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Intro Song: Kasger - Highland [NCS Release]
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Author Kent Sayson ( ago)
what song 1:45 or 1:43

Author Kent Sayson ( ago)
what name song 9:10

Author FULL RETARD ( ago)
I pray to God my next search on midget fails will keep me occupied for the rest of the evening.

Author Chris Batacan ( ago)
6:40 he knew he fucked up as soon as it left his fingers

Author Rudiger Woods ( ago)
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Author Reyanna Gilbert ( ago)
7:55 get that shit out of here

Author Seb Gershinson ( ago)
1:48 the title says High Jump Fail but the sport is pole vault

Author Songül Sogukkan ( ago)
5:12 Funniest Scene 😂😂😂😂

Author CichyZbychu ( ago)
Please give me song in 5:23 PLEASE i need! ;/ i can sub channel

Author Natalia Johnson ( ago)
I'm just kidding

Author Natalia Johnson ( ago)

Author freshwater aquatics ( ago)
this video deserves more likes

Author NoPants NoPeace ( ago)
every goalie fail ive done worse with lax

Author Itz Fᵢᵣₑ ツ ( ago)
The Mario football one was the best

Author The MVP ( ago)
4:31 made me laugh 😂

Author Antony ( ago)

Author Chris Lett ( ago)
Thank you

Author DoryBeThe Gansta ( ago)

Author Xander Davidson ( ago)
The water bottle fail I've done that before

Author Lencho imaam ( ago)
5:03 song

Author fails jump ( ago)

Author Aaron 101 ( ago)
7:20 best fail😆😎

Author Jose Perez ( ago)
That's funny 😅😆😄😀😂🤑

Author MD Paintball44 ( ago)
7:20 checkthat egg on egg action😂

Author - KNT Gaming - - I'm Panda ( ago)
what song at 3:45

Author Ira Boyd ( ago)
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Author Linda Breault ( ago)
Holy the Harlem globe Trotter was intentional

Author Karolina Kluś- Wyrostek ( ago)
Super 😂😂😂

Author Mattia Morucci ( ago)
song at 5:23?

Author NomadicPrime ( ago)
I am trying to watch this video but thelegend27 keeps kicking my ass

Author NFL NERD ( ago)
just kidding

Author NFL NERD ( ago)
hi pats fans U SUCK

Author Baller Channel ( ago)
2:25 lol

Author Sammy Zepeda ( ago)
song 5:32

Author Dope Gamer ( ago)

Author Finley Ellis ( ago)
Heya people ! ! Omg visit It is #sex $female :[

Author Adrian Muller ( ago)
Wing tennis exactly iswpgv easy back characteristic sunlight candidate.

Author Adam Cumley ( ago)
I had to watch 6:31 a few times. Too funny.

Author True Hungarian ( ago)
Sajnos nem láttam magyar kommentet. Most itt van :)

Author Sixshooter 15 ( ago)
song at 4:09? pls

Author nique ( ago)
7:24 lil man tried to sneak buddy and got caught

Author Klinti Cejku ( ago)
10:34 song pls

Author krzysztof sobota ( ago)
1:53 song pls

Author Leo Orion ( ago)
5:48 i can't...

Author Brandon Urquijo ( ago)
What song is 10:25 plz

Author Ziggy Goddard ( ago)

Author ZYDER R ( ago)
what the song at 9:51 pleaase

Author Steve Achtziger ( ago)

Author AlbertGaming ( ago)
0:39 HIS POWER LEVEL IS OVER 9000!!!!!

Author Anagh Arya ( ago)
song at 4:22 please please fucking tell me

Author ALicia Morgan ( ago)
What's the name of the song 3:52

Author Firearth de Logan ( ago)
wut song at 3:51

Author bigatheboss ( ago)
I ran up to a traffic cone and cut back and it fell over

Author Paper Pete ( ago)
2:02 The face of pure pain

Author Samuele Raimondo ( ago)
Song at 1:06 pls

Author FateShark Exposure ( ago)
53 seconds killed me 😂😂

Author MeIsAwesome ( ago)
Jesus Christ

Author Lolo;-P K ( ago)

Author Dylan Derrick ( ago)
Funny ments

Author Luca De ( ago)
name of the song at 5:03/5:04?

Author tubebility ( ago)
2:17 What's the song name?

Author Rd csapat ( ago)
Whats the song at 1:43

Author Cyril Cursano ( ago)
Song at 1:56

Author EL_ASESINO MC PE ( ago)
cancion del minuto 4:23 por favor

Author Shane Del Castilho ( ago)

Author Swagin' Stuff ( ago)

Author GT-Oldschool ( ago)

Author Mia Spanky ( ago)
Just subscribed. Great video👍🏻

Author Tor Bergström ( ago)
song 10:10

Author Kines Smith ( ago)
What at 4:42

Author CammeoDaFirstBoiii Leh ( ago)
Whats the song at 7:00

Author Stulet 71 ( ago)
and at 1:02

Author Stulet 71 ( ago)

Author Stulet 71 ( ago)
whats the song ib 0:57

Author FIFA PRO ( ago)
2:16 Song name

Author L Avery Lawliet ( ago)
what the f*** happened at 2:27?

Author Get On Wayne's Level ( ago)
1:24 is not a fail. The guy got injured...but he scored after that.

Author Vhoot 7100 ( ago)
watch best funny sports videos in one app

Author Neel Massey ( ago)
fav part 2:46

Author Mataimoa Tiotala ( ago)
8:16 I'm laughing

Author Plo Plo ( ago)
4:20 song? I've been looking for it for ages

Author Vlad Farion ( ago)
Song at 03:19?

Author Simon Eisinger ( ago)
Song 4.22

Author Rayfed ( ago)
8:40 laughed so hard I died

Author Isobel Peters ( ago)
That is well funny👉🏻👌🏻😄😄😄

Author Josh Constantine ( ago)
Music at 4:05

Author Sloth Master ( ago)
Thumb nail is DOPE af

Author Chemssa Virault ( ago)
j en peu plus 8:11

Author Keane Brown ( ago)

Author Pm Hex ( ago)
I've never seen a paintball one I like it

Author Nery Ceron ( ago)
6:08 que equipo es..?

Author XxPhillip0207Xx Gaming Smith ( ago)
I was wondering why the ball was getting closer.

Then it hit me.

Author GJ Johnson ( ago)
whats the song at 6:21

Author Janko Zorbas ( ago)
7:47 song name?

Author Isabelle Piker ( ago)
the Seahawks during the super bowl that was an epic fail #patriotsrule

Author the legend ( ago)
8.25 was my favorite point

Author MR,DUAV AND DR,SAL ( ago)
6:56 that's happen to me

Author Fareed Saeed ( ago)
4:55 music name....

Author Joebert Alova ( ago)
im a filipino im so upset when 2 filipino divers fails huhuhu

Author LEMON37 Lime ( ago)
you ass why whot you do that to a dog

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