Vin Diesel | From 2 to 49 Years Old

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  • toptenfamous
    toptenfamous 5 months ago

    Dwayne Johnson | From 1 to 44 Years Old

  • giany citarystu
    giany citarystu 2 minutes ago

    vin disel e cel mai preferat actor al meu

  • Breno de Santa
    Breno de Santa 17 hours ago

    49 anos, cenário falso !!

  • Daniel Botu
    Daniel Botu 20 hours ago

    Song name ?

  • Mr. SM Channel
    Mr. SM Channel 23 hours ago

    thank you for your post this movie i love this movie . do you have full movie please send me i want wach it . please sub me back too !

  • Jathaniel Salazar

    lier look at fast 8 Dom youtuber

  • Ma Petite Elma ch


  • Evil Stewie
    Evil Stewie 2 days ago

    and I thought he was still in his 30s

  • Lilian Suhs
    Lilian Suhs 3 days ago

    mada fuck

  • Ervin Kiss
    Ervin Kiss 3 days ago

    6:52 fake info

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  • lol king
    lol king 4 days ago


  • GrimmyOnTheBeat
    GrimmyOnTheBeat 4 days ago

    wtf was that transition

  • Lee Wei Keen
    Lee Wei Keen 5 days ago

    So tall in the teens

  • FroZeN' SF2
    FroZeN' SF2 5 days ago


  • David Crişan
    David Crişan 5 days ago

    he is fat :)))

  • Ameer Cruz
    Ameer Cruz 6 days ago

    Who else agrees that Vin Diesel Made Bald Look Cool And All Wish We Had The Proper Head Like He Does?

  • Eric Pedra
    Eric Pedra 8 days ago

    what you music ?
    I like to music

  • Febry Ruslim
    Febry Ruslim 8 days ago

    oh come on... is this serious?? he is older than my dad but he looks younger wkwkwk.. my brother is turn to 25 n iam 23 yo. how old is his first son?

  • Shaohua Liang
    Shaohua Liang 9 days ago

    I love the movie!!

  • Shaohua Liang
    Shaohua Liang 9 days ago

    He was in a movie called Fate Of Fast!!!! I love that movie!!!!!!!!!!

  • E. Takia Jehan Ferguson

    I fell in love with him at 2:11

  • Carmi Bergsma
    Carmi Bergsma 11 days ago

    hansom gays

  • Bill Huynh
    Bill Huynh 12 days ago

    Music ????

  • Cyclone Multimedia
    Cyclone Multimedia 13 days ago

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  • happy 4life
    happy 4life 13 days ago

    OMG LOL I TAUGHT VIN DIESEL was Cuban cuz in the fast and the furious he is always in Cuba speaking Spanish 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Efrain Aguilar
    Efrain Aguilar 13 days ago

    whats the song called that was used in this video


    Hola me gusto mucho el video pero.... La parte de las fotos de 49 la del balcón es photoshop

  • Sam McGrath
    Sam McGrath 15 days ago

    I watched fate of the fearious

  • iqbalbuttar1
    iqbalbuttar1 15 days ago

    You luck ugli

  • Vanessa Williams
    Vanessa Williams 16 days ago

    I didn't know he was mixed

  • Rita Padilla
    Rita Padilla 17 days ago

    your 49 years old im 50 years old

  • GrGamer 42
    GrGamer 42 18 days ago

    Vin diesel is 50 but he seems like 30

  • Ladarious Freeman
    Ladarious Freeman 18 days ago

    that's cool

  • Justin Bieber Khmer
    Justin Bieber Khmer 19 days ago

    See you angin song

  • alvins goldie
    alvins goldie 19 days ago

    Juste te dire un coucou à toi et je sais ce que tu faire pour moi c'est moi Alvinn's Goldie et toi tu t'appelle plutot Vincent Goldie gros coucou à toi , matricule 90213GA Alvinn's Goldie

  • Abdure Mo
    Abdure Mo 20 days ago


  • Marwane Abdalawi
    Marwane Abdalawi 20 days ago


  • супир миша
    супир миша 20 days ago

    3 икса

  • Lucia Palacio
    Lucia Palacio 21 day ago

    Fast of the fourouis 7 was in 2017

  • Brooklynne Jemerison


  • Brooklynne Jemerison

    is this realy VIN or his damn TWIN brother!!

  • TBNorwayKid
    TBNorwayKid 21 day ago

    There's no way he's 49 years old

  • Michael Harris
    Michael Harris 22 days ago

    Damn,had no idea Vin was black.

  • Ola Homer
    Ola Homer 22 days ago

    name of music?

  • Sharonda Jackson
    Sharonda Jackson 22 days ago

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    что бы тот кто создал канал здох.....



  • Marcus Vinicius da Silva Soares

    drake???? hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    NITROBOY 23 days ago

    and fast 6 in 2013 ??? where ?

  • Tony January
    Tony January 23 days ago

    lmao he is black! fuck that he is half and half shit ! if he lived in the hood and he was doing typical hood shit you white folks wouldn't be saying that biracial shit, in fact, I would bet that he would be a nigger to you and the police smh lol! That man doesn't say that he is biracial, in fact he says he is black so stop that bullshit and if he was an ordinary dude filling out an application he would put down black because most applications don't say the biracial bullshit !!

  • Robert Evans
    Robert Evans 23 days ago

    He's done well for himself !

  • no name
    no name 23 days ago

    buradan çıkarılacak ders sende çok kas yapıp balın varsa ünlü olursun

  • Wilfred Aguilar
    Wilfred Aguilar 23 days ago


  • Blerim KQIKU
    Blerim KQIKU 23 days ago

    what's the song

  • hp 226
    hp 226 24 days ago

    Amd u forgot witch hunter

  • hp 226
    hp 226 24 days ago

    Je forgot fast and furious 6 and guardians of the galaxy (he voice lines groot

    LEGENDARY OUTKAST 24 days ago

    what's up with that random guy that's not even Vin Diesel for the front cover

  • gzie u memhrey
    gzie u memhrey 24 days ago


  • gzie u memhrey
    gzie u memhrey 24 days ago

    Vis diesel

  • Nuri Mina
    Nuri Mina 25 days ago


  • Sports Bro's
    Sports Bro's 25 days ago

    your title is wrong write
    Hulk from 2 to 49 years old

  • Mercury Does tings
    Mercury Does tings 26 days ago

    Vin diesel looks better older

  • 장성수
    장성수 28 days ago

    good guys~

  • Youssef Mohamed
    Youssef Mohamed 28 days ago

    What the name of the song

  • Ana Marin
    Ana Marin 28 days ago

    the older the better, wow, so beautiful

  • Ana Marin
    Ana Marin 28 days ago

    the man is beautiful

  • TheMCGamer289 - Minecraft and More!

    Is it just me or does Vin Diesel in his 20s makes him look a little like Drake

  • nessi 4550
    nessi 4550 29 days ago

    eines von den daten stimmt nicht da paul walker im 2013 gestorben ist kann er nicht 2015 in fast 7 mitspielen. fast 7 war zwar sein letzter film aber der war 2013 und nicht 2015. logo oder.

  • SauceyLogo
    SauceyLogo 29 days ago

    you are stong

  • Samurai_Ghost 05
    Samurai_Ghost 05 29 days ago

    There's a movie he was in called the pacifier

  • 77777777777777 777777777777

    god fake assholes nazis homo losers

  • Pip Jones
    Pip Jones 1 month ago

    He does not look black with no hair?!!?

  • Igulajka D.
    Igulajka D. 1 month ago


  • JacobCoolGamer
    JacobCoolGamer 1 month ago

    Is this Dominic Torettos From The Fast And Furious Movies?

  • Cooper Masterton
    Cooper Masterton 1 month ago


  • gta blackburn
    gta blackburn 1 month ago


  • Tabitha Adon
    Tabitha Adon 1 month ago

    it was only cars not shooting

  • Justin Wiedemann
    Justin Wiedemann 1 month ago


  • Ryuu Zero
    Ryuu Zero 1 month ago

    Paul walker when I saw him a tear came up

  • ɧɛყ TM
    ɧɛყ TM 1 month ago

    Also you forgot about the fast and furious 6 and the last witch hunter

  • Yamileth Mesinp
    Yamileth Mesinp 1 month ago


  • Yamileth Mesinp
    Yamileth Mesinp 1 month ago


  • Lucas Duram
    Lucas Duram 1 month ago

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  • Tarus Lewis
    Tarus Lewis 1 month ago

    he is in a movie called fast and fourious

  • harold tejero
    harold tejero 1 month ago

    Oh Vin diesel is a negro!

    • 64
      64 14 days ago

      oh wow how shocking! (sarcasm)

  • Károly Cser
    Károly Cser 1 month ago

    pls help me somebody! what is this music??? I can not find anywhere, although I really like it.
    Thanks in advance :D

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  • ezequiel Lazo
    ezequiel Lazo 1 month ago

    i 😍 fast and furios

  • faizan khan
    faizan khan 1 month ago

    lol he got bolder and bolder

  • roozie lovert
    roozie lovert 1 month ago

    Triple xxx

  • roozie lovert
    roozie lovert 1 month ago

    Triple xxx

  • Pentipede
    Pentipede 1 month ago


  • Madi Elizabeth
    Madi Elizabeth 1 month ago

    He was born a day after my mom

  • uriel boy
    uriel boy 1 month ago

    putos los puteo porq no entienden un carajo de español putos donald trump putooooooo

  • DOPEsharkgamer
    DOPEsharkgamer 1 month ago

    Vin Diesel was black ?????????????????

  • Gaven Mankabane
    Gaven Mankabane 1 month ago

    please send me this sound track... back ground music....

  • poop_nade 7
    poop_nade 7 1 month ago

    I didnt know vin was black at first

    • 64
      64 14 days ago

      you can't change your race

  • Menace Destroyer
    Menace Destroyer 1 month ago

    dont forget Fate of DA FURIOUS!!

  • Naufal Putra
    Naufal Putra 1 month ago


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