Microwave Survival Test! Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 7 vs Pixel XL!

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  • khan shad
    khan shad 49 minutes ago

    imagine if all the phone blast

  • Kuljeet Saini
    Kuljeet Saini 1 hour ago

    and google pixel please in any condition

  • Kuljeet Saini
    Kuljeet Saini 1 hour ago

    I want that samsung in bad condition also

  • Sg Buses
    Sg Buses 1 hour ago

    for 7 minutes

  • Sg Buses
    Sg Buses 2 hours ago

    use a iPhone 7 red Vs microwave

  • Matthew Castaneda
    Matthew Castaneda 3 hours ago

    Great Video another amazing mass destruction of phones video i love it YESSS!!!! #GizmoSlipRules

  • Dharmendra Singh
    Dharmendra Singh 3 hours ago

    how much did Apple pay you to make it a winner??

  • Aviv Edri
    Aviv Edri 3 hours ago

    oh. now i know not to put my phone in microwave

  • sasuke1018
    sasuke1018 3 hours ago

    want you to take a bow and arrow and shot the phonew

  • sasuke1018
    sasuke1018 3 hours ago

    40 second I say

  • Chris
    Chris 4 hours ago

    Do the LgG6

  • SpiritSuru
    SpiritSuru 5 hours ago

    Clearly someone never watched "Is It A Good Idea to Microwave This?"

  • Sir TaNaz Brooks
    Sir TaNaz Brooks 5 hours ago

    can you get me an iphone 6s for my birthday plz my birthday is in 9 days

    STRAX 6 hours ago


  • Anirban Basu
    Anirban Basu 6 hours ago

    you can destroy but u can't give 1 iphone 7 to a subscriber in india ?

  • Casino Rolle
    Casino Rolle 6 hours ago

    I don't like when people are wasteful you spent $6649

  • MarJosephVEVO
    MarJosephVEVO 7 hours ago

    i dream those phones 😒

  • Jackie Reinemer
    Jackie Reinemer 9 hours ago

    Galaxey S8 will win i bet #Samsung

  • Conner Artis
    Conner Artis 10 hours ago

    Do can popsockets protect an iPhone 8

    SRAVAN S 10 hours ago

    Poor S8 !
    I own it!

  • crazy skater
    crazy skater 12 hours ago


  • Gage Bowens
    Gage Bowens 12 hours ago

    @gizomoslip you should see if a iPhone 7 will survive in a block of ice from 100ft drop

  • morgan samuel
    morgan samuel 12 hours ago

    Lmao I'm over here needing a iphone and y'all destroying one💀😂💀💀😂😂

  • Jackson Bonn-Savage
    Jackson Bonn-Savage 14 hours ago

    blow one up in the mircovave

  • Tiki turtle
    Tiki turtle 15 hours ago

    Yes that cloud ur in is called fog 🤦‍♂️

  • apple tech geek
    apple tech geek 15 hours ago

    Return to best buy

  • aaron leblanc
    aaron leblanc 16 hours ago

    How can you afford to destroy so many phones consoles

  • TheGamingBasher
    TheGamingBasher 16 hours ago

    Use a Hair Straightener!!

  • DTech Saga
    DTech Saga 16 hours ago

    Giveaway time??

  • Laith Ramzi
    Laith Ramzi 16 hours ago

    who is funding these videos

  • Genesis Rivas
    Genesis Rivas 17 hours ago

    see if 1000 nerf gun darts can protect a iphone 7

  • Jared Reyes
    Jared Reyes 17 hours ago

    really use boiling water on a hot stove do SG8 vs iPhone 7

  • Adriana Theory
    Adriana Theory 17 hours ago

    Your next vid should be can dried up slime protect a iPhone 7

  • Jared Reyes
    Jared Reyes 18 hours ago

    hard reset a samsung galaxy s8 = volume up key, bixby, and a power button gizmo dumbass

  • Travis Rogers
    Travis Rogers 18 hours ago

    Aren't you supposed to let the radiation in the microwave clear before opening it? lol

  • pellicon rabbit
    pellicon rabbit 18 hours ago

    can a waffle protect a note 8

  • Enfant Terrible
    Enfant Terrible 19 hours ago

    Black Pixel XL 128gb for me ❤

  • Oliver Tengvad
    Oliver Tengvad 19 hours ago

    R.I.P moneys

  • Философия Роджера

    Кто от Стаса?

  • TheComputerGeek010101001

    Dan must be your safety officer.

  • TheComputerGeek010101001

    "This is a big risk, financially..."
    With all the money you make from YouTube, it really shouldn't.

  • Sarah Buckley
    Sarah Buckley 20 hours ago

    Can glossy slime protect galaxy S8 ❤️ that's my idea

  • TheComputerGeek010101001

    audio quality: totally 100%

  • Tiffani-Amber Hope
    Tiffani-Amber Hope 20 hours ago

    Your acct hurts my heart from destroying all these phones but I freakin love it

  • Inyay
    Inyay 21 hour ago

    You should wrap socks around a Samsung galaxy s8 and drop it from 100 feet. I wonder what happens.

  • Anathem
    Anathem 21 hour ago

    Looks like you found the only pixels advantage;)

  • Hovdizan
    Hovdizan 22 hours ago

    why do you live in a caravan????

  • xCore0320
    xCore0320 23 hours ago

    Can 4 Galaxy S2 protect a Galaxy S8 from 100ft Drop test?

  • BoiFlaky123
    BoiFlaky123 1 day ago

    Galaxy s8 can survive long periods of time in a 50*C oven, can't survive 5 seconds in an $80 microwave.

  • parth patel
    parth patel 1 day ago

    if they are no use for you just give

  • Cooper Presling
    Cooper Presling 1 day ago

    you woos

  • Cooper Presling
    Cooper Presling 1 day ago

    do you live in a caravan

  • Cooper Presling
    Cooper Presling 1 day ago

    how do you not have a microwave

  • Hamza Ki Vidz
    Hamza Ki Vidz 1 day ago

    Bro you should try nokia 3310 new model drop test.

  • Fizza Fatima
    Fizza Fatima 1 day ago

    how does he waste so much money on this stuff

  • jaicob kitchen
    jaicob kitchen 1 day ago

    amazing video I lov this kind of stuff

  • Brian Greeman
    Brian Greeman 1 day ago

    Just joking

  • Brian Greeman
    Brian Greeman 1 day ago

    I got into trouble for watching porn

  • jaicob kitchen
    jaicob kitchen 1 day ago

    R.I.P s8

  • Michael Bingham
    Michael Bingham 1 day ago

    Soooo I wouldn't do this at home buuuuuut I may or may not have already done this

  • Summer Voyles
    Summer Voyles 1 day ago

    I thought he was sponsored and they gave him the phones?

  • Zaeem Lodhi
    Zaeem Lodhi 1 day ago

    fidget spinner in a microwave

  • RadioActiveBakon
    RadioActiveBakon 1 day ago


  • Witch Mari-Antoinette

    Dear audience. Please, don't be so fucking stupid with likes, because I'm really tired to see these "Wow-wow-wow", " this is crazy " and other overreaction trash.
    Videobloggers do this only because of likes statistic. Stop approving this shit

  • אדיר מנחם

    כמה כסף כל זההה😱😱😱😱

  • Moshikittyboy AJ
    Moshikittyboy AJ 1 day ago

    You should see if an iPhone 7 plus can survive a 100 foot drop in a Starbucks cup ( not filled with anything just empty ) or put a few Starbucks cups around the phone

  • PotatoPeasant
    PotatoPeasant 1 day ago

    How do u have enough money to keep destroying phones?

  • гнойный 103

    лучше б мне отдал

  • Knoel Browne
    Knoel Browne 1 day ago

    Love the sweatshirt! I'll buy one for sure if you make a red one or black one. I know it's not your color but still.

  • Caleb Peavie
    Caleb Peavie 1 day ago

    I would keep da phones

  • 10 ACKMEL
    10 ACKMEL 1 day ago

    techrax watch this being like

    I thought you well my son💁💁💁

  • Vitalexx
    Vitalexx 1 day ago


  • Crazy pack
    Crazy pack 1 day ago

    The reason they turn of it's a safety feature the lithium ion inside the battery it's like a hard rubbery substance it expands so the safety feature kicks in and cuts all power to the phone to prevent a battery explosion the reason that the pixel failed was because the lithium ion inflated to much causing damage to the logic board beside the battery the logic board is the software that conducts the phone and keeps it stable The reason the Samsung didn't turn back on was because Samsung out extra battery safety features on their battery, because of the note 7

  • Omar Ardromli
    Omar Ardromli 1 day ago

    the audio is so bad

  • Jay's Videos
    Jay's Videos 1 day ago

    You should do a giveaway of earbuds from the iPhone because u always use a iPhone for your videos that I love ❤️❤️

  • Growlie26
    Growlie26 1 day ago

    Dammit this guy's Rich!😕

  • Farhan Cheema
    Farhan Cheema 1 day ago

    Oops I forgot my phone in the microwave

  • Leandro Albero
    Leandro Albero 1 day ago

    what a shitty phone is the pixel...

  • SovietUnion a
    SovietUnion a 1 day ago


  • Harley Spears
    Harley Spears 1 day ago

    do a drop test in frozen sulfuric acid plz

  • Hamza Ki Vidz
    Hamza Ki Vidz 1 day ago

    you are pretty good in destroying

  • Hamza Ki Vidz
    Hamza Ki Vidz 1 day ago

    Amazing video

  • promoddz
    promoddz 1 day ago

    My parents told me 'You watch too much TV and should try reading more!' So I turned on the subtitles.

  • איציק בוקעי

    hey you can sent me the galaxy

  • Nathan Nizri
    Nathan Nizri 1 day ago

    Sick vid

  • Николай Константинов

    I see absolutely no sense in this test

  • kamidesign0
    kamidesign0 1 day ago

    Ну и дибилы. На хуй это говновидео засирает интернет ещё больше?!

  • Дед Поехавший

    Больной ублюдок!

  • Григорий Чвертко


  • Hanzalah Lolz
    Hanzalah Lolz 1 day ago

    one of the best video

  • RAY Channel
    RAY Channel 1 day ago

    Fucking BUSTARD IDIOT!!!

  • Irsyad Adiatma
    Irsyad Adiatma 2 days ago

    give me that broke google pixel! :'3

  • Light leader
    Light leader 2 days ago

    can I have that s8 u broke

  • Xenon X
    Xenon X 2 days ago

    It's the electromagnetic stuff that made the phones turn off not the heat, try to put them in a bucket of 100* water

  • Xenon X
    Xenon X 2 days ago

    A guy buys 3 phone but says a microwave is expensive

  • Xenon X
    Xenon X 2 days ago

    U sure it's "WE"? because so many dumb ass are saying "we" in their video but actually there are only himself

  • Theo
    Theo 2 days ago

    Thanks now I know what to do just in case I accidentally drop my Galaxy s8 in the microwave and set the timer to 5 seconds by accident and then accidentally turn it on and accidentally watch.

  • JJUnboxing
    JJUnboxing 2 days ago

    thanks for the video, because everyone will put there phone in a microwave, jks, good video haha

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