true power of shaolin kung fu

shaolin kung fu ppl do their thing
hey guys please watch this and like it:
i'll put up more shaolin

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Author Hypersonic Chainsaw (1 month)
A childhood friend once visited the Shaolin Temple with his Gung Fu class,
they were guests for a few weeks. Many of the Chinese Shaolin students
ordered fast-food sometimes and played Tekken in their free time. They keep
a traditional strict diciplined face in public but in private they are
human and modern, even the elders cracked jokes and many even smoked. It's
not like the movies believe it or not.

Author Callum Yu (26 days)
So they know how to use tenkai? Awesome lol.

Author Hingle McCringleberry (3 months)
holy shit he can produce chi. do a fucking kamehameha!

Author PaneMaxPain (3 months)
Maybe Bricks were Made in China.

Author Senn K (2 days)
And after 20 years of rigorous training to harness your chi and strengthen
your body, you will be ready for Mortal Kombat.

Author Riley Conway (2 days)
Or break sticks, or break stick, or break...sticks

Author Sky Edge (5 days)
Like to see how long one of these monks would last in the MMA ring

Author Kayla Uzumaki Chung (10 days)
That's some Naruto shit right there.

Author Neokiller333 (5 months)
in all fairness i could kick a stone tablet that tall and that thin and
make it break -.-

Author tsohgallik (19 days)
So weird they need physics books and not head stands

Author Pompón Melendez (5 months)
Japan could kick China's ass any day of the week!

Author emiditinem Z (4 months)
what if you break your neck or any bone from these exercises

Author preacster (27 days)
that shows that our world as we see it is just an illusion. we can
manipulated when we lost our imagination.

Author Mathias Fröhling (27 days)
This is so bad ass, chi can do it!

Author Zteve W (28 days)
I'm not going to fuck with you but then again, i've usually been on the
receiving end of bullies...

Author BUGBOSS (1 month)
bearded kungfu master is baddass

Author Popa Mircea (4 months)
replace that wood with real OAK ! :)

Author MrAndrew7453 (1 month)
Buy a gun and save time.

Author Venom (4 months)
and fangirls think mma fighters can beat these guys. hilarious

Author VengefulSage (6 months)
I would totally give up my life here in the United States to go in the
mountains of China or Mongolia and learn Kung Fu for the rest of my life if
that opportunity arose. Seriously.

Author Erik Hammarström (4 months)
Steve Urkel could kick these guys ass.

Author TheBrotherhoodLegacy (6 months)
Just imagine how long they can masturbate for!

Author Ronin6575 (1 month)
But, can they break their own heads?

Author Ken smyth (4 months)
a lot of this is simple physics
notice when the brick is broken he lifts it slightly then slams it down on
the edge of the step as he hits it

Author Viplexify (4 months)
turn on auto subtitles at 4:06 for lol

Author Dan River (4 months)
why to do all this? just avoid Problems and go to church, you will be fine
and healthy. 

Author Mazaa (1 month)
I love how the narrator orders you to do these exercises

Author RedemptionIsRessurected2 (1 month)
Where do I sign up?

Author sess (1 month)
No wonder shaolin monks are so calm, they're brain damaged from all that
training lol

Author BinkieMcFartnuggets (4 months)
You know you're tough when people are too scared to tell you you're wearing
a shower curtain.

Author Rick Reed (1 month)
Dodge this.

Author SocomSniper Socom (1 month)
What's next? They gonna start Training how to Stop a Bullet?

Author Jammy Dodger (7 months)
These guys are hardcore

Author Jonathan Arvidsson (1 month)
So they punch paper and hang in ropes.

Author Allandabbe (1 month)
Thank God I'm Swedish

Author Maya Aoyama (2 months)
Its funny how people here are acting like they could give these pros tips.
Just go

Author Nuno Damasceno (5 months)

Author Younggrasshoppa (2 months)
They can't be knocked/choked out...PLEASE come to America and destroy these
meathead MMA/UFC douchebags!!!

Author BajJ Mcqueef (2 months)
They use physics to there advantage like have you noticed they snap stuff
in the middle like say if you got a twig and snapped it the weakest point
will break which is the middle so this is BS. And that needle thing where
you pierce glass is down to technique and lots of practice. And also if you
believe you produce chi you can placebo effect yourself into thinking you
actually produce chi so hopefully your gettin me

Author Gabriel Baruovic (8 months)
this shaolin masters would fck the UFC fighter hahaha i want to see such a
fight UFC vs shaolin master :D 

Author Ioseph Stalin (4 months)
I wonder that's what caused Mao to be bold...... Hmmmm **Stroking My

Author Leon Murray (2 months)
Chi does exist unless people can just pierce glass with a tiny wooden stick
( have seen tons of youtube videos of it and witnessing it soon) and move
things without touching them by going all anime style and screaming out
like "PIERCA GLASSA WOODEENS 'A' STICK" and you throw a needle and it
pierces glass or "TELEKINESIS ACTIVATE!" and that should work if there is
no such thing as chi, right?

Author NiCoL4x (4 months)
So dumb... This is pure cinema and gullible people. I'll explain with basic
physics and physiology.
"Chi" can be detected with heat detector in certain parts of the body
because it is muscle contraction on a certain part. Muscle contraction
accelerates metabolism in the area and therefore you have more heat in the
area and that is detected. Something such as "Chi" doesn't exist, it was
invented thousands of years ago to explain things that can now be
explained. Constant training will make your muscles stronger therefore more
resistant and showing more heat, which they explain as "You are now able to
concentrate your "Chi".
Bones such as the ones in the hand and head can become harder by a process
called microfracture. Whenever you hit something the bone microfractures
and repairs itself. Each time it repairs itself it repairs thicker, so its
more resistant. Done without control can damage joints in the long term.
Yes, you can make your skull harder by hitting it repeatedly and repairing
by microfracture, but by hitting it constantly you also damage your brain
because its moves inside the head and bounces against the walls of the
skull when you hit it. Do it repeatedly and you will have a harder skull,
but the cost is your brain will be so damaged you won't be so intelligent
or will have damage when you become older. Test these guys in intelligence,
maybe they don't die because of an attack but surely their IQ is lower than
average. In a civilized world as today, you aren't constantly attacked,
especially not when you live inside a monastery. Intelligence is more
important than a resistant skull, so doing this is extremely stupid.

Author jeebersjumpincryst (2 months)
i used to believe this shit when i was a kid. they call it: BULLSHIDO

Author Jim Giant (2 days)
These guys really are amazing, it's no wonder every UFC champion does
qigung. Oh wait they don't.

There is some genuinely impressive conditioning here mixed with silly
parlour tricks.

Author WindSailor AK (22 hours)
and 1 Bullet can kill them... bullet is 8 gr only

Author Herobrine8931 (5 days)
Yeah Sure !
Bang your head agaisnt bricks,
or mash the wall for 2 hours,
either way i wont hang myself on a cotton rope. for 2 hours.

Author Moh Dead (4 days)
omg 2:05 :O!!!!

Author toosickcisco (4 days)
yeah but can they use rasengan

Author Jarrett Laird (23 hours)
And all it is one bullet in order to render all this training useless. 

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