通少處理薑汁撞奶 , 哈哈

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Author Rijian Liang ( ago)

Author tommy1910li ( ago)

Author Tammy Tam ( ago)

Author Albert Kan ( ago)
Could u tell me the name of the milk you used? Is it organic milk ?

Author Albert Kan ( ago)
I used 3.5% MF Milk and 90 C temperature. Not successful. Should I use 10%
MF Milk and 80C only

Author YanYan Cook ( ago)

Author YanYan Vlog Life ( ago)

Author 通少 Tony ( ago)
你可以係煲奶時試味的, 我不喜太甜的, 所以不會落很多糖

Author Pumpkin Muggle ( ago)

Author 通少 Tony ( ago)
以我所知, 只要是純牛奶就可以, 不要有添加, 不要skim

Author niceday8888 ( ago)
Thank you, yummy, will try as soon as i get ginger

Author mimi lee ( ago)

Author 通少 Tony ( ago)

Author Stevens ( ago)

Author 通少 Tony ( ago)
其實如果怕辣, 你可以等啲薑汁沉殿先, 等啲白色液體留係碗底, 再偷走表面啲薑汁, 就會無咁辣

Author fong dustin ( ago)

Author Yanhong Guan ( ago)
Thank you for sharing. I miss Cantonese food!

Author 通少 Tony ( ago)
1湯匙薑汁, 1碗奶 (約200ml)

Author 通少 Tony (817 years ago)
most of my video is only available in the youtube. There is about 16 of
them in total. Some of them are old and may not correct :P in youtube here,
try to click on my user name to see all my video.... sorry for the

Author 通少 Tony ( ago)
@vassillissahk glad that you like my video..heheh..thank you for leaving me
your comment :D

Author vassillissahk ( ago)
lol you are so funny!! i'm alone abroad i miss cantonese. i miss the fast
words n the funny tone... n the FOOOODDD in hk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Lynx817 ( ago)
like the happy face at the end :)

Author 通少 Tony ( ago)
@frycake126 可能1: 奶撞完一碗已經涼了, 下次要快手, 可能2, 薑汁攪不勻

Author friendsdogdog ( ago)
敗敗地筆! 原因: 唔夠凝固 薑汁份量唔岩 聽日再試過 同埋真係要買個好既溫度計

Author FarewelI ( ago)
@paperheartwings I use whole milk, since I live in the Netherlands and
whole milk is the closest to 2% reduced fat milk here. I use the brand
Friesche Vlag, but it's a Dutch brand so I don't think it's available in

Author kakasfish ( ago)

Author paperheartwings ( ago)
i've tried twice using 2% milk, and even when my temp was at 80C, it didn't
work. and then i noticed you guys don't use any vitamin added milk... so i
went to search for it everywhere. but every brand has vitamins a and d
added to them (even organic milk). so i'm really wondering... which milk
brands are you guys using? i really want to make this at home. please help.
btw, i live in west coast canada, so if u guys know any brands here that
work, that would be great!

Author didimum ( ago)
Just made it tonight. I put 4 teaspoons of sugar for 400 ml of milk. It's
very easy and the milk pudding was yummy!! Thank you Tony for sharing!

Author isellyis ( ago)
thanks, very nice!

Author gigib3897 ( ago)
very nice . i will try to make this tonite

Author Ju Beedog ( ago)
Mr. Tony, i used homo milk. but I cannot make it like pudding. How come??
They stay watery? Is the temp really important?

Author YAKI888 ( ago)
朱古力奶~ 有創意!!

Author jl2000doramail ( ago)
Can I use fat free milk?

Author 通少 Tony ( ago)
yes...pure milk only

Author 通少 Tony ( ago)

Author ellamo ( ago)

Author beverley00 ( ago)
so happy found you in youtube..always read your blog ..thanks for sharing..

Author 通少 Tony ( ago)
唔得o架, 一定要用純牛奶

Author 通少 Tony ( ago)
係呢, 洗乜撞嚟撞去咁煩呢, 個溫度啱就自然會得

Author Sara Siu ( ago)

Author siusiu143 ( ago)
唔好意思,多一個問題: 你話羹半薑汁,係茶匙定湯匙啊? thanks!

Author siusiu143 ( ago)
how many sugar i need to add in milk while it is boiling? i can't eat too
sweet~ ^^" btw, thanks for sharing...i'll try later on..hehe...

Author Szechung ( ago)
WOW ..... this is cool ..... very good sharing, young man!!

Author 通少 Tony ( ago)
is okay to use long as it is pure milk without adding nutrition
like calcium

Author Hang Chan ( ago)
Do I need to use whole milk? Can I use 1%?

Author 通少 Tony ( ago)
好呀, 快啲試吓啦, 好易啦

Author 通少 Tony ( ago)
都唔會好硬, 只係老薑有好多白色粉沫, 凝固力特別好

Author Sara Siu ( ago)

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