Top 10 People With Real Superpowers
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Charlie from Top 10s counts down the top 10 People With Real Superpowers!

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Superhuman Strength
Instant Game Designer
Instant Creative
Heat Energy
Instant Musician
Instant Pianist
Magnet Boy
Mister Eat Everything
Instant Geometer

Top 10s is the best YouTube channel for top 10 style list-based videos of facts, amazing photos, people you won’t believe actually exist, the most amazing things , funny videos and more.

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Author Top 10s ( ago)
Thanks for watching! Hit that LIKE and SUBSCRIBE button and tell me what you want to see next! :)

Author Alvian Tanjung ( ago)
LEL thumbnail is Brock Lesnar gonna do an F-5 to a shark.😂😂😂😂😂

Author Markie Cornel ( ago)

Author Julian Taulli ( ago)

I subscribed

Author MYSTERY MAN ( ago)
6:39 lol hahahahahahahahahah

Author Chrissy Lunar ( ago)
i subscrlbe

Author Ava Crockett ( ago)
Can you do the most amazing kids in the world

Author Nigel Nicieja ( ago)

Author Dick Tam ( ago)
but anyway i love it l love your vids😃😃😃😃😃

Author Dick Tam ( ago)
why just you name the person,instead of putting instant heat,instantcreative etc...😐😐

Author Owen Kempe ( ago)
i subscribed

Author Elinor Tolentino ( ago)

Author Kevin Halsey ( ago)
10 adults who pooped their pants

Author ThePurpleYolo23 ( ago)
I liked the game designer 'cause he could draw AWESOMELY!!

Author Bandy Ink ( ago)
Okay is cool

Author little kitty ( ago)
magnet boy was pretty cool

Author MBD Vlogers ( ago)
you have only have suck dick I lick pussy all day

Author MBD Vlogers ( ago)
you suck my ass bitch ass niggger

Author Addie Somers ( ago)
I subscribed

Author K Harry ( ago)
I subscribed

Author Ultimate Minecraft Gaming32 ( ago)
I have a power my power is that I can save my self when I am going to get hurt so I can sense the future!

Author Noah Smith ( ago)
Hulk hogan

Author Noah Smith ( ago)
Hulk hogan

Author Dinis Almeida ( ago)
i thought that he was brock lesnar afhausfhaf

Author Beast Bomer ( ago)
Sure it's real life

Author Sonny Odonovan ( ago)
I subscribed

i subscriped to you Top 10😉 make sure you do evryone

top 10 i want you to do a murder mysery 2 in roblox😉

Author sonic fnaf 118 ( ago)
I subscribed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Robert Junior ( ago)
Brian Stroff or what , i didnt get that , but it is brock lesnar ..

Author Boss gaming 4866 ( ago)
Cool 😎

Author Gamer galaxy 13 GG13 ( ago)
Press read more

Thanks for pressing

Author Damien the gamer ( ago)
i subscribed

Author A & K Channal ( ago)
I subbed!!!

Author Flesh Hardy ( ago)
3:07 Is That Young Brock Lesnar ?

Author Tomas Lombardo ( ago)

Author Abby Schippers ( ago)
nice video

Author FANOF12345 ( ago)
Clickbait, UNLIKED

Author Adrienna Owens ( ago)
I subscribed😄😄

Author Nate Skittleton ( ago)
I subscribed

Author Legit Cat ( ago)
I saw Brock Lesnar on the thumbnail and clicked on this.

Author gameingdude boom ( ago)
I subed I like you channel I watch it to 12:00

Author YaserGamer 88 ( ago)
Wait is that Brock lesnar in 3:06

Author Angus French ( ago)
Who's watching in 10000002233

Author Angus French ( ago)
I liked and subbed

Author weecammy 06 ( ago)
so the munks are dragon ball z characters

Author Zach Carson ( ago)
I vote for the guy that is really strong

Author Allan Perez ( ago)
I subscribed!!!

Author Zboyz 52 ( ago)
I subscribed :D

Author Sun-mi Kim ( ago)

Author Sun-mi Kim ( ago)
holy molly

Author Ludde ( ago)
i subscribed!

Author Tamoor Raja ( ago)
Charlie or charly

Author josh downs ( ago)
i subscribed

Author Welcome to Minecraft Crepper ( ago)
I have 0 subscribers on my channel pls subscribe guys 🙏🏻

Author Rico Fullerton ( ago)

Author Joydeep Deb ( ago)

Author Joydeep Deb ( ago)
Suplex City Bitch

Author Tyirralynn Morton ( ago)

Author big M bad ( ago)
i subscribed

Author GuessWhat Footballer ( ago)
I subed

I have a super power

The sexuest humen

Author Isabella London ( ago)
I subscribed

Author Thomas.allen20 ( ago)
I subscribed

Author Taha Ali ( ago)
Looks like our brain has many talents we just need to unlock them by banging our head somewhere

Please like this comment I have a fractured elbow

Author Jasmine Watkins ( ago)
i subscrib

Author Sigitas S ( ago)
strongest man guy from Lithuania Big Z or Zydrunas Savickas :) but your guy fot this year good :)

Author android gamer ( ago)
I am sure those who voted the heat monks thought that they were able to throw fire balls or something with these powers.Lol

Author PanteraFTW ( ago)
i unsubbed

to sub again...

Author salman miah ( ago)
10 people who got real should be have

Author JJlewis 2000 ( ago)
i subscribed

Author Alfie Lidzbarski ( ago)
I subscribed

Author J Cs ( ago)
I think it was the extremely strengthfull guy

Author Logan Cooper ( ago)
that is Brock lesnar

Author Samantha Chorab ( ago)
Some of this video is FAKE

Author Hungry Dog2005 ( ago)
I see Brock Lesner F-5ing a shark, I click on the video?

Author Mrcreeper987 ( ago)
i subscribed

Author Evan Scherer ( ago)
I subscribed!👋😎

Author OMG BRO ( ago)
I like it but, is this really real or is it just fake? If the comment does do not answer your Question then this is soooo fake

Author The Iron Golem ( ago)
why has no scientist/geneticist mutated humans' DNA to give them superpowers that animals have?
they've given chickens big wings by changing chicken DNA
they've given goats spider silk by changing goat DNA
they've given cats glow-in-the-dark abilities by changing cat DNA
i don't see why geneticists can't give humans superpowers

Author Zexery ( ago)
10th are the boys tits more magnetic than the rest of his body?

Author DB Gamers ( ago)
Yeah right retard u just got this of ya friend

Author DB Gamers ( ago)

Author Bright Fire ( ago)
I was just here because Brock Lesnar On The Title Picture

Author 3 Golden SuperStars ( ago)

Author 3 Golden SuperStars ( ago)
i subscribed

Author master lord ( ago)
3:06 this is brock lesnar XDDDDDDDDDDDD

Author Hazim Faragallah ( ago)
i subscribed

Author Johnny Basl ( ago)

Author theo brunt ( ago)
i subscribed

Author Hamza Jamai Ghazlani ( ago)
I subscribed

Author RampedBmx ( ago)
check out this video

Author Clorox Bleach ( ago)
Dude I can pridict the future

Author James Bolger ( ago)
its because his skin is really sticky

Author Manasse Pap ( ago)
i pood

Author Mylene Nerona ( ago)
i wish i had a power

Author johnny gamer ( ago)
I subscribed and great videos keep up the good work

Author johnny gamer ( ago)

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