Paper Pop-Up Peacock

Hello, my name is Peter Dahmen. I'm a graphic designer from germany. The peacock is one of the most complex pop-up sculptures that I ever designed. Many thanks to Isabella for her support as a hand model in this video! If you want to see more of my artwork, please visit my website: . I ask for your understanding, that I don't have tutorials for my artworks. Most of my pop up sculptures are designed to be single, unique pieces. But If you are generally interested in tutorials for pop up cards, I invite you to visit my facebook fanpage. Here I published a list with many tutorials and some book recommendations:

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Author Gabriela Momcinovic (29 days)
Nice but plese next time remind your self that you can show us how to make

Author Renalyn Espetacion (2 months)
please give me a website where i can print the template 

Author National Elevators (10 days)
can u pls tell me how can i do this 

Author Stefania Carbone (13 days)
Fantastico! È il mio animale preferito. Ciao!!

Author Aileen Olmos (2 months)
Make a tutorial for this

Author Hannah Quinto (8 months)
Please make a video on how to do it please....

Author Jesus Corrami (4 months)
felicitaciones es una verdadera obra de arte , lastima k ud no desee
compartir su gran talento . pero se le comprende , 

Simplemente genial!

Author Kamla Grainger (5 months)
Your designs are super and you are very clever. Thank you

Author UdayaChowdary Yadlapati (5 months)
Dear Especially The Pi-cock is the Best Fabrication witch i Like
Keep Going


Author Yen Phan (7 months)

Author Peter Hunt (8 months)
amazing one

Author محمد حافظ الليثي (8 months)
Paper Pop-Up Peacock:

Author RICHARD VIERA (6 months)

Author Aparna Surve (11 months)
wow its so nice but how to make

Author lupe hernández (1 year)

Author Наталья Егорова (9 months)
I made a peacock pop-up card by Peter Dahmen example, here: Peacock pop-up
card and Peacock pop-up card 2

Author Furille (1 year)
Paper Pop-Up Peacock. Try to say it fast! :-D

Author Irina Bagauri (1 year)

Author Maria E. Antonsen (4 months)
GloridaleFlowered for Your
cute PrincessHeavenlyredPeack and Azureblue-baby as we Just'saw with
StrawberryMum !
With HeavenlyredOrange-huggiiiieeeezzz from the rosarianmaria'AngeSUNrise:
"La Aurorarian SUNrise be Your Healing Water's Start Amein'o!"*8.

Author Çavuş Yassı (1 year)
Dogurdan da Her sey mumkundur

Author cogchuaOrj (2 years)
so good

Author Deepak Yadav (1 year)
You are a champion , 3D world you imagine in 2D and again convert that into
3D ...hats off.

Author Shoshi Platypus (2 years)
@DesignPD Thank you so much, Peter! I missed the link before. I'm off to
explore your blog too! Shoshi

Author hugo fernandez (3 years)

Author GoGoGadgetBeer (2 years)
VERY cool. :)

Author Peter Dahmen Papierdesign (2 years)
@shoshiplatypus Don't worry: The list with the links to tutorials and book
recommendations is visible for everybody - it doesn't matter, if you have a
facebook account or not. Just click the link in the description below the
video, right here on YouTube. Best, Peter

Author Peter Dahmen Papierdesign (1 year)
Dear sam k, please read the description below the video. Please understand,
that I don't give away the plans for EVERY pop up sculpture that I have
ever created. In the video description you will find a link to many
tutorials. Best regards, Peter

Author conatcha (2 years)
@lovegirl4u18 There's an out-of-print book called "Pop-up A Manual of Paper
Mechanisms" from Duncan Birmingham that you can download from the net.
There's another one from the same author called "Pop up design and paper
mechanics" that you can buy at amazon.

Author Peter Dahmen Papierdesign (2 years)
Dear AwesomenessWantedMan, please read the description, right below the
video. Thanks! Best regards, Peter

Author BlackwolfArts (2 years)
@BerardiArts nope... just chuck testa

Author Peter Dahmen Papierdesign (1 year)
Dear Jenease Calderon, I learned most by hours of practice, just through
trial and error. If you are interested in book recommendations, please
click on the second link in the video description. All the best, Peter

Author Darren Ng (1 year)
Hi Peter, wouldn't the weight of the peacock's wing collapse because its
too heavy than the bottom part of the body, and how do you use the bottom
of the body support the wing? What kind of paper do you use, and also how
thick is it?

Author McKillerRus (2 years)
Peacock - cock of pear LOLWUT

Author AwkwardTurtle46 (2 years)
It's beautiful. And the song is the same as some of andypandy311's videos

Author M Sousa (1 year)
Do you sell these? I'd love to buy a peacock from you! My kids love your
videos, by the way, thank you for sharing your wonderful talents with us.

Author Zallary Cardona (2 years)
Oh my!!!!! O_O

Author Peter Dahmen Papierdesign (1 year)
Dear Hà Nguyễn, I created this pop up card as a single, unique piece. To
create this pop up card I needed more than 3 weeks with lots of trials and
errors. I made more than 7 models before I was ready to create this paper
sculpture. Please understand, that I don't want to share my plans. I
encourage you to create your own pop up cards. If you are generally
interested in tutorials, please click on the link in the description below
the video. I wish you every success and much fun! Best, Peter

Author TheHarabeli100 (2 years)
It was really amazing! I love it! You're a true artist!

Author Peter Dahmen Papierdesign (1 year)
Dear Rahul Roy, this is a misunderstanding. I created this peacock pop up
as a single, unique piece. Therefore, I don't give my plans away. Please
understand, that I don't publish plans for EVERY pop up sculpture, that I
have ever created. All available plans can be found in the link in the
video description, but I ask for your understanding, that I don't want to
share the plans for the peacock. Best regards, Peter

Author isilovinglps (2 years)
Can i hav it

Author oledys (2 years)
wow thats beautiful man!!

Author xThomag (1 year)
Da du ja deutsch kannst :)) Werde versuchen es amateurhaft als
Muttertagsgeschenk nachzubasteln. Danke für die Idee! PS. Wenn du einen
Tipp geben möchtest wäre ich sehr dankbar!

Author Mithilesh Patel (1 year)
show d template man!

Author Julian Indy Kunst (2 years)
You probably thought this peacock was alive

Author pieproductions1999 (2 years)
@DesignPD oh thanks im gonna download it lol

Author Guru of Random (2 years)
Amazing. Tutorial please.

Author Empresso Princess (2 years)

Author Peter Dahmen Papierdesign (1 year)
Dear AzoresMonica, yes, in general I sell my artworks. The peacock is a
single piece, that create on demand. Unlike a card from a serial
production, I need many hours for the cutting and the assembling. I ask for
your understanding, that the price is accordingly high. But if you are
interested, please send me an email: info(at)

Author irina Coronel (1 year)
explica como hacerlo

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