Shine (1996) - Flight of the Bumblebee

Geoffrey Rush as the pianist David Helfgott.

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Author Andre Nery (16 days)
Geoffrey Rush actually played it?

Author gianluca capone (4 months)
Geoffrey Rush - Shine. genio e sregolatezza. grande prova d'attore.

Author Donovan Ariel Santiago Reyes (1 month)
Best song to shout badass mouths EVER.

Author Shannon Ong (24 days)
he did 3 things at the same time.
1) both hands on keyboard playing flight of the bumblebee.
2) smoking constantly.
3) looking around his surrounding to see his audience/ bastard.

Author attaoui52 (3 months)
un film shine à ne pas rater. Ici c après la guérison d'une longue grave
dépression et avec des sequelles mais le talent intact et sa nouvelle
compagne très amoureuse va le supporter et l'aider. Une belle histoire
d'amour à la fin enfin

Author Juan Contreras (27 days)
Ah, mighty fine smokable...Flight of the Bumblebee!

Author tommyt1971 (26 days)
Still my favorite scene in the movie. It has a great silent energy about it
b/c the people in the bar are transfixed on his playing.

Author Madison Keith (1 month)
Amazin! Wish i could play that!!! :O

Author Carl Craft (BETA) (1 month)

Author televisionsover (1 month)
Most uplifting film scene ever. Many thanks for posting.

Author Fabricio Osuna (2 months)

Author Paul Mahony (5 months)
One of the all time great films.

Author El rincón de Jaime Molina (5 months)
"Shine" es una maravillosa película de 1996 en la que se retrata la
infancia, juventud y vejez del pianista David Helfgott, atormentado por su
tiránico padre y por el inconmensurable concierto para piano de Sergéi
Rajmáninov. La principal baza de este film es, no cabe duda, la actuación
del gran Geoffrey Rush, que además demostró ser un excelente pianista al
interpretar él mismo algunas de las piezas de la película. Aquí os lo dejo,
haciendo volar sus delgados dedos con la pieza "El vuelo del moscardón" de
Nikolái Rimski-Kórsakov:

Shine (1996) - Flight of the Bumblebee

Author Charlotte Hodson (3 months)
I fecking love this scene !!!!

Author Jemali Kobulia (9 months)
wow, such song, much like, very piano.

Author jigganator (3 months)
Aww... at 0:55 secs, that chick's smile says "I fucking knew it"!

Author Charls Cheese (2 months)
What is this film, is it true? What are the accents?
Some one tell me?

Author Ashley Graetz (6 months)
Shine (1996) - Flight of the Bumblebee

Author Edward Kim (3 months)
Everyone please check out my cover of this somg! I promise you won't regret
it, and any kind of feedback would be great! BTW I'm only 13

Author Locoporti TPK (4 months)
parte de la película "Shine" una de mis preferidas, aquí es cuando una
vieja amiga decide apoyarle dándole una oportunidad de tocar el piano en su
pequeño restaurant, cuando el toca unas cuantas notas alguien del publico
lo "invita" con tono altanero a dejar el piano y es cuando sorprende a lo
comensales con esta ejecución..magistral. Al final de la película él halla
el amor de su vida de manera circunstancial y es quien reactiva su carrera,
apoyándole en todo. 

Author 김우진 (4 months)
great film

Author Blake shimabukuro (4 months)
One of the biggest "shut the fuck up's "in history...

Author Catalina Moreno (5 months)
Amo esta escena. #Music #Piano #Movies 

Author Celui qui s'intéresse Piano (17 days)
Does Geoffrey Rush really play the piano ?

Author TheExgymnast (1 month)
I want 30 seconds of my life back.

Author asyraff azeem (8 months)

Author Александра Онушкина (1 month)

Author Ilija Milojevic (9 months)
Geoffrey Rush resumed piano lessons for the movie because he was suspended
from piano school when he was 14... in order not to require a hand
double... this men is awesome :D

Author Jeongok Park (6 months)
The movie was sensation. Rachmaninoff piano concerto no. 3 became famous
after that. 

Author よしはる (6 months)
I'm amazed. I remember when I was teenager ,I had seen this movie .Now I
play piano and wanted to make sure, that actor was really playing this
bumble one or not. I thought this was played by pro pianist. But now I knew
he was playing for himself and how difficult this was !

Author marissa maynard (6 months)
Check out my version

Author Jean Ascorra (6 months)

Author Peri Floyd (7 months)

Author Fernando MCC (2 months)
2:11 "hmmmm....awkward" LOL. Smashed him out.

Author Kadia Mu (7 months)
favourite scene in the movie. had the honour of seeing him play this live,
it was life-changing.

Author 660DOHC NAKED (3 months)
I love the move! that makes me happy!
Shine Helfgotty!
「シャイン、輝けるヘルフゴッティ」 実話。
人生は全てを失ってもまだ、、先はある、、 見たいな、
精神に異常をきたしてしまうまで追い込まれ、遂に壊れてしまった彼が、長い月日の後に本当の自分に気付き ( ? )
、それを取り戻す瞬間のシーン、誰が見てもおかしな人の彼、、 ガヤガヤ、 ガヤガヤ、、 これはこれで最高のシーンだったけど、、
逆に失う人もいたりして、、 んー、 ( ^ ^ ; )

クラッシック音楽に心を射貫かれたのは初めてだったので、 少しショックだったが、、 少し、 嬉しかった
( あっ 聴けるんじゃん 俺、 )

タバコ吸いすぎだっちゃ、、 お兄さん、、

Author foxnebula145 (7 months)
my eyes can't stop danzing

Author TheBarbahaba (8 months)
such a great movie
and i love the fact its Geoffrey Rush who is really playing
classical education sure has its perks....:)

Author Caronte Films (9 months)
Now, I'm certain i will NEVER GET A NETFLIX ACCOUNT!! 

Author Ye Jin (5 months)

Author Nim Hicaz (9 months)
harika bir filmm

Author andrews bertazo esteves (10 months)
Where to find this movie for the internet to watch SHINE - Shine (1996), if
you know please let me know!

Author Surfin2000 (9 months)

Author juniorflip67 (10 months)
I wish they'd make a film about Rachmaninoff's life and cast Rush in the

Author andrews bertazo esteves (10 months)
Onde encontro este filme pela internet para assistir SHINE - SIMPLESMENTE
GENIAL (1996) , se souberem por favor me avisem !!!

Author 9Matheusjf (11 months)

Author César S (10 months)
You can see Rachmaninoff's skeleton playing in this youtube video: "Flight
of the Bumblebee, NOT live!" (copy and paste) Ahahaha!

Author pacquito2006 (2 years)
AMAZING.....especially since Jeoffrey Rush plays the piano himself at the

Author Steven Whatley (2 years)
The coordaination of pretending to play this piece is no small feat...Brava
Mr. Rush.

Author katts11 (1 year)
2:09 $ $ $ $ $

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