10 Summer Life Hacks To Try Right Now

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  • Dood food
    Dood food 14 hours ago

    here's a hack

    don't comment first

  • Tino Bregovic
    Tino Bregovic 2 days ago


  • Shawn Young
    Shawn Young 3 days ago

    Straw in strawberry

  • Jorge Villanueva
    Jorge Villanueva 5 days ago

    \ /\/
    This i lia she loves you guys

  • Gavin Gaming
    Gavin Gaming 5 days ago

    4:14 Use a Napkin 😂 😂

  • Lego Builder
    Lego Builder 6 days ago

    If you saw the Dr Pepper commercial crave rider one the pool cooler would be the next commercial

    Me I want Dr Pepper

    Narrator crave container he only has a Dr Pepper when your craving Dr Pepper

    *floating box comes out of nowhere

  • Cavorting Chloe
    Cavorting Chloe 6 days ago

    If you freeze water then put it in your lunchbox it will still be cold at lunchtime

  • Luciano Navarro
    Luciano Navarro 7 days ago

    this is making me hungry for watermelon.....AND I HATE WATERMELONS!!!!!

  • Ib Mu
    Ib Mu 7 days ago

    hey guys check this out if you want:


    I did that to

  • kripam kc
    kripam kc 8 days ago

    my summer hack ?

  • Swagolishis CJ
    Swagolishis CJ 8 days ago

    The ice cream hack is genius

  • Maite Salazar
    Maite Salazar 10 days ago

    I am so sorry said Carlos

  • Maite Salazar
    Maite Salazar 10 days ago

    Carlos said he did not likes not me

  • Jeremy Salinas
    Jeremy Salinas 11 days ago

    fake you don't do that in summer

  • Jdutton818
    Jdutton818 11 days ago

    I was already doing the water launcher-water balloon hack😡

  • Jonas Morkūnas
    Jonas Morkūnas 11 days ago

    uhh wrong from 4 :40

  • Stupendous 171
    Stupendous 171 11 days ago

    were those balloons normal balloons or water balloons??

  • Jyothi Mudunuri
    Jyothi Mudunuri 12 days ago

    In the talking was the video from DaveHax

  • ibro khan
    ibro khan 12 days ago

    your face

  • Christina Weddle
    Christina Weddle 13 days ago

    it is so annoying when your car seats get to hot and you don't have a windshield light blocker LIFE HACK cover your seats with a tan towel so your car seats don't get super hot and you can save money.

  • A 93 Year Old Virgin

    At 0:22 he adds in off the cob cus he forgets it, why should you care?

    You shouldnt

  • Life Assistant
    Life Assistant 14 days ago

    Wait what does it rain in summer ?

  • Tonya Comer
    Tonya Comer 14 days ago

    love your vids my summer life hack is playing with the dog and video games XD

  • Amy Patterson
    Amy Patterson 15 days ago

    The instant freeze one happened to my Dad's Coke when we were in the campervan he was so confused xD

  • iNannoGamingHD RBLX
    iNannoGamingHD RBLX 16 days ago

    Hey Cool video is a awesome life hacks i will ask my mom or grandma to do it 😃

  • Liz Keown
    Liz Keown 16 days ago

    Shit. For. Kids

  • RussoFX
    RussoFX 16 days ago

    June 2017, anyone?

  • Geometry Dash Streamer

    1 year later

  • gameplays and trailers

    Gayyyy 4:27

  • Awesome Angelique
    Awesome Angelique 18 days ago

    2:19 🍉🍉

  • Awesome Angelique
    Awesome Angelique 18 days ago

    0:44 🖒

  • Rudra Varma
    Rudra Varma 18 days ago

    The kid looks high as fuck

  • i see lzlscamden harnage

    So cool

  • Tommy Tang
    Tommy Tang 20 days ago

    Great video

  • NDT Gaming
    NDT Gaming 21 day ago

    The cookies would be gone before I put the ice cream in.

  • Momo Koko
    Momo Koko 21 day ago

    his kid is cringy af

  • FidgetSpinner 46290

    Just a tip: instead of using regular corn for cornbread, use canned cream corn to make it moist

  • Cookies Ninja
    Cookies Ninja 22 days ago

    Who else watches these but never does them

  • Nedim Brakovic
    Nedim Brakovic 22 days ago

    I really live coffee, and when u have leftovers i freeze them in cubes and use them for iced coffee so I don't water my coffee down with regular ice

  • Karina Vee
    Karina Vee 22 days ago

    Where is that green knife from? I've seen so many YouTubers use it. it looks great!

  • Mustii
    Mustii 23 days ago

    I miss summer so much :(

  • Johana Ruiz
    Johana Ruiz 24 days ago

    going to pool today

  • Ash .1
    Ash .1 24 days ago

    U r terrible and your
    Kid is UGLY

  • Jalynn Lankford
    Jalynn Lankford 24 days ago

    love it

  • TheFlamingSword - Enjoy

    Me: The swing looks good!
    *Gets on it and instantly breaks the whole tree*
    Mom:OMG what did you do?
    Me: my name isn't "OMG"
    *I run off*

  • Jake Weidler
    Jake Weidler 25 days ago

    The container isn't reusable anymore

  • Pessimistic Freak
    Pessimistic Freak 26 days ago

    Here is the best one:

    Food; Netflix;Chill

    You know what is the rest ;)

  • Dat boi rolling down the street

    Dude your the best man great channel and these hacks help my life out

  • Suds
    Suds 27 days ago

    EW TAP

  • Ben Bean
    Ben Bean 27 days ago

    My summer hack watch YouTube

  • Lavenderrose73
    Lavenderrose73 27 days ago

    I don't know _why the fiddlestick_ I never thought of the water soaker for water balloons, and I _have one!_

  • SuperCube AJ
    SuperCube AJ 28 days ago

    Ya know those tiny shards of ice in your ice tray with no use at all? fear no more make ice balls of death! Fill a water balloon to your perfect size of liking then proceed to add the tiny shards of ice slowly into your balloon so it doesn't pop and your done! not only is the water cold but the person you throw it at will be drenched in cold water and ice shards! this was a troll don't try this at home...try it at a friends house so your stuff doesn't get wet and their stuff will MUHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rubiks Cube
    Rubiks Cube 28 days ago

    I have a life hack STAY OUTSIDE

  • Laila Majno
    Laila Majno 28 days ago


  • Georgina's Life
    Georgina's Life 1 month ago

    When u go to the beach take baby powder to remove sand of your feet before getting in the car

  • edgar delgado
    edgar delgado 1 month ago

    haha care a beaner

  • Sophie D
    Sophie D 1 month ago

    well it's 3 am right now and I'm in bed do I can't try it right now

  • Melanie Nash
    Melanie Nash 1 month ago

    I LOVE YOUR CHANNEL!!! New subbie!!

  • Miranda Castaneda
    Miranda Castaneda 1 month ago

    Does the cookie bowl one work?

  • Elijah Miller
    Elijah Miller 1 month ago

    I am so hyped this summer, I finally can get an escape from all the annoying ass Dank Meme kids

  • millie lennon
    millie lennon 1 month ago

    I was wondering can you make slushes with blenders?? Because I'm thinking of getting one for my birthday in 8 days

  • foofies lit
    foofies lit 1 month ago

    why did that kid look like the fat tire man

  • Paula Süß
    Paula Süß 1 month ago


  • Sadidi time
    Sadidi time 1 month ago

    he has hot pockets

  • Roaster Toaster
    Roaster Toaster 1 month ago

    🤔 Should I request backup?
    | |_________

    😂 Naw nigga I got this
    🖕🏾 | 🖕🏾
    | |
    | |
    👢 👢

  • Lanny Oakman
    Lanny Oakman 1 month ago


  • Nathan Drake
    Nathan Drake 1 month ago

    What happened to the guy's finger?

  • Weirdness . com 100% ReaL NOt FaKE

    Like my parents will ever make these

  • Ali Frie
    Ali Frie 1 month ago

    These aren't even hacks! Get a life people!!

  • Catmantj
    Catmantj 1 month ago

    00:22 cutting corn *off the cob*

  • Ravenia
    Ravenia 1 month ago

    5:11 did I the only one hearing "a pair of wiener" like me?

  • Sniper_ Master234
    Sniper_ Master234 1 month ago

    you coped king of random

  • Lizzie Fisk-Nicholson

    I stopped watching just because of that kid 😐

  • Shiries Hipolito
    Shiries Hipolito 1 month ago

    Holy shit that watermelon look pale 😂

  • Samarjeet Singh
    Samarjeet Singh 1 month ago

    according to my country we already know to use hydropower water shooters for balloons

  • kaizar bharmal
    kaizar bharmal 1 month ago

    me too I m just watching but never try....

  • Kamoon
    Kamoon 1 month ago

    why are so many people filling the comment section with useless stuff like ''omg its winter why am i watching this? xdddd'' i mean its not even related to the video.

  • FT G
    FT G 1 month ago

    I were awesome

  • Depressed koala
    Depressed koala 1 month ago

    Why did I watch this all I'm gonna do this summer is stay at home playing videogames

  • Sheena E
    Sheena E 1 month ago

    video of the year!! yaaay!!

  • Reina Martinez
    Reina Martinez 1 month ago

    summer hack stay in side and play tf2

  • James CampenRusher_FanBoy

    When he said cut watermelon with knife did he think I was gonna use a fork or something

  • Hanin Angel
    Hanin Angel 1 month ago

    This video made me smile for hours !! XD

  • Blah0123aj
    Blah0123aj 1 month ago

    ''whip up your favorite cookie dough first then''
    hey whoa whoa I will be eating the cookie dough

  • Danna Jessie
    Danna Jessie 1 month ago

    Oml, his kid is adorbs ^_^

  • Hype Sole
    Hype Sole 1 month ago


  • Binod kumar
    Binod kumar 1 month ago

    i most like watermelon popsicle hack

    PHOOL cHAND 1 month ago


    PHOOL cHAND 1 month ago


    PHOOL cHAND 1 month ago


  • King Lion
    King Lion 1 month ago

    2:32 Bye WaterMellon

  • hotpancake lv
    hotpancake lv 1 month ago

    who is watchin this in 2017?

  • cadeKaiser
    cadeKaiser 1 month ago

    One and only life hack I've done a noodle boat

  • Titanic2
    Titanic2 1 month ago

    I'll try some but it's winter in Canada right now

  • Akanksha Singh
    Akanksha Singh 1 month ago


  • LifeHacks Zone
    LifeHacks Zone 1 month ago

    I really love this video and your channel. If you want to see my channel just subscribe and turn on my notifications

  • XxrainbowlionxX
    XxrainbowlionxX 1 month ago

    My summer hack is if you rage at a game grab it snap it bin it works like a hammer

  • Erinn Roberts
    Erinn Roberts 2 months ago

    Can you do with a normal nuif

  • Artur Seyradarian
    Artur Seyradarian 2 months ago

    I Loved The Last One So I'll Try It But I Have Sad News I Dont Have A House I Have An Appartment. :(

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