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Author EDGAR Mier (2 years)
take a look at this guys working wifi hack password at ==> The tool works with great on windows 7 xp and vista
Tested !!

Author hank Anderson (2 years)
working wifi password hack at:

Author kjiscool12 (3 years)
How bout you shut up I got it to work already guy.Who You callin a newbie

Author pudn79 (3 years)
@urbex2007 I agree 10000000% percent with you, they find the oldest easiest
crap, kind of like hacking a phone line, been done before and never used!
Then all these kids come on and get viruses then cry about it

Author Megashadowofdarkness (3 years)
whatzzzzzz the song

Author Frank Chanton (3 years)
New Program at : watch?v=8gpnEurXXdM Works with all wifi networks and OS

Author nune RADO (3 years)
Ur dickhead sucker...! omg !

Author bennieboy50 (3 years)
.tk is only a domain name, its free so more people have it. Like me:
benniecraft(dot)tk (p.s. Is this working for windows 7 too?)

Author Senuke Cristian (3 years)
New Tool at: /watch?v=MGdIt7hvD7Y Mediafire Link

Author Rafe281 (3 years)
"Threat Detected" hmm i wonder why..... :L

Author Tan Le (3 years)
Gay music

Author jonnah0 (3 years)
can i use that on mandreva ?

Author The Trash (3 years)
BULLPOOP !!!! WHERE THE *****PHOOCK***** IS WPA and WPA2 ?!? i faster find
a way to split and connect to fiber optics in front of my house than to
find an access point that is ***STILL**** using wep thank you for your

Author NisheMogan (3 years)
New working tool available here: /watch?v=Zk9gSQGc6GE

Author Ms19lucas97 (3 years)
q ele disse??????

Author metasploit619 (3 years)
LoL :)

Author MrWifiHack (3 years)
Take a look at this for me worked: watch?v=8gpnEurXXdM

Author Khamis Radzuan (4 years)
Stupid 123. Its doesnt work.

Author Rambod Ghashghaiabdi (4 years)
fuck mac we use linux as free and do same thing, only tard pay 2000 buks
for mac (useless cock) most developing software realse for windows and for
netwrok perpose linux is ready to use , fag can hack wep wpa with mac , pay
more money to apple for more Itard , Ishit , Inoob , u can have it with
less money and more software in other platform

Author AsHiNo (3 years)
Detailed instructions written by me! Szczegółowa instrukcja napisana przeze
mnie !! h t t p : / / b i t . l y / s W p D r c

Author LokoSamoan (3 years)
WPA2 FTW. WEP is easy to crack into, upgrade fools.

Author Nobus era (4 years)
airmon-ng , airodump-ng , aireplay-ng and aircrack-ng take 1-2 min to hack
any wep keys in many linux distribution mac sucks !!!!!

Author TVK1337 (3 years)
Your title of the video mentions other forms of wifi besides WEP, but the
video only shows WEP. This is why no one should ever be using WEP anymore.
It can be hacked in 5 minutes, as long as you get enough data packets -- so
if the person using the wifi is, let's say, watching a YouTube video or
downloading a large file, enough packets will have passes through and read
in a short amount of time. WPA and WPA2 is much harder to crack, because it
requires brute force of trying hundreds of thous

Author Roby Fuiorea (3 years)
help help help

Author Kostasz Zev (2 years)
can u give the link the video removed thnx!

Author xXxHouSebEaTz (3 years)
w w w . kann mir jemand bei diesem problem
helfen ? Could some body help me ?...

Author Yannik Schwieger (4 years)
und was muss ich downlaoden

Author rtsJaxo (3 years)
lol no hacker in the whole fucking world uses mac lol. actually... no
person, who understands technology uses apple^^

Author TheHotHacks (3 years)
Let's see this: /watch?v=2NWfxeTxnSo

Author Hardik Rana (3 years)
ummm now i have to buy mac pc to hack my neighbors wi fi...

Author CS2oooFFA (3 years)
EDIT: OR ! or WPA ?

Author Alex Fregoe (3 years)

Author Howtotutorialz1 (3 years)
Thumbs up if you mute the music

Author halfportalstrike (3 years)
@DarkMarioBros8 Where can I get kiswin from? none of the sites I can find

Author DarkMarioBros8 (3 years)
@halfportalstrike search google: kiswin download

Author Michel Smith (3 years)
Take a look here: /watch?v=ft_bX1vSIdo

Author BSamir2000 (3 years) good

Author halfportalstrike (3 years)
you link redirects to some whako website. help please.

Author Jordan Michel (3 years)
Look here: /watch?v=iuHdINoarZI

Author Awesome91Rado (2 years)
I will try it, better it works :P

Author Kevin Michael (3 years)
ir works or not pls reply

Author Allie Lueras (2 years)
check this out guys working wifi password hack at:

Author Zhee Kian Teh (2 years)
i am using WEP .... :'(

Author paul30003 (3 years)
Who uses wep these days. wpa wpa2 is much more secure and would take quite
a lot longer than wep

Author Sly -UX1XN (3 years)
Does this work for BT, virgin & Sky?

Author wadhah95 (3 years)
when i click the link it says the wep page expired

Author TVK1337 (3 years)
WPA and WPA2 is much harder to crack, because it requires brute force of
trying hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of passwords which will take
days, or months. That is why the best basic Wifi protection is WPA/WPA2
with a password that is long, and NOT in the dictionary.

Author Howtotutorialz1 (3 years)

Author Naim Hamad (3 years)
WHY ???

Author Maverick Herrera (3 years)
this shit only works 4 mac:(

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