soundwave (2 months)
There is a trick to braking bricks / blocks / and bamboo sticks and it
don't involve chi, I'm not saying these guys are not tuff but any one can
brake a brick over the edge of a wall if they lift it slightly just before
the hand hits it, the wall brakes it not the hand, also have you ever seen
anyone brake ten brick stacked on top of each other without placing small
blocks in between the bricks??? NO of corse you haven't, they place them
blocks in between the bricks because it allows the centre of the bricks
that becomes the point of impact to become weak, again I'm not saying these
guys are not tuff but it has nothing to do with chi, 

Author Loai Hassoun (1 month)
soundtrack please

Author saudiss01 (8 days)
I hope one day I can learn how they fight 😍

Author Milktank ™ (1 month)
"the brain is the most important organ in the human body" had to leave
after that lol 90% of people have no clue that emotion ,actions & thoughts
are processed through the heart first...this has been proven by
scientist...there has & still is people that have lived without a brain but
no cases where people have survived without a heart (half a heart yeah) but
not one completely missing...& you wonder why...

Author gahloot (29 days)
I want be well hung!

Author Zohan Zohan (1 month)
i feel llike this is exagurated in a way

Author 1380anthony (19 days)
This is fucking realllll!!!! My wife hit with a broom on my head amd it
broke. Some how, I transfered the chi to ky head just before getting a
solid hit. Hahahaha this peace od shit

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