How to Make an Air Pump

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Author Marwan Irhlam ( ago)
Please why this projet

Author 최인숙 ( ago)

Author darkness gt ( ago)
Nice video būt where did get those straws??

Author Ramesh Raj ( ago)
super projects

Author John Rickard ( ago)
I don't imagine that thing pumping much more than 20 psi or so, but the CFM rating is probably rather high

Author basic John ( ago)
What the hell is the song name!???!?!??!???

Author Geeta Naik ( ago)
not good worst ever

Author kurigram blog ( ago)
Really It Helpful for Air Pump Lover........ I will get a idea for creation a water pump....

Author يوميات ولد#المدينه ( ago)
شني ماكو عراقين

Author ilyass ali ( ago)
osam all projects nice

Author Kundan Kumar ( ago)

Author Chan Chokvagi Sin ( ago)
grinder ofhack

Author Yang KyungJin ( ago)

Author clash of clans Vasilev ( ago)
стига с това лепио

Author Ekow Asare ( ago)
it's amazing

Author Prasertsuwan Wongsawangsiri ( ago)
good idear

Author daki king ( ago)
jer si srbin

Author Lin Wei Hao ( ago)
I'd have thought his channel name would be DrHotGlue instead of DrScrew

Author Alex Silver ( ago)
amazing !
but can you make me a wife which is not a whore,i have difficulties in finding that

I will just buy a pump and save all the effort

Author Dins dins ( ago)
good nice

Author BNGamingTV ( ago)
Who's watching this on march 20017

Author Ivett Ibujés ( ago)
tiembla feisimo dilike

Author Aleksa TV ( ago)
Wait I noticed on Coca Cola that its writen on Serbian languague soo that mean that you are from Serbia. ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED!

Author Mason Arruda ( ago)
eu so não gostei da válvula. se fosse um pouco mais aprimorada acredito que sairia mais ar. mais ficou bom o video

Author Александр Ларин ( ago)
Burn need the insulation of a gas lighter and not to be cut with a knife damaging the conductors.

Author David Lisney ( ago)
Ingenious project, but the soldering technique is awful.

Author Monika Stajisic ( ago)
There's a damn reason why air pump same power is just 5 dollar, cost less shit and time you did here and it's more effective. But i like what you did here as well.

Author gaston mazza ( ago)

Author Jorge Guerrero ( ago)

Author New Blaker ( ago)
Nice creative

Author M.D. SOHAIL M.D. SOHAIL ( ago)
I made it and kept in aquarium as oxygen for fish good idea

Author Sam's Channel ( ago)
Instructions were unclear i got my dick stuck in the pump.

Author Mrinmoy Kar ( ago)
i think he had accidentally made a hole on his hand too while drilling that can ,, fuk man ,,

Author Rayuga El Drago ( ago)
song what Music name ??????

Author Hyukjoon Kwak ( ago)
excellant camera work

Author Benson Gerald ( ago)
how much glue can one use?

Author Jervik Lapsley ( ago)
Whats that he's sticking the wires in?

Author Zaman Sinan ( ago)

Author Panji Tengkorak ( ago)

Author Chris Mathew ( ago)
Song name plss...

Author Creative Fun ( ago)
awesome idea. really like

Author Tzaddi Jayawon ( ago)
how smart

Author Kiara Barathlal ( ago)
What type of wooden board are u using

Author joey semaan ( ago)
Guys watch mrgear and mrhacker

Author rupesh deshmukh ( ago)

Author You Suck ( ago)
Instructions did not work.Dick got stuck in toaster

Author EL LIC. ( ago)
cool video

Author Random Videos ( ago)
Instructions unclear; stuck my finger in my anus.

Author Sudarshana Naphade ( ago)
what are the materials needed

Author nick wanker ( ago)
i made one adjustment to the way the battery is held and what type of battery i used and ive used this for a long @$$ time

Author 林桑嵐 ( ago)

Author Savvas CH Savvassavidis/GTA V \ Autos \W0W/ ( ago)
Bro that fucking musik .......... 😣😭😭😭😭😭😲😲😲😲😲😲😬😈👺

Author Stee Line ( ago)
Or just buy one at the store by the all the cost of the tools needed to make this thing is way expensive so you should buy a one that is original and not homemade because it's cheaper

Author Abraham Lara ( ago)
Es mejor un abre latas hermano xD

Author MartinYo! ( ago)

Author MD. KAMRUZZAMAN Ahammad ( ago)
awesome iam a kid this is my fathers gmail

Author ceistian macias ( ago)
Para que sirve eso perdon ??

Author VINAYAK J NAIR ( ago)
is this air pump suitable for fishbowl aquarium

Author james king ( ago)
The video on how to is great but lacks clear instructions. Also it's not clear on what's the purpose of various materials like the balloon, jar cover and how to install the air pump in an aquarium.

Author Murgan Ak ( ago)

Author fouad sahil ( ago)
BE si à

Author Dinochrome ( ago)
проще было взять банку из под кофе с плоским дном)))

Author Sheik Ibrahim ( ago)
good brain

Author song bob ( ago)
What if anybody commercializes it?

Author Guillermo Gelpi ( ago)
How to lose your hand in 2 easy steps 0:45

Author Vyper Sixone ( ago)
wtf man....your instructions suck....I got my dick stuck in a toaster

Author Joseph DuPont ( ago)
Nice how long will it run before you change the balloon? or need to change the valve.

Author Xavier Bridoux ( ago)
rien compris

Author Fun Fun ( ago)

Author I-Tech ( ago)
great video bro...passes by me if you like!!!!

Author Nam Hoang ( ago)
good work

Author M.O.S ( ago)
that noise is more disturbing than glued battery

Author Ben Meyer ( ago)

Author KaienPL ( ago)
co to za muzyka / what is that mus ic used in video

Author scott left ( ago)
make an olde bellows

Author VELOCIFIER -GoTheBeat ( ago)
Subscribe me and I'll subscribe you back! Reply me ' ' after subscribing. I'll be sure to do you back!

Author The Man ( ago)
thanks for our project

Author meowgoesthedog ( ago)
BREAKING NEWS: HowToBasic makes something without smashing it or throwing eggs at it!!!!!!!

Author Amit Kashyap ( ago)
I like it

Author towhid rahman ( ago)
watin no gaba

Author Bhavika Gahlot ( ago)
what glue he use to change the colour of wire

Author Dorina Hogeag ( ago)

Author Der Googler ( ago)

Author Gaming Andrei ( ago)
what song is?

Author wellington camaro ( ago)

Author Nick2434 ( ago)
I got a little misled with the items... my dick is now in a blender

Author Безрогий_ Олень ( ago)
ебать у чувака руки трясутся

Author Petur Petrov ( ago)
wow its really cool.... video thank you :)) regards from Bulgaria :))

Author archie graham ( ago)

Author Nedko Kostadinov ( ago)
nice video :)

Author suscribete comparte george haremos record ( ago)
hellow every body visiten my channel please

Author DANIEL GOLD ( ago)
can u pump up balloon with it

Author Mary Rivas ( ago)

Author # 滑稽 ( ago)

Author FEMAS FIRNADA ( ago)
oh gituuu

Author Richard Oide ( ago)

Author JustMC PLAYZ ( ago)
why does hes glue the battery im thinking why? and if its runs out then the fish died imma gonna f this tuturial

Author roland raduly ( ago)

Author Andrew Cornless ( ago)
Now all I need is a how-to video that teaches me how to properly let my girlfriend hit me during an argument and I'll be set for life, 'cause shes just not satisfied with what I've been doing which is crying loudly

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