Kimbo Slice loses to no-namer via 14-second TKO (w/replays)

Just in case if you missed it, here it is! And if you didn't miss it, here it is again!

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Author veldross1 ( ago)
fight ends at 4:28

Author Frosty ButtToucher ( ago)
looks to me like b4 he went down he took a nut shot, just my opinion tho,
video is blurry.

Author brunomgpinto ( ago)
dude do you even watch ufc? kimbo lost almost every fight in the ufc! he
couldn't even knockout james thompson (one joke of a fighter)! how the fuck
is he deadly on the stand up?! jesus shut the fuck up, and go watch his
street fights if that makes you happy! those street fighters were not
professional ones!

Author Billy Pilgrim ( ago)
Love the way he showed his superior technique by hitting the guy's foot and
fists with his head.. great fighter!

Author Billy Pilgrim ( ago)
Yeah.. it really showed...

Author Jacob Porter ( ago)
If Kimbo sucks what does that say about the people he beat?

Author Jacob Porter ( ago)
Yeah how do you explain the previous 2 KO's dip shit and what about his 4
wins in Boxing?? Like seriously do you think the people he fought against
just keeled over and let him win?

Author Jacob Porter ( ago)
Worst?? God are you fucking stupid? He is deadly when it comes to stand-up

Author Billy Pilgrim ( ago)
that slice is one of the worst fighters i ever seen

Author lohengrin ( ago)
Are you mentally ill? Don't answer that!!! Kimbo got nailed hard to the
head on his way down!!! Are you blind? Don't answer that!!! 55 years!!! Are
you takin' the piss? Don't answer that!!! I've seen & heard it all now!!!

Author Toxicgummy Bear ( ago)
not fair? lololololololololol welcome to life, Bitch. You train so that you
never end up in such a position . . .

Author krazypandabear2 ( ago)
that not fair he beat him while he was down

Author Justin Santora ( ago)
how is Seth Petruzelli a no namer?

Author White Irish Giant ( ago)
Shades of Lewiston,Maine folks....this was a fix.Cassius clay had a
few.Read history books and be in the fight game for 55years like me....

Author TheDemonkav28 ( ago)
am happy to see how he gets his ass kicked. This fuckn Kimbo cunt is just a
street fighter and see how gets rolled out easily by Seth ... Great

Author TartanSpartan01 ( ago)
says the gimpiest faggot on earth

Author diggs59 ( ago)
Seth is also gay.....not that there's anything wrong with that. Just
figured I'd mention that Kimbo got mauled by a gay dude.

Author Kenazzle ( ago)
>14 second TKO >7:41 long video wut

Author Mark Walker ( ago)
haha you got fucked up kimbo in 14 seconds alot different than fighting
people who cant fight lol

Author XTheSonofTheSunX ( ago)
was there ever a rematch?

Author brendan Anon ( ago)
Because he is street fighting... Any one who street fights has no fighting
skill what so ever. And then kimbo tries to play with the big boys and gets
knocked on his ass.

Author Kenneth Vanderpool ( ago)
Seth isnt a no namer btw...

Author oreo717 ( ago)
skills and martial arts vs size and strenght...... skills wins

Author Amirreza Xsroshahi ( ago)
i can't believe the annoucer called this fight "the most incredible victory
in the history of mixed martial arts"

Author RagingHeavens ( ago)
And ends at 4:34 Woot...

Author HashBandicoot ( ago)
Not a Kimbo fan but looked like a big hammer fist to the back of the head
did a lot of the damage.

Author brandontodd14 ( ago)
retarded* Christ it's so ironic.

Author Flame Drown ( ago)
Kimbo the Nigger had no chance becuz he is a fuktard daring to even try
fighting MMA fighters of course he lost against Seth he is Karate and kimbo
doing retarted punches thinking he is a bad ass cuz he black garbage my
nigga go back to the streets

Author isick raw ( ago)
Yup Kimbo got paid that night :) big time lol

Author Keith Henley ( ago)
i think kimbo was over confident and didnt really have his guard up. way to
really capitalize on someones mistakes lol

Author Mel Larson ( ago)
Rocky is here?

Author RealHipHopManiac ( ago)
troy waugh, that ref. was found in walmart

Author al dunbar ( ago)
Silver back knocks out a silver back

Author Robert Abeyta ( ago)
but iv been watchin kimbo for years n this is just dumb cuz in his fight
with some dude kimbo hits him in the back of the head the raf. comes in n
says he u do that again ull lose the fight than the same raf. is in this
one walks up sees the guy hit kimbo in the bk of the head kinda get in than
wen kimbo movies the raf bks up what the fuck is that about haters

Author Robert Abeyta ( ago)
lol kimbo has no slice what the fuck its allmost like if this guys where
waitting fo rkimbos down fall n just kick him down even more

Author Sao Cungduoc ( ago)

Author Andy Wu ( ago)
Looks like Fake

Author Athletic Sloth ( ago)
The victorious fighter at the end: "Oh my God, I survived!"

Author deez nuts ( ago)
no doubt , this guy is over exaggerating.

Author Jack Daniels ( ago)
I bet Kimbo lost because he smoked just before the fight.

Author DescendingDeath ( ago)
for all that who is confused, Kimbo got hit on the chin, that's why he fell

Author DescendingDeath ( ago)
''the most greatest victory in the history of MMA'' .....bitch please...

Author brunomgpinto ( ago)
yeah, kimbo should've gone to boxing, not mma! he's a great boxer, but when
it comes to legs, wrestling, ground fight, he has no chance! that's not his

Author danzinnyman ( ago)
agreed ....ya just cant know how to only to street fight striking and
expect to win against a exp striker let alone what happend to kimbo when he
fought big country roy nelson

Author fattymcgee123 ( ago)
Fight starts at 4:20

Author brunomgpinto ( ago)
kimbo sucks in mma, get over it bro...

Author Choose Fitness ( ago)
No namer? That's Seth Petruzelli, The Seth Petruzelli. To be honest though,
it looked like Kimbo took a dive here. He's got an iron chin and he can
take a lot of punishment before going down. Kimbo: "Oh no, this guy looks
like he's about to shit his pants after throwing only one jab. I better
take a fall before I accidentally hit this guy." Hard to tell what's really
happening, considering the shitty quality.

Author Soloman1001 ( ago)
anyone experienced would have taken his leg, kimbo is a brawler and not a
trained fighter.

Author warangel ( ago)
That really wasn't an upset. I've been trying to figure out why no one
threw kicks at Kimbo

Author cadaverock . ( ago)
i say it to his black azz instead..bitch

Author Skullfullofbonghits92 ( ago)
doubt it, Seth hit him hard on the chin. not to mention his loss pretty
much destroyed EliteXC who were making him a shitload of money

Author chris a ( ago)
That fool ran like a girl kimbo had hym

Author fabian bell ( ago)
bullshit that shouldnt of been stopped i wonder how much kimbo got paid to

Author casper13ist ( ago)
Everyone loves an underdog getting the victory, even if it's your favorite
fighter who got the loss.

Author matyviola ( ago)
he was scared dude.. and was very happy cuz he thought was gonna eat it

Author rwatsondotcom ( ago)
4:00 freemason symbolism

Author David Morrow ( ago)
he missed most of his punches. but I guesse it only take one

Author TVguy9999 ( ago)
COME ON! He took a dive...PERIOD! Kimbo bet BIG against himself and he got
paid. Smart man. He knows he would not make it long in MMA.

Author B0NGWAT3R420 ( ago)
dude hit kimbo in the back of the head... if im not mistaken that is
illegal in ufc.

Author jcannoncraig ( ago)
The best knock-down punch isn't always the heavy hand after a set-up jab.
Many times it's the solid jab on the chin, (aka KO button), that he didn't
see coming that does the job

Author Jake Coleman (1086 years ago)
see thts y he does street fights

Author liljal1986 ( ago)
I am not type to bash on a ufc fight cause it real connect but it look like
kimbo took a die i been hit i the chin hitter than that blind side when i
was 5 6 155 lbs at the club in college by someone bigger than but i never
hit the ground and i seen him get hit harder than in his old street fight
and still stood there like rock. I don't know about that fight

Author beanerwiddagun ( ago)
Ok to all the ppl saying this was rigged I bet u never been in a fight. I
dear u to let someone give a quick jab to ur chin with out u going down.....

Author James Mendoza ( ago)
It's funny how the queer with the pink in his hair was backin away, and is
all happy over a bullshit win -__-

Author Yoo Toober ( ago)
Get yer Kimbo T-shirts!! 90% off!!

Author Andrew Buchanan ( ago)
Dammn.... Kimbo! You got knocked the f out! NOT!

Author InandGreen ( ago)
shouldnt have stopped.. he was getting up.

Author Sykeszzz ( ago)
How did kimbo go down from that punch seriously the guy hardly hit him

Author Ninoos Assyrian ( ago)
Kimbo is getting old. Too many fights for him. He has lost his fire. I do
not give no credit to this guy. To me he is nobody. I am not black but I
see the truth.

Author eastcoastrifraf ( ago)
Kimbo did catch that in the chin. The sweet spot indeed.

Author iracritzer ( ago)
Why does every one think its riggde the nigger lost

Author ppg2snowboard ( ago)

Author JeK BlÖöDMÖöN ( ago)
weak big ass

Author chris hall ( ago)
lol its funny beacuse kimbo has no balance he leans to punch in some of his
street fights he made the same mistake but they didnt know how to use it
here seth seen him slip and took advanage of it. there r fights that end
sooner but kimbo was such a big name they made it bigger then what it was

Author benholmes320 ( ago)
Linda hogan was looking good

Author Billydutch1 ( ago)
@BrokenBon3sx Lol

Author lindacrysta1992 ( ago)
the most incredible victory of the history of martial arts ?????? LMAO

Author Matthew Singh-Dosanjh ( ago)
"ROCKy! ROCKy IS HERE!!!" Do you think the announcer(s) may have
over-reacted a tad?...

Author alberto medina ( ago)
this guy is not no-namer the history call him DAVID....and the other guy is
somebody called golliat....

Author Mon_Arsenal 20 ( ago)
@adventureofdavid Street fighter against MMA fighter, u see the difference
????????????????? Well said JayHam20.

Author Jason Hamilton ( ago)
he didn't lose to a no name either Seth petruzeli was on the ultimate
fighter and had alot more experience than bum ass slice, in no way was that
a shock victory

Author Jason Hamilton ( ago)
@adventuresofdavid you really don't have a clue what the fuck your talking
about! MMA is the fastest growing sport in the world and it's only getting
bigger. boxing is a dieing sport!!

Author coolsvilleowner ( ago)
@cadaverock LOL, his bitchboy camera man hahaha. Watch kimbo slice v Sean
Gannon, you won't regret it mate

This mma crap is almost dead and so fixed give em swords and let em duel to
the death that will boost ratings

Author Vince Nt ( ago)
Kimbo looses to a pink Peacock :D

Author FUCKFOUR0 ( ago)
@TheGruntWarrior if its a gay move y did it drop him? and y would it kill u

Author Gregantony Farmer ( ago)
im sry if im wrong here but isnt that the guy who beat brock lesner aswell.

Author Beasty3510 ( ago)
Wow lucky shot that's all

Author VivaMydick ( ago)
@TheGillman123 SP is karate expert look at 4:27 , he kicked KS knee that is
why Kimbo went down .You can not see it very well on this particular video
you go and try to get Kimbo down :) LOL

Author serrespower ( ago)
finaly one video from kimbo looooosiiinnnggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nice

Author coelho sports ( ago)
@TheGillman123 <<
Author airidas jankus ( ago)
he don't know how to defend his head

Author joe kitterman ( ago)
It wasnt staged Kimbo leaned forward like he always does but fell then when
he was trying to get up Nelson hit him in the back of the head

Author gill merrill (1112 years ago)

Author Lewiosis ( ago)
Wow that Seth kid looks like a fag so he got a lucky punch so what he's
still shit he's only good with kicks from his karate experience

Author Chris Martinez ( ago)
@junkyjuice21 thats what you think, on video thats the way it looks but
just ask slice he went down like a rock

Author maestrojani69 ( ago)
brawo KIMBO buahhahhahha best fighter ,,streetfighter only,,

Author turd nugget ( ago)
ha ha

Author markmywords312 ( ago)
Lots of criticism for the winner but lets not forget he went on to win the
heavyweight *champonship* in the same season!! Hardly the no-namer the
title suggests. Far too many kimbo fans around here. Roy Nelson would
almost certainly have beaten Slice in this match no matter what the round

Author Colin Savacool ( ago)
@MrCamoflarge it doesnt take much to KO anybody esspecally if you get
countered and hit them in the correct spot

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