Pokemon Black and White ROM Downloads (FIXED EXP PATCH) + Gameplay!

The introduction of Pokemon Black and White versions. I show the intro video, choosing you starter Pokemon and the first two battles. Played on AceKard2i, AK-AIO v1.7.1.

ROM Download Links: (These have the fixed exprience patch, so your Pokemon do gain EXP.)
Pokemon White:
Pokemon Black:

To extract the files you'll need a program like WinRAR on Windows and The Unarchiver on Mac OS X.

If you're playing on an emulator use the lastest version of DeSmuME or use No$GBA 2.6a. To get the game to work on No$GBA you need these codes:

First use this code for both:
02006F2C 00000000
02180B8C 00000000

Now use the other code:

Code for Black:
52006f2c fdd8f1d8
02006f2c 00000000
d2000000 00000000
52180b88 42018811
52180b8c 4770d1fc
12180b8c 000046c0
d2000000 00000000

Code for White:
52006f2c fde8f1d8
02006f2c 00000000
d2000000 00000000
52180ba8 42018811
52180bac 4770d1fc
12180bac 000046c0
d2000000 00000000

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Author gamerloveer224 ( ago)
Cell? I only saw R4 for the DS

Author SakuraandSesshomaru ( ago)
OMG! How did you get it on your cell phone?

Author Stephen Buhr ( ago)
This actually makes it crash every time for me

Author SirMelodicBrush ( ago)
@ShinobixNinja ROFL

Author needpowershots ( ago)
i have one but on my mac but after i go new game the screen turns black and
doesnt do anything else?

Author DrunkTooOften (463 years ago)
hey dude th Unarchiver isnt working for me T_T

Author ShinobixNinja (1144 years ago)
@KevinlYellowlHuang Go to my new video.

Author HuangaTang Tang ( ago)
@ShinobixNinja Heya shinobix, have you got any other download links for
this? you seemed to have removed them :(

Author GuidaPokemonNDS ( ago)
wach link

Author KanoKazuma94 (248 years ago)
OMG i find myself increasingly wanting to suck your dick. THANK YOU

Author guperan123 (1699 years ago)
GUys i have a usa rom with no errors and a perfect ds this is guaranteed
not a scam if u want the game jus send me a personal msg and i will give it
to u it has no blue screen no problems with action replay codes no freezing
no white screen its perfect and my ds is configured so it runs at 150+ speed

Author ShinobixNinja ( ago)
@MultiVideogameboy Thanks for telling me.

Author MultiVideogameboy ( ago)
The downlod link aint woking

Author HimuraAnimator ( ago)
does it come with cheats? :]

Author Mike Mar ( ago)
doesnt work

Author suicune6683 ( ago)
I REALLY hope this works! But MegaUpload normally doesn't fail. I swear if
this is just some stupid scam...Oh BIG imagination outbreak. But seriously.

Author TheMowedlawn ( ago)
how do i apply the patch?

Author xXsold13rZ9Xx ( ago)
Is this game out or it's already released?

Author Leyton Kirkpatrick ( ago)
any patch is fine as long as i get the game

Author iatemeatwad ( ago)
@ShinobixNinja hahaha, wow, comments like that just go to show how much
love is had for pokemon...

Author larrykarg ( ago)
Dude your the most flippin awesome person I've ever met. But try to do more
tutorials that will help people from scratch with your voice. Its really
helpful that way. There was this one guy who did an awesome tutoial to get
soul silver .

Author thecoolman1999 ( ago)

Author GetRICKTD ( ago)
how did u play it on your dsi(xl)?

Author tyler skinner ( ago)
were do u put the codes

Author Nadim13344 ( ago)
the save code dosen't work i can save but i restart from where i last saved
from 3 days.... i was at Huin City with 3 Badges i saved and then i reset
the game not closed but reseted the game it saves but when i close the game
abd reopen the game i restart from Shippou city with just 1 Badge why?????

Author Nabil Mouawad ( ago)
ok i got everything........but it wont save,,,how do i save?? :(

Author Nabil Mouawad ( ago)
i downloaded desmume no screen in lower and when im in the house all white
screen :( why??

Author Shikeii666 ( ago)
Gahh.. Mine aren't getting any exp.

Author Shikeii666 ( ago)
Yeah, how did you get it working on your DSi?

Author ShinobixNinja ( ago)
@SmartFizzle HAHA OKKK, take it easy man.

Author Super0Swellow ( ago)
how did you get to play it on your dsi?

Author Super0Swellow ( ago)
@ShinobixNinja don't forget you also need a ds emulator i prefer desmume

Author MegaRED555 ( ago)
its so slow!

Author MiuNya ( ago)
mines in japanese even with the patch ... is it meant to be like this?

Author FloydWR84 ( ago)
youre the man btw. I didnt really need any of these things because i
torrented and was using desmumes prefectly fine, but youre a champ for the
no$gba codes and supplying these already pre patched (i had to do it myself
=\) good stuff

Author Death26916 ( ago)
does this work on R4?

Author shinyst4r17 ( ago)
@mrpokemaster247 O.o ummmm isnt ur acekard da emulator already??

Author Arceus0492 ( ago)
When I'm battling Dento and attack his 2nd Pokemon with my 1st attack the
games starts crashing... :( I read your comment that maybe on my Computer
specs? can you explain it a little further please? Thank you so much.

Author mrpokemaster247 ( ago)
im trying to find out how to download a desume emulator for my acecard so
can you tell me how?

Author Vishnu Prasad ( ago)
No$Pass Blue Screen =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= 02006F2C 00000000 02180B8C
00000000 use this code!

Author SonicKDT ( ago)
@Xboxc3ntral it also works on No$Zoomer

Author maryasha ( ago)
ok, the game started for pkm black while using no$gba (i have the version u
suggested), i inputted both the codes (the starter code and the code for
the specific game ex. black), [do we have to run both codes
simultaneously?]. After i get the game going, i click new game, but then i
get...nothing?! The screen is i doing something wrong?

Author MrSuperSaiyan1000 ( ago)
so you can lvl up on this one?

Author aaron bastian ( ago)
this didnt work on no$gba but it worked right away with no cheats or
anything on desmune

Author Lifehouseb0i ( ago)
This version and the english patch both crash for me at some point in the
second city :\ any idea what to do?

Author USDutchkitty 84 ( ago)
How and where do you put the codes in?

Author Fadi Bonilla ( ago)
can you plait on a mac or computer

Author ShinobixNinja ( ago)
@RCSK8R Yes, subscribe. I'm gonna be uploading the English patch tomorrow.

Author japesz ( ago)
hey, do you know any english patch? btw thanks for the rom its works

Author PokemonRulez2468 ( ago)
Hey, I'm playing Pkmn Black, and when I press the Start button (On the
opening) it stays on that screen, although it's not frozen

Author tobitobide ( ago)
Are the codes ActionReplay or GameShark?

Author ShinobixNinja ( ago)
@michaelmakris Ok, just click the download link for White and type in the 4
letters on the site. Then wait 45 seconds and click regular download and
you'll have the game. After it' download you gotta unzip aka extract it,
and you can look up a video that shows you how to do that.

Author Dav Tico ( ago)
how do you save?

Author mike smith ( ago)
so in short if i use a newer version of No$GBA and i can use it on my mac
no problem? if so thanks

Author chimpman09 ( ago)
will it work on m3i and do you know an update link for my m3i because it
does not work on my dsi any more so can you give me a link to a new
firmware plz!!!

Author ShinobixNinja ( ago)
@DJJAY17 It might be because of your computer specs.

Author ShinobixNinja ( ago)
@yigiyoo99 It'll work on whatever system, just update your Acekard firmware.

Author Kiyoche ( ago)
i try to play yet it said there was an error and i cant play on my r4i any

Author Adam Guy Oog ( ago)
no english?>

Author FOKAFanXXl ( ago)
awork not on r4i lowbobbi

Author Vexacus4666 ( ago)
ok here my question hope u can help., after u download the games and stuff
and want to put them on ur acekard etc. wat file needs to be in there so i
don't get the white screen of dead

Author gangsers4ruler ( ago)
r you using an iphone to record cuz i think i see it

Author Fr33z3yb89 ( ago)
sux it cant save >_<

Author S1lver08 ( ago)
I really need an R4...

Author ShinobixNinja ( ago)
@Dragonitemaster5 It's a DS game... Haha, nah I used a flashcard.

Author Dragonitemaster5 ( ago)
How do you play it on your ds?

Author llMixllAnimeSportsll ( ago)
the exp is working fine but how do i save.. it didn't work now i gotta
start over x3 atleast i didn't get to far. which is the save icon on the
menu because i couldn't find one i tried pressing the start button (which
is enter on the emulator) and the thing doesn't open you gotta press x
(which is b) to open the bags menu, so which icon is the save?

Author MyNameIsDefault ( ago)
@ShazzyxD idk how to fix it but i got the same problem on my R4i Gold v 1.4
so now i have to use a fucking emulator (only DesmuME works, no$GBA doesnt
work). i need a new R4...

Author Soten ( ago)
does this work on dstt

Author 007s00s ( ago)
How many gigs on your memory card? Someone said that black and white only
works on 2gb and not 4gb or grater!

Author LiekingOfMudkipz ( ago)
It wont allow me to gain exp on black and white isn't downloadable ._.

Author Lunyka14 ( ago)
Ok so I am having some issues. After I press start it basically just
refreshes that star thingy were you see zekrom on the bottom and then no
button does anything

Author ShazzyxD ( ago)
I downloaded it and when i touched it to play (I'm using a dstt v1.17) it
loaded halfway and had error code 4. I can't play what do I do?
Please help!

Author ShinobixNinja ( ago)
@mM4CHIAVELLI Save in-game from the menu.

Author mM4CHIAVELLI ( ago)
Awesome, the EXP works now. Anyway to save without save states?

Author gamer39985 ( ago)
riram sounds kind of wired

Author Jordan B ( ago)
dude could u send me ur file plz i cant find any working roms :(

Author MAZZ0Murder ( ago)
@doctertiger13 it has to do with Team Plasma :P

Author DDSN ( ago)
Guys. "Played on AceKard2i, AK-AIO v1.7.1."

Author tommie114 ( ago)
it doesn't work by my

Author siol123siol123 ( ago)
can you send me the link for r4 menu that you use pl

Author MDAEX ( ago)
what flash are you using?

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