Kimbo Slice loses to no-namer via 14-second TKO (w/replays)

Just in case if you missed it, here it is! And if you didn't miss it, here it is again!

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Author Mel Larson (2 years)
Rocky is here?

Author Jacob Porter (1 year)
Worst?? God are you fucking stupid? He is deadly when it comes to stand-up

Author andrew norris (2 years)
A little different when you're not fighting street thugs, eh kimbo?

Author itsyoboyhollaatme (3 years)
what a pussy kimbo slice is.

Author Robert Abeyta (2 years)
but iv been watchin kimbo for years n this is just dumb cuz in his fight
with some dude kimbo hits him in the back of the head the raf. comes in n
says he u do that again ull lose the fight than the same raf. is in this
one walks up sees the guy hit kimbo in the bk of the head kinda get in than
wen kimbo movies the raf bks up what the fuck is that about haters

Author bazil copenace (3 years)
ROCKY!!ROCKY!!ROCKY IS HERE LMFAO maybe if he was fighting someone solid.

Author Jack Daniels (2 years)
I bet Kimbo lost because he smoked just before the fight.

Author sucracristo (3 years)
@TheGillman123 <<
Author beanerwiddagun (3 years)
Ok to all the ppl saying this was rigged I bet u never been in a fight. I
dear u to let someone give a quick jab to ur chin with out u going down.....

Author Jason Hamilton (3 years)
he didn't lose to a no name either Seth petruzeli was on the ultimate
fighter and had alot more experience than bum ass slice, in no way was that
a shock victory

Author toshoreo1 (3 years)
they stop it 2 soon. but aint it classic a white pink haired skinny mofo
from my hometown wuld knock dis beast down. Seth could put dis shit on his
resume n get respect his whole life

Author xSkorrpio (3 years)
dude kimbo wasnt a bullly they wer setup street fights u stupid dumb fuck

Author Mark Walker (1 year)
haha you got fucked up kimbo in 14 seconds alot different than fighting
people who cant fight lol

Author chris a (2 years)
That fool ran like a girl kimbo had hym

Author danzinnyman (2 years)
agreed ....ya just cant know how to only to street fight striking and
expect to win against a exp striker let alone what happend to kimbo when he
fought big country roy nelson

Author Matthew Singh-Dosanjh (3 years)
"ROCKy! ROCKy IS HERE!!!" Do you think the announcer(s) may have
over-reacted a tad?...

Author iracritzer (3 years)
Why does every one think its riggde the nigger lost

Author Robert Abeyta (2 years)
lol kimbo has no slice what the fuck its allmost like if this guys where
waitting fo rkimbos down fall n just kick him down even more

Author ppg2snowboard (3 years)

Author rodrigodelamora (3 years)
@richiemo2000 he was probably a no one in 2008

Author DescendingDeath (2 years)
''the most greatest victory in the history of MMA'' .....bitch please...

Author richiemo2000 (3 years)
Seth Petruzelli is not a no name, he made the final 4 on TUF season 2, as
well as a former UFC vet, and current Bellator fighter.

Author ImanGuinean58 (3 years)

Author Andrew Buchanan (3 years)
Dammn.... Kimbo! You got knocked the f out! NOT!

Author brunomgpinto (1 year)
dude do you even watch ufc? kimbo lost almost every fight in the ufc! he
couldn't even knockout james thompson (one joke of a fighter)! how the fuck
is he deadly on the stand up?! jesus shut the fuck up, and go watch his
street fights if that makes you happy! those street fighters were not
professional ones!

Author Gregantony Farmer (3 years)
im sry if im wrong here but isnt that the guy who beat brock lesner aswell.

Author MrCamoflarge (3 years)
Im sure it was a fixed match.Obviously money was involved.The punches that
guy threw is nothing to kimbo slice.

Author Dexter Haven (3 years)
After 6:55 Kimbo's defense is lame. He never saw the right hand. Too

Author RagingHeavens (2 years)
And ends at 4:34 Woot...

Author Chris Martinez (3 years)
@junkyjuice21 thats what you think, on video thats the way it looks but
just ask slice he went down like a rock

Author XTheSonofTheSunX (1 year)
was there ever a rematch?

Author Justin Santora (1 year)
how is Seth Petruzelli a no namer?

Author turd nugget (3 years)
ha ha

Author brunomgpinto (2 years)
yeah, kimbo should've gone to boxing, not mma! he's a great boxer, but when
it comes to legs, wrestling, ground fight, he has no chance! that's not his

Author VivaMydick (3 years)
@TheGillman123 SP is karate expert look at 4:27 , he kicked KS knee that is
why Kimbo went down .You can not see it very well on this particular video
you go and try to get Kimbo down :) LOL

Author diggs59 (1 year)
Seth is also gay.....not that there's anything wrong with that. Just
figured I'd mention that Kimbo got mauled by a gay dude.

Author Colin Savacool (3 years)
@MrCamoflarge it doesnt take much to KO anybody esspecally if you get
countered and hit them in the correct spot

Author maestrojani69 (3 years)
brawo KIMBO buahhahhahha best fighter ,,streetfighter only,,

Author Trevor Phillips (3 years)
lol who was the nigger who put brawling down as a fighting style on the
info card to cbs

Author Skullfullofbonghits92 (2 years)
doubt it, Seth hit him hard on the chin. not to mention his loss pretty
much destroyed EliteXC who were making him a shitload of money

Author Jacob Porter (1 year)
Yeah how do you explain the previous 2 KO's dip shit and what about his 4
wins in Boxing?? Like seriously do you think the people he fought against
just keeled over and let him win?

Author Choose Fitness (2 years)
No namer? That's Seth Petruzelli, The Seth Petruzelli. To be honest though,
it looked like Kimbo took a dive here. He's got an iron chin and he can
take a lot of punishment before going down. Kimbo: "Oh no, this guy looks
like he's about to shit his pants after throwing only one jab. I better
take a fall before I accidentally hit this guy." Hard to tell what's really
happening, considering the shitty quality.

Author warangelcloud (2 years)
That really wasn't an upset. I've been trying to figure out why no one
threw kicks at Kimbo

Author al dunbar (2 years)
Silver back knocks out a silver back

Author arbab1980 (3 years)
Fight was fixed big time - ref was in on it Cut was there before fight

Author Sykeszzz (3 years)
How did kimbo go down from that punch seriously the guy hardly hit him

Author Billy Pilgrim (1 year)
that slice is one of the worst fighters i ever seen

Author Nick Garcia (2 years)
Not a no name. Ko'd Pedro Rizzo and beat Dan sucking severn!

Author Billydutch1 (3 years)
@BrokenBon3sx Lol

Author fattymcgee123 (2 years)
Fight starts at 4:20

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