True Power of Shaolin Kung Fu

Shaolin Kung Fu shows us what it's capable of.
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iron palm? wtf?
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Author 84updown (3 months)
All my life, I thought that humans were limited in terms of physical
strength. These guys prove that even the strongest fighters known like
Muhammad Ali or Bruce Lee would get their asses killed even in their prime.

Author Rage995 (6 months)
I would love to train here.

Author ranker4 (1 month)
I've seen some news where cops were using a ram to open a door, for 30
mins. Why using that ram when you could use a monk?

Author D Pierre (1 month)
ok now i will bang my head against my kitchen walls every morning for 2

Author Bogdan Kasyanchuk (5 months)
This is real. But you must also understand, that these people have been
training and medetating for years. That is the reason why their body
resists damage from certain objects. The Chi Energy is very powerful, but
it is not that easy to get. Takes years,

Author Steve Jellaman (19 days)
And yet, bodybuilders struggle to even break a little piece of 2x4, lmao.
Seriously, these shaolin monks know what the fuck they are doing and are
the real deal. I hate how most people, especially the U.S., assumes that
because you have big, bugling muscles, you can break a cinder-block or push
a car. Yes, I have seen some jacked guys able to do that, but probably
because they were taking drugs or they have serious willpower (which is
funny because theses monks have tons of willpower as well). Anyway, I have
seen many skinny dudes able to lift about 200-220 lbs whereas a muscular
guy can do the same as well. Muscle size is relative to weight training
depending on the amount of volume and intensity used. Just because you lift
heavy, doesn't mean you will get big. Most people who don't weight train
don't understand that concept. I weight train all the time and when I arm
wrestled my friend, he managed to beat every time and he is a skinny dude.

Author VejyMonsta (1 month)
I'm just amazed at the presence these monks set off. They're like walking
works of art. I mean come on look at that fucking sword play!

Author Mac Tek (1 month)
Microfractures in bone cause the bone to eventually get denser, harder, and
less likely to break. The internal structure of the bone changes. It has
nothing to do with Chi.

Author Hypersonic Chainsaw (7 months)
A childhood friend once visited the Shaolin Temple with his Gung Fu class,
they were guests for a few weeks. Many of the Chinese Shaolin students
ordered fast-food sometimes and played Tekken in their free time. They keep
a traditional strict diciplined face in public but in private they are
human and modern, even the elders cracked jokes and many even smoked. It's
not like the movies believe it or not.

Author nguyen275 (2 months)
Isn't it called Iron Body training or something?

Author Alexander Cheong (1 month)
Hanging is nothing to them...and...that's really sux... ~.~

Author Sean Ó Briain (4 months)
All of those breaks at the start are easily explain by basic physics. They
all attack the centre of the object where it's easier to break. Anyone
could replicate them. 

Author Valentino Qwerty (3 days)
My Sharigan it's over for this poor shaolin 

Author Rony Sinh (1 month)
bring them to UFC/MMA.

Author Andrea Roll (1 month)
How many of them snap and get a mental brakedown during training?

Author BrainCodane (1 month)
it took years to master these skills, there is no way a average person can
do stuff like this.

Author James Hecto (1 month)
It's like Sasuke Naruto Sakura training With kakashi

Author Razer Dela Cruz (1 month)
I am afraid to train on those neck cloth shits.I know I won't choke but no
matter what technique it has a high risk of giving you internal
decapitation which can lead to death or you having a brace forever or a
metal implant on your whole neck,you can't fucking look at your sides
without twisting your whole body after that which is awkward.

Author Monster From Within (25 seconds)
It's that legendary energy called QI that inspired lots of Anime with
Chakra, Reiatsu, Nen.

Author Bad Jaeaux (1 month)
they get punished for not studying their maths

Author Aysar Aburrub (14 days)
Chi is BS ... these guys became the way they are through rigorous training
day in and day out for years. that's all there's to it! What doesn't kill
you makes you stronger, literally, the bones harden overtime after being
micro-fractured, nerves endings become more immune to pain through constant
exposure to it ... it's all natural and it's all been proven by science ...
Chi has nothing to do with it

Author Christiam Velez (2 days)
Master... Take me as your pupil.

Author Quicksilver17 (16 days)
This is all a bunch of bull crap. I could do any of these stuff when I was
five. They make themselves look like a bunch of stupid monkeys for no
reason at all. That training is stupid and unnecessary.

Author LiveForPanda (3 months)
seriously, how do you make your skull harder? It's just a skeletal shell

Author I am a Mexican trollface (1 month)
04:56 warning these are the people who survived it there where over 50 who
died trying this (just joking)

Author TacDyne (5 months)
Gotta love these cheap circus gimmicks. Barnum wasn't wrong.

Author Joel Payamps (14 hours)
Just an observational hypothesis, all of the "breaking" we see is possible
to accomplish by anyone who does it exactly as shown due to the fact that
they are all done using the centrifugal force to help break the objects. In
all cases the center is the weakest point of all objects, when breaking
sticks they strike the center whilst the edges or outer sides are held. In
the case of the bricks, they strike the outer sides while using another
object act as a fulcrum to a lever to initiate the resistance in the

Author MrTenDollarMan (12 days)
I can do this any day. Here, hold my beer for a second.

Author Melza Bradley (1 day)
WoW ohhhh Double WOWWWW 

Author Ani Sense (17 days)
As a student of medicine & a martial artist, I've made it my life goal to
learn and research these kinds of methods lost to us in the modern age.
Many ideas that were only recently discovered by scientists about how to
manipulate the human body in a way to enhance it beyond our current
comprehension of its "limits" had been used by these very martial art
masters for centuries before science was seen as nothing more than
And for anyone who's curious, the Monks training shown in the video follows
"Wolf's Law" which applies to not only bone but also tendons & ligaments.
You can Google it if you're interested.

There are still secrets out there in the world, and if all my research has
taught me so far it's that what may seem impossible today, may be common
knowledge tomorrow. It's only a matter of who & when the chest of secrets
if opened. While at the same time it sounds wonderful I also think that it
may be best that those secrets remain secret as we might unknowingly be
opening pandora's box.

Author 76255 Ryan (2 months)
Did dragon ball z copy chi from real life?

Author Zarion106 (3 months)
Guys this isn't chi this is just physical training. People who aren't
Shaolin Monks break bricks and shit all the time. They go through intense
training, and deserve respect for that, but Chi is non existent. Nothing in
this video proves otherwise.

Author Callum Brown (1 day)

Author U Wot (29 days)
DAMN! They can break sticks and really thin slabs of concrete! That's
fuckin' badass! 


Author Finrod Felagund (5 days)
Dang these comments! it almost seems like any person who gets a small ounce
of scientific knowledge becomes arrogant and prideful! and especially to
the "ignorant plebeians". I had a confrontation with a kid at my school, he
was well versed in science. He was getting all uppity on me because i
studied Scripture, along with their origin language, such as Greek and
Hebrew. And he just HAD to tell me that he Knew science, and i studied a
bunch of hogwash, that he was right and i was wrong.
It drives me insane!

Author Myriam Malengreau (1 month)

Author IruksiTakuma (22 hours)
Real, first of all this is National Geographic, which has a pretty good
reputation for showing real stuff. Secondly, I've actually practiced, to an
extent, I do not have that iron neck, chest, or head, I narrowed it down to
legs and arms only, to save time, but I still have arms that can withstand
a sword, and legs which can smash through a staff or armor.

What you see here is the result of ridiculous training, these warriors
practice 70% of their day, if not 100%

Author KAPOOYAH (5 days)

Author Meggy Chan (1 day)
the spear part was really scary

Author Anime/Rock&Metalfan (1 month)
So, can this Shaolin Kung Fu make you superhuman?

Author tehtapemonkey (11 days)
Nothing like bad CGI graphics to contrast with some monk training at a
centuries old temple. (Or maybe the place was built in the 80s, I don't
know. I didn't major in Chinese architecture, sheesh)

Author Marc Besançon (9 days)
JUST BE A KING. That's all!!!!

Author RespectFor3RunFamily (1 month)
I wish one of them is my brother :D

Author TurfGuy (6 days)
Half-wits, mostly Americans, believe that juiced up mma fighters can take
out these warriors. 

Author Sci Fi (1 month)
Physics can explain all of these feats 

Author Brandon Lindsay (1 day)
Be cool to see "chi" stop gun fire...

Author ashok kumar (1 month)
very good and knwledgeble

Author sottomi (1 month)
Why are they calling Nen, Chi? ...Idk but their Zetsu is on point!

Author Anhe Gaming (1 day)
that looks like firebending

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