BEST NHL Bloopers of 2016-17 Season So Far (HD)

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  • William Nylander
    William Nylander 9 hours ago

    Lol Matthews and marner

  • Michael Glenn Rothgeb

    11:40 is by far the best, and cutest clip. check it out... go straight there!

  • Michael Glenn Rothgeb

    11:40 is by far the best, and cutest clip. check it out... go straight there!

  • Jon Wright
    Jon Wright 17 days ago

    i was at the ducks and wings game when they were showing the little kid. it went on for like 5 minute lol I ended up going to the Calder Cup finals game to watch the Griffins play and ended up sitting 3 or 4 rows behind the same kid.

  • jokke
    jokke 22 days ago

    2:07 what pokemon is that

  • Ryan Kasper
    Ryan Kasper 26 days ago

    The Detroit game with the fans cheering the kid is my favorite hockey video so far!

  • Vielä salaisempi puurokauha

    when i first looked at the thumbnail i was like "wtf is wrong with drinking water" then i realized😂

  • jack ja harry
    jack ja harry 1 month ago


  • Melanie Legge
    Melanie Legge 1 month ago

    2:11 the squeak is real

  • Animator Creator 121301

    1:52 during the video, that kid is amazing.  I went to that game because I had gotten tickets for a birthday and I remember they were helping for the Children's Hospital.  I'm hoping the kid loved the game since we won 5 - 1 against the Florida Panthers.  GO WILD!!! <3

    • MushiPancake
      MushiPancake 1 month ago

      Animator Creator 121301 that litterally makes no sense

    • Animator Creator 121301
      Animator Creator 121301 1 month ago

      MushiPancake I know that, cause to me both teams are bad 😂

    • MushiPancake
      MushiPancake 1 month ago

      Those arent the Panthers you FUCK. THOSE ARE THE SAINT LOUIS BLUES. LETS GO BLUES.

  • Claudine Malenfant
    Claudine Malenfant 1 month ago

    Is so funny

  • QwertyDFTBA
    QwertyDFTBA 1 month ago

    "Eddie, you're good luck!!" That was my team getting scored on, but honestly that was too adorable to mind.

  • oween5
    oween5 1 month ago

    I guess they play sports and aren't necessarily music people, or they're just too focused on the game, but I always wonder why players don't start moving and/or singing along to the music played when the play stops. Cause personally I wouldn't be able to stop myself.

    • mjandicehockey4ever
      mjandicehockey4ever 1 month ago

      oween5 as you see some can't stop themselves, either...and I used to sing or dance during warm ups myself. I just couldn't stand still when I heard a good song...just during the game you should focus at least most of the time :D

  • Adelaide Krohn
    Adelaide Krohn 1 month ago

    Did anyone else start singing Livin' On A Prayer? No. Okay.

  • Turtlelord5321
    Turtlelord5321 1 month ago

    2:15 not funny

  • Sasha Kylliäinen
    Sasha Kylliäinen 1 month ago


  • Gavin Besag
    Gavin Besag 1 month ago

    What's the song at 9:14

  • Aids McGee
    Aids McGee 1 month ago

    I was at the game at Joe Louis with the Crowd Booing and cheering. It was my birthday and farewell to the joe lol

    • Jon Wright
      Jon Wright 17 days ago

      Aids McGee I was in the section right next to that kid, had me in tears I was laughing so hard

  • Ancient Keyboard Warrior

    1:06 who was laughing?

  • chris t
    chris t 1 month ago

    How is the Laine stick twirl a blooper

  • chiken
    chiken 1 month ago

    12:18 all resåect to Crosby!

  • Tyler Kjar
    Tyler Kjar 1 month ago

    The sharks have the best comertials

  • wildwilllis1
    wildwilllis1 1 month ago

    the three girls fired up

  • WakeeWakee
    WakeeWakee 1 month ago

    I cried when I saw the kid vs the audience. My dad just died but he would have done the same.

  • Dmitri Koltunov
    Dmitri Koltunov 2 months ago

    Omg that comm with Burns is awesome

  • Puck Life
    Puck Life 2 months ago

    I love that scene with the little boy on the jumbo tron at the Joe. I remember watching the game when it happened. It was on the local news where I live as the family lives in the area of Michigan where I live. #RIPJoeLouisArena

  • SumOfIt
    SumOfIt 2 months ago

    Class act from Sid at the end. Love it.

  • Killerpeed YT
    Killerpeed YT 2 months ago

    Is that kid autistic

    • GrannnySmith
      GrannnySmith 3 days ago

      Killerpeed YT i forget. but he's got a few things going on. he wrote a song for Teddy Bridgewater on the Vikings check it out. cool kid.

  • airwrecka
    airwrecka 2 months ago

    God bless everyone xx

  • Me me
    Me me 2 months ago

    11:17 is so funny

  • Kelly Blaine
    Kelly Blaine 2 months ago

    How is Laine's own goal missing?

  • Ayush Dutta
    Ayush Dutta 2 months ago

    😂😂 at 6:01 matthews was singing

  • Spektr230
    Spektr230 2 months ago

    Очень позитивное видео!

  • mannyhannies
    mannyhannies 2 months ago

    the biggest blooper: Sidney crosby

    • mannyhannies
      mannyhannies 15 days ago

      Sidney Crosby: I have an idea: Let's throw water bottles at people and bang people's head against the ice! Crosby whines more than a baby does! The only difference? A baby is more mature!

    • Laura S
      Laura S 15 days ago

      mannyhannies haters gonna hate.. jealous fag

    • Taco Bot1000
      Taco Bot1000 1 month ago

      mannyhannies wow…

      Clicking read more when u can't read

  • Safwan Unknown
    Safwan Unknown 2 months ago

    Fan of Minnesota lol

    • GrannnySmith
      GrannnySmith 3 days ago

      That's Obediah he has a Teddy Bridgewater song he did up. cool kid.

  • myboy051
    myboy051 2 months ago

    Have to say out of all sports , hockey players are the best down to earth people.

  • Roberts Fišers
    Roberts Fišers 2 months ago

    hahaha very funny 😠😠😠😠😠

  • Jenny
    Jenny 2 months ago

    At 8:02, I kid you not, that happened at a Huntsville Havoc game! Our player, Jordan Wood, checked one of the Evansville Thunderbolts into the plexiglass and it fell! Luckily, our guys and the Thunderbolts had to catch it before it shattered on the ice & it took about 15 minutes or so for it to be fixed! Some of these bloopers cracked me up😂

    • Jenny
      Jenny 2 months ago

      Jmeister182 Yeah, not a lot of people follow the SPHL, but I love the Havoc, they're amazing! And yeah, when the Havoc loses to you guys, I do get sad, but there's always another chance!

    • Jmeister182
      Jmeister182 2 months ago

      Jenny As a Riverkings fan it was fun and at the same time very much not fun watching them lose to the Havoc. Cool to see other people that follow the SPHL though, I definitely wasn't expecting that when I clicked on this video.

    • Jenny
      Jenny 2 months ago

      I wouldn't say they suck, per say, they're just not a good team. But you should come to a Havoc game, they're amazing & loads of fun!

    • KingOfDiamondz
      KingOfDiamondz 2 months ago

      Jenny hey i live in evansville i went to a game!! the thunderbolt fckn suck😂

  • Wesley Modling
    Wesley Modling 2 months ago

    You forgot the Avalanche's entire season

  • JøshThe Jyrsijä
    JøshThe Jyrsijä 2 months ago

    Koska lol nii suomeks.
    Oon yllättyny koska videossa näky Rantanen ja Laine.


  • Wreklessracr
    Wreklessracr 2 months ago

    they can do that at Subway because no one goes there

  • Ty Lindamood
    Ty Lindamood 2 months ago

    That one with the kid on the Jumbotron pretty much spells every game you go too

  • Mason 11
    Mason 11 2 months ago

    I lost it at 11:17

    • Mason 11
      Mason 11 1 month ago

      Was thinking the exact same thing lol

    • Swimmy
      Swimmy 1 month ago

      Mason 11 reminded me of the spongebob episode where everyone booed squidward and when spongebob came out they would cheer him

  • Kyle W
    Kyle W 2 months ago

    The old lid off the bottle trick eh? gotcha Foligno.

  • Randy E
    Randy E 2 months ago

    Alright, that last one with Sid I guess means I don't completely hate him anymore. Cunt.

    • nordiques8298
      nordiques8298 1 month ago

      Kyle W Typical Hater. Pulling out the good old bullshit from 2010. Keep it up buddy you're doing a great at being retarded.

    • joe murray
      joe murray 2 months ago

      its not that anyone hates him its just we don't like him having the Gretzky treatment,  never being given the penalties he deserves..

    • That one Thumb
      That one Thumb 2 months ago

      Randy E I met him once in a tims in Nova Scotia and he was a really nice guy

    • Morpheen999
      Morpheen999 2 months ago

      Amazing player even better person, thats what its all about,
      People need to realize who the real limey cunts are... players like Marchand
      Assholes on and off the Ice

    • infamousplrr
      infamousplrr 2 months ago

      Kyle W sorry that's he's the goat

  • Marshmello Man17
    Marshmello Man17 2 months ago


  • Marshmello Man17
    Marshmello Man17 2 months ago


  • Boss mahoney
    Boss mahoney 3 months ago

    I was at the game when the guy got the hockey stick from the Leafs

    • Boss mahoney
      Boss mahoney 3 months ago

      Mackenzie M damn I forgot God

    • Mackenzie M
      Mackenzie M 3 months ago

      Boss mahoney it was Tampa Bay not the leafs.......

  • Brent Sirafos
    Brent Sirafos 3 months ago


  • Durv
    Durv 3 months ago

    11:17 is so funny

    • Zaman MUFC
      Zaman MUFC 26 days ago

      Especially how they purposely put the away players on screen to get booed.

    • Szabysvk
      Szabysvk 1 month ago

      it made me cry man tears how can be people sweet :)

    • Max Anderson
      Max Anderson 2 months ago

      EnderWarrior123 Youtube Ikr lol

  • Cat Snake
    Cat Snake 3 months ago

    2:01 omg wtf is that

    • Erick Gaudreault
      Erick Gaudreault 2 days ago

      Cat Snake hes an adorable kid, you on the other hand are a retarded asshole

    • heybigskoal
      heybigskoal 2 months ago

      Puck Life haha, my bad dudette!

    • Puck Life
      Puck Life 2 months ago

      Of course. I'm a dudette. BTW. ;)

    • heybigskoal
      heybigskoal 2 months ago

      Puck Life Dude, just ignore these trolls. They're obviously attempting to be funny. They just simply fail at their attempt.

    • Puck Life
      Puck Life 2 months ago

      He's adorable little boy Cat Snake and Owen G! WTF are you two? A couple of cunts! That's what you are!

  • TøXîcPłaŸż
    TøXîcPłaŸż 3 months ago

    Ha I love these

  • cakeisawsome1234
    cakeisawsome1234 4 months ago

    I was at that game at 3:56!

  • william chuck
    william chuck 4 months ago

    the last two were the best and nice

  • Benjamin Véronneau
    Benjamin Véronneau 5 months ago

    Your my favorite cunt :)

  • noodle rice fresh boi
    noodle rice fresh boi 5 months ago

    Keep up the nice work!

    • Thebergy58
      Thebergy58 5 months ago

      QuAcKeR TrOn17 thanks bud!

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