Woodward Cheer Girls - EP6: Catfished

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  • Woodward Cheer Girls - Episode 6

    Wednesdays at camp can be tough after two full days of tumbling. Coaches Jimbo and Tara decide to give the girls a break with a "friendly" game of Stick-It. Later in the day, Cam and Amy head to the Wake Lake to learn how to wakeboard. After, a water-logged Amy tries to catch the elusive catfish.


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Comments: 72

  • Mikella Woods
    Mikella Woods 2 days ago

    I'm going this summer for cheer

  • Brianna Offical
    Brianna Offical 9 days ago

    "It's not cheating it's just winning in a different way" 😂😂😂😂💀

  • Svenja K
    Svenja K 12 days ago

    it's not cheating,it's just winning in a diffrent way😂i like it

  • iDylanTV
    iDylanTV 13 days ago

    are you aloud to go to skate programs if you're in your 20's? like 22-23?

  • Quintin Turner
    Quintin Turner 15 days ago

    Aren't you a cheerleader?

  • KAM Flipper33
    KAM Flipper33 16 days ago

    See picked Gavin may at 5:35

  • Ross De Lange
    Ross De Lange 18 days ago

    Gavin got picked

  • Anna Morle
    Anna Morle 18 days ago

    "Am really bad at things that requires coordination"

  • Olympic Flex
    Olympic Flex 18 days ago

    is that gavin may

  • Luka Monnock
    Luka Monnock 19 days ago

    I thought cheer girls were hot

  • Elias Cato
    Elias Cato 20 days ago

    You guys should a cheer boys I'm available if you need me

    • Jillian Melanson
      Jillian Melanson 19 days ago

      Elias Cato omg I will be attending week 6! Who is starring in season 2?!

    • Woodward Camp
      Woodward Camp 20 days ago

      +Elias Cato there's a boy named Chase who's a world champion that will be featured this season. Come hang out at camp this summer, we are shooting Season 2 during week 6.

  • leo davidson
    leo davidson 20 days ago

    lol she got gavin may

  • Neco
    Neco 20 days ago

    Was this at the same time as the skateboarding woodward show?

    • Woodward Camp
      Woodward Camp 20 days ago

      Nope, this was a few weeks before actually.

    • leo davidson
      leo davidson 20 days ago

      nah but i was there the same weeks as this ^^

  • Diego Megi
    Diego Megi 20 days ago

    Cam is cute...

  • Gavin May
    Gavin May 20 days ago

    Hahahahaha I made it

    • Zach Miller
      Zach Miller 20 days ago

      no way its gavin. Hi gavin!!

    • Woodward Camp
      Woodward Camp 20 days ago

      Haha YES! +Gavin May we've seen better outta you in the cheer gym, this summer you need to redeem yourself with The Quad Squad!

  • Alexis Grissom
    Alexis Grissom 20 days ago

    His face when he said "this is not ninja training" 😂😭😂😭

  • Connor Hulme
    Connor Hulme 20 days ago

    Gavin may

  • CaM tAyLoR
    CaM tAyLoR 20 days ago

    That was Gavin may

  • Drew Easton
    Drew Easton 21 day ago

    Gavin may

  • Tave Chanthavong
    Tave Chanthavong 21 day ago


  • Katie ree
    Katie ree 21 day ago

    Love this show so much, it shows all the fun you have at camp!

    • Woodward Camp
      Woodward Camp 20 days ago

      That's what we love to hear Katie! Have you ever been to Woodward?

  • LC Films
    LC Films 21 day ago

    Can I get 11 likes because tomorrow is my 11th Bday?🙂

  • Sean Cook
    Sean Cook 21 day ago

    I hope Nev is in this one...

  • Ben Shemesh
    Ben Shemesh 21 day ago

    That's Gavin may!!!!

  • Lauren Ablon
    Lauren Ablon 21 day ago

    omg get to the skating

    • Lauren Ablon
      Lauren Ablon 20 days ago

      o really last I checked this is a skateboarding channel

    • Woodward Camp
      Woodward Camp 20 days ago

      +Jada Gail 😂🙄

    • Jada Gail
      Jada Gail 21 day ago

      Lauren Ablon this isn't skating this is cheerleading

  • Mya 1311
    Mya 1311 21 day ago

    I'm not a skater or a cheer leader but I find both interesting

  • xoxozoe
    xoxozoe 21 day ago

    When Amy belly flopped in the water I started crying and know I have mascara running down my face because I'm laughing so hard!!😂💗

    • Woodward Camp
      Woodward Camp 20 days ago

      +xoxozoe the best part of the episode? How about when the rope hits Cam in the face? 😳

  • ACRaptor99
    ACRaptor99 21 day ago

    ffs where is the skating

    • Bruno Kinsey
      Bruno Kinsey 20 days ago

      Woodward Camp lol thx I saw ur reply at school keep it up

    • Woodward Camp
      Woodward Camp 20 days ago

      +Bruno Kinsey thanks for the assist young homie, you know your stuff!

    • Bruno Kinsey
      Bruno Kinsey 21 day ago

      ACRaptor99 every Monday bud

  • Coleman Grunau
    Coleman Grunau 21 day ago

    87 is not cold here that's super hot in Canada

    • Woodward Camp
      Woodward Camp 20 days ago

      Haha that's the joke. Amy is from Florida, she's used to it being 105F with 800% humidity.

  • Jessica Cumiskey
    Jessica Cumiskey 21 day ago

    woodward looks like the best place ever I literally watch anything got to do with it I'm from Ireland and I skate and I know that there's no way I could ever go to woodward so I watch other people have the best experience ever and hope maybe when I'm like in my 20s I can rack up the money to go😢😂

    • Woodward Camp
      Woodward Camp 20 days ago

      +Jessica Cumiskey we would love to see you at camp someday! Ireland is amazing!

  • Flip Bandit
    Flip Bandit 21 day ago

    Gavin may!!!!!!

  • Zach Ailey
    Zach Ailey 21 day ago

    sub please

  • Sadie Ford
    Sadie Ford 21 day ago

    I'm here for the skating but I guess I'll watch this for now!

  • wyatt garver
    wyatt garver 21 day ago

    top 10 comment s

    KAYD SCHLOTFELD 21 day ago


  • Jlax20 F.
    Jlax20 F. 21 day ago

    top 10 comments

  • Marrell
    Marrell 21 day ago


  • EMH4
    EMH4 21 day ago


  • Roo pancakes
    Roo pancakes 21 day ago

    first I think we'll your reading this so I'm before you 😂

  • Tom Lutz
    Tom Lutz 21 day ago

    wäre is the Woodward camp Video?

  • Shelton Perry
    Shelton Perry 21 day ago


  • Shelton Perry
    Shelton Perry 21 day ago

    first deom Australia

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