Ms PacMan SNES Co op 1

AcidGlow and a friend gaming
Ms Pacman Co op

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Added: 6 years
Runtime: 7:31
Comments: 27

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Author Skiddla (2 years)
don't you hate it when you both eat 2 power pellets at the same time?

Author Gavin Curtis (4 years)
Ms pacman is no princess. She really knows how to eat ghosts.

I remember this game for the snes.

Author PandaHysteriA (4 years)
Coop pacman? /explodes

Author AcidGlow (4 years)
very fun

Author Jered Rupp (2 years)
@IMaximusDMI Yeah the scrolling kinda sucks... It reminds me of all the
snes to gba ports lol. But as acidglow said, its worth it for Co-op. Plus
they the game can have more detail that way! Its a really nice looking port
imo. I'ma have to pick it up for my snes! =D

Author petisojavier (3 years)
they kissed on 5:00

Author wargod700 (4 years)
Coop pacman? Iv gotta get my hands on this...

Author DXSnakeEaterishacked (4 years)
This bring's back memories when I borrowed it from my friend's house, and
played it with my family. Good times!

Author Iceman404 (6 years)
true lol

Author AcidGlow (3 years)
@wargod700 Its fun

Author IMaximusDMI (3 years)
I always hated that scrolling screen.

Author DaffyGetsBlasted28 (4 years)
This Game Is really Fun. I used to have this game till I was 13.

Author Yellowsnow (4 years)
sure few original level designs in this game :(

Author AcidGlow (3 years)
@IMaximusDMI I deal with it cause it's the only pacman game with
simultaneous co-op! =D

Author iDanitza (3 years)

Author ThrilloVanHouten (3 years)
Man I loved playing this with my cousin on the NES back in the early '90s,
it was so much fun!

Author bobbybobbinson (2 years)
This is the best version of Pac-man ever. Period. Awesome graphics, really
weird levels. I was obsessed with it as a kid

Author COOLPRO195 (3 years)
I wish u could co-op with other versions as well

Author robertsfunny1995 (3 years)
Somebody should edit this so at one point they're both at the last pellet,
and they're both trying to be chivalrous.

Author nerrage (4 years)
I would have raged hard at 4:46

Author NebrodGameplay (6 years)
HAHA ! ghost aren't so cool when they are 2vs4 !

Author AcidGlow (2 years)
@Skiddla lol

Author AcidGlow (3 years)
@iDanitza Sure is sweet! You should game with me =)

Author AcidGlow (5 years)

Author linearlink (4 years)
I still have this game for the snes and sega gennesis...I spelled that
wrong hmmm....

Author AcidGlow (4 years)
If you select the different types, it changes up a bit more.

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