Groot vs The Incredible Hulk (Incredible Hulk Annual #5)

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  • Paul Willis
    Paul Willis 16 days ago

    green lantern groot, next on how to unalive superheroes

  • kate geaves
    kate geaves 22 days ago

    i could beat groot!

  • Angry Drunken German

    I felt this was as good a place as any to point out exactly what Rob has done for the comix community.

    i'm a 40 year old man unhappy with the direction of the current marvel runs. EVERY character I read was killed and replace by politics.

    That said Rob moves on. Rob covers old comix, stories, old crossovers, and honestly......Rob kept my love for comix alive.

    Perhaps I don't like the current runs but things change, life is a series of changes, and if anything it reminded me that I should buy some classic books from my local shop instead.

  • Ben Zarzycki
    Ben Zarzycki 27 days ago

    stick to comics. Don't recommend music... you have unique taste that most other people don't like. honestly I've always loved your videos but hated the music you used.

  • gooboberti
    gooboberti 28 days ago

    Poor way to start out your video, buddy.

  • Jimmy Casalino
    Jimmy Casalino 29 days ago

    How great would it be if Groot talked like that from the Hulk's perspective in the infinity war movies?

  • Alexander Colon
    Alexander Colon 29 days ago

    Xenu? Scientology?

  • Christopher Teale
    Christopher Teale 1 month ago

    a crappy weird old character kept in the dark places that Marvel would rather forget, suddenly becomes a billion dollars in merchandise. marvel, you know what you are doing

  • Grubkin Tiddlefits
    Grubkin Tiddlefits 1 month ago


  • vine-sta
    vine-sta 1 month ago

    Anyone else actually listen to forget me not. P... And I actually like I searched it up. It's soo good.

  • jouster70
    jouster70 1 month ago

    I am Groot!

  • dethtrain
    dethtrain 1 month ago


  • Donnie Stevens
    Donnie Stevens 1 month ago

    @ComicsExplained do you think the new Thor movie is jumping into World Breaker Hulk?

  • Nelson Lopez
    Nelson Lopez 1 month ago

    I AM GROOT.. This Was Very Informative, & Awesome Too.. It Would Be Cool To See.. A Modern GROOT vs. HULK In A Movie..

  • coconutologist
    coconutologist 1 month ago

    Groot as a lantern? He only says three words, how could he say any oath?

  • Andy Jones
    Andy Jones 1 month ago

    Rob gotta start putting the music cred up here....he stays with the fresh jams!!!!!

  • Calvin Robinson
    Calvin Robinson 1 month ago

    How can anybody dislike your content.

    • gooboberti
      gooboberti 28 days ago

      Calvin Robinson because he spends the first minute asking for a like/subscribe then rambles on in no particular order- plus he's using the old Groot for this discussion, nothing actually happens in this video here. He just talks around the idea of the groot vs hulk fight, but the fight was nothing. Lame

  • Luist Triolet
    Luist Triolet 1 month ago


  • Brad Johnson
    Brad Johnson 1 month ago

    St Germain self titled album. Forget me not.

  • kyoukoujin
    kyoukoujin 1 month ago

    to the death? We know nobody dies in a marvel. They'll be revive or rebirth in some way or another.

  • Union Gaming
    Union Gaming 1 month ago

    "Your Girlfriend and/or wife." Rob. Look at that sentence and tell me what's wrong.

  • madero2025
    madero2025 1 month ago

    Superman would just go through Groot like paper.

  • TollFree999
    TollFree999 1 month ago

    This channel is so good.

  • Indie Versal
    Indie Versal 1 month ago

    Lmfao somewhere around the 6 minute mark, he said "it's a rule, the Cleveland Browns will never make it to a Super Bowl..." 😂😂😂 damn dude. Now I have to get them to watch this video

  • taintofshadow
    taintofshadow 1 month ago

    Maybe Groot has brain damage from the fight, so he is stuck only being able to say: "I am Groot."

  • TheHorseFormerlyWithoutAName

    Groot vs. Hulk. Who would win? Let's just sat Groot would totally Groot his Groot Groot.

  • war2k
    war2k 1 month ago

    i dunno to me it looks like they're elemental monsters (if you try to look at it from that point of view) fire, earth, air, water. back then (imo) comic characters came in numbers of 1, 2 or 4 for small groups. i dunno just a thought.

    edit: if dc got groot, i think they'd pair him off with swamp thing with their power sets they'd probably compliment each other.

  • MrSoggyjocks
    MrSoggyjocks 1 month ago

    Come here Groot.... Hulk needs toothpick

  • Von Faulks
    Von Faulks 1 month ago

    Wow the Browns never going to the Super Bowel. That's a low blow Bro. And I'm Dolphin Fan. #PhinsUp

  • Van Wylder
    Van Wylder 1 month ago

    what is the song used at the end of this video? I tried Shazam and nothing.

  • Khaotix Khaos
    Khaotix Khaos 1 month ago

    dc gets the rights to groot. Groot vs Swamp Thing

  • Skull Child 85
    Skull Child 85 1 month ago

    groot vs swamp thing 😉

  • Grant Espenial
    Grant Espenial 1 month ago

    best fight ever

  • jeremy craig-weston
    jeremy craig-weston 1 month ago

    Nice to see a tip of the hat to the old old old Journey into Mystery stuff, long gone but not forgotten.

  • Ionnatsu Phobia
    Ionnatsu Phobia 1 month ago

    groot a Mars plant that was transferred to earth and the justice league fight him and maybe have him be a white lantern maybe he is the son of swamp thing. groot might be a girl idk I was told groot is a princess but I don't think that is right but then again its a tree person so it's not impossible

  • ZAPPED916
    ZAPPED916 1 month ago

    If you like St. Germain you should listen to Bonobo...

  • Leviticus Takado
    Leviticus Takado 1 month ago

    That shot at the Browns tho!

  • Talon Darkbane
    Talon Darkbane 1 month ago

    Groot vs Swamp Thing would be interesting

  • SLiMmcl
    SLiMmcl 1 month ago

    I'm gunna comment before i watch this. But You uploaded a video like right before this and it showed groot fighting hulk (and he looked more like a living tree than the tree alien thing he looks like now like guardians of the galaxy movies and stuff)
    last time i seen that image i was a very little kid and i asked my dad "whats his name" he says groot. i go "ROOT?" he just goes "Yep thats it" (obviously not but he would say things like that to get me to shut up cuz i would keep constantly yack his ear off with questions lol) THAT was awsome to learn that that was the same person.
    like when comicstorian once showed a comic cover (the one where gambit is shoving a spear through wolverine) and the story is about skrulls and it has professor x walking (I grew up watching x men the animated series my mind was like...... "THATS NOT RIIIIIGHT" lmao)
    Keep up the good work bub i've been watch you and comicstorian for a long while now and i am never dissapointed (Hell i either learn new shit or am remembered of old stuff and get a rush of nostalgia lol)
    I like how comicstorian is like 1 end of the spectrum (this is a nice little short story for you with pictures) and you are like (This is what is happening this is what it means as a whole like some research stuff) So you can get both story and info from both your guys channel

  • Ramon
    Ramon 1 month ago

    Groot got his ass beat like Connor McGregor lol!

  • Andrew Jones
    Andrew Jones 1 month ago

    wow rob. u do comics from the 70s. but not walking dead jail and the governor

  • Andrew Jones
    Andrew Jones 1 month ago

    Rob lemme tell u summ man. lemme tell u summ. pls go back over walking dead for the part u didnt do.

  • Michael Healy
    Michael Healy 1 month ago

    I'm getting Rob Core tattooed on my chest! is that gay?

  • Logan White
    Logan White 1 month ago

    Thanks, dude! I appreciate you :)

  • Scott Destan
    Scott Destan 1 month ago

    So Groot is from the same planet as King Ghidorah?

  • rasul98889
    rasul98889 1 month ago

    whats the song at the end?

  • will w
    will w 1 month ago

    How would Groot say the lantern oath? Would "I am Groot" count?

  • Cryomorph X
    Cryomorph X 1 month ago

    St. Germain - Sure Thing is my shit!

  • saint-turbo12
    saint-turbo12 1 month ago

    This was different lol. "A I am groot"

  • studlygrish
    studlygrish 1 month ago

    Swamp thing vs Groot

    RICO GOLDSTAR 1 month ago

    Four characters that could easily beat Groot. The Human Torch or Man Thing, and from DC comics Swamp Thing or Poison Ivy.

  • That80sGuy1972
    That80sGuy1972 1 month ago

    Current Groot in his big and small form wins, because he is hiding his real potential. He's like the gentle giant or the genius con man pretending to be the village idiot.

  • Fran Seara
    Fran Seara 1 month ago

    The Cleveland will never go to the Super Bowl!?!!?!

    lol You got a point....

  • Cronus Bane
    Cronus Bane 1 month ago

    Medphyll is the tree/plant life form in the Green lantern Corps

  • Brother Tackitt
    Brother Tackitt 1 month ago

    SHAZAM! I AM GROOT! err I am groot?

  • timelike01
    timelike01 1 month ago

    If your girlfriend or wife is always right, it means they are not human. Because in reality, human error is an unavoidable part of being human. If you can avoid human error, then it means you're not human.

  • Keith H
    Keith H 1 month ago

    Cmon. Hulk has unknown strength and durability. Not really a fight here. Nothing to see. Move along people.

    • gooboberti
      gooboberti 28 days ago

      Keith H and this video has "rob" just dancing around the subject for 10 minutes after begging for subscriptions- the actual fight was barely mentioned- plus it's the old Groot. Sort of click bait.

  • Jim Heath
    Jim Heath 1 month ago

    First comic book I ever read. My Mom brought it home for me when I was sick.

  • Grizabeebles
    Grizabeebles 1 month ago

    I think Groot talking in sentences is easy to hand wave. Age. If I understand the character at all, the modern Groot is basically a seed for a race of sentient tree-people right? So he's *literally* a "toddler" in Guardians of the Galaxy, and "Baby Groot" in volume 2 is more or less "son of Groot" rather than a resurrection per se.

    The Groot that fought the Hulk was probably just much older. It would be a nice touch if during a showdown between the modern characters that Grood said his first words other than "I am Groot" as a nod to comics past:


    *"NO YOU'RE NOT!"*

  • Otbaht
    Otbaht 1 month ago

    i think poison ivy trying to befriend groot and use him against batman would be more likely as a dc groot event.

  • cdvamp
    cdvamp 1 month ago

    How to kill Groot: Termites

  • Dracorexion Ouranos
    Dracorexion Ouranos 1 month ago

    Groot's Green Lantern oath: "I am Groot."
    Groot's Red Lantern oath: "I am Groot."
    Groot's Orange Lantern oath: "I am Groot."
    I think we see a patern happening,

  • Jacob Keary
    Jacob Keary 1 month ago

    those three rules though

  • freydawg56
    freydawg56 1 month ago

    Unstoppable Force meets immovable object...

  • UnexpectedWonder
    UnexpectedWonder 1 month ago

    #SupermanvsGroot Nothin' but Hype. I don't even really know anything about Groot, but Kal-El better bring his A-Game if he doesn't wanna take that L to the Sentient Tree.

  • pablo vazquez
    pablo vazquez 1 month ago

    dudeeeee your there core rules of the universe have me laughing so freaking hard! brotha keep up the awesome work 😂😂

  • L Dub
    L Dub 1 month ago

    71 people are Browns fans.

  • Xeramond Freightliner

    Did you mean "Forget It" off the "Boulevard" album, or "What You Think About ..." off the "Tourist" album.

  • Guy-Sinn Davis
    Guy-Sinn Davis 1 month ago

    Rob what is this song at the end of this video? Gotta have it.😊

  • John Evesham
    John Evesham 1 month ago

    Dude your videos keep getting better and better..... Thanks for getting me back into comics and please continue doing the incredible work you somehow create daily.

  • Omegah TV
    Omegah TV 1 month ago

    The Cleveland Browns, hahahahaha!!!!

  • Kahmal Mason
    Kahmal Mason 1 month ago

    Lol leave the Browns out of this please. From a Clevelander.

  • Hellopleesh
    Hellopleesh 1 month ago

    But seriously, is he Groot?

  • Dylan Kelley
    Dylan Kelley 1 month ago

    I liked this for the core laws of the universe comment

  • Rellana1
    Rellana1 1 month ago

    I would like to see WBH punch Eternity,or try to.

  • The great dead
    The great dead 1 month ago

    swamp thing vs groot

  • Bryn Phillips
    Bryn Phillips 1 month ago

    Maybe they could have an old school Groot verses a modern Groot.  Plants are fundamentally different organisms to animals so I could see two separate Tree people with a shared origin who identify themselves as Groot.

  • Shadow Man
    Shadow Man 1 month ago

    how to unalive mr mxyptlik

  • Trap
    Trap 1 month ago

    lol is this even fair? why is this even a question?!

  • Robert Johnson II
    Robert Johnson II 1 month ago

    Rob, what's the name of that background song at the end of Hulk vs. Groot? that sht's hot son

  • 1sttobylopez
    1sttobylopez 1 month ago

    Roots powers are rooted? are we resorting to puns now?

  • Mos Matic
    Mos Matic 1 month ago

    does the hulk ever defeat anybody who was immortal/eternal, permanently?

  • rubberwoody
    rubberwoody 1 month ago

    dc could make Groot a swamp thing story

  • Devious J
    Devious J 1 month ago

    What if Groot BECAME Swamp Thing? Then became a Green Lantern?

  • Tyson Phillips
    Tyson Phillips 1 month ago

    Man I just listened to that song based on this recommendation and all I can say is BOOOOOOOOOOO. That shit is hot garbage

  • RadioactiveCookieMon

    This is a no brainer hulk all day

  • ChadwickH Jones
    ChadwickH Jones 1 month ago

    Swamp Thing vs Groot
    Do iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit! <3

  • DocWolph
    DocWolph 1 month ago

    I think Groot would be a Blue or Indigo Lantern. Interesting though: what ring would Rocket get?

  • Jalen Livingston
    Jalen Livingston 1 month ago

    Deathbattle broke rule #3.

  • SuperShanko
    SuperShanko 1 month ago

    Groot would be a Flash villain for certain.

  • SuperShanko
    SuperShanko 1 month ago

    Now I feel like mutated termites would be more convenient that dropping a nuke on Groot.

  • Haydosa // Minecraft & More

    rob, isn't that logic so true xD

  • Martin Morales
    Martin Morales 1 month ago

    which st germain is it? "forget it"?

  • Victor Aguilera
    Victor Aguilera 1 month ago

    omg, he found a way to combine them

    OH DANNY BOY 1 month ago

    Dang groot was a boss

  • ThatQuiet GUY
    ThatQuiet GUY 1 month ago

    I am lantern

  • Peter Adams
    Peter Adams 1 month ago

    Is Groot copy of Man thing or other way round?

  • Someguy1357
    Someguy1357 1 month ago

    There's swamp thing....

  • EDsavant
    EDsavant 1 month ago

    Lee fucked over Kirby.

  • Aqeel Allami
    Aqeel Allami 1 month ago

    did anyone find the Spotify playlist? please share

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