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Honorable Mention (not included in the video):
• 15 - Jessica Biel -- Powder Blue (2009)
• 14 - Julianna Guill -- Friday The 13th (2009)
• 13 - Katie Holmes -- The Gift (2000)
• 12 - Heather Grahamn -- Boogie Nights (1997)
• 11 - Kelly Brook -- Survival Island (2006)

Our "Top Ten Female Celebrity Nude Scenes":
• 10 - Alyssa Milano -- Embrace Of The Vampire (1995)
• 09 - Kelly Preston -- Mischief (1985)
• 08 - Halle Berry -- Swordfish (2001)
• 07 - Eva Green -- Dreamers (2003)
• 06 - Anne Hathaway -- Love And Other Drugs (2010)
• 05 - Angelina Jolie -- Taking Lives (2004)
• 04 - Denise Richards -- Wild Things (1998)
• 03 - Shannon Elizabeth -- American Pie (1999)
• 02 - Kate Winslet -- Titanic (1997)
• 01 - Phoebe Cates -- Fast Times At Ridgemont High (1982)

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Born in February 1986, Jonathan Paula is a professional YouTuber and creator of the hit web series, "Is It A Good Idea To Microwave This?". In April 2006 he founded Jogwheel Productions, a new media production company that specializes in web video. Jon graduated from Emerson College in 2008 with a degree in Television Production / Radio Broadcasting. He currently lives in Rockingham, NH with his wife Rebecca.

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Author Shaun Winship ( ago)
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uncensored u FUCKING DUMBASS can u understand what uncensored and censored

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Author Paige Brieanne Cropper ( ago)
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Author Ashraf Khan ( ago)
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Author Torben Rudgaard ( ago)
You can show violence, murders, drugs, weapons.... but no boobs - whats up
with that? Why are boobs more damaging to watch than violence and murders?

Author Paul Morau ( ago)

Author Christian Satria Fu ( ago)
TOP 10 NUDE SCENES! + uncensored downloads:

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Author hans valbjorn ( ago)
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Author Rogelio Abuedo ( ago)

Author gagandeep sran ( ago)
i dont want the blurry stuff

Author Trevor Johnson ( ago)
I don't see why people thank nudity is wrong its natural I see clothes
being good for worth and all but what is the difference between tight
clothes that show off every thing 

Author jonhmyco panergaling ( ago)

Author Roy Addison Goh ( ago)
1:22 geez..people don't under stand the meaning of..naked


Author Hayden D ( ago)
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Author Richard Mattingly ( ago)
Shue in Leaving Las Vegas, Winslet in The Reader, come on.. Lucy Liu as the
victim of a nude Carla Gugino as a vampire. Sandra Oh and Darryl Hannah as
strippers with out hope to throw them in to. What wankers these two are and
not in the sense of hand lotion if you get the drift.

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Author chuot con ( ago)
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Author Molly Brooke ( ago)
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Author MicrowaveMeShow ( ago)
Congrats on having a video officially break the 50 million views barrier.
That's more than even many of the biggest YouTubers will ever see on a
single video.

Author Joseph Guitan ( ago)
I love it....

Author Phopo Dela Cruz ( ago)

Author The Ostrich ( ago)
Can you do a sequel to this sometime? Maybe "Best Nude Scenes - Part 2"? Or
just simply call it "Boobie Night", LOL

Author Matias katajisto ( ago)
boring! why sensur

Author Ethan Thao ( ago)
I can't download 

Author Ryan Gain ( ago)
Love to watch all those movies

Author j ko fright ( ago)

Author j ko fright ( ago)

Author topper tom ( ago)
cannot see the clips?

Author Rebecca Gomez ( ago)
I'm using my sister's account so where do u link

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Author pen mightygun ( ago)
i thought that was from christmas vacation , the pool sceen

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Author Britney Chavez ( ago)

Author Britney Chavez ( ago)

Author articulatedloco ( ago)
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Author Naman Jain ( ago)
updated version? if u make then ensure the scene in ted and fifty shades of

Author KOLTON hennessey (1455 years ago)
best episode yet 

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Author sekhar kumar ( ago)

Author priya agarwal ( ago)
change any video into cartoon

Author JayGirl Vlogs ( ago)
Ya why are her boobs blocked

Author cac123ish ( ago)
I can't get enough of Phoebe Cates irresistible wet slicked back shiny
hair, and I LOVE how the sun shines on it.

Author cac123ish ( ago)
At 9:25, one of the most beautiful and gorgeous and sexiest and
irresistible heads of wet hair I've ever seen.

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You said uncensored 

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Author Kass Harris ( ago)
Loved it, thankyou xx

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Author gabe lambert ( ago)
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Author Ingen Ting (1480 years ago)
I find it actually very strange why nudity is censored and controversial in
any way shape or form. It's as natural as it gets and it's not exactly like
one is hiding some mysterious and weird parts of the body.. Come on! There
are well over 5 billion on the planet equipped with the exact same stuff!
Why do you have to hide it? BILLIONS have the exact same set of
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