Miley Cyrus - Malibu (Official Video)

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  • Tunerz4lifedaughter Quinones

    I'm crying this is amazing that I get to see u beautiful and good again

  • rocky liu
    rocky liu 34 seconds ago

    As an artist, you are perfect. Nobody can judge anybody doing a perfect job. Although I love everything of you besides your talent. Because u act like true u even I dont know the truth. I dont care I still love u.

  • ChaCha's Vlog Ocbina
    ChaCha's Vlog Ocbina 39 seconds ago


  • Irrelevent IMVUer
    Irrelevent IMVUer 1 minute ago

    Anyone have this on spotify yet???*<33*

  • Aaron Shepherd
    Aaron Shepherd 2 minutes ago

    she is so beautiful

  • Crazy Russian
    Crazy Russian 3 minutes ago

    She has been cured!!!

  • 我霉。
    我霉。 3 minutes ago

    you are back x!

  • Pringoals
    Pringoals 3 minutes ago

    Stop saying Miley is back to her old self let her be what she wants to be she's pretty either way you can't deny that

  • mary stotts
    mary stotts 3 minutes ago

    I just cant get enough of this song. Makes me smile. Always a Miley fan.

  • Kleyton Assis
    Kleyton Assis 5 minutes ago

    next to you, the Sky more BLUE, in MALIBU.

  • Jknockout
    Jknockout 7 minutes ago

    she changed she seems better now

  • una persona
    una persona 10 minutes ago

    me encanta

  • Brad _
    Brad _ 11 minutes ago

    The Demon Left Miley Cyrus and went to Katy Perry

  • maria jose sanchez rojas
    maria jose sanchez rojas 12 minutes ago

    I see this every day omg

  • Claudia Tammaro
    Claudia Tammaro 12 minutes ago

    this is honestly one of the best songs I've heard in a while, and its from Miley. Which is a surprise, but she changed her life around and it makes me so happy for her...

  • Humble Manioc
    Humble Manioc 13 minutes ago

    me encanta esta cancion***

  • Chrissy Cena
    Chrissy Cena 13 minutes ago

    she found herself back home ........ in Malibu 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

  • Haley Tabullo
    Haley Tabullo 14 minutes ago

    Is it just me because I LOVE THIS SONG!!!

  • intravena
    intravena 15 minutes ago

    I like it...

    ...but I prefer the original by Hole.

  • KC Ropalo
    KC Ropalo 15 minutes ago

    Miley song is such a good song

  • Lillian Caballero
    Lillian Caballero 17 minutes ago

    I used to hate you, miley. But you found your true self and now I'm a fan because of your music. Keep it up.😘❤

  • Leah Koski
    Leah Koski 20 minutes ago

    I'm not gonna lie pretty good bop

  • Renato Rudson
    Renato Rudson 23 minutes ago

    melhor música 💙🌊🎶🎧

  • Mhelet Badiango
    Mhelet Badiango 24 minutes ago

    I always love this lady love you so mch girl and happy for you,gogogo

  • Amilton Agno
    Amilton Agno 24 minutes ago


  • Tech Freaks
    Tech Freaks 29 minutes ago

    Hannah Montana, is that you?

  • Irina Koyli
    Irina Koyli 29 minutes ago

    Hearing this song feels like smoking weed in the middle of paradise

  • MyFun Courner
    MyFun Courner 30 minutes ago

    Now, this is real music, not the other stuff she was doing. I like this song a lot! Not a big fan of Miley, but I like it! :)

  • bane781
    bane781 30 minutes ago

    It looks like she grew up,And became a regular normal girl...

  • A Boy Of Ice And Fire
    A Boy Of Ice And Fire 32 minutes ago

    Miley you seem to have found your true character. Bugger hanna. Bugger twerkiley. Be urself❤️

  • M I S H E R U
    M I S H E R U 33 minutes ago

    when la Miley deja la droga

  • Bethany Zeiner
    Bethany Zeiner 36 minutes ago

    Her hair is oh my god

  • R QV
    R QV 39 minutes ago

    Un buen cambio, ya no es tan puta

  • jessica shankle
    jessica shankle 41 minute ago

    She threw away "black culture" HONEY , That was not black culture . Just main stream they DEFINE as black culture. But anyway this was beautiful. Pray for KATY PERRY ya'll for the demon now posses her .

  • Cleicimara 54
    Cleicimara 54 41 minute ago

    Tenho que dizer Mano tu é linda pra CARALHO !!!

  • Amber Martz
    Amber Martz 42 minutes ago

    this song is the shit! the new Miley is so amazing!

  • Haruhi Dhefahana
    Haruhi Dhefahana 44 minutes ago

    I wish you return to the old you, Destiny Hope!!

    C.T. ARTWORLD 51 minute ago

    i did a cover of "malibu" in my channel, check it out only if u want to. be kind and have a nice day :)

  • galaxy girl
    galaxy girl 52 minutes ago

    I can tell this is miley I love her voice

  • Donnie Ingram
    Donnie Ingram 53 minutes ago

    Where is the twerking Miley? This is totally LAME.

  • Stupid MAN2488
    Stupid MAN2488 54 minutes ago

    Shes so much better when shes not looking and acting like a whore. Glad she found peace in her life

  • fernanda torrez
    fernanda torrez 59 minutes ago

    "I never would've believed you if three years ago you told me
    I'd be here writing this song"

    Best part.

  • geovanna oliveira fernandes

    ela é linda
    vc é uma ótima cantora

  • Lori Hurley
    Lori Hurley 1 hour ago

    You are cute

  • Brianna _xo
    Brianna _xo 1 hour ago

    The old Miley Is back finally.

  • Chogolate :3
    Chogolate :3 1 hour ago

    So bored

  • TheForgottenKing22
    TheForgottenKing22 1 hour ago

    She's extremely overdressed in this clip.

  • Tente Não Rir
    Tente Não Rir 1 hour ago

    She glows in this, you can just sense her happiness in this video. That's amazing, good for Miley

  • CrookDoesTrap
    CrookDoesTrap 1 hour ago

    Great song and Great channel. If you have time please checkout my channel and listen to my songs. I literally need views right now to boost my motivation

  • Heath Thibodeaux
    Heath Thibodeaux 1 hour ago

    worst song ever written by her...!

  • María paula Ramírez

    OH mi god i can't belive this😻

  • ???
    ??? 1 hour ago

    Did Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry switched souls or something?😂😂😂

  • omar robles
    omar robles 1 hour ago

    Miley is the best singer. And is very beautiful.

  • Cyrus 01
    Cyrus 01 1 hour ago

    Let's Get This To 100M

  • Sydney Marc
    Sydney Marc 1 hour ago

    I replayed this exactly 17 times yes I know I have a lot of free time but I love this version of Miley her voice is so beautiful and she seems so happy in this new skin of hers in glad she got back up on her feet she looks so beautiful and free in this she's literally my spirit animal

  • Ave Satanas
    Ave Satanas 1 hour ago

    Yes, she looks like just after orgasm, rly shines. Only man will understand this video. Fuck well. I like this song. :D
    Miley don't eat your clothes xd

  • Izabelle Aparecida
    Izabelle Aparecida 1 hour ago


  • ulyssses orosco
    ulyssses orosco 1 hour ago

    back to girl miley cyrus,,

  • Andrea Tremblay
    Andrea Tremblay 1 hour ago

    You beautiful just the way you are, you shine on this one, like a bird ✨ Be kind of who you are, you look happier then ever!!!!!

  • Anabelen Fernández

    con el.pelo largo eres más wapa que con el pelo corto, la canción me gusta 😊😘😘 desde spain ( España) (Cádiz)

  • Andie deRoux
    Andie deRoux 1 hour ago

    This is great Miley!

  • TheLemonyLemon
    TheLemonyLemon 1 hour ago

    Why did Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry swap bodies. The same happened with Jason Derulo and The Weeknd.

  • Fiorella Caruso
    Fiorella Caruso 1 hour ago

    q mina perfecta x dios

  • AnaCristy Casillas
    AnaCristy Casillas 1 hour ago


  • Remy Pixel
    Remy Pixel 1 hour ago

    I never really liked that Wrecking Ball, but she's changed so much and it's great. She does have a powerful voice and she uses it well now.

  • dylan sousa
    dylan sousa 1 hour ago

    Miley has a Amazing voice

  • nkomp18
    nkomp18 1 hour ago

    Whatever demon possessed her in the past, has jumped out of her and moved on to Katy Perry

  • lil munchkin
    lil munchkin 1 hour ago

    finally, she's happy

  • Jannie Whitaker
    Jannie Whitaker 1 hour ago

    This is the Miley I remember 💓💓

  • Pato Rodriguez
    Pato Rodriguez 1 hour ago

    Happy cause she is back!

  • Thanawat Chongkho
    Thanawat Chongkho 1 hour ago

    ฉันชอบ i like

  • Brooke Roeder
    Brooke Roeder 1 hour ago

    Wow. Blown Away! That's beautiful. ❤

  • Laura Flores
    Laura Flores 1 hour ago

    Best work I have heard from her! Koodos!

  • Justina Bulos
    Justina Bulos 1 hour ago

    this is the best song of miley

  • Josh
    Josh 1 hour ago

    She's a fucking mess of a human being

  • DIabLO Destiny
    DIabLO Destiny 1 hour ago

    where is satan in this video? Illuminati ??

  • Ashley Henry
    Ashley Henry 1 hour ago

    You never did slow music I don't like this song but I will still listen to your music

  • Hecyn
    Hecyn 1 hour ago

    27/05/2017 at 7:22 this song has more views than bon appetite
    Malibu- 86,250,226 views
    Bon Appetite- 86,126,262views

  • madshader
    madshader 1 hour ago

    DAMN Miley is already starting to look old af. Looks like all those years of partying hard have taken their toll. xD

  • maryland
    maryland 1 hour ago

    best song to listen to when you need to relax !!!

  • Kiley Utech
    Kiley Utech 1 hour ago

    when did she decided not to be a creepy freek

  • Trinity Kay
    Trinity Kay 1 hour ago

    WHY IS THERE 90 THOUSAND DISLIKES????????????????????

  • sentol
    sentol 1 hour ago

    welcome back...

  • M D A AC
    M D A AC 1 hour ago

    Who else before 1M?

  • kiV3ra
    kiV3ra 1 hour ago

    The best Miley Cyrus song. I want more :D

  • Alec Chambers
    Alec Chambers 1 hour ago

    Just posted my acoustic cover. Hope you love it :)

  • ET Diy Youtube
    ET Diy Youtube 1 hour ago

    Cmon guys give her loads and loads of likes cant u see how happy she is

  • Elina Dubois
    Elina Dubois 1 hour ago


  • Irulan Valdr
    Irulan Valdr 2 hours ago

    She is back and looks so happy now. Makes me want to cry. I wish the best for her!!!

    NOAH AND SIENNA 2 hours ago

    Finally the demon that possessed Miley cyrus is out but it is now possessing Katy perry

  • Denny Pratrama
    Denny Pratrama 2 hours ago

    I love this song very much.. ^_^

  • Hakim Mohamed
    Hakim Mohamed 2 hours ago

    why there's so much dislikes Miley is the most pretty good singer you will never find a beauty like her

  • bianca lobatto
    bianca lobatto 2 hours ago

    ainnnn ♡ amei BR

  • Chris Brown
    Chris Brown 2 hours ago

    great song for Miley's comeback....
    comeback for Miley is real💜💜

  • Kmira Amine
    Kmira Amine 2 hours ago


  • Jesus Delacruz
    Jesus Delacruz 2 hours ago

    best song she has ever written

  • Victor / Mania
    Victor / Mania 2 hours ago

    Que hino!🎙💕

  • Κατερίνα Σ.

    this song calms me down..and its being a stressfull season..

  • Hanz Flackshnack
    Hanz Flackshnack 2 hours ago

    I know a lot of people love her. If I say anything negative, people are going to get defensive. All I have to say is her lyrics are cliche. Whoever is writing them can do better. It's just my opinion so chill out. To me, art is about coming up with something new. Rehashing stuff that's already been done is lame. One line specifically bothered me, "Now I'm as free, as birds catching the wind." How many thousands of times have people used that metaphor? The writer can do better. Also, no she doesn't write her own lyrics. Sorry you had to read that. That's the truth. She's a puppet like most pop stars

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