How to Make an Air Pump

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Author can karagol ( ago)
very well project

Author yea 100% ( ago)
uniera tenido esto antes uniera sido mas fasil realizar mi experimento. pero bien grasias por el experimento

Author 董洪波 ( ago)

Author Zelma Hill ( ago)

Author Гуля Курбанова ( ago)
хрень. зря тратил веши

Author George C ( ago)
Wow this is fantastic. Thank you very much for sharing this amazing video.

Author Ron Riggs ( ago)
way too detailed, too many parts, steps, too much time. just go to LFS and spend $12

Author Rakesh Kumar ( ago)

Author zoozaa ( ago)
How can I reduce a noise?

Author Manok Vidam ( ago)
I'm disliking this video👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

Author Manok Vidam ( ago)

Author Manok Vidam ( ago)

Author Manok Vidam ( ago)

Author Irish swaggkidd ( ago)
no need to use a Dremel u can just use a can opener and a utility knife

Author Ravi Jain ( ago)
anyone pls tell me does this actully works or not
and what volt motor required

Author Haneefa Haneef ( ago)
ok successful you are a greater

Author K.c.thakor K.c.thakor ( ago)

Author A Saed ( ago)
you must be joking this awful job not seen at the end

Author amr kingo ( ago)
I'm lav DR scerw

Author Darwen Dela Cerna ( ago)
wla kaming gamit yan e

Author Camilo Martínez ( ago)
& hg 6😃😃😃😋😎😎😊😊😋😋

Author Camilo Martínez ( ago)
hg BV hg jfukdgsn de dj de jdg hg jsydydkd lo

Author Van Ny ( ago)

Author Wing Chow ( ago)
fucking noise

Author RR Bhagat ( ago)
what is the song u are using

Author Matheus Macedo ( ago)
alguem pfv medar o linkd destamusica por favorrrrrr

Author Prof. Gloves ( ago)
Needs more hot glue.

Author valeriu barbaros ( ago)

Author Trap Hack ( ago)

Author Shadow Man ( ago)

Author Allison Pettrey ( ago)
what are you making

Author unknown ( ago)
how does this work?

Author Hasan KapuzHD ( ago)

Author Video Kid ( ago)
Can this blow up balloons

Author Prince Kumar ( ago)
Prince kumar

Author Zamshedul islam SONI ( ago)

Author Video Kid ( ago)
what are the materials pls

Author Roksana Walczak ( ago)
pump in the aquarium fish :)

Author Riya Gupta ( ago)
better buy an air pump than searching all day for the right materials

Author Hazara Genius ( ago)

Author Hazara Genius ( ago)

Author AliY RAza ( ago)
is it safe to make this for a mini fish tank?

Author MakingTricks ( ago)
i like it i also made air pump for balloons

Author Berin Bosnjakovic ( ago)

Author Desi Thugs ( ago)
this music reminds me of naruto ...idk why

Author Desi Thugs ( ago)
background music is like they are celebrating republic day

Author Mangos ( ago)
ti si iz srbije

Author Ashok Charan ( ago)

Author Sushma Govekar ( ago)
nice one brother

Author Gavin Powell ( ago)
@ 7:10

Where am i supposed to find tiny sushi rolls

Author Gopiranimohan123 Gopiranimohan123 ( ago)

Author majd sat ( ago)
c'est bon oui elle fait beaucoup de bruit comme toutes les pompes a air pour les aquariums. merci en tout cas .

Author Donvin Heisen ( ago)
this guy has a future... but not in this generation

Author CHIA-CHEN LEE ( ago)

Author Eduardo Morrell ( ago)

Author Martina Sciarretta ( ago)
all inizio non ho capito ma dopo ...
non ho capito comunque😆

Author Shazia Solangi ( ago)
nice made

Author Gears Of Fun ( ago)
Excellent video :)

Author New Amsterdam Technial Security Services ( ago)
love the videos but the music....

Author Glitch Steam ( ago)
Why would you glue the battery to the board? Why not make a battery holder because, you know, batteries run out?

Author Ron and Linda Radio ( ago)
As. Dxxxx


Author Zahida Moshin ( ago)
I 6666666666665/55^778900&*^^ 5544 33###0000000000000, v box below and

Author Supersplite ( ago)
how to make an oddly satisfying to that is satisfying when making it but when done has no purposes at all

Author Demetrius Jackson ( ago)
fuck you nigga go suck a disck

Author Selim Reyis ( ago)
senin anani avradini 3 aydir uraşiyom olmuyo çalışsam gerçeyini alirdim hatta 44 akvaryum ve ısıtıcı ev bile alırdım zengin śerefsiz

Author Arturo Dela Cruz iii ( ago)
title of the music

Author Marwan Irhlam ( ago)
Please why this projet

Author 최인숙 ( ago)

Author darkness gt ( ago)
Nice video būt where did get those straws??

Author Ramesh Raj ( ago)
super projects

Author John Rickard ( ago)
I don't imagine that thing pumping much more than 20 psi or so, but the CFM rating is probably rather high

Author basic John ( ago)
What the hell is the song name!???!?!??!???

Author Geeta Naik ( ago)
not good worst ever

Author kurigram blog ( ago)
Really It Helpful for Air Pump Lover........ I will get a idea for creation a water pump....

Author يوميات ولد#المدينه ( ago)
شني ماكو عراقين

Author ilyass ali ( ago)
osam all projects nice

Author Kundan Kumar ( ago)

Author Chan Chokvagi Sin ( ago)
grinder ofhack

Author Yang KyungJin ( ago)

Author clash of clans Vasilev ( ago)
стига с това лепио

Author Ekow Asare ( ago)
it's amazing

Author Prasertsuwan Wongsawangsiri ( ago)
good idear

Author daki srbija ( ago)
jer si srbin

Author Lin Wei Hao ( ago)
I'd have thought his channel name would be DrHotGlue instead of DrScrew

Author Alex Silver ( ago)
amazing !
but can you make me a wife which is not a whore,i have difficulties in finding that

I will just buy a pump and save all the effort

Author Dins dins ( ago)
good nice

Author Ivett Ibujés ( ago)
tiembla feisimo dilike

Author Aleksa TV ( ago)
Wait I noticed on Coca Cola that its writen on Serbian languague soo that mean that you are from Serbia. ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED!

Author Mason Arruda ( ago)
eu so não gostei da válvula. se fosse um pouco mais aprimorada acredito que sairia mais ar. mais ficou bom o video

Author Александр Ларин ( ago)
Burn need the insulation of a gas lighter and not to be cut with a knife damaging the conductors.

Author David Lisney ( ago)
Ingenious project, but the soldering technique is awful.

Author Monika Stajisic ( ago)
There's a damn reason why air pump same power is just 5 dollar, cost less shit and time you did here and it's more effective. But i like what you did here as well.

Author gaston mazza ( ago)

Author Jorge Guerrero ( ago)

Author New Blaker ( ago)
Nice creative

Author M.D. SOHAIL M.D. SOHAIL ( ago)
I made it and kept in aquarium as oxygen for fish good idea

Author Sam's Channel ( ago)
Instructions were unclear i got my dick stuck in the pump.

Author Mrinmoy Kar ( ago)
i think he had accidentally made a hole on his hand too while drilling that can ,, fuk man ,,

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