eritrean wedding in israel

eritrean wedding in israel

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Author Trhas Sibhatu (1 month)

Author kadr9 (7 months)
This looks like the end of Israel, soon Israel will become shithole like
Eritrea if we dont deport them.

Author Koral Levi (1 year)
Whats the name of this song please?:)

Author LifeIsATest4UsAll (1 year)
Are there eritreans in israel??

Author adam fayya (1 year)
izi kullu harim beyen keyden ,mera'a...mera'a...ab sidet..(zey haffir demu
geremariamshum..)..really...kam usuratin juho tatahizom...(wedding)
..yigermanna alo gin ka'a hugusti aykonetin......???

Author Arl Neif (1 year)
That are refugees??? Israel is cheaper than Europe? I had not seen, that
the refugees from Syria played a wedding in Turkey or Jordan or opened
internetcafe which sold rice and pasta.

Author Jacqui' yetaywal (2 years)
Do you guys live in Israel? beautiful people

Author wedi eri (10 months)

Author myForumDaily (1 year)
cause it's probably arranged lol

Author Universalsize (1 year)
Why the fuck they all look so sad? I thought its their freaking wedding .

Author BahreNeGash (1 year)
I bet you,,,, Your own MOTHER never dressed this good on her wedding day,
before delivering a clown like you for a child. Did she? FYI: If you don't
like the heat, stay away from the kitchen.

Author Anna Lord (1 year)
Ethiopian & Eritrean women look better than most of the men. Morrocan men
look better than the women. Something strange is going on in my opinion.

Author simi ha (2 years)
Smile! it is your big day.

Author liyahBB (1 year)
you are a bit late lol

Author warda15 (1 year)
Nigga shut the fuck up and stop going off topic her dress is trampy END OF!

Author enelijit (2 years)
Oh my! you again? why are you so bitter? It seems like you can't get laid
so you bitch and moan all over me. leave me alone, i don't have time to
''lutti'' like you.

Author UniversalStar2000 . (2 years)
I wonder if you have a life of ur own? try to mind your own business stupid

Author TheLove20th (2 years)
Rus gama yegbrlkum kem Abrahamn Saran yegbrlkum!!!

Author UniversalStar2000 . (2 years)
You are pathetic sad habesha immigrant who rather talk about people instead
of worrying about your own life!! Typical habesha!! I would strongly advise
you to educate your self! grow up! stupid cunt!!

Author Water Agua (1 year)
They look better than Arabs, they look more like black Brazilians.

Author Naomi J (2 years)
the best Eritrean wedding

Author Anna Lord (1 year)
I am coveting the hair, God forgive me, but I love, love, love your hair.

Author Shakur Hassan (1 year)
they came isreal finaly but they suffer aloth in the way.

Author enelijit (2 years)
i wonder if they still married?

Author 888duane (2 years)
They mostly look like dark skin Arabs.

Author enelijit (2 years)
i wonder if you are one of these ugly people on the video, asshole

Author abel manunited (2 years)
nice wedding i like bra

Author warda15 (1 year)
ermm from time they can afford a venue, camera, flowers and everything
else.. im pretty sure should she could have afforded a decent wedding dress

Author HyeSunLoveYuu (1 year)
many many many

Author BahreNeGash (1 year)
Ohhhh, Come on now,,, That's NOT fair. You may NOT approve of the dress but
be considerate to the bride. Put yourself in the Bride's shoes ??? May be
that's was the ONLY DRESS the Groom can afford to buy. Life is NOT always
what it seems (Just a thought).

Author Hailezgy Tecle (1 year)

Author waffiki (1 year)
bless the union, beautifully celebrated.

Author BahreNeGash (1 year)
Life is NOT about how you dress outside, it's how you feel inside !!! Too
bad, many of you are OBSESSED with clothing, than with feeling. Shopping
for dress does NOT buy happiness,,,, Does it? Dressed or not, LOOKING &
FEELING GOOD is for the heart, not for show off. TOO BAD, You are watching

Author Aron Zeriay (8 months)
תשטוק יא מזדין אחד תצה מסתטוס

Author حسين حامد (1 year)

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