Chevy 434 Stroker Engine EFI Pump Gas Dyno CNC-Motorsports Chevelle Camaro Nova S10 Monte Carlo

SB Chevy 434 Stroker fuel injected 9.0:1 compression, dart block, AFR heads, roller cam. We build engine of all types, give us a call 800-341-1528. Check out our web site

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Author Lil Cam (5 years)
Is the 434 Stroker Kit the BIGGEST Stroker Kit you can put in a small Block
Chevy 350??

Author Craig Groombridge (3 years)
Is that a Mass-flo efi? That is what Im using on my 421 I got from cnc
through ken@portage in Canada.. works good and I'm slowly getting the
tuning idea

Author cncmotorsports (1 year)
Roger, I can't remember, The customer brought in their own system in.

Author TheTkirk (3 years)
Is .0015 a good rod bearing clearance for a 434? I was having a debate with
someone on that

Author Arthur Daluz (1 year)
what gap in spark plugs should i do on a chevy sb 434 stroker using ngk
4554 vpower racing spark plugs hei distributor

Author cncmotorsports (2 years)
@MrBluez28 You should be in the 500+ horsepower range

Author 7066481212 (4 years)
hi i have an small block 400 2 bolt main i got out of the junkyard from a
1971 impala i was wondering can i turn it into a 434 stroker or do i have
to buy the dart block this will help me out on my discision

Author cncmotorsports (5 years)
You can make a 454 small block stroker, but you have to use a dart tall
deck Iron Eagle block.

Author cncmotorsports (3 years)
@TheTkirk .0015 is way to tight. We generally go .0025 .003 on the rods and

Author cncmotorsports (4 years)
You can turn it into a 434, but we would recommend buying the dart block,
The SHP block has been working really well for us in mild applications.

Author allroundpower (4 years)
Hi guys, I'm currently thinking of commissioning a motor build from you.
How much torque/ hp can you expect with either AFR competition 195's or AFR
competition 235's on the 434 sbc above at 9.0-1 CR ?Thanks.

Author MrBluez28 (2 years)
Thank for the reply thats what i was looking to get around. question for
you when i time my car with vacuum advance off then i plug it back in
should the motor rev up some or it wont cause off my set up

Author Roger Dustin (1 year)
What efi is this? Thanks

Author Wayne Johnson (4 years)
You have to have a 400 block, 6" rods, 4" stroke crank and get the block
machined to fit a 4" stroke crank, and then have it punced .030 over.

Author MrBluez28 (2 years)
Hi there i built a 434 stroker using trick flow 195 heads 2.02i 1.6e valves
and trick flow roller cam with 230/234 duration @50 .528i .539e lift rpm
air gap intake 750 holley hp carb. 10.4:1 compression what kind of hp
should this make

Author cncmotorsports (4 years)
Depends on what camshaft, 210s work the best, 227's will only work with
13.0:1 and a huge roller cam and you need to spin it 8000 rpm. For street a
engine the 210s are the best, they make the best torque and horsepower

Author cncmotorsports (1 year)
Start at .040 gap

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