Dying For You - Otto Knows ft. Lindsey Stirling and Alex Aris

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    Video Directed by: Alex Wessely
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  • Runtime: 3:34
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  • raquel devinasflores

    YouTube 4 million views
    spotify 50 million replays

  • raquel devinasflores

    YouTube 4 million views
    spotify 50 million replays

  • Andaya Cousins
    Andaya Cousins 15 days ago

    I really really really like the song and the tune the pitch and I think I watched all songs of Linsey stirling love love love it 😀😀😀😀😍😍😍😍❤️💛💚💙💜💗💖❣💕💘💞💝💟

  • Alan K Jimenez
    Alan K Jimenez 15 days ago

    Man this song is so good with Lindsey Stirling.

  • justagirl9
    justagirl9 19 days ago

    I must listen to this song more often when I am attacked by doubts.

  • Yoss Cast
    Yoss Cast 19 days ago


  • Sarah Kays
    Sarah Kays 24 days ago

    beautiful song

  • tyana bogaert
    tyana bogaert 1 month ago

    i like it

  • Sarah Starmer
    Sarah Starmer 1 month ago

    This song speaks to me on so many levels... I don't know how I didn't find it until now.

  • Jenny Yao
    Jenny Yao 1 month ago

    I just love how he sings "Dying for you" ugggghhhhhh

  • TheAndhy3
    TheAndhy3 1 month ago


  • iuna solar
    iuna solar 1 month ago

    I LOVE THIS SONG! I didn't know was of Lindsey Stirling too...

  • Cheri Delux
    Cheri Delux 2 months ago

    I'm Dying For this song

    • TheAndhy3
      TheAndhy3 1 month ago

      /'\😆'💗#Esta foi 'BOA'!!!

  • K&F Nation
    K&F Nation 2 months ago

    This song is beautiful

  • Lana Bax
    Lana Bax 2 months ago

    nice song

  • benjamin pinault
    benjamin pinault 2 months ago

    This music vibrates my heart! Amazing sound

  • 박수
    박수 2 months ago

    good!!! so very good

  • Ally Fey
    Ally Fey 3 months ago

    that thumbnail reminds me of an angel. so beautiful...

  • Polina - Spring
    Polina - Spring 3 months ago

    I can listen to it forever ...

  • agnieszka eco
    agnieszka eco 3 months ago

    beautiful song!

  • Kailee Walden
    Kailee Walden 3 months ago

    The only part I don't really like is the very end. After an awesome post-chorus, I think the song ends kind of abruptly and underwhelmingly. Other than that, it's a solid performance from everyone involved.

  • Acer Anderson
    Acer Anderson 4 months ago

    I just came for the violin solo.

  • Raúl Böhrt
    Raúl Böhrt 4 months ago

    14 february :'v forever alone

  • KNK K'n'k
    KNK K'n'k 4 months ago

    lindsy looks so nice in all her vids i wish i looked like her

  • J Ferdous
    J Ferdous 4 months ago

    This kinda sounds like dont wanna know

  • AlterGirl
    AlterGirl 5 months ago


  • Salman Alfarizi
    Salman Alfarizi 5 months ago

    This actually kinda good song for animated movie soundtrack.

  • Pip Salvador
    Pip Salvador 5 months ago

    Carbon fiber all the things!

  • Alberto Sánchez Timón

    جيد جدا!!! !!!Very good
    ¡¡¡Muy buena!!!

  • Marcos Kronos
    Marcos Kronos 5 months ago

    Whithout Unisono

  • Candice Autumn
    Candice Autumn 5 months ago

    I originally came for Lindsey Stirling, because she is phenomenal, but I love this song so so much!!!

  • Overlord Destractor
    Overlord Destractor 5 months ago

    Bald is sucks. But Lindsey is rule)))

  • Amy Lyrics
    Amy Lyrics 5 months ago

    I love this song

  • Ashley Raquel
    Ashley Raquel 5 months ago

    SO GOOD.

  • Juan DJ
    Juan DJ 5 months ago

    beautiful song!!

  • Светлана Наумова


  • Kristine Vo
    Kristine Vo 5 months ago

    Who doesn't like Lindsey? She's my favorite. Like always.

    • Star Shatter
      Star Shatter 4 months ago

      I do now. Recently discovered her. Hooked.

  • micgaellago Hernandez
    micgaellago Hernandez 6 months ago

    Lindsay if you are watching this view

  • Loriefv45
    Loriefv45 6 months ago

    i love your songs

  • petter novicki
    petter novicki 6 months ago

    Goth are not wrong -NEVER.

  • Дима Король
    Дима Король 6 months ago


  • Boxencraft
    Boxencraft 6 months ago

    lol i cant watch it because Copyright from WMG -.-

  • Yuri Khodosevich
    Yuri Khodosevich 6 months ago

    АМАЙЗИНГ.. Американе поймёте ?)))

    BOB THE BUILDER 6 months ago

    how can you dislike this?!

  • Laetitia
    Laetitia 7 months ago

    Loving the original but the Lindsey's version is so much better !!!

  • marta Peralta
    marta Peralta 7 months ago

    alguien habla español (castellano español) alguien soy la unica??? !??

  • Alejandro Mundo
    Alejandro Mundo 7 months ago

    beautiful song

  • Cristina Gallego
    Cristina Gallego 7 months ago

    This song is so incredibly beautiful ❤ you don't even understand

  • Purple.Giraffe Richins

    The reason why somethings don't match up is simply because it has slow-motion elements which makes it harder to match up the music to lips. *On another note, this song is simply amazing. (*Music Puns♡)

  • katarzyna issmer
    katarzyna issmer 7 months ago

    nice male voice

  • Equinox Moon
    Equinox Moon 7 months ago

    Awesome tune :)

  • Misayel Gamer
    Misayel Gamer 7 months ago

    Waahooo !!!

  • Monika Rabij
    Monika Rabij 7 months ago

    only for Lindsey Stirling here! <3

  • 김소은
    김소은 7 months ago

    The lyrics are really attractive.

  • Jayrod
    Jayrod 8 months ago

    This is incredible!!! LOVE IT!

  • Влад В
    Влад В 8 months ago

    лайк, like

  • Zanechan Shipper
    Zanechan Shipper 8 months ago

    So good

  • ShadowNinja Gaming
    ShadowNinja Gaming 8 months ago

    this song is amazing💜💘

  • Darikson Perez
    Darikson Perez 8 months ago

    Buen video me gusta

  • juan pirod
    juan pirod 8 months ago


  • Latifa Osman
    Latifa Osman 8 months ago

    she so talented

  • Alexis
    Alexis 8 months ago

    why si the piano on fire at the end?? o.0

  • Karol Mądrawski
    Karol Mądrawski 8 months ago

    jesteś blondynką czy rude masz włosy.

  • Jim N
    Jim N 8 months ago

    i dedicate this to my best friend, Annabeth. If you read this, know that i am praying for you, and am Dying for You every day that you are in pain. You will always be the most beautiful, artistic, amd loyal friend i have.

    • Jim N
      Jim N 5 months ago

      amznasian i will be praying for you. Stay strong!

    • Demon Wolfy
      Demon Wolfy 7 months ago

      +amznasian I'm sure she's happy to be able to watch over you and know that you will never forget her

    • amznasian
      amznasian 7 months ago

      my mother passed away last month from cancer i know what pain can do to a person she fought it for 6 years... it hurts.. this song hits me all to well.

  • dimonn800
    dimonn800 8 months ago

    Люсь, попробуй с Русскии пойграть

  • Smiley Stirlingite
    Smiley Stirlingite 8 months ago

    why 2K Dislike??? This song is perfect and beatiouful

  • Ian Wiatric
    Ian Wiatric 8 months ago

    When you like the song after first 20 secs lol

    STARK HASTINGS 8 months ago

    go with so much talent should be some more related to Japanese song, no better combination than a violin and Japan. lindsey are incredible

  • Courtney Knutson
    Courtney Knutson 8 months ago

    Your amazing

  • Gökhan Utar
    Gökhan Utar 8 months ago

    Gavi :(

  • Cloé Poirier
    Cloé Poirier 8 months ago

    I looove this music! Lindsey, you are so amazing, your songs are magical and.. I like, it's all 💖 (sorry for my english)

  • Maísa Ribeiro
    Maísa Ribeiro 9 months ago


  • Christopher Pun
    Christopher Pun 9 months ago

    i like the way he's saying “Dying For You”

  • Indonesian RollerCoaster

    energic song

  • A Peaceful Knight
    A Peaceful Knight 9 months ago

    this video should have more views ..... love this song so much

  • Eva Pechancová
    Eva Pechancová 9 months ago

    you're so talented, I love your music :3

  • Mathieu Flouriot
    Mathieu Flouriot 9 months ago

    J'aime bien

  • Jorge  Poot
    Jorge Poot 9 months ago

    unas de mis canciones favoritas :D

  • Red Light
    Red Light 9 months ago

    That accent though or am I the only guy who thinks that he sometimes sounds like arnold schwarzenegger

  • Red Light
    Red Light 9 months ago

    That accent though or am I the only guy who thinks that he sometimes sounds like arnold schwarzenegger

  • Farah Samir
    Farah Samir 9 months ago

    I love this song soo much does anybody knows any songs like it ?

  • CAMREN 161012
    CAMREN 161012 9 months ago

    besha mi lindsey😍😍😍

  • Amelia Zeli
    Amelia Zeli 9 months ago


  • Luis Flores
    Luis Flores 9 months ago

    Carbon fiber?

  • Shadow Hawk
    Shadow Hawk 9 months ago

    A lovely video with beautiful words. Thank you for sharing :)

  • astrid hofferson
    astrid hofferson 9 months ago

    i am sad an i dont know Why

  • So much fandoms so little time

    The video is 3:33 long, featuring 2 people. 333x2=666
    666 divided by 2 is 333
    3 3 3
    The triangle has 3 sides, 3 points and 3 as a prefix for the specific angle.
    "Dying For You" is illuminati confirmed.

  • Максим Гордеев

    Скрипки-маловато................. И Не раскрывает Ваш Талант .

  • PikaPika
    PikaPika 9 months ago

    Can we use this musics in videos?

    • Kailee Walden
      Kailee Walden 4 months ago

      +PikaPika Maybe you can look at some sort of website to see if it's copyrighted.

    • DaRkNeSs 4eVeR
      DaRkNeSs 4eVeR 8 months ago

      probably not

  • Elmunus Angelo
    Elmunus Angelo 9 months ago

    Wait what I don't even think that's lindsey playing violin....

  • Vinson Li
    Vinson Li 9 months ago

    When I saw the thumbnail, I thought of Taylor Swift.

  • socially suga
    socially suga 9 months ago

    I was like "This song sounds so familiar???" AND THEN I SAW THIS AND I WAS LIKE WHAT??? IT WAS OM THE RADIO SCGEKDKRKF

  • Michala Micochero
    Michala Micochero 9 months ago

    I've needed a song like this for so long, my heart can't take it. thank you for this creation

  • SironNFuries
    SironNFuries 9 months ago

    Yay Lindsey Stirling!

  • Jean du toit
    Jean du toit 10 months ago


  • astrid senko
    astrid senko 10 months ago

    like my 73578838th time watching/listening to this <3

  • Xcrimescam
    Xcrimescam 10 months ago


  • Death Gun
    Death Gun 10 months ago

    wew this song published on feb. 4 2016 and my birth day is feb. 10 2003

  • Shivendra Singh
    Shivendra Singh 10 months ago

    The violin 😍😍😍

  • Snake
    Snake 10 months ago

    Love this one!

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