Need for madness S cars

Hey, it's me Simon. This is a clip about the cars in Need for madness S 4.0 hope you like it.

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Author Worm69 ( ago)
I like the cars I know this a 1year old comment but still his cars are cool
so go jump off a car

Author Darien Toriz ( ago)
Humm.. You can't rate the creator's cars... cause YOUR CARS SUCKS!!! My
baby cars are better than those stinking pieces of sh*t -.- you can see it
in my facebook but... I don't wanna you see and add my friends... I'll make
a false account of facebook, and you'll see -.-

Author Nfmhacker (1888 years ago)
LOL Good old times :)

Author Elias Papp ( ago)

Author Elias Papp ( ago)

Author smayank100 ( ago)

Author powerman88ful ( ago)
Can you please give me your cars and can you help me get out of this
disaster? I think it's perminant. can you help me please???

Author Aerodu168 ( ago)
@kemiko123 This is bionicle168 on his new account, El King is invisible =)

Author Aerodu168 ( ago)
@armandbv1 This is bionicle168 on his new account, in order to edit a car,
use a program called LiveO, check my videos and you'll see =)

Author Qapples ( ago)

Author kemiko123 ( ago)
i cant see el king

Author LoneWolf69925 ( ago)
Cud u send dis to me as well plz thnx

Author LoneWolf69925 ( ago)
Hey How'd u hack it like dat? BTW This Awesome video i love NFM

Author bionicle168 ( ago)

Author drift400 ( ago)
Ya its pretty good i give it 9.9 out of 10

Author bionicle168 ( ago)
LOL... it was a joke, by any chance, did u get to try my nfm gcc?

Author drift400 ( ago)
No No one can download the game write the address on paper or something
then download it from the site then u have your game again also megaupload
that website has no way for you to download only by the person gives you
the link to get to it so ya only way that we can get the file is by u
giving it to us

Author bionicle168 ( ago)
= =... I think u just want to download the game = = if you know about AIM,
then you should be enjoying NFM GCC already...

Author drift400 ( ago)
Then you should off put the game for upload what i mean by that is insert
the files and put the file on mega uplod or something then write the
address down an then download the file with your nfm game in it :)

Author bionicle168 ( ago)
Computer is broken... can't work on nfm... Subscribe if you want my
computer to get fixed... and make more videos!

Author bionicle168 ( ago)
Check how old this video is, I want to post new videos, but my computer had
the BSOD... it's being fixed... I should get it back soon, hopefully, my
nfm is still there.

Author bionicle168 ( ago)
once you understand it, it will be easy. Ask me if u have questions =]

Author Janttux ( ago)
i tryed edit cars but its too hard

Author Rider450 ( ago)
i like NFM so much

Author Rider450 ( ago)
its so cooooooooooooooool

Author bionicle168 ( ago)
I know there are better screen recorders. this is long time ago... I
haven't posted a video in a long time but I soon will. currently I'm using
snagit 9 =]

Author NFMPivotMadnessXD ( ago)
Epic fail...maybe you can make it up to him by rating the rest of his vids
5 stars...and subing if you havnt already.

Author bionicle168 ( ago)
wow... = =

Author drift400 ( ago)
oops i raited this 1 star i ment 5 stars oops

Author bionicle168 ( ago)
I can send u some cars or u can download them urself

Author bionicle168 ( ago)
It will be posted on my company's website soon =D

Author bionicle168 ( ago)
Guys, if u look st 0:19, it looks like there's a dragon. lol

Author bionicle168 ( ago)
um, if you do realize, I'm not the one who posted recent videos about NFM I
don't have time... but I also am lazy to make more. BTW if you don't like
NFM, why would you watch this video in the first place?

Author SamvelTV ( ago)
can you tell me the codes

Author Nfmhacker ( ago)

Author ElKingThe5 ( ago)
Connie :)

Author bionicle168 ( ago)
sure, give me your msn first

Author ElKingThe5 ( ago)
I have MSN too. So can I have the Batbike?

Author bionicle168 ( ago)
oh. nothing. I don't believe him either cuz he keeeps saying check out my
awesome cars. turns out there's nothing

Author NoNamer123456789 ( ago)
yes, why.....?

Author bionicle168 ( ago)
are you talking about zekegrif33 ?

Author NoNamer123456789 ( ago)
Don´t believe him....he´s lying!!!!! He don´t created NFM and he probably
don´t know how to change track pieces!!!!

Author NoNamer123456789 ( ago)
Don´t believe him....he´s lying!!!!! He don´t woked for Radicalplay!!!!

Author RadicalWong (367 years ago)

Author RadicalWong (379 years ago)

Author bionicle168 ( ago)
it's not uploaded yet cuz of some technical problems. however it will be
uploaded soon

Author nfmmacky2009 ( ago)
how can i have need for madness s?

Author 61803398874989 ( ago)
see my new tottally awsome new hack!

Author bionicle168 ( ago)
oh man, I'm sorry this game is currently not downloadable, however you can
give me your MSN and I can send it to you

Author Zan (VB2P360) ( ago)
where do i download this

Author bionicle168 ( ago)
what the hell man, you did not create this game It was created by Radical
Play, and I made this version. Stop lying!!!

Author drift400 ( ago)
so now i have an idea go to file front's website and then do upload file
then browser so then go to the runfs.exe in your need for madness s cars or
do the same thing with the need for madness batman edition then click open
on runfs.exe then click uplode file then put the download link in the info

Author xslayahx (955 years ago)
I've got more views than you now. =].

Author bionicle168 ( ago)
hey, there's a reason that happens. All you have to do, is take out sets
like numbers. When there's too much, the wheels won't appear. I don't want
to do that in this car, because the car I have right now is actually,
special, so that's why I won't change it, but all you have to do, is to
take out stuff. If youput too much stuff in ut, the wheels will disappear.

Author drift400 ( ago)
if any one wants my version of need for madness give me your msn my need
for madness is need for gayness don't ask why i called it that but there is
a lot of cool cars in the game like this car named nimi combined 6 cars
into one and its like the best car ever but there is no wheels i tried to
get the wheels in there but some reason it will not put the wheels in there
and it is some what like simon's lead oxide

Author drift400 ( ago)
racer 36

Author drift400 ( ago)

Author drift400 ( ago)
drifter v2 is lead oxide thank you and put the code up quick for lead oxide
that car is super cool and can you try to make a tuned up max revenge with
a awesome blower a spoiler in a rear similar to radical one's and what
codes do what to create your car but first just the code for lead oxide
first in your info

Author drift400 ( ago)
drift v2 is lead oxde

Author bionicle168 ( ago)
which one is the drifter v2?

Author drift400 ( ago)
dude put the code for drifter v2 in info i changed name elite pirate to
drift 400

Author bionicle168 ( ago)
well, blam Youtube for bad audio. And what the hell man! I pronounce good
for a Taiwanese.

Author babolat96 ( ago)
Your such a noob. You can't even pronounce 1 car correctly... Noob scanner
on.....beep Beep BEep BEEp BEEP BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP SUper noob detected

Author bionicle168 ( ago)
which one, there's too much

Author ElitePirate ( ago)
dude put in to your info the car codes

Author PoofsAgent9 ( ago)
How can you change every background in Need for Madness?

Author phsyconoob ( ago)
Hey, add me as a friend, then I'll give you my MSN. Then it's much easier
to send the files. :-p. ~ Phsyconoob

Author needformadnessman ( ago)
is this how you hack?

Author bionicle168 ( ago)
sure, give me ur MSN. Tell me if you dont have one.

Author potasiumhydroxide ( ago)
Actually if you really want to change the names learn java and download
java decomplier. then open gamesparker.class in the decompiler and change
the names

Author bionicle168 ( ago)
well, first, you do the following. You tell alot od people to check my
videos and at least rate a 4 plus leave a good comment. Then I want you to
pick, if you want to learn about the color, or wheels, I can't tell you how
to hack the car body, because 1. it's too complicated, 2. I don't like
teaching everything to everybody

Author XXXMadness ( ago)
Nice one!!!!

Author rockyc11 ( ago)
how do you hack cars?plz! tell me!

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