10 Best Survival Games Of All Time

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    Since the early days of the Day Z mod and, of course, Minecraft, gamers felt a need to survive… in video games of course. We all enjoyed the thrill of either being the hunter in search of some food or, in some cases, the prey, running from various bloodthirsty enemies.
    Now we are going to take a quick look at 10 survival games that may be worth your time.

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  • Pantelas LK
    Pantelas LK 7 hours ago

    ark suvival evolved is best game ever

  • Wimble Bimble
    Wimble Bimble 8 hours ago

    I think if this vid was made in a few months when ark is fully released and optimised, it would probably get higher on the list.....not number 1 but higher for sure.

  • freeofavia
    freeofavia 20 hours ago

    Awesome video dude. Very pro. I would just recommend working on your sound design and background music, since there's some silences and awkward quieter moments. But otherwise, I would assume a professional wrote and directed this.

  • Night Gamerking
    Night Gamerking 20 hours ago

    Ark survival evolve is the best

  • Shackle -
    Shackle - 22 hours ago

    So glad that Subnautica was on this list <3

  • Michael Wilson
    Michael Wilson 1 day ago

    ark is the best survial game why not put first

  • Tonald Dump
    Tonald Dump 1 day ago

    "this is another popular game"

  • Viralnapalm
    Viralnapalm 1 day ago

    Why the fuck is stranded deep on here?

  • Ioannis Troulis
    Ioannis Troulis 2 days ago

    To everyone fucking crying about ark that is very laggy then i have a few things to tell them:

  • Variklis Woods
    Variklis Woods 2 days ago


  • Insane Gamez
    Insane Gamez 3 days ago

    why the oldest version of mc

  • IdioticLake01
    IdioticLake01 3 days ago

    Where was Terraria

  • kellydevinboulder
    kellydevinboulder 5 days ago

    Rust, Wrath of Anna & ARK.

  • Kbagel 11
    Kbagel 11 5 days ago

    what about the souls project

  • Aniki TM
    Aniki TM 5 days ago

    cool game

  • Fran Willis
    Fran Willis 6 days ago

    I love ark survival evolve

  • Mr. Cake memes
    Mr. Cake memes 6 days ago

    LOL Ark more like hunting low fps.

  • It's Atmos
    It's Atmos 6 days ago

    giv dis man a pop filter lol

  • Spinnin Waffle
    Spinnin Waffle 6 days ago

    Definitely missed unturned

  • Reper
    Reper 8 days ago

    sub me pls

  • SnowCatVideos
    SnowCatVideos 8 days ago

    0:05 OMG no fucking way! You can clearly see a cross under Steve! From Minecraft. That is trend now. If you se a cross you will die and that shit, like "Do not play Minecraft Pocked Etition" from RageElixir.

  • vghnmj
    vghnmj 9 days ago

    fuck you

  • Random X
    Random X 9 days ago

    frag hero,fag zero ha ha ha h lol

  • ColossusGamerYT Faapoi

    Far cry primal

  • Charles Kemp-jones
    Charles Kemp-jones 10 days ago

    Ark should be first I rate it 10/10 it is better than what he said it was

  • Tanki Gamers
    Tanki Gamers 11 days ago

    where is rust and unturend

  • Talon Shotgunz
    Talon Shotgunz 11 days ago

    You forgot H1Z1!!

  • John Pagerup
    John Pagerup 12 days ago


  • JW
    JW 12 days ago

    Let's go down the list here...

    Sir, You Are Being Hunted- Great game

    Minecraft- Awesome game but is not necessarily survival

    DayZ- Standalone is dog crap but the mod for ARMA is awesome
    The Long Dark- Great game

    The Forrest- Good except for the unfinished feeling but it is not done so yeah

    Rust- Good game if you are not playing with douche bags in the server, most of the time you are just going to hit a rock for 10 hours and then raided when you are asleep

    ARK- Get low frames unless you have a good PC and I think is better than Rust

    Subnautica- Good game but takes forever to get anything

    Stranded Deep- Was good but in my opinion is kinda been going down hill

    Don't Starve- AMAZING GAME!!!! BEST ONE ON THE LIST!! (Except for the DAYZ mod for ARMA)

  • Ahmed Waleed
    Ahmed Waleed 12 days ago

    where is far cry

  • Kallissimo
    Kallissimo 13 days ago

    Why u show Rust legacy?

  • bdorrd
    bdorrd 14 days ago

    ark is honestly one of the most boring games ive played.

  • Fun Games
    Fun Games 15 days ago

    love you adventures games

  • Rainbow Blitzz
    Rainbow Blitzz 16 days ago

    With Day Z they forgot: "Getting killed by trolls"

  • Pineapple Videos Daily

    If you sub you get a free Pineapple if you don't, you get diabetes and if you already have diabetes you get aids

  • Gary 15
    Gary 15 17 days ago

    you just sound like theradbrad

  • Lets play gta sa77
    Lets play gta sa77 18 days ago

    and far cry

  • Meme Machine
    Meme Machine 19 days ago

    Not trying to sound like a fanboy but ark should be 1.

    It's literally the only one on this list that isn't a ugly low budget indie game

  • John Malsawmkima
    John Malsawmkima 19 days ago

    in those of these games minecraft is my favorite

  • JownJawge
    JownJawge 22 days ago

    The Long Dark should have been number one. Although I am happy to actually see it in a top ten for once.

  • Saver R I S E
    Saver R I S E 22 days ago

    Ark on 4 ???? wtf
    but oh ok Stranded Deep on 2 ... makes sense

  • Appelsingutten
    Appelsingutten 22 days ago

    dont strave suck ass

  • Ego SumTyranny
    Ego SumTyranny 23 days ago

    get a pop filter xD

  • Eddy Hays
    Eddy Hays 23 days ago

    I have the Forest I have Ark I have Subnautica I have day z I have Rust and I love them all survival games are the best I love the fact that it never hand holds you and is not generic like most fps but hey why do you not mention 7 days to die good game

  • MRcherrytomaat
    MRcherrytomaat 24 days ago

    The rust video is very old

  • MRcherrytomaat
    MRcherrytomaat 24 days ago

    Microphone dude

  • MrSubscriber77
    MrSubscriber77 24 days ago

    "Dayz being updated frequently", are you retarded?

  • Dede Wx
    Dede Wx 24 days ago

    Me: I swear if minecraft is in here i am Gonna kill my self (Sees frist five seconds) aagghhr for f*ck sake

  • Nexxtoxic
    Nexxtoxic 24 days ago

    Never heard mine craft talked about so seriously 😂😂😂😂

  • Adam Long
    Adam Long 25 days ago

    Wtf how is h1z1 not on this list

  • Yolanda Sarvida
    Yolanda Sarvida 25 days ago

    The Forest

  • Yolanda Sarvida
    Yolanda Sarvida 25 days ago

    I'm am more a pro in a survival games if there's an ending on a survival game then I will find that kid

    2D SKATING 25 days ago

    7 Days to Die

  • Rhadiel
    Rhadiel 26 days ago

    Rimworld scratches the survival itch for me.

  • ricci simone
    ricci simone 26 days ago

    7 days to die is pretty epic

  • *DontMakeFun Ralph
    *DontMakeFun Ralph 27 days ago

    Another great channel with great narrative skills and great video content subsribed

  • booyaah82
    booyaah82 27 days ago

    Not a single space survival game on that list. Empyrion is really shaping up its survival mechanics recently by adding heat/cold, dynamic weather like acid rain and storms, and radiation sickness. You actually are able to customize your suit now with mods that you need to do EVA operations in space or not get turned into a glowing meat popsicle.

  • charkie 23
    charkie 23 28 days ago

    Why is there not unturned

  • Lee Henry
    Lee Henry 29 days ago

    Fallout 4

  • AwesomeFT
    AwesomeFT 1 month ago


  • jb awesomeness
    jb awesomeness 1 month ago

    what about unturned

  • Skinny LongPine
    Skinny LongPine 1 month ago

    7 days to die

  • Night Stalker
    Night Stalker 1 month ago


  • Lahi Ra
    Lahi Ra 1 month ago

    Thanks for The Games...

  • parispainting
    parispainting 1 month ago

    ark is bull shit dont bother bitching about it not being number one

  • Croatia Gaming Pro
    Croatia Gaming Pro 1 month ago

    dont starve is shit worst gane not best

  • Yjorik
    Yjorik 1 month ago

    Has a developer ever even finished a survival game? Genre is cancer.

  • Fernando Navia
    Fernando Navia 1 month ago

    like it or not , Minecraft deserved better

  • Flaming_games7
    Flaming_games7 1 month ago

    What about raft?

  • Mojo Gaming 2004
    Mojo Gaming 2004 1 month ago

    I don't understand why skyrim isn't on the list

  • Pvt Stoplotions
    Pvt Stoplotions 1 month ago

    well, I see no unturned... for being free it's a great game

  • Leonardo de Miranda Patzlaff

    So you're just telling us that Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead couldn't even make it to the list. Bah.

  • survival games
    survival games 1 month ago

    show hurtworld

  • Snitch Blaster
    Snitch Blaster 1 month ago

    Hi do some Android games pls☆☆

  • Omrhi Reubens
    Omrhi Reubens 1 month ago

    7 days to die

  • G Cubes
    G Cubes 1 month ago

    where is 7 days to die I mean come on geez it's a great game

  • GoodDarthDaddy
    GoodDarthDaddy 1 month ago

    come one you've put minecraft at number 9!? its FATHER OF SURVIVAL GAMES

    KEARDAN BOLEN 1 month ago


  • BannanaG0d Gaming
    BannanaG0d Gaming 1 month ago

    in mc you can joins servers like a gta server in mc and other stuff

  • ُexpert
    ُexpert 1 month ago

    where is Dying Light

  • Simply Steve
    Simply Steve 1 month ago

    How's minecraft not first

  • Adam24247 Adam
    Adam24247 Adam 1 month ago

    Or 3

  • Adam24247 Adam
    Adam24247 Adam 1 month ago

    What bout fallout 4 :(????

  • allthatihave14
    allthatihave14 1 month ago

    Ark survival evolve

  • Arxy Bxya
    Arxy Bxya 1 month ago

    Anyone tried unturned? I thought it would be here, still great list though.

    ANONYMOUS GAMER 1 month ago

    dude where can i download ark survival evolved..

  • Miguel R
    Miguel R 1 month ago

    How can I play ark

  • Kachow !
    Kachow ! 1 month ago

    watchmojo 2.0

  • Undead master gameing

    7 days to die

  • GGK Outdoors
    GGK Outdoors 1 month ago

    Far cry primal? Really not even mentioned!

  • Kc Mdawg
    Kc Mdawg 1 month ago

    Funny who ark is shit now and Rust is the quality one of the two

  • The Jalapeno Show
    The Jalapeno Show 1 month ago

    This was a really poor video.

  • Chillafied
    Chillafied 1 month ago

    sorry man great video but damn had to dislike i asked for survival games not sandbox wanna be survival games (IM TALKING ABOUT MINECRAFT AND THE FIRST ONE YOU PUT) thats not survival you're basically saying garrys mod is full survival cause its just as much as a sandbox as minecraft if anything minecraft is more, seriously though put games that arent obvious and we have all seen

  • BizWiz Gamer
    BizWiz Gamer 1 month ago

    Cheapest games, 100%
    Dont believe me go to my YT channel and check my vid out im doing a review about it

  • crazy neko fangirl 19

    far cry primal?!?!??! why this not here

  • XxNoNotThe_ GoodSniperxX

    FarCry Primal?...

  • Matthew Shellman
    Matthew Shellman 1 month ago

    The Long Dark will have a story mode... BWAH HA HA HA...  when? 2021?

  • AO Cuber
    AO Cuber 1 month ago

    Obama says u suck

  • AO Cuber
    AO Cuber 1 month ago

    Obama says u suck

  • Ghost Ever
    Ghost Ever 1 month ago

    What 7 day to die

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