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Author Charles Ringey ( ago)
That is one lucky Security Guard 6:18

Author hardcandy36 ( ago)
What happen was another Russian wrestler that came later named Comrade
Tanya made Colonial Ninotchka lose a match for the Glow crown. Even though
it was an accident Ninotchka told her I never needed you and switched sides
and started wearing pink and fighting bad girls or rule breakers and she
became a fan favorite 

Author samuel quispe ramirez (1193 years ago)
Q temporada es esta y q paso con las antiguas luchadoras como americana o
susi spirit

Author Joseph Rivett ( ago)
@2:50......For a chick who is supposed to be "Naked",
Godiva has a NICE wedgie...!!!

Author Joseph Rivett ( ago)
God Damn- That SEXY Russian accent with that beautiful smile....

Author TheFutureKing (317 years ago)
dont care what anyone says, I'd fuck both of them, especially Godiva

Author atlantic1119 ( ago)
Gay is not the word, yo. FLAMING is more like it.

Author ErableBleu ( ago)
Ninotchka became a good gal and the announcer just kept slamming her for it
which made no sense. In my opinion, it was probably because there was some
bad blood between her and SOMEONE in the upper management of GLOW .

Author ErableBleu ( ago)
Season 3 of GLOW -- we lost so many of the original girls who quit when the
other owners of GLOW forced David out of the organization. It was never
quite the same without all the girls who had made GLOW famous.

Author justin chiampa ( ago)
this commentator must be gay. only a gay man would consider these two
luscious godesses fat and gross.

Author David Powell ( ago)
Seriously wondering why all the fat jokes were being made about Ninotchka,
who's a hottie here. Especially if she's the face.

Author 19leonard76 ( ago)
Ninotchka also lost to California Doll once in season 2.

Author META BETA ( ago)
LAzy fucking security guard.

Author BiggidyBtotheOPP ( ago)
hell i wouldnt mind the buckingham bounce from ninotchka....other than the
broken ribs.

Author Pablo Prado ( ago)
this season is that of Glow, which I've never seen and where David Mcclein?

Author VideoQuestEx ( ago)
Voluptuous female wrestlers, and with sexy accents to booth! The commentary
on "Wrestlicious" sound similar to the one here on GLOW. Of course, GLOW
predates Wrestlicious by a couple of decades!

Author Tony Nguyen ( ago)
GLOW woould've been alot more interesting if we had Bad girl vs. Bad girl

Author Brian Prosper ( ago)
"Is this how it's done, Col.?" Well done, love. Why couldn't have any of
Ninotchka's previous opponents thought of doing that sooner? Oh right, the
good majority were getting their asses handed over to them.

Author Brian Prosper ( ago)
Finally a clip NOT containing a goddamn "rap"! Thank you Lord.

Author Brian Prosper ( ago)
GODIVA! GODIVA! Top notch in both wrestling & in chocolate.

Author Rusty Bear ( ago)
Woah at the BIG SLAP at 6:22!!

Author Jeffrey Jacobson ( ago)
I wouldn't mind godiva giving me a buckingham bounce.

Author cj222100 ( ago)
Was Godiva one of the good girls or bad girls? I thought she was one of the
bad girls. Unless Ninotchka was one of the good girls? Cause I don't
remember ones from the same group fighting each other.I just remember it
always being a good girl vs. bad girl match up

Author chigal09 ( ago)
OMG! I remember watching this episode when it first aired.

Author jake culp ( ago)
ALL the "good Girls" were a MAJOR yawn,as is ALWAYS the
case.Ninotchka,..NOT RUSSIAN?!!GODIVA,NOT a brit,you're shittin
me...DUH.When this was on I simply dug it for the "BAD GIRLS" How busy was
Lori Weathers AWA career,and WHEN did she finally disappear from the public
eye?Whatever became of her?

Author jake culp ( ago)
BLOB?!!!!The annoucer on these matches,could NOT be more LAME.These two
were by FAR the HOTTEST participents in "G.L.O.W.",HANDS DOWN.I believe
GODIVA,posed for PLAYBOY at one point,Lori Weathers/Ninotchka,could have
easily doffed her duds too,if she was so inclined.Weathers looked EVEN
HOTTER here in her "PINK ELEPHANT" stage,in my eyes.Never saw any of her
"bouts" for AWA,as LORI LYNN,but I'm certain they must've been a hoot.The
villans are ALWAYS more fun then the heroes

Author iconoclasm12345 ( ago)
wtf do these matches in glow have to start with a double clothesline and
hairpull? ah well at least godiva is good looking

Author Robert Ojeda ( ago)
LOL "Ninotchka, darling, some of us don't need to cover up" THAT BITCH LOL

Author HaggisMcCrablice ( ago)
@GayUOPXBoy10 --Yes, but you can't watch them in the morning anymore like
you could 25 years ago. All you can hope for on eight a.m. Saturday cable
now is government-mandated E/I garbage like nature shows, SAVED BY THE BELL
reruns, and infomercials for the late Jack LaLanne's juice-maker.

Author papachulo69 ( ago)
@loverofoldtimes does anybody have the episode when she turns good?

Author papachulo69 ( ago)
but why r they fighting each other if their both bad girls?

Author worley75 ( ago)
me too

Author sobrtec ( ago)
@WolvoExPunk Dawn went to my high school. I don't remember when she
graduated, but we were there at the same time & I graduated in 1983.

Author spriiiiinkles ( ago)
Lol, I just came here cause Godiva is my self-defense teacher... haha XD

Author floatingcompassmedia ( ago)
big pink bubble gum... bum xx

Author Cris Palad ( ago)

Author usacyrano ( ago)
I was only able to see GLOW up to season two so I missed so much. Thanks
for posting!

Author floatingcompassmedia ( ago)
beautiful blond lovelys...lot of pink

Author manur111 ( ago)
cuando cambio de look la coronela?????

Author jravage77 ( ago)
This is the 1st time I ever heard Ninotchka scream.

Author Archangel the Stylish ( ago)
Ninotchka is such a hottie...that sexy accent...I don't care if it's fake.
She can slam and pin me anytime she wants.

Author john78tv ( ago)
Wouldn't mind if this was in HD and relive the glory days!

Author DJofDESTRUCTION ( ago)
youre right that did turn into a real fight. you can see it in theyre faces.

Author forrubin ( ago)
sylvester stallone's mom owned glow wrestling i believe...

Author ne0nsurf ( ago)
horrible announcing all around. that's what you get when a jew is involved.
ruined tv. godvia and ninothcka were amazing though. godiva was about 6'1

Author floatingcompassmedia ( ago)
all that blonde all that pink fighting out...Im not complaining.

Author Jay Jo ( ago)
I would be too if Godiva Smacked the hell outta me if it wasnt in the
script.Yeah I believe so it was real fight at the end. Look at Ninotchka's
smack to Godiva and how she bulled Tanya off from her when she attacked
Godiva. That was a fight , and also you see how the Security Guard quietly
exited from the ring? That old man wasn't getting into that mess LOLOL.

Author Ocelot04 ( ago)
Godiva is so wide as a cow.

Author pmastri ( ago)
did that fight between ninotchka and godiva get kinda real at the end? it
looked like they were both actually fighting at the very end

Author DJofDESTRUCTION ( ago)
all of those matches are here on you tube

Author DJofDESTRUCTION ( ago)
Dont worry, with the new Wretlicious... starting on August on Fox. you will
get an updated version. even a couple of the old glow girls will be on it.

Author Bill Schettler ( ago)
I love how Godiva moves with those boobs! Just once would love to see them
fall out and get stomped! I did see that before in a live oil wrestling
match. HOT!

Author bearpaw72 ( ago)
I think Ninotchka turned good for the same reason Nikolai Volkoff turned
good - the fall of the Soviet Union. Besides, Nikolai was actually
Croatian, and I think that Ninotchka was actually AMERICAN.

Author sudaca1985 ( ago)
Niñoshka no puede con su genio, se le sale el barrio que lleva adentro!

Author aeonflux67 ( ago)
Looks like Ninotchka married the fridge before this event. lol.

Author BLESSMYBONES ( ago)
it is the story of Lady Godiva. She road through town on horseback, naked,
with her hair covering her.

Author Tommy Ward (572 years ago)
she advocated her crown...

Author Michael Henry ( ago)
I never knew Ninotchka was ever a good girl. How did this happen?

Author broncobra ( ago)
Oh that SEXY Ninotchka! I have very fond vivid memories of watching her.
I'd let her pin me any day!

Author toni cancino ( ago)
I was there that night w/ my dad !!!GREAT MATCH !

Author AlbieGray ( ago)
NInotchka did her best under such trying circumstances, but yet it took
Godiva to having Ninotchka's arch-rival, Major Tanya to come in and cheat
for her, thereby costing her the match!

Author lugnuts6 ( ago)
I miss ninotchka

Author fuller otis ( ago)
Of the Glow girls that wrestled barefoot most were Polynesian. Is it known
why English Godiva wrstled that way?

Author Jason Iván Gamboa Arias ( ago)
Ninotchka Rules!!!

Author David Fullam ( ago)
By the time the third season aired, Ninotchka was reportedly long gone from
the show (remember it was taped way in advance). I've heard rumors that the
split was not amicable, hence the lousy commentary her matches got. Who
knows that the truth was. If it was simply an attempt to be funny, it

Author bull705 ( ago)
Either the GLOW writers didn't know how to book the show after Dave Mclane
left or Ninotchka committed some unknown sin so that despite the fact
defecting from the USSR should make a wrestler a face,she was treated worse
that the heels.Bottom line,Mike morgan's commentary makes Mike Adamle sound
like Gordon Solie!

Author fuzzyballs01 ( ago)
would be better naked...

Author Sally Ivanov ( ago)
godiva tiene un cuerpo espantoso, parece un cajon.

Author philblunt420 ( ago)
I remember this from the 80's. Sly Stallones mom owned the g.l.o.w.

Author omar168 ( ago)
I had a thing for the "bad girls". Wanted to face ninotchka, mathilda and
palestina in the ring and ,of course, lose to them.

Author jravageman ( ago)
Yep she did.She wound up being the one to beating Cher for the crown.

Author peace0ff ( ago)
i want them all. i used to love glow

Author seef76 ( ago)
The big beefy russian can body slam me anytime! What a woman!

Author piggies1 ( ago)
I think she is into Mountain Fiji stomach :)

Author TJ347 ( ago)
No Little Fiji clips? Damn...

Author Greenbay092 ( ago)
Great match!!!,Great fued!!!

Author kelyaum ( ago)

Author AlbieGray ( ago)
You note it took Major Tanya and Godiva to beat on one of the best
wrestlers in GLOW.

Author Spiderbite ( ago)
Some of my earliest televisions crushes. Two of my favorites too.

Author AlbieGray ( ago)
Absolutely wonderful, two of the greatest wrestlers of GLOW

Author larrelove ( ago)
damn I hate the 80s

Author Barentine ( ago)

Author superbuick ( ago)
LOL...that was the best when they had to call security to come drag the
wrestlers out after the matches when things got out of control. It seems
like it happened at least once per episode.

Author Greenbay092 ( ago)
Excellent Match, It was da rite amount of time and eveything

Author hibernatus ( ago)
Two great athletes and two beautiful women! Two of the best GLOW wrestlers!

Author lifter1204 ( ago)
Great match! thanks for posting!

Author MishuTaste ( ago)
Ninotchka & Hollywood. Babes!

Author AlasdairMuir ( ago)

Author bull705 ( ago)
The commentary was inane at this point.Despite leaving the bad girls
Ninotchka was still treated like like a heel.Unless something behind the
scenes happened it made no sense.

Author wtcvidman ( ago)
I remember when Cheyenne Cher won it. And I think I remember her losing it
to Daisy. Did Zelda ever win the crown? I don't remember.

Author TerryT1976 ( ago)
I also like to add that she was a great dancer, too!

Author sebastiancox ( ago)
this fight is the best. i remember watching it when i was a kid. and it
still rocks now!

Author Rusty Bear ( ago)
I loved Nino no matter what side she was on. I will say the "Battle of the
Big Girls" was one of my favorite matches. I love how Motormouth Mike
Morgan just RIPS into both girls! He hated Godiva and Ninotchka in real
life from what I have heard.

Author aquatikinho ( ago)
i loved evil NINOTCHKA hahahaha

Author roro1975 ( ago)
I do have that match's on vhs, i have to convert it to patient, i'll have it up soon!

Author Frank Adams ( ago)
I would love to lee Ninotchka versus Hollywood.

Author TerryT1976 ( ago)
Now, THIS is the Ninotchka I started to love when I watched this on TV. I
have never seen this match though. Overall, Ninotchka was one of the best
wreslers of GLOW! Thanks for posting this rare match!

Author roro1975 ( ago)
Yes... she defected from Russia, adbicated her crown, and moved to Paris
France! There was a huge tournament for the GLOW Crown called the Run For
The Rubies it had 20 of the glow girls, the final three were Roxy Cheyenne
Cher and Godiva! Cheyenne won the crown and lost it to Daisy at the end of
season 4.

Author Ringmistress ( ago)
What the hell happened to Ninotchka?! What's with the pink? Where's the red
and black? I don't remember this at all, do you know what happened?

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