Ms PacMan SNES Co op 1

AcidGlow and a friend gaming
Ms Pacman Co op

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Author Max ( ago)
This is the best version of Pac-man ever. Period. Awesome graphics, really
weird levels. I was obsessed with it as a kid

Author AcidGlow ( ago)
@Skiddla lol

Author Skiddla ( ago)
don't you hate it when you both eat 2 power pellets at the same time?

Author Shoga san ( ago)
@IMaximusDMI Yeah the scrolling kinda sucks... It reminds me of all the
snes to gba ports lol. But as acidglow said, its worth it for Co-op. Plus
they the game can have more detail that way! Its a really nice looking port
imo. I'ma have to pick it up for my snes! =D

Author Unfunny Dilbert 1876 ( ago)
Somebody should edit this so at one point they're both at the last pellet,
and they're both trying to be chivalrous.

Author petisojavier ( ago)
they kissed on 5:00

Author ThrilloVanHouten ( ago)
Man I loved playing this with my cousin on the NES back in the early '90s,
it was so much fun!

Author COOLPRO195 ( ago)
I wish u could co-op with other versions as well

Author AcidGlow ( ago)
@wargod700 Its fun

Author AcidGlow ( ago)
@iDanitza Sure is sweet! You should game with me =)

Author iDanitza ( ago)

Author AcidGlow ( ago)
@IMaximusDMI I deal with it cause it's the only pacman game with
simultaneous co-op! =D

Author IMaximusDMI ( ago)
I always hated that scrolling screen.

Author nerrage ( ago)
I would have raged hard at 4:46

Author The Dollar Guy ( ago)
Ms pacman is no princess. She really knows how to eat ghosts.

Author linearlink ( ago)
I still have this game for the snes and sega gennesis...I spelled that
wrong hmmm....

Author DaffyGetsBlasted28 ( ago)
This Game Is really Fun. I used to have this game till I was 13.

Author DXSnakeEaterishacked ( ago)
This bring's back memories when I borrowed it from my friend's house, and
played it with my family. Good times!

Author AcidGlow ( ago)
If you select the different types, it changes up a bit more.

Author Yellowsnow ( ago)
sure few original level designs in this game :(

Author AcidGlow ( ago)
very fun

Author PandaHysteriA ( ago)
Coop pacman? /explodes

Author AcidGlow ( ago)

I remember this game for the snes.

Author Iceman404 ( ago)
true lol

Author NebrodGameplay ( ago)
HAHA ! ghost aren't so cool when they are 2vs4 !

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