sxv 550 turbo

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Author Mr.Mega (2 months)
as if the service intervals wernt bad enough already

Author doomiz (1 month)

Author Ηλιας ΠΑΟΚ (1 month)
παντα aprilia

Author Nathan Oberholzer (4 months)
Awesome bike, i have one and i think its a stupid idea to put a turbo on a
bike which is so fast and so light already. it would be suicide especially
if you don't wear a helmet. 

Author brian scott (2 years)
100% truth. As you can see by the votes, Greeks are scared of the truth.

Author sakis mougos (1 year)
go to facebook: mougos racing and see sxv turbo nitro idiot

Author maxmanus0 (3 years)
whAt have u done with your sxv ? holly shit ! :D

Author 100fostiras (3 years)

Author Stefo syros (3 years)
me ligo freno 8a to pigenes kai ligo souza...ksirafi to 550 pantos

Author turbosized (2 years)

Author Giannis Korakis (2 years)
kiala video.. kiallaaaaaaaa

Author nunoeliteful (2 years)
Nice Helmet

Author CockYaLegS (2 years)
Not turbocharged

Author Motorbikesss (2 years)
@tasosarillas dont be so proud !

Author ffO kcuF (2 years)
@ciaremfe Ti? Den exo idea to ipes tora alla telospanton.

Author TEO RAMBO (2 years)
toumbano einai to mixanaki re ti ftiagni h ellada

Author prionaki (3 years)
re file ti prioni einai auto mas trelanes teleiws!!!to eixa dei mia fora
sto sef to mhxanaki alla den to eixa dei na anoigei!!!!auto re file
gazwnei!!!!posa alogata einai?

Author xristos agaph (2 years)
@NasakosS ksereis an xtipisei miza exo akousei oti teriazei apo allo
mixanakh pano ksereis tipota ???

Author ciaremfe (2 years)
and i fuck the tools, much i go the bike

Author thomaskawaxxx (1 year)

Author Sth29Productions (2 years)
@velhonen oh hell no xD

Author TheGrumpyist (2 years)
You retard.. you can't even spell right, how are you going to make me
horny? Go back to banging sheep.

Author leehowardful (1 year)
No turbo look at the film you can't Handel the power of the Aprillia sxv
lol girl

Author sakis mougos (1 year)
go to facebook: mougos racing and see sxv turbo nitro idiot

Author Rani Ramli (1 year)
in soviet russia, helmet wear u

Author Jakub Pelka (10 months)

Author Sth29Productions (2 years)
No helmet, no respect

Author dinamik4ever (2 years)
poooooooo poli kaula to mixanaki.....

Author Nisey1969 (2 years)
Is that true, either of those comments?

Author Motorbikesss (2 years)
@tasosarillas sir i know better than you thats why i am talking . whats
ante re flwre ??? what language is this ?

Author ciaremfe (2 years)
@YourFatClownAss slow the much oil re, your einglish they break them haha

Author kryptikkk777 (1 year)

Author Rik767 (1 year)
Turbo?? Anahah

Author John Morton (1 year)
Way to have a nice bike and no riding skill

Author tasosarillas (2 years)
@Motorbikesss ok fine u know better... bye

Author Skyliner (1 year)
where is turbo?

Author mitchell voots (3 years)
i love this vid ,, make more!!

Author wilkas222 (2 years)

Author jason freddy (2 years)
Woo no hands and no helmet

Author felixrocker95 (2 years)
ti puzza la vita?

Author sicwhitt (2 years)
dood sucks on the moto get him off wtf

Author MrMIKEXR (3 years)
mages exw anevei se ayto!! den exw logia na to perigrapsw!! kai pou na
deite ena innova pou ftiaxnei o mougos compresor... kai polla alla pou
einai opla!!

Author lampisd76 (1 year)

Author Motorbikesss (2 years)
@tasosarillas everything in greece goes wrong . so dont be so proud

Author velhonen (2 years)
@Sth29Productions gangsta'....

Author mitsosiraklisgate10 (3 years)
Nta3ei file dn uparxei to ergaleio..bgale kai alla video na goustaroume!!!

Author TheTwoStrokePower (2 years)
its just geared really short listen to it when the wheel is coming up

Author drifter4samp (2 years)
HAHA FUCKING INSANE BIKE :d too bad u wasnt using helmet so its not that
cool :P

Author greek guy (1 year)
god made the world and gave everybody a pice of land, the americans got
america, the russians russia, but greece came a little late and asked god
for land. god said that i kept a piece for myself but you can have it!!!
stop making fun of my country because who wonders what yours did.

Author Nasos Mp (2 years)
@JOHNPOWER88 me mia diskolia nai... to kontrarei

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