10 Best Survival Games Of All Time

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Since the early days of the Day Z mod and, of course, Minecraft, gamers felt a need to survive… in video games of course. We all enjoyed the thrill of either being the hunter in search of some food or, in some cases, the prey, running from various bloodthirsty enemies.
Now we are going to take a quick look at 10 survival games that may be worth your time.


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Mojo Gaming 2004Mojo Gaming 2004 (6 hours ago)
I don't understand why skyrim isn't on the list

Pvt StoplotionsPvt Stoplotions (22 hours ago)
well, I see no unturned... for being free it's a great game

Leo ReoLeo Reo (23 hours ago)
So you're just telling us that Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead couldn't even make it to the list. Bah.

survival gamessurvival games (1 day ago)
show hurtworld

Snitch BlasterSnitch Blaster (3 days ago)
Hi do some Android games pls☆☆

Omrhi ReubensOmrhi Reubens (3 days ago)
7 days to die

G CubesG Cubes (4 days ago)
where is 7 days to die I mean come on geez it's a great game

GoodDarthDaddyGoodDarthDaddy (5 days ago)
come one you've put minecraft at number 9!? its FATHER OF SURVIVAL GAMES


Ameer RabbatAmeer Rabbat (5 days ago)
in mc you can joins servers like a gta server in mc and other stuff

ُexpertُexpert (6 days ago)
where is Dying Light

Simply SteveSimply Steve (6 days ago)
How's minecraft not first

Adam24247 AdamAdam24247 Adam (7 days ago)
Or 3

Adam24247 AdamAdam24247 Adam (7 days ago)
What bout fallout 4 :(????

allthatihave14allthatihave14 (7 days ago)
Ark survival evolve

Arxy BxyaArxy Bxya (7 days ago)
Anyone tried unturned? I thought it would be here, still great list though.

dude where can i download ark survival evolved..

Miguel RMiguel R (8 days ago)
How can I play ark

Kachow !Kachow ! (8 days ago)
watchmojo 2.0

Undead master gameingUndead master gameing (9 days ago)
7 days to die

GGK OutdoorsGGK Outdoors (9 days ago)
Far cry primal? Really not even mentioned!

Kc MdawgKc Mdawg (9 days ago)
Funny who ark is shit now and Rust is the quality one of the two

The Jalapeno ShowThe Jalapeno Show (9 days ago)
This was a really poor video.

ChillafiedChillafied (10 days ago)
sorry man great video but damn had to dislike i asked for survival games not sandbox wanna be survival games (IM TALKING ABOUT MINECRAFT AND THE FIRST ONE YOU PUT) thats not survival you're basically saying garrys mod is full survival cause its just as much as a sandbox as minecraft if anything minecraft is more, seriously though put games that arent obvious and we have all seen

BizWiz GamerBizWiz Gamer (10 days ago)
Cheapest games, 100%
Dont believe me go to my YT channel and check my vid out im doing a review about it

crazy neko fangirl 19crazy neko fangirl 19 (10 days ago)
far cry primal?!?!??! why this not here

XxNoNotThe_ GoodSniperxXXxNoNotThe_ GoodSniperxX (10 days ago)
FarCry Primal?...

Matthew ShellmanMatthew Shellman (10 days ago)
The Long Dark will have a story mode... BWAH HA HA HA...  when? 2021?

AO CuberAO Cuber (10 days ago)
Obama says u suck

AO CuberAO Cuber (10 days ago)
Obama says u suck

Ghost EverGhost Ever (11 days ago)
What 7 day to die

xFMxFM (11 days ago)
rust is the best survival game ever game for pc, end of story.

Nicat ZakirovNicat Zakirov (11 days ago)
Next time use a god damn pop filter plz. it can't be too expensive

SOADfreakableSOADfreakable (11 days ago)
We Happy Few :(

Matt BonillaMatt Bonilla (12 days ago)
We're is h1z1 just survive or arma 3

Ayden ContiAyden Conti (12 days ago)
Which ones better ? Rust or Dayz z?

Collin RichardsonCollin Richardson (12 days ago)
I personally wouldn't put MineCraft on the list, and I would've replaced stranded deep with 7 Days to Die

ZynorthisZynorthis (12 days ago)
Dislikes are butthurt ark fanboys

Muhammad MousaMuhammad Mousa (12 days ago)

Bilbo BagginsBilbo Baggins (12 days ago)
Y minecrack no num juan? bad list dislik!!!

Hunter AitkenHunter Aitken (12 days ago)
I was gonna lose my shit if I didn't see Subnautica near the top

The real tommynator911The real tommynator911 (13 days ago)

Finn LennertFinn Lennert (14 days ago)
ich love ark

吴泽楠吴泽楠 (14 days ago)
no 7 days to die? kidding me ?

Devin ButtnerDevin Buttner (14 days ago)
How about Empyrion Galactic Survival??

Talagoth UnscathedTalagoth Unscathed (14 days ago)
Lol number 1 on this list is hilarious.

Filthy ZallFilthy Zall (16 days ago)

KledKled (16 days ago)
Can someone recommend which one is the best? I have not played any of these games.

Vesper SeanVesper Sean (17 days ago)

James BergenJames Bergen (17 days ago)
Ark is under rated in this

Leon McLoughlinLeon McLoughlin (17 days ago)
rust is one of them

How is ark not number 1 😀

Typical Noob GamerTypical Noob Gamer (19 days ago)
The Forest should be higher up the list!

coco buttercoco butter (19 days ago)
no people team up on ark to fucking be alpha and withstand raid and raid not fucking kill or take a dinosaur that shit is easy

CRAZY BOYCRAZY BOY (20 days ago)
i would love to see a realistic online multiplayer post apocalyptic survival game with good grafics where the true challenge would be the food water shelter winter stuff like that even the zombies be a real threat to the players and not be just pvp games it would really cool to be able to make big groups scavenge maps for supplies build farms where you can grow vegetables and this kind of this i would really pay 70 euro for a game like that i hope i am not the only one who hopes for a game like this

Oxow 333911Oxow 333911 (21 day ago)
And Raft survival...

Oxow 333911Oxow 333911 (21 day ago)
I have Vast the game, Multiplayer,Survival,Talk,Play and Hunt.

LoxiasLoxias (21 day ago)
dayz or h1z1?

RedArkFTW 8210RedArkFTW 8210 (21 day ago)
terraria?? and rafts i think
like if u agree

Károly KirályKároly Király (21 day ago)
I think ARK is the best because is has so much mods and a lot of updates

Bminer 404Bminer 404 (22 days ago)
H h how didn't ark get first it the best game in history

Setrag HabeshianSetrag Habeshian (22 days ago)
Where is Farcry and Tomb raider?

Z0m6iexG4m1ng 1Z0m6iexG4m1ng 1 (23 days ago)
you can get irradiated in DayZ?

creeperzone8creeperzone8 (24 days ago)
these games are why igg games was created

mars jäätelömars jäätelö (25 days ago)
I made a same list but it's made by a 10 kid:
4. Growtopia
3. Roblox
2. Terraria

dead island is survival game

Dik 2 big 4 pusiDik 2 big 4 pusi (27 days ago)
Shouldve mentioned the platform they are on

Zach McNabbZach McNabb (27 days ago)
Subsistence is a great survival game definintely could have made it on the list near the top you should check it out.

everton queirozeverton queiroz (28 days ago)
valeo fala pr

FireOccatorFireOccator (29 days ago)
Ark is the only game that has given me the true survival feel.

brutalbrutal (29 days ago)
that wizard 101 type music

Stickmen StudiosStickmen Studios (1 month ago)
where's ark?

Tom MTom M (1 month ago)
ain't it strange that many of our 'best games' are not even finished. odd trend.

Orian MillerOrian Miller (1 month ago)
You should of put king of the kill

Raphael BisangRaphael Bisang (1 month ago)
1. The Forest
2. Ark
3. The long Dark
4. Stranded Deep

Undecked Lizard6Undecked Lizard6 (1 month ago)
Ark is the best

The AnapielThe Anapiel (1 month ago)
AKR: Survival Evolved is still the best. Easy worth the few extra "gold" ;)

muhammed emin45muhammed emin45 (1 month ago)
unturned ?

Simon GreenawaySimon Greenaway (1 month ago)
DayZ Arma II Mod
Computer can run Arma II smoothly
Computer runs DayZ like shit
please kill me.

Dking44 DeekerDking44 Deeker (1 month ago)
what about farcry primal

Mikey HebrankoMikey Hebranko (1 month ago)
Don't get me wrong don't starve is a good game but not as good as ark

EternalGenius7EternalGenius7 (1 month ago)
yay, Ark was on this list

Project X27Project X27 (1 month ago)
Minecraft bores me these days ha!

Hector Murillo GarciaHector Murillo Garcia (1 month ago)
you missed fallout 4, epic survival game

MKR CinemaMKR Cinema (1 month ago)
strandard deep is good, but not better than ark

Nova_TKNova_TK (1 month ago)
I love how must of the footage is outdated

Nova_TKNova_TK (1 month ago)
The minecraft footage was from Alpha

Trik BulletzTrik Bulletz (1 month ago)
how is ark not 1st. wtf

Daniel PanaiteDaniel Panaite (1 month ago)
Bro where's ark survival and dying light ?

Jack costaJack costa (1 month ago)
Roblox? Were that shit at

Nova_TKNova_TK (1 month ago)
Jack costa XD not a survival game

The Gaming NexusThe Gaming Nexus (1 month ago)
Dying Light???

GuggyGuggy (1 month ago)
what console are these games on lazy review

Paul JimenezPaul Jimenez (1 month ago)
is the forest multiplayer

Froggy BoiFroggy Boi (1 month ago)

Keaton BowlingKeaton Bowling (1 month ago)

Alexander WrightAlexander Wright (1 month ago)
Rust better be on this list!

cringy kidcringy kid (1 month ago)

Logan Padgett07Logan Padgett07 (1 month ago)
happy Easter

Generic UserGeneric User (1 month ago)
The moment DayZ turned up on this list i realised he didn't have a clue what he was talking about and switched off

TheGamerCakeTV GamingTheGamerCakeTV Gaming (1 month ago)
Where's dying light?

Kaleb CallahanKaleb Callahan (1 month ago)
FALLOUT 4 brush come on!

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