Shine (1996) - Flight of the Bumblebee

Geoffrey Rush as the pianist David Helfgott.

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Author LaBaBa Baba ( ago)
i love the song..but that waiter looks way too hot...anybody know his name?

Author cmmadd ( ago)
2:08 Have another drink Asshole!!!!

Author Shirohige ( ago)
This movie used to come on cable all the time. I miss cable TV LOL

Author Sand Coffin ( ago)
Best scene of the film! :D

Author Lester Oliva ( ago)
turn down for what!!!

Author Mey Mollart Gutierrez ( ago)
te qiero tio

Author Saúl Nezahualcóyotl ( ago)
DDaaaviiiiddd iiiisssss ggoooood

Author Ismet gülseçgin ( ago)
very good film three see

Author petar1008 ( ago)
One of my favourite scenes of all time :)

Author Armando Bauleo ( ago)
la scena più figa del filmm......mitico

Author miguel jorge peña ( ago)
Que seria de la vida sin esto :)

Author Piano fan ( ago)
See how they go from deriding him and treating him like dirt to accepting
him once they know he has talent (apart from the kind lady). How I loathe
fair-weather 'friends'!

Author Ignotum per ignotius ( ago)
with a fag in his mouth !

Author Millenium Puzzle (96 years ago)
Plays it better than Helfgot in any case...

Author Jeongok Park ( ago)
Music is not always welcome in this world. You should be crazy man.

Author Yu Xi Tao ( ago)
Enduring movement is harder

Author Bob Dole ( ago)
Need to buy this film, I love the story for all its tragic humor, but it's
rare that a movie about a pianist has somebody who can fake the hand
motions well enough to fit what they're supposed to be playing. Rush is

Author Mat San ( ago)
haha i love how the bar asshole is played by that actor.

Author Shannon Ong ( ago)
i watched this more than 10 times!

Author Paul Stein, Ph.D. ( ago)

Author Mike270N ( ago)
Brilliant film. 

Author pix046 ( ago)
The pub landlord is a pain in the neck in this scene. First he ignorantly
scoffs at this tramp turning up to play but then suddenly looks around and
sees the potential for profits. I am surprised a git like him would have a
piano in the bar. No wonder the pianist has to check the tuning. LOL

Author OzzieBloke ( ago)
I had the great pleasure of hearing Helfgott play live at a small country
town recital in Merredin decades ago. Humble and talented.

I also hate Flight of the Bumblebee. Took me three years to master it, my
right hand ached after finally getting it right, played it once for a
concert, then never played it again. Ever.

Author Mike Fuller ( ago)
It makes you laugh, he's a professional concert pianist and they think he
is thick!!! How clever do you want!!! I think the first little thing he
played was a piano scale or scales.

Cheers - Mike

Author Martin Weier ( ago)
One of the Greatest scenes in movie history. The Toowoomba boys know what
they are doing

Author Santiago Sarmiento ( ago)
0:53 this face is epic. He's thinking : Oh my god that man is awesome. 

Author Nicholas Demasky ( ago)
Shut them the hell up :-)

Author Jeffro Man ( ago)
One of the most epics "in your face" scenes.

Author Weshopwizard ( ago)

Author Grzegorz Nowacki ( ago)

Author 420SanJuan ( ago)
almost as quick as liberace, not quite the force however..

Author lobelia2 ( ago)
pure ownage fuck you all

Author wizardofboogieland ( ago)
Yeah, fuck you blonde actor. Eat shit.

Author Missfeke ( ago)
Calm the fuck down the blonde guy is just an actor

Author hfdpayner ( ago)
That's what she said.

Author Steve DePinto ( ago)
Makes the hairs on your neck stand up!

Author André Gusmão ( ago)
I watched this movie when I was 11 years old on theater. Remember
everything. Awesome movie. This scene was amazing to me, I was just shocked.

Author Dmytro Bozhkov ( ago)
This is awesome

Author Mike West ( ago)
I'd love to smack that blonde cunt in the head!

Author Mike West ( ago)
which movie did you enjoy better of the two?

Author Mike West ( ago)
u fkn idiot

Author icyninja51 ( ago)
That piano isn't tuned very well

Author tosh anastasov ( ago)
Did he really? Because the fingering alone is outrageous!

Author katts11 ( ago)
2:09 $ $ $ $ $

Author sulphur hound ( ago)
apply water to burned area

Author pianoprodigy987 ( ago)
Nikolai Rimsky Koraskov was the composer, but Rachmaninoff transcribed for

Author \The Agonist/ ( ago)
Nikolai Rimsky Korsakov was the composer

Author missFingernagel ( ago)
with all that smoke around he seems to be really insane:)

Author p1ngu1no ( ago)
I watched last night "the King's speech" and...I just have to watch "Shine"
again. Wasn't Rachmanninoff the composer of this piece or at least what his
father used to forced him to play when he was a boy...

Author jairo2012ful ( ago)
That was the best scene and my favorite!!!!

Author MitholX ( ago)
That looks like Virginia Gay.

Author DCPhoenix ( ago)
the look on that guy's face is just soooo satisfying.

Author DCPhoenix ( ago)
does anyone know what number scene this is? its really important! its for
an assignment

Author Just1MorePerson1 ( ago)
what is rush playing

Author TheCelebBubble ( ago)
Is that Rush playing the piano?

Author Thessa Samosir ( ago)
OH GOD ! I like that man ! He was awesome when he played that composition !

Author martinwetles ( ago)
"Give us Beethovens 5th" "Sure mate, Symphony or Concerto" My dream to say
one day :P

Author Ra Buddhy ( ago)

Author Alixandah ( ago)
You wish.

Author Asteroid B612 ( ago)
I agree!!

Author sameermana32 ( ago)
Ra buddy I couldn't agree more mate:-)

Author Ra Buddhy ( ago)

Author Ra Buddhy ( ago)
I love'd this scene!!!!

Author Vaidoteful ( ago)
Correct - these are his hands.

Author Stormdrop1 ( ago)
I saw David Helfgott play last night, and he did the Bumblebee as the 2nd
encore. I'll never forget the moment when he kicked it off!

Author Teddy Cihan ( ago)
sooo beautiful

Author tzatziki10 ( ago)
rush was a piano player in his youth so he started taking again some piano
lessons for the movie , but i am pretty sure he didn't really play this
part, cause that would make an extremely good pianist, which i think he is
not. but he must still be a great pianist , i dont think he just positioned
his hands correctly, he knows how to do it i just think he is not so
greatly skilled

Author _greyfox() ( ago)
Haha he sure will.

Author beardo52 ( ago)
Its one thing to strike the proper keys on a board, but another entirely to
make music while doing so. I can type on my keyboard here, but i'll not
produce Moby dick, or Pride, and Prejudice, nor even a cook book. The hands
are just a tool in the playing of music, as is the Piano. The heart is the
true instrument, the place where the music comes from.

Author EODChaosWo1f ( ago)
Becuase anyone could just play a song but what really needed to also be
captured was the passion his character actually puts into the music he

Author miensojady ( ago)
Oh yeah. You're right. My mistake :D

Author dbzlotrfan ( ago)
There was a movie about some German group who when they "sang" used the
recordings of the actual group and the actors just lipped like they were

Author Jordan ( ago)
Why would Rush learn the fingering but not play the actual song in the

Author Simon lopez-ramirez ( ago)
that is the cinema, a fake scene that make me feel extraordinary.

Author Sammy Auram ( ago)
Never judge a book by its cover!

Author joha750 ( ago)
damn playing in just seconds amazing

Author MDTVProductionz (804 years ago)
hah :) the entertainer's not close to as hard as flight of the bumblebee.

Author ColinandMe ( ago)
I have enjoyed watching the amazing David Helfgott play. He is unbelievably
divine. What a talent. The man really shines through from his playing.

Author j4rhead9 ( ago)
i love how he keeps looking back, like "f*ckyou" :D

Author Bruna29099 ( ago)
best film i have Ever seen..

Author les diables pénards ( ago)
putain il a la puissence

Author gadjukina (1015 years ago)
Это же охуеть можно....

Author Ian Puzinas ( ago)
This is PWNED

Author MelonHeadSeb ( ago)
Watch out we got a badass over here!

Author FuzzeeBunnee99 ( ago)
He probably played Scott Joplin when he was three.

Author 吉田 秀和 ( ago)

Great now play the entertainer

Author enricoleottero75 ( ago)
Scena eccezionale ed emozionante, una delle più intense della sotria del

Author Vladimir Horowitz ( ago)
Nah, it's "Sock it to us, Liberace."

Author miensojady ( ago)
At 00:45 he says ,,SORRY TO US LIBERACHI". At least i think so :D

Author Jarno Hartkamp ( ago)
his technical performance is very good, but he doesn´t PLAY the piece

Author BroadwayG ( ago)
It sounds like,"Sock it us, Liberaci" in an affected British accent. That's
my take.

Author vittorio degli innocenti ( ago)
what does he say at 00:45 ??? SACKATUA LIBERACHI

Author SankoGaming ( ago)
Barbossa got skills.

Author Steven Whatley ( ago)
The coordaination of pretending to play this piece is no small feat...Brava
Mr. Rush.

Author ellipsis ( ago)

Author Klavdij Kores ( ago)
this is realy film

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