monitor vs lions, monitor kills lions.

monitor owns lions.

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Author Michael Powell (2 years)
well that was just freaking gay

Author MrCoby303 (2 years)
awwwww plz!!!!!

Author kweli05 (3 years)
This is nowhere near the video's description: "monitor owns lions."

Author hoff54a (2 years)
Another false video. Crap. Youtube pays them for views. Hate it.

Author MacDaddySupreme69 (3 years)
@bulbo21 Do you talk to people like that face-to-face? How many times have
people stole something from you? Tired of getting narc'd out? How fkd up is

Author viper1787 (2 years)
lion 1- wtf is he doin lion2- i know wtf is he doin lion1-o he is gonna
whip us

Author hammy hamster (2 years)

Author saczco (2 years)
you suck

Author testticklehead (2 years)
You need to Flag shitty videos like this so that they're removed. Flag -
SPAM - Misleading text. I just spent an hour trying to watch cool animal
footage and all I got was rubbish like this.

Author JayEd KC (2 years)
Best part of the video, the Lions lived!!

Author metalodievas (2 years)
This is stupid,and this video calls monitor kills lions???? but they were
alive. Stupid video

Author wompasdub (2 years)
I'd believe a komodo dragon killing a lion but not a savanah monitor lol

Author Joe Turner (11 months)
they know not too get to close to that mouth cuz all the deadly bacteria
could kill em... an dnt lie in title its annoying

Author Samalam famyanan (1 year)
How do you teach a child to stay away from youtube..

Author Bucky Raymond (6 months)
I don't see any dead lions. Geeze!

Author Awistas (2 years)
another proof that tigerfans are dumb

Author Brunoincali (3 years)
@tamaskrisztian again... what?

Author twas brillig (3 years)
@hamburgerhelper2012 Removing the sick and old is part and parcel of the
animal kingdom, and the necessary role for predators, it helps maintain a
healthy population of the prey animal. It is not to be compared to
humanity, where we are SUPPOSED to have evolved beyond that, unless you ask
a Nazi.

Author Jacob Melanson (3 years)
@XXXMARCOSR9 what ever that means

Author MARCOS BARRETO (3 years)
Son cachorros de leon si fuesen adultos no se dejan ganar por el lagarto

Author JayDoubleEweAre (3 years)

Author YoungKing Baker (4 years)
Haha lions are natural cowards! "faced with the unknown anyway"

Author Cashello (4 years)
@Brunoincali idiot

Author Emaad Khan (3 years)
@MelC54 lol..i agree...

Author MegaWahas (2 years)
WorldsBestLionFan, How can you support this?

Author 360andmerule (2 years)
he didnt lie about the content of "his" video. this is david atenborough
hes just lying to get more views

Author Joao Victor (2 years)
0:43 . BUUUUUU

Author singerandhorsefriend (2 years)
@Brunoincali because they want that the video is seen by many people

Author Kingofcorrect (2 years)
he's like: Bring it bitches!

Author Mike D (3 years)
It's not a Komodo dragon. Likely a white-throat

Author Jesse Woodrow (3 years)
You should be banned from You Tube for your deception.You decieved people
just to get them to watch your deceptive piece of shit.I suggest you check
the dictionary for the word INTEGRITY.Obviously you have never of the word
you idiot.

Author rsuriyop (2 years)
okay, why is there like this need for all these people (or just one person
using different usernames) to show different videos of lions getting
"owned?" why you gotta be hating on lions like that?

Author matadormaple (3 years)
yeaaahh!! its true some people need to say lies!

Author ALIEN DELUSION (7 months)
Dislike because you lie.

Author sepehrfarzaneh (2 years)
Have u seen the one that ''the worldsbestlionfan'' gets a** F***ked by a

Author Artyom R (2 years)
Honey badger dont give a fuck

Author BIG HOMIE (2 years)
when i ever see a whole bunch of dislikes either 1: its one of dem scary
pop up video or 2: its the end i dont waste my time
watching the video

Author SuperBrandango (3 years)
@Brunoincali if it bit the lion it would have died

Author dambeasts (2 years)
that lion got killed so fast right there. it didn't even show it

Author SuperKojim (2 years)
Damn he inflates, makes noises, then whips tail! bad ass

Author djmocok (3 years)
Lizard says: "You dont want to make me angry .... SHHHH>>>!!"

Author warlockmetal1 (2 years)
YEA!! Reptiles are the supreme animals in this planet. The Monitor didnt
even have to kick their ass and the lions knew to back the fuck up!!

Author Darryl Kemp (2 years)
monitor vs.lions, 'worldsbestlionfan' gives it some bollocks!

Author tony quintero (2 years)
the lion was like what we giving up?

Author noob rider (2 years)
Check this guys related videos....40 all shit like this, honestly i don't
know why some people bother getting up in the morning.

Author AQWorldsDemonOrb (3 years)
lol i made it 137 dislikes

Author lynnsbomb (2 years)
nice video, if the title was not a lie i would have given a thumbs up...
buttt nnnnnnoooooooo!!!!

Author MrOzzybrent (3 years)
@Brunoincali This is like the 4th video in a row ive seen with a false
title.. i hate that.

Author tamistamistamis (2 years)
The title is misleading

Author SuperBrandango (3 years)
@Brunoincali if it did bit the loin the loin would have most likely died
from infection

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