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A new Ending - Prince Ea

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Author The Visual Yatra ( ago)
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Author The Backpackers Ltd. ( ago)
Beautiful video. Beautifully shot. loved it. Thanks for sharing with us, it makes us to improve our skills. Cheers!

Author Drone06 ( ago)
My dream is to travel the world, make and share awesome videos, build an earthship, start a family and enjoy the rest of my life hopefully stress and worry free.
Great video, thank you✌🏻

Author Jennifer Drake ( ago)
yes, i want this so bad

Author Dean Don ( ago)
Why do you live ? You want to live fully or pathetically? You want to live your dreams or Other people's dream ? It's not gonna be easy , you might not know how , but it's definitely gonna worth your lifetime . Leave any work, any people that lower your energy my friends .

Author Surfing Persia ( ago)
nice video

Author Kabber08 ( ago)
Thats awesome!

Author Kerttu Mäkinen ( ago)
I love this so much!!!!!❤️❤️

Author Echo Productions ( ago)
Thank you! What a great inspirational video! :)

Author Travel Richie ( ago)
Very cool speech!

Author Pablo Tejano ( ago)
I peed

Author Derek Lim ( ago)
Damn!!! This is so POWERFUL . . .I'm chasing my dreams now. . . Keep it UP.

Author bob marley ( ago)
the problem is money.

Author La Vida is Belle ( ago)
"Pain is life but you get to choose what type: either the pain on the road to success or the pain of being haunted with regret." This is so of my favorite videos. Thank you for sharing this!

Author MightySpaj Ⓥ ( ago)
where is this video set? i want to go there

Author Greg Dundee ( ago)
ok! alright! I'll get up and go to THAT! damn shop! and go get that damn BURRITOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Author EDGE OF GRAVITY ( ago)
Absolutely true words and amazing video!!! We ❤ it 🔝🔝🔝

Author Eduardo Cervantes ( ago)
Bravo! standing ovation

Author zana ( ago)
Please help

Author Brodie Crathern ( ago)
Sweet Vid! Really enjoyed the vids. Im new to vlogs, have alook at my vids and give me some feedback if you have some time :) thanks

Author Clyde Hernandez ( ago)
This is not a travel inspiration but life inspiration.

Author Eric Perera Vela ( ago)
oh dude! This speech came in the right moment in my life! God bless you!

Author Sadie J ( ago)
This is so beautiful ❤️

Author videogameking ( ago)
that almost made me cry

Author Gateway To Anywhere ( ago)
Thanks for sharing! Thumbs up!!

Author Ben Smith ( ago)
Prince EA

Author Gaurav Morol ( ago)
the best video on youtube forget the views likes or shares i say its the best

Author Marijn De Zee ( ago)
I'm crying rn

Author danny ascencio ( ago)
Watch my latest solo backpacking trip to Europe! And give it a thumbs up .

Author T a s h ( ago)
Where was this filmed?

Author Heulys Aventure ( ago)
I am a passionate traveler and I have been touched by this warm and at the same time refreshing message that goes right to the heart.

Author HyperDz Hypooman ( ago)
i am subscride

Author Love Of Travel ( ago)
I love it thank you!

Author ANDREY FEDOSOV ( ago)
Very very nice!!!

Author R3negade films ( ago)
This guy is so motivating. Amazing 😊😮

Author HyperDz Hypooman ( ago)
i am sad thx i am.....cry

Author Xavier Bouffard ( ago)
Thank you. This is incredibly inspiring👏

Author Nucleo Witty ( ago)
dude ur the enlightened one

Author Hiba Arabia ( ago)
Man! this is so dope. love this video so much.

Author Johnny Aguillon ( ago)
Love this so much😭

Author Rena Bsat ( ago)
This is a very inspirational video.

Author bonna1995 ( ago)
These kind of videos are stupid...

Author Obsolentbutcool ( ago)
this guy has a nice meaning. but life is not all about travel its about religion staying close to whatever faith. family having close bonds and always being nice to others. that is the true meaning of life.

Author Martin's Travels ( ago)
Why does this sound like a hip hop song?

Author Ann Isabel Moser ( ago)
this was beautiful.

Author SIMPLE'DAYS ( ago)
This is not inspiring at all.

Author Katsumi W. Morales ( ago)
this dude comes across as really fake i hate his videos why is he everywhere?

Author Himja Sangal ( ago)
great said man

Author Conner Cox ( ago)

Author Luke's HomeTube ( ago)
Very inspirational. Love it!

Author sridhar blaze ( ago)
Oh man! You just blew me out💭❤

Author Regienne M. ( ago)
Thank you.

Author miss_dreamy88 ( ago)
I really can´t stop listening to this video! AMAZING!!! <3

Author miss_dreamy88 ( ago)
This is an absolutely great motivational video!!! Perfect!!! I love are soooo right in every point!

Author utkvn tt ( ago)
This one reached my heart TT

Author Madjestiq ( ago)
whi is this guy?

Author Atul Vispute ( ago)
I totally agree with that "one song" concept! Awesome work!!

Author Nsungwe Mulendema ( ago)
thank you for this

Author Burcu İbis ( ago)
All speech was so intense ,deep and inspiring ! And I am feeling this guy going to be next Les Brown !

Author Sanal Mohanan ( ago)
good work, thank you

Author Joy Guzman ( ago)
This made me cry. Thanks for this. You ought to change one's life. This is a blessing

Author Lotte Travels The World ( ago)
Wonderful video. Great work :)

Author Attila A ( ago)
This is brilliant!

Author Qal Production ( ago)
Well said!

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